Sara's protective dad part 3

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When we get to our bedroom, more of bedroom sweet, with master bath, walk in closet, den, and setting area, Sara ask? “Dad will you help get me out of this dress?”

“I thought that is why you got in to it; make sure I helped you get out again.” I let my eye travel over all of her beautiful body. Her eyes were on my pants and the large bulge in them.

“Did I do that?” giggling as she said that.

“Yes you did, and what do want to do about it.” I’m smiling devilishly looking into her eyes now.

“Come over here and get me out of this dress, and then you’ll see.”

I walk to her take her hand and lovingly pull into the setting area, and then playfully pull her down into a sofa. Now seated beside me I start kiss her wantonly, passionately, the kiss becomes a French kiss, is get so hot. My hands now travel the paths my eyes had gone. She is pulling at the bottom of my shirt; I’m pulling at the zipper on her dress. In less than a New York minute, out of most of our clothing, I’m in my boxer, she in her bra and panties.

“Dad you like this panties and bra set?” She slowly turning around and giving a little hip wiggle.

“Oh baby girl, their so sexy.” I’m enjoying the little show she is doing just for me.

“Dad as you can see I’m no baby and a lot more woman than girl”. She uses a little mock anger.

“Yes you are a very beautiful young woman” I’m looking her in the eyes so she knows I mean what I’m saying. I start moving us nearer the bed.

“So I’m beautiful?” Sara lights up at the compliment.

“Yes Love you are.” Just a few more feet to the bed and I’ll have her there.

“Did you just call me Love?” Eyes filled with joy as she asked.

“Yes Love of my life.”

“Oh Dad you’re so, so corny.” Sara is giggling like an eight year old.

“Ah Sara, Love why would you say that?” With her back to the bed she may not know just how close to it she was. One small push and she falls onto the huge bed. I follow her on the bed as she comes to rest from the bounce of the bed my lids find hers. I pull her to me.

My mind begins to race, images of Jewels and Sara run in thought of what might have been, if Janet hadn’t lied. I had acted sooner. This would be Jewels here now; Sara would be asleep in her room, the twins next door to her. What of the twins, they’re Jewels’ girls, but there is no way they’re not mine too.

I break our kiss. Sara we have to talk, I have something that has to be in the open before we can move forward, it looks like the world is on my shoulders, and Sara sees this.

With some anger, Sara sets up on the edge of the bed by me. I have my feet on the floor and look as if any second I could take off out of the room. “Hold it right there this has something to do with Jill.” Sara stop talking as sees the look on my face, studies it before asking. wrong that look is not at all good?”

There is a photo of Janet, Jewels and her in and old album, I walk to my desk, bring it back to show it to Sara. It has some photos of Jewels from our Colorado trip six months before as well. “Jewels looks so happy in those photos. I look happy in them too.” Sara confusion is on her face, as she looks at the album. “Is there something in here the reason we stopped.”

“You look so much like Jewels did back then; you’re less than a year apart in age, her age then to yours now, when the photos were taken. Sara there two things you have to know, First your Mother died last year.” I stop here to judge Sara’s reaction. “I didn’t remember her, Dad.” And the she runs a hand over the photo. “That was taken on your first birthday. It’s all so the last photo I have of Jewels, till today.”

Sara face is a mask of confusion. “How could you take a picture of Jewels?”

I get my cell phone from where I left it. Open the photograph of Jill who is Jewels show them to Sara, here see for yourself. Look close at her face, then and now.” Sara looks at photos going back and for, goes thru all the ones on my phone, she stop at one showing Jewels smiling, then looks back at the album.

“Oh my God, are you sure? They do look like her.”

“I’ve talked to her when you and the twins were shopping; she told me she was I know she is Jewels. There something that I never told you. In the last photo the one from you first birthday, Jewels is carrying my />
“Yes I see me there.”

“True and so are the twins.” I can't help being a little sad thinking of all the lost time I haven't got spend with them, Birthdays and Christmas so much time that I'll never get back.

