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Saturday: Sally…

Reflecting: . . . I was running late. I told my secretary to let her wait in my office, which got me a; “Are you sure Mr. Smithe.”
I didn’t want Sally drawing attention to herself considering the position she was apply-ing for; Vice President in charge of special security; mostly me. I learned of Sally some years back but never had the opportunity to meet with her. I planned to come on strong and see if she buckled. I found it hard to believe that a woman could demand such respect in the male dominated world of martial arts.
I opened the door to my office. Walking in head down, not looking at her. I expected to see a rather butch looking chick. I closed the door turning to look at her. My plan derailed as my eyes beheld her; yes my train of thought went off the tracks.
I blurted…She smiled. . . .
Her hair was naturally blonde and naturally curly. Her face was round, Nordic in looks with stunning blue eyes. Her nose was a little flattened with a light pink lipstick gracing her lovely lips. She wore black patterned hose with a short skirt that was part of her suit. She had taken off the jacket placing it over the arm of one of the chairs. She wore a grey-ish shirt, charcoal if memory serves, with a cute female style tie. Her shoes were open toed with a white edge running around the top of the shoes; and a white bow off to the side, highlighting her otherwise black shoes.
She was sitting on the edge of my desk, flaring her hips creating a breath taking picture. I could not guess her height but she was tall. Her body was fit, and solid, of that there was no doubt.
Sally’ hands and feet where bigger than the average woman’s. Sally was not a small woman to be sure. She had an athletic build; not muscular, most definitely feminine; in a word, beautiful. Sally was an easy nine. This I did not expect.
I was later to learn she is five feet ten inches, weighing one hundred and seventy two pounds.
My scrutiny started at her feet. Seeing her beautiful toes covered in black hose peeking through open toed shoes gave me reason to look further. Her calves were strong with muscle definition clear to the eye. Her calves and feet were separated by a very lovely pair of ankles; all very female.
My eyes make their way to her knees and thighs. Sally’ knees are not boney; complimenting her legs to a tee. Her thighs are strong; not overly muscular but once again muscle definition easily seen. In short, Sally’ legs are near perfection too my tastes.
My eyes move to her hem, a shadow teases my gaze. Her dark skirt follows the shape of her lovely hips and across her flat stomach to her waist. Shirt tucked into her skirt bellows somewhat. My eyes travel to her chest; I’m unable to make out her breast size, but they’re not large. Taking a visual stroll upwards I’m treated to a warm smile, the smile of a woman comfortable with herself.
“Do I meet your specifications Bob?”
“Yes you do…, and sorry Sally, I didn’t mean to stare, or drool for that matter, I didn’t expect such a beautiful woman.”
“What did you expect Bob, some kind of dike bitch.”
“Actually, yes, something like that. Anything but a woman with your looks Sally”
“Thank you Bob.”
Our conversation rolled along. I ask her if she would like a cup of coffee, she declined. Instead we un-capped a couple of refrigerated, a nice cool drink. We finished our water. Sally tossed her empty water bottle at me, which I summarily dropped. Just prior to this I had asked her how well she could defend herself in serious situations. I was truly concerned since she would be closest to me, at times under perilous conditions. I’m not married and wanted a woman for a body guard who could double as an acquaintance.
Following her instructions I went about my office turning on all the equipment that would make noise. I stood about ten feet from her and waited. She looked at me and closed her eyes.
“Throw the bottles at me Bob.”
After thinking about it, and realizing the empty water bottles would not hurt her I threw them, softly. To my surprise she caught both bottles, one with each hand. Sally tossed them back at me; I caught them this time.
“Throw them as hard as you can Bob.” Once again we went through this exercise. Sally caught both bottles with ease.
“Feel better about my abilities Bob.”
I looked at her without answering. I was not reassured. Sally walked to me and snaked her arms about my neck while standing on my shoes; she had kicked off her shoes. Sally places a kiss on the left hand side of my face.
I say to myself. I’m about to take a trip to heaven riding this near perfect woman. I move my hands to her waist and in the direction of her ass. Just as my hands reach within inches of her ass my body records a change in attitude. Before I can register that change I feel the impact of my expensive sofa against my back. The sofa crashes onto its back and I on top of it…, rolling to the wall on the carpet. I get up hurriedly and look at Sally. She smiles and winks at me.
“Feel better Bob, or do you need more ostentatious /> Embarrassed …, and pissed off with this woman who just tossed me fifteen feet to my couch and then some, I attack. I figure a man weighing more than two hundred pounds should be able to handle her. Or at least keep her off balance.
As I move in her direction I utter these words. see what you’ve got Sally.” … I saw her take one step toward me. I wasn’t concerned. Perhaps because my mind was at least partially focus-ed on her ass. While Sally and I had been talking I’d check out her ass as we’d moved about. Being an ass man I was wowed, a definite ten there.
