Sarah & karly pt.1

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As a high school senior, I decided to join the newspaper at my school. Before the year actually started, our publishing company held a "Boot Camp" sort of thing and extended an invitation to each school in Texas. We would be staying at the dorms at Texas A&M. I was thrilled! I had always been a popular girl in high school. I wasn't particularly involved in things, but I had a great amount of friends, a nice body and a pretty face. I was roughly with brown curly hair that came a bit past my shoulders. I had a slim waist, and a cute, tight butt. My breasts were a "B cup" that, combined with my slim waist, got me a lot of attention from the boys – and girls.

Bright and early Friday morning all of the schools in the district met at the stadium. As soon as I got there I found familiar faces amongst all of the other kids and parents, but one problem – my roommate was no where to be found. I ran up to my advisor asking "Where is she!? Am I going to have to room with someone else?" I thought it would be awkward rooming with a stranger, the thought of my friend being gone brought unusual panic on me.

"Yes, she had family issues come up this week and couldn't come. I got your new room though. You'll be staying with a girl named Sarah. She's on our bus," my teacher seemed to notice my uneasyness and suggested we meet on the way to the university.

I found the rest of my friends and reluctantly got on the bus, not knowing what to expect – "Hey! You must be Karly. I'm Sarah, you're new roommate," she said with an electrifying smile. At first glance, she was an average looking girl. Tall, blue eyes, long blonde hair, with long side swept bangs. "Hi, It's nice to meet you Sarah! I'll catch up with you when we get off the bus, alright? I've got some friends to catch up with," I replied faster than my brain processed it.

I walked back to my seat and began listening to my iPod. From where I sat, I could see her clearly. I examined her long, slender body. She was wearing short black shorts, a white t-shirt and a vest that somewhat hid her breasts. She's pretty attractive, I thought to myself. Maybe this won't be so bad.

Her hair was longer than I had noticed, with nice brown highlights, that brought out the tan in her skin. She had a slight amount of freckles under her eyes and on her nose, but not overpowering of her lovely features. She stood to remove her vest and I noticed a small tattoo on her hip when her shirt rose a little. I couldn't quite make out what it was, but it excited me.

Almost an hour and a half later, we pulled into the campus. My thoughts went racing back to Sarah. What was I going to do, say? I wasn't good at actually making friends – most of mine I had met at parties or forced to talk to in class. I knew I'd be nervous around her because of how stunning she became to me on the ride over there. We got in line with our schools to get our keys and name tags. We had two hours to unpack, get lunch, and make our way to the huge auditorium theater about fifteen minutes away from the dorms.

"Karly! Over here!" Sarah beckoned me to follow her. I grabbed my bags and walked over to her, trying to calm myself down. "Let's go find our room and then go grab some food!" she said with that same smile she had given me earlier. God, she's beautiful, I thought. "Okay, sounds good." I finally replied.

We began unpacking and setting up our bedding when she began talking again. She asked about my school, how old I was, what my friends were like, etc. Before I knew it we were sitting in Chipotle talking about our favorite music. "Oh my goodness! They're my favorite band too! My best friend and I are going to see them in January. I'm so excited for it," her enthusiasm grew as we found out how much in common we actually had. Our parents were divorced, we both were the oldest of three siblings, we lived within ten minutes of each other and neither of us had a boyfriend.

After we ate, we hurried back to find our schools and said our temporary goodbyes. The opening ceremony was excruciatingly boring. My friends and I goofed off through it, and then went to our "learning sessions" where we didn't exactly learn much. At 11 pm, we were finally sent back to our dorms. For some reason, I was excited to get back to Sarah. She seemed so interesting to me, we got along so well.

I walked into the dorm and noticed the shower was on, figuring I'd be alone for at least a few minutes I started to change into my night top. I turned on some music and began to undress. "Oh! Karly, I'm so sorry!" Sarah had walked out of the restroom wrapped in a small towel and saw me with just my panties on. I quickly pulled my short tank top over my head and slipped into my short shorts. My nerves seemed to disappear, "It's okay, I should've waited to change in the ba-". She dropped her towel in the middle of my sentence and picked up a bottle of lotion. She was even more beautiful than I thought. Her curves were gorgeous, she had no tan lines, and her nipples were a bit pointy from the cold air that filled the room.

"I love this song! It makes me want to dance!" and that she did. She began moving her body in a sensuous fashion when I noticed the tattoo again. "Hey, what's that?" I asked, pointing to it. "Oh, it's just a butterfly," she turned closer to me and stuck her hip out, still naked. Unknowingly, I reached out and touched it. "It's so pretty! I want a tattoo too, but I have to wait a while longer," I said shakily. I stood there, staring at the colorful bug and noticed her eyes wander to my chest. Was she checking me out?