“Wait you’re saying the Jewels is pregnant and it’s the twins, Oh my god I have sisters.” Sara is excited she's always wanted more family.

“I think so, they were born only fifteen mounts after your birth, and they’re fourteen now. That makes it perfect timing to fit with my memory.”

“Wow, Dad I see now, I was mad feeling like you were cheating on me at the mall. I’m sorry.”

I set close to her and put my arm over her shoulder, turn to face her. “Sara you know how I feel for you, I felt the same for Jewels. She was gone and you are here, now both Jewels and you are here. Sara I’m so confused. I love you so much, I need you, and I want you, I want that to never end. I want to spend the rest of my future with you. The problem is I felt the same for Jewels, I’m not sure, if I don’t still.”

“I love you Dad.” No, he can’t leave me. I do anything for him; even share him if that’s what it takes.

“Maybe we should go talk to Jewels.” We get up just the way we are and walked to the guess room. Jewels is still asleep on the bed, drunk but not passed out. I wake her gently. “Jewels I need to talk to you and I can’t wait. Jewels, I know you said that there your girls, but what I need to know are they my girls too.”

“Bobby, what are you doing waking me up in the middle of the night?” Jewels is a little upset.

“I just needed to know are that the twins are mine too.” I’m looking intensely into her eyes, she knowing how I feel about liars answer slowly and directly.

“Yes they are Bobby. That could have waited till tomorrow.” She replies with a yawn.

“Well there is another reason why I have to talk to you. I don’t know if I’m still in love with you.”

Jewels looks around the room and sees Sara. “And you bring my sister here to ask that />
We both say. />
Oh yeah I was to give you these letters from Janet. If you hand me my purse I’ll give them to you.

I hand Jewels her purse she opens it. Jewels removes two envelopes and hands them to me. One is addressed Robert and the other Sara. “Janet wrote those before she died, they are her last words to you.” I hand Sara the envelope with her name.

Jewels but that still doesn’t answer my other question.

“How can I answer what you feel, but I no longer have those feelings for you. I’m sorry Bobby.”

“Thank you that’s what I really needed to know. Jewels, sleep well we’ll talk in morning.” And with that I leave the room, with Sara in tow.

“You think we should read these letters now?” Sara’s eyes show her distress.

“Yeah that’s a pretty big question that we need answer whether you’re my daughter or Jewels’ sister.”

We walk slowly back to our room, we both go to the seating area and set in the overlarge recliner I turn on the reading lamp. we open our letters.

Roberts letter: My dearest Robert

I am so very sorry! It’s always too late when you realize what you really had. I had the best man on this planet. And all I could see was what my stepfather had planned for him and me. In the beginning Robert I really didn’t love you. But I knew you love me, and my actions hurt you. For that I am so sorry! I now understand why you hate lies so much. If I had been truthful to you, a lot of my problems never would have occurred, or the harm they caused. That is why I’m going to tell you the entire truth about everything Robert.

You asked me to marry you I said yes not because I loved you but because my stepfather and I wanted your money. He planned for you to add me to your will. I was supposed to have you put me on as a sole beneficiary. Once, you had completed this, his plans was to kill you, making it look accidental. All of this was planned even before our third date. My stepfather and I, you see were lovers. I am so sorry that this may hurt you Robert. Part of his plan was for a child being born within the first year of our marriage, but that child was never planned to be yours. So all the fights I started that led to me leaving for a week or so enabled me to be impregnated by my stepfather. On our third month of marriage my stepfather impregnated me with Sara. We hoped that would hurry you to change your will.

I was beginning to fall in love with you, by this time I saw what a good man you truly are, the way you care for me no one else had ever done. You were so kind to me. I saw my stepfather for what he was, but I was pregnant. I was five months pregnant when I realized I was coming to care for you, and how much an asshole my stepfather was. I was caught up in that massive lie; I was trapped in a lie by my own actions. There I was falling in love with you, knowing that if I told you the truth at that point I would lose you. I didn’t want the child to be raised by me and my stepfather. But the dye had been cast and it was driving me nuts my conscience wouldn’t allow me to go on with the plan. I even considered abortion saying it to be a miscarriage. Giving Sara life is more important, I couldn’t end that innocent life.

Please remember that Sara was an innocent in all of this. Don’t let my actions be the source of the any hatred or prejudicial feelings to her. I hope you still find it in your heart to love her.

After Sara was born I saw the way you cared for her, how you loved her, and loved me it was more than my conscience could abide with. This is what caused my depressions. Sara looked so much like Jewels for the entire world to see. You see Jewels was the daughter of my stepfather and mother. I’m a spitting image my mother. I knew one day that my lie would be found out. And that was what drove us apart.

When I checked myself into the center, you left for Colorado with Jewels and Sara. I thought this would be my chance to work out a way to bring the truth forward without harming us. But too much damage had been done, in your loneliness you turned to Jewels. She always had a crush on you; I should have known that the two of you would get so close. After your return from Colorado I noticed the difference, you were in love with Jewels. When I found out that Jewels was pregnant. I got angry. I felt betrayed. My anger gave my stepfather what he wanted. I fell back under my control.

His new plan was to use Jewels as a means to extort money from you. He was going to hold Jewels and her child force you into giving him $10 million. But she ran off before she gave birth. So I stepfather went back to the original plan with one change Jewels would be dead. My stepfather believed with her death you would see the need to change your will. So I went along with the scheme and keep Jewels from making contact with you. I sabotaged the two of you, to keep the con going. I eventually scared Jewels away from you. I use the fact that she was underage against both of you. Keep you from leaving, in her from coming to you.

My anger fueled this, feeling both you and Jewels have betrayed me. When it was me the betrayed you, I pushed you away so often, and Jewels just loved you. It was years before I saw this. How my behavior forced you right into the arms of my sister. Now this had become my greatest regret the harm I did to you.

Neither he nor I had any idea of just how deeply you would be affected by her death. My anger had become so great; at the time I could not feel your pain. When it was gone, again I found myself with only regrets for my actions; my conscience was then eating me alive. At this point I realized the mistake I made, a huge mistake in going back to my stepfather. My self-hate was still growing and at that point I was transferring it to Sara, and Jewels. Sara because of me was a lie; my lie to you, Jewels was my selfishness.

I think God that you were there to protect Sara. When I took action on that hate, you stepped in and saved Sara. At that point I knew I couldn’t stay. So I left Sara and the best hands I knew. A mother will give up everything for her child. Only at that point I became a mother, if only for as long as it took me to leave.

I moved to Arizona and started a new life, but I never left my old life behind. I carried those scars with me. Eventually I did find my peace only after I came to realize how much pain I was the cause of. After years I thought I was strong enough to face you, give you the complete truth. I could not find you, or Jewels. By then all I wanted was your forgiveness.

It’s funny how life is. Once I accepted my responsibility for the harm I had done, and try to make it right, the cancer hit me. Know that I wanted to be there tell you these things but couldn’t. In my last weeks of life, I found Jewels. I gave her these letters in the hope that one day she would find you.

Jewels had nothing to do with our plans. We didn’t trust her due to her feelings for you, we knew if she had any idea of what our plans were she would have warned you of them. Jewels actions to you were love and friendship nothing more.

I love Sara, I only wish I had realized the second she was born, and shown her that love every day. I left her everything in my will, with a small portion to be used in finding you.

Robert I hope in some way that you will find forgiveness for me, my actions themselves are unforgivable but I’m no longer the person who would commit such actions.

With my greatest regrets: Janet

Sara’s Letter:

My dearest Sara

My Daughter Sara, in my lifetime I truly was a mother to you on the day I left. That’s when I looked and saw the only good thing I could do was to leave you with Robert. This is not to say that I don’t love you because I do.