I turned around quickly, picked up my face wash and walked to the restroom. I was brushing my teeth when she walked in again. She had managed to put some sort of clothing on, but not much. Only an almost transparent red tank top and tight hip huger panties. We talked small talk for a while, and then laid in our beds to try and get some sleep. My mind was askew, trying to make sense of this whole situation.

she said in a quiet whimper.
"Uhh, yeah?"
"I'm scared of the dark, and extremely cold. Do you mind if I go lay in your bed with you?"
"Huh? I mean, uhh. Sure, Sarah." I felt my pussy getting wet.

I heard little feet walk across the floor and felt her toss another blanket over me. She quickly pulled the covers back to climb in with me when I remembered I took my shorts off – and was wearing a thong.
"Oooh, nice undies," she said in a taunting kind of voice.
"hah, thanks," What was that supposed to mean?

No sooner than I felt myself fall asleep, I was awoken my a tight feeling on my wrists. I opened my eyes and Sarah was straddling my stomach with her boobs dangling in my face – she was tying my wrists to the bed post. "Sarah! What the fuck are you doing!?" I screamed in panic.

She didn't even respond, she began kissing me with a passion I never experienced. Her tongue playing with my tongue ring, her soft lips ran over mine, she was an expert.
"I've been planning this since I saw you on the bus, just let it happen. You'll love it, I promise."
I slowly nodded my head, and she continued.

She kissed me again, and ran her hands over my body. Sometime when I was sleeping, she managed to get me out of all of my clothes. Her fingers ran across my stomach, heading for my nipples. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and rolled my left nipple between two fingers. I arched my back a bit and felt her smile. She kept her hold on my breast but moved her mouth to my right nipple and flicked it quickly with her tongue.

"unnnnnnngh, sarah, that feels so good. faster, please," I was so wet.

She nibbled and sucked on my nipples for what seemed like an eternity. Her hands went smoothly down my flat stomach towards my sex. Her fingers traced my engorged lips and she gave moans of excitement as she kissed her way downwards. Finally, her face was in front of my sopping pussy. I wanted to grab her head and thrust her face towards me, but she thought ahead with the bondage.

"S-Sarah, please baby! Make me

I couldn't wait any longer, I was going to explode. Her breath was hot on my clit, teasing me to a point of desperation. Just when I thought I was going to lose it in anger, she kissed the top of my little nub, and told me not to cum. She licked my pussy lips, parting them a little with each stroke, and hummed when she was near my clit. Unexpectedly, she plunged her long tongue into my hole, moving it in ways that made me squirm. I was panting and breathing hard, one of her hands roamed up and began playing with my nipples again while the other started rubbing my clit. I was in pure ecstasy.

"Oh baby, p-please fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME SARAH! DON'T STOP!" My body was electrified, all of my nerves being stimulated by this sexy girls hands and mouth. I was almost cumming, when she pulled away.

"Sarah! please, don't stop, keep going, please please please!"
"That's right bitch, beg me for it! Beg me to make you cum!"
"Please, Sarah, Eat my pussy! Make me cum so hard! I wanna squirt all over your face!"

She rammed three fingers into my cunt and found my g-spot immediately, her mouth moved back down and sucked my clit with an eagerness I loved. Her pace picked up, and she was drilling me with her hand, I was almost screaming. She bit my clit and sent me over the edge.

"unnnnghhhh i'm c-cuuming baby!"

My pussy juice squirted all over her, and she didn't move her face. She was still sucking on my clit and fucking my gushing pussy with her fingers. I was completely lost in myself, and had two more earthshattering orgasms. I came so much in that short hour.

"mmmm, did you like that baby?" Sarah asked as she cleaned up my cunt with long, loving strokes of her tongue.

"I loved it, come untie me now," She reached over my head, like she had before – I slipped one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked it hard. She moaned loudly almost right away, when my hands were free, I found my way to her pussy and rubbed her clit furiously. Within minutes she was screaming, "Karly! You're so fucking good! Rub my pussy, Harder bitch! Harder you fucking slut!" I made her cum only once, but once was all she needed to exhaust her completely.

She pulled my hand from her pussy and put it in my mouth. I sucked her juicy fingers lewdly as she collapsed on top of me. I kissed her again and again, and we both finally fell asleep.

/> Part two?

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Author: buddyholly_

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