I made some mistakes in my life of the point where I left but leaving you with Robert was not a mistake. I love you Sara that is why I left you with Robert. He loved you more than anything. He loved you more than me, he loves you more than himself. If you ever find someone that will love you like that keep a hold of him.

Your Robert’s letter from me is an apology for all the bad things I did to him. And I know now that me lying is what destroyed my life with you. My actions alone all started by a lie. So never lie to those who love you, but be kind with the truth.

Sara and my letter to Robert I tell him that he is not your father. I know this will be a shock to you, but it is also the truth. It is also true that Robert loves you dearly and has from the second you were born. And he was always a daddy to you. I am sorry if this causes you pain, but it’s not Robert’s fault it’s only mine. I know Robert well enough that he won’t blame you.

Sarah also Jewels is your sister, I made her executor of the will. She loved you as a child. Jewels is a very good person and your family. You can trust her. When I asked her to do this for me, she was reluctant. I begged her to find you, telling her of all the things I did to force Robert and her apart, and how my lies and jealousy caused this. She had feared that Robert didn’t care. I did what I could to end those fears. Jewels finally agreed for you. Don’t forget she’s your sister even though as a baby you called her mom.

Sara in the time I was away from you I worked as an artist. They say great art comes from dark places in one’s soul. Robert can tell you that I had too many dark places. But the public liked my art; it became popular which made it valuable. As a result I am able to leave you with a sizable trust. So whatever Robert decides to do with his knowledge of your parenthood you should still be well taken care of. You’ll find my last will and testament in your letter as well.

Sara whatever you think of me please do not let it cloud your future; do not let my actions affect your feelings for Robert. Sara, you should never do anything that requires you to lie. If you need to lie to cover up what you’ve done it shouldn’t been done. If I had never lied in my life, it would’ve been much better. Sara the only good thing that came from my life was you. I write these words knowing the Jewels will hopefully someday be able to give them to you. And upon reading this letter I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me.

With all my love: Mother

Sara looks over the documents contained within the envelope finds her last will and testament quickly scans it and finds an itemized accounts attached listing assets.

The Gallery, home, and studio in Arizona, cash accounts totaling 6.5 million, and associated artworks, without the artwork values of each totaling just about $10 million.

She looks at me not knowing how I’m feeling; I’m looking at his letter in disbelief. “Dad, are you okay?” I turn to her and she can see a tear running down my face then two. “Dad, please don’t cry because I love you.”

Sara I had no idea it was like that. I knew things were bad for your mother but never why. If I knew that all Janet’s stepfather wanted was money I would have gave it to him, but I would never have gave you up.

A look at concerns is on Sara’s face; “Dad the letter says I’m not your child.”

“Well Sarah that means we have a question to answer.” I turn away from Sara as a joyful idea runs through my mind, and now has a playful look on my face.

“What would that be Dad?” Unable to see my face Sara is a little apprehensive.

going to have to decide to call me Dad or Bobby, and if we’re going to get married someday you may want to start calling me Bobby.” I turn back to Sara showing a playful smile. “You know that we can now.”

“Well, right now if we go to France we could, or wait till my birthday.” Sarah says this with a giggle.

“European vacation or we could make that be the honeymoon.” I reply happily, pulling Sarah into a passionate kiss holding her tightly. I feel her hard nipples through the bra she is still wearing.

After several minutes we come up for air. ”Oh a honeymoon, now that sounds fun.” Sara reaches behind her back and undoes her bra letting it slip from her shoulders, and pulls me back in for another passionate kiss.

After a few more minutes, we come up for air again. I’m looking into that beautiful face of hers and ask her. “Sara, are you sure? I do not even want to this thing as a one time or short time affair.” I scan her face for any change that loving look she’s given me now. And continue with my question. “I want to be in love with you for the rest my life. If that’s what you want then”

Sara interrupts me. “You know I love you and want to be with you, I never intend for that to change.”

Sara all of a sudden gets a confused look on her face, and then asks a question that I hadn’t considered either. “Dad, you’re not my father, do I have to change my name? What we done isn’t incest.”

I look at her and respond with. “And that’s what’s on your mind?”

“Will yes, I’ve only known a few people well enough to know what their mother called their father. None of them ever called their husbands daddy. So if we get married I shouldn’t still call you dad.”

I chuckle as I respond. “Sara you can call me anything you damn well please, like Bobby, hubby, honey, Robert, or even Daddy. After the kids come you can call me Mother Fucker, because you will be the mother I”

Sarah is rolling on the floor laughing at this point in and she looks up with a joyful tear in her eye she is laughing so hard and says. ”You are the only fucker I'll have. When I’m ready to be a mother, you’ll be the fucker that makes the kids.” Then with a devilish look in her eye she pulls me down to her on the bed. Once our lips meet she releases me to pull down her panties, then reaches for my boxers pulling them down to my thighs. She then takes hold of my rigid member wrapping her hand around the center, and against stroking it lightly up and down. “Oh this is what I’ve been wanting all day.”

I began moving down from her lips to her chin and down the front of her neck kissing lightly I big right hand is cupping her left breast, squeezing it lightly. I lightly nipped the base of her neck at the left side and immediately kiss the same spot. Sara moans with each kiss each squeeze and her hand moves a little faster. I move the forefinger of my right hand to trace her areolas slowly and brush across her harden nipple with it.
Sarah moans “That feels so good when you do that to me.” I know that a light touch feels so much better than at first that I heavy one. My kissing has now brought my lips to the top of Sarah’s left breast, as my kiss draws back in the skin I stick my tongue out to lightly cross her breast. I’m dragging my tongue in small zigzags movements across her left breast to the areolae and her nipple. After reaching the areolae I run my tongue along its outer edge. Sarah is moaning is getting louder and breathing more rapidly. From the outer edge of her areolae I move my tongue in a tighter show circle heading for her nipple. My thumb and forefinger are gently squeezing her other nipple.

Sara suddenly raises her breasts to me by a sharp intake of air expanding her chest. Forcing my face into her breast I drove back just enough to capture her nipple between my lips. I roll my tongue around the nipple and suck hard drawing it deeply into my mouth. Sara moans loudly. “Oh Bobby that feels so good.” It hit me that she just called me Bobby not dad. I think I don’t mind being Bobby and her lover. I nurse the breast in my mouth and roll my thumb and forefinger over the nipple of the other. As she slowly left out that large breath moaning loudly, “yes oh yes.” I switch mouth and hand positions and repeat my actions to each breast, in just a second there is a second large breath, but this time her breast slightly jerk with each pinch and suck of her nipples. Sarah moans, “Suck harder please oh yes.” I willingly comply. Feeling her hand on the back of my head pressing me harder into her breast, I open my mouth as wide as I possibly can taking of her breast into my mouth and just release enough for my tongue to lash across her nipple, lashing her nipple hard my tongue crisscrossing encircling it as I do.

“Oh yes that’s it that feels so wonderful.” Sarah moans. Her hands release my head and I remove my mouth for her breast in place my hand there. I am kissing down her body sliding down on the bed as I do.

I take a full minute to travel to the top of her pubic mound, and then jump to her inner thighs kissing and licking upwards I am awarded by Sarah spreading her beautiful legs. Her flower of womanhood is like the rest of her absolutely gorgeous. Her clitoris is standing slightly above its hood as I move between her legs she spreads them even more fully opening her outer lips. Her aroma is so intoxicating my head is spinning I feel as though I could stay right here for the rest of my life. Her inner lips and clitoris sparkle with the moisture that is there. My mouth waters at the thought of what I had planned next. I quickly run my tongue along outside of her vagina lips. More appreciative moaning from Sarah. “Oh yes its better every time, that so good!” I repeat the action several times lightly brushing her clitoris each circle, this causes a sharp breath and moan each round. On the fourth or fifth pass I paid a little more attention to her clitoris running my tongue around it several times and repeat this action for about a minute before Sarah moaning is very loud. At this point I take her clit into my mouth to give it the same treatment I gave her nipples. After a few seconds Sara is screaming. “Yes, Yes Oh YES, that’s so oh I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING” her lustful screams become primal as very strong climax washes over her totally. Her body is being rocked by strong spasms, and she shouts a large amount of girl cum over my face and chest. I love it! I love the pleasure; I love the exhilaration I gave her! Her body goes rigid as she arches her back and more spurts of girl cum flies on my face and into my open mouth I slow my onslaught to ease her out of her climax. A few more seconds and her body goes limp and she falls to the bed.

I was so intent on giving Sara pleasure, that I didn’t notice the doors to our bedroom had opened until they were being closed and in the crack just a second I saw Jewels smiling. There’s voices and giggling coming from the hallway. We were much louder than I thought. I can hear Jewels telling the twins go back to bed to more giggles. One of the twins asks “You think they’re done?” Jules answers, no so just try to sleep it is late.

Sara is breathing is becoming more normal, and she raises her head and looks me directly in the face and says WOW, that was awesome, I don’t think I ever cummed that much before. Then she asked. “Did I do all that on your face?”

“Yes this allot of your Cum. You had a very strong orgasm more like two orgasms.” I’m smiling and wiping some of her cum into my mouth.

Sara goes “Oh that’s so nasty let me get a washcloth to clean you up.”

“No way, had I worked really hard to get this, and not every girl can do it so I’m lucky, besides it taste and smells so good.” My forefinger is covered with some of her cum; I move my hand for Sara to smell my finger. She gets a whiff of her own cum, then with no warning she takes my finger into her mouth.

“Mmmm that’s not bad, not as good as yours. There is a lot of it too.”

“Yeah I can really get used to having it.” I smile.

“I know I’ve done much before. You know shot that much stuff out.”

“Well not every orgasm will cause a woman to spurt.” I say proudly of myself.

“I don’t think I’ve had anything like that before. Thank you Bobby.”

“Sara I just put a little of my love for you into it.” I look back passionately.

I lean in to get a kiss, but Sara pulls away, saying. “A little is okay, but all That No Way Mr.” she gets up and runs towards the bathroom. And I follow just as I get to the door I hear the shower running. She stands there one hand under the water waiting for to get warm. She is absolutely stunning I heart skips a beat and my breath taking away by the sight of her. She looks at me giggles and jumps under the water, and gives me that come here look. As I walk to her I state. “You know were not done yet?”

As I step into the shower Sara takes my throbbing hard on back into her hand, and begins to stroke it, I moan my appreciation as she does.

Sara kneels down and takes the head of my Dick into her hot mouth. Sucking on it for a minute or so stroking continuously. I feel the tingle and a tightening of my balls and warned Sara I’m getting close. She pulls my cock out of her mouth, still stroking but faster than before. “Bobby cum on me like I cumed on you. I want all your hot cum all over my chest, cum for me Bobby. Cum Bobby Cum.

As if on cue my spasms start and rope after rope of hot cum flies at Sara he her first across the lips then on the center of her chest and to the right and left areolas are coating both boots the last spurt covered from bellybutton to pubic mound, then I oozed out enough to still cover her to fingers.

She steps of the shower to look at herself in the mirror. I see her face in the mirror the look is priceless.

“Wow there is a lot more than I thought it would be.” She sticks her tongue out and takes in what’s on her lips. Mmmmm yours is better than mine, I’m going to have to giving you a more blowjobs, soon.” She smiling as she steps back into the shower to wash away my Spermatozoa, my Cum.

We soon have all the come off ourselves but playing the shower a little longer running my hands over her sensitive nipples down her ribs her thighs back up to her buttock, her hands had been copying my actions; I pull her into a long passionate kiss. During which I have lift her level with my face, she wraps her legs around my hips. She buck her hips into me and slides down about an inch she now makes contact with my harder than ever penis. Just the contact causes her to moan loudly, but it’s muffled by my mouth. I step out of the shower still holding her, place her on the countertop of the bathroom vanity breaking kiss and our hold on each other. Sara gives me a disappointed look. I get two towels one each of us. Drying frantically mostly, I pick her up and head for the bed.

Once there I place her in the center of the bed, again kissing passionately. My hands find her breasts begin the massage I know she likes. Her hand wraps around my hard dick, and begins stroking me fast and hard. I break our kiss to tell her slow down. “You have me cuming too fast, slow down baby.” I drove one hand to her pubic mound and begin to impale one finger into inter lips to moisten it then play with her the clit. I’m surprised at how wet she still is. She moans loudly as I circle her clitoris then rub crossed its tender head. “Oh Bobby stop teasing me I need you in me now!”

That’s all the encouragement I need, I moving down to position myself between her legs, I run my throbbing dick between her lips of her vagina really slowly. Paying a lot of attention to her clitoris. Now with the head of my Dick well lubricated I place it on top of her entry, which itself is very wet with Sara’s own cum. Apply pressure and slowly it opens to surround my head of my large cock. Soon she has about 2 inches in her and I begin to slowly move back and forth the deeper with each stroke and watching her beautiful face for signs. The deeper I you the longer I make the stroke, but don’t force more than an inch at a time, at the first sign of pleasure or discomfort I act accordingly. It isn’t very long before I bottom out just as her pubic bones meet. I risk there for about a minute before Sara begins to buck on her own. Our lovemaking has gotten more in tune with each other I know just how to bring her to orgasm or keep her on the edge for a very long time. If I keep her on the edge for a long time she will have an incredibly powerful orgasm, causing her to cum all over us.

“Mmm Oh please why’d you stop it was doing so good.” With that she slaps me on the ass. “Now get moving.” She orders playfully.

I catch her rhythm and join in moving in time with her. A wide smile is now across her beautiful face. I can’t resist theirs to kiss her, being in the missionary position has its advantages, and kissing is one of them. I love to kiss when making love. The kiss is hot passionate Sara begins to moan almost immediately. I am beginning to wish for earplugs. This girl is loud! I can tell in the few moments she will have an orgasm, and from the way its building it’s going be a doozy. I slow my strokes but increased the length, throwing her timing off as a tease.

She grunts her disapproval. ”Why you do that? I was so close.”

“I want to finish together.” I keep the length of the strokes but increased the speed again going back into her rhythm.

She moans her approval and between breasts says. more like it, oh yeah, that’s what I need, exactly what I need!” her breathing is very heavy, she won’t last more than a minute or two. Then again at this pace neither will I. Sara’s moaning is getting louder still. I raise up when my arms wide given me four to five inches above her body. Increase the length of my thrust, this drives Sara over the edge, and her orgasm hits full force, the strongest tonight. She arches her back in again her breast are pressed my chest, she tosses her head from side to side causing her beautiful red hair to thrash to and through. Her birth canal is beginning to clamp down tightly on my rock hard dick, she so wet that I still able to move. But I have to seriously reduce the length to just an inch or so. Doing this I hope to prolong her orgasm. Sara is screaming. “BOBBY, I’M CUMMING. I’M CUMMING. OH YES. I’M CUMMING.” I feel a large spurt strike the base of my cock with such force that it’s sprays, kind of like a flow from a water hose hitting a tree. It’s enough to send me over the edge, my hips meet hers and force her down into the bed, and my balls tighten and fire rope after rope, I’m buried so deep that her that the head of my cock is pushing into her cervix, causing it to open slightly. Each rope of semen is ejaculated straight into her womb, and it seems like I’m Cumming forever, there is a deep throaty groan coming from me. It’s been two minutes of least and Sarah is still screaming. “OH BOBBY YES IT’S SO HOT I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING.” Finally her lustful streams become a more primal. />
I’m finally drained there’s not a drop of semen left in me. I lighten my hold on Sara’s hips and move back a quarter an inch, still in contact with her cervix but not pushing into it. I hold her as wave upon wave of orgasmic spasms rock her, she finally goes limp and fall silent. With the last bit of my strength I role us over still embedded within her. Her breathing and my return to a more normal state been slow as sleep takes us.

The following morning sun is coming through the French doors that lead to the patio. There’s a knock on our door the Hall, with giggling from the other side. I call. “Who is there?”

I get reply of “It’s us, Ann and Eve. Breakfast will be ready in half an hour.”

I brush Sara’s hair away from the back of her ear and neck and begin kissing; starting under her ear and down her neck and shoulders, and back up I continue this till Sara is becoming awake.

“Good morning Mrs. Winfield.” I tease Sarah. Devilish idea just occurs to me. Oh this is going to be fun.

“Oh just 10 more minutes, Daddy” Sarah not fully awake falls back into an old habit.

“Oh no there’s no daddy here, just your lover and husband.” I’m teasing her mainly just to see how far I can push it. “Now get up or you miss your 19th />
Sarah’s eyes fly wide open. I put my best poker face, and start playing with her hair. I fill her body tense as she comes fully awake. She scoots little away so she can lay on her back, and turns her head to face me. “Did you just say it’s my 19th />
I’m looking her straight in the eye no blanks know turns of the head or eyes. “Yeah Sara it’s her 19th birthday, and our first wedding />
“What no I’m just; didn’t we just find out that I’m not your child last night?” Sarah is confused still groggy from lack of sleep.

I’m thinking this is the perfect time to mess with her mind just a little, and give her a little taste of what I see our future to be. “Wow I know that you had one of your all-time strongest orgasms last night but I didn’t know they could cause temporary memory loss. I like three years ago. You don’t remember is getting married, last year on your birthday. You said that you wouldn’t wait another day.” I reach over I put my hand lightly on her lower abdomen, and rub gently. I just can’t resist pushing a little more. “And don’t forget about your OBGYN appointment later today. It’s only day they can get you in.”

“My what?” Sarah is way confused now.

I put a very concerned look on my face. “Maybe we should go see a doctor today about your memory loss. We’ll be at the hospital anyway confirming your />
The look on her face is one of the disbelief, confusion, and wonder. “See a doctor?”

“Yeah if you can’t remember last three years together you may have had a small stroke with that orgasm.” I’m trying so hard not to laugh.

Just then Jewels calls out breakfast in 20 min.

Still furthering Sara’s confusion. “What the hell.”

Still looking concerned I speak again. “You don’t remember us going to Europe for two years then coming home all the planning for the wedding, the marriage, my daughter’s, Jewels, your sister coming to stay with us. How happy we are, us getting pregnant like three weeks ago, us trying you for year now.”

Sara turns to me; her eyes have gotten as big as saucers. “Oh my God, no I can’t remember any of that!”

Still holding my poker face I say. “That life sounds good to me, how about you?”

She looks to me and can’t tell if I’m playing with her or not. So I ask again. “How does that life sound to you?”

She pulls back to get a better look at me, that gives me the opportunity to jump up and run to the bathroom, she’s right on my heels. I duck into the water closet to pee, and she follows me in. now she has me corner. “For someone who hates lies you do it pretty damn good.”

“Sara, I’m sorry. I just was pulling your leg, and sharing a day dream. Mrs. />
“You mean, we can you know, get married?” Sara is hopeful.

“If what your mother said in letters is true, then yes we should be able to get married.” I’m hopeful as well. I slide passed her, and she sets down to pee.

I start adjusting the water for the shower, from the water closet I hear Sara’s voice saying. “Mrs. Sara Winfield, Mrs. Robert Winfield, Sara Winfield. Hey I’ve thought about but my name doesn’t change just my title.” I step into the shower the door open for her, and pull her into a bear hug in a passionate kiss.

Needless to say the future Mr. and Mrs. Winfield are a little late for breakfast.

story by: Hard93

Tags: fiction male/teen female romance oral sex sex story

Author: Hard93

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