Looking up at Sally I appreciated her lovely legs once more. Those beautiful blue eyes looking down on me, such beauty, what a woman. She winks once more, stepping back just before I can look up her dress.
“Damn, I was hoping to see your panties Sally. I’m curious as to the color you would choose to wear to a job interview.” I say, hoping to disguise my obvious perverse nature.
“Same color as my bra Bob, with matching lace.”
I get up, adjusting my clothing. …
“Well, that concludes the interview Sally,” I smile, “Your hired.”
“What position are we talking about Bob ?”
I smile as I detect the gleam in her eyes. “A woman with a sense of humour…, I doubt you’ll fall for any of my favourite positions, so V.P. … How’s that sound Sally.”
She extends her hand and we shake on it; “V.P. it is my duties ?”
Sally and I straighten up my office and talk for maybe fifteen minutes. I'm thinking I’ll pat her on the ass at the end of our discourse. Evening the score; somewhat. I hold the door for her as we leave the office, moving my hand to pat her ass; I miss. Sally moved subtlety. Sally winks at me again.
“You don’t quit, do you Bob ?”
I ignored that remark. “You are good aren’t you?” I said to Sally, well more of a statement than a question.
“The best Bob. . . . "
My secretary looked on in wonder. I noticed a smile appear on her face. I looked at her and she wiped the smile off her face. Turning to Sally I smiled, enjoying my only victory this day.
/> [the car slows]
my trend of thought is interrupted.
“Mr. Smithe, we are going to make a detour, alright with you sir ? ”
“Yes, go ahead.” The limo accelerates and we resume speed. My thought pattern lies in ruins. I was enjoying thinking about Sally. It’s been almost three months since I saw her last. She has been in China at several martial arts events, promoting women in the martial arts. It had been quiet here so I wasn’t concerned with my safety. I always had J&J security if need be.
Until this very moment I hadn’t given much thought to the whereabouts of her husband Brian. I’ll look him up tomorrow; adjusting my position to make myself comfortable.
Sitting back I smile, I remember giving Sally a much higher compensation package than I had originally intended…
I nod off ]
I waken feeling a gentle kiss on my mouth. My eyes pop open. She smells lovely. … Who is she ? … I can’t see her face… I like surprises… My mind races through a list.
Her face moves to the side of my head and she whispers; “ Hello Bobbie, miss me.”
Grabbing her shoulders and pushing her back, I see her face.
“” SALLY ! “” …, …., “I was just dreaming about you” …, my arms surround her with a huge hug. “God it’s good to see you.” In my excitement it escaped me that I had never hugged Sally before. , One of her rules.
“It is so good to see you Sally,” my hands still holding her, . . ., I squeeze her again. “ How are you beautiful ? … I can’t see you can I. It’s too dark in here”. I reach for a flip the switch.
“No don’t Bob.” . . . Sally turns off the interior lights almost as quick as I turned them on. In that briefest of moments I caught sight of a healing bruise on her face. Before I get a word…
“Just take me to your house Bob.”
. . . I pick up the phone and to give the driver instructions. I say nothing but I am thinking. Her clothing is messy. She has a bruise. Something is wrong.
Unknown to Sally, I punch in a code known only to Gino, Willie and I. I see the green light flash thru the darkened glass separating myself from the driver’s compartment. In less than a minute I hear the muffled voice of the body guard. He put on the head set, communicating for several minutes.
Sally moved across the limo to sit beside me. She touched my lips to silence me. “I’m very tired Bob”, and with that she curled up in my arms and fell asleep. Looking at her in the dimly lit interior of the limo, I see the Warrior Princess seeking refuge in the arms of her King.
… [ I smile to myself; perhaps a little over the top on that one Bob. ]
I sit with Sally’ shoulder on my lap and her head resting on a cushion and my arm…, looking at her I think. … I’ve had people killed before for harming people I love, starting with the Jones. If anyone has hurt Sally, I will spare no expense.
… [ Sitting quietly for several minutes]
Of course, if she just fall off a ladder. Once again I smile inwardly. The smile vanishes quickly. Bending my neck I kiss Sally on the top of her head. … She never moved. Now I know something is wrong and my anger soars. I have a very strong protective instinct toward woman I love, and the money to back it up.
It took us over two hours to reach our destination. It would appear to most people to be a fine country home, but in truth it’s a safe house. Gino built it years before I ever met him for his own personnel use. I have never been here, even though I knew of its existence.
As for the length of our trip to this house; the driver took a circuitous route. We’re picked up and escorted by two vehicles; Gino’ people. The helicopter I own flew air support providing infrared, radar and lidar. I took this seriously, picking Sally up in the middle of nowhere dressed as she was raised concerns. Seeing a bruise on her set off alarm bells, and I told Gino so, using the limos Blackberry.

We provided this armoured escort service to very high profile clients. A company we advertize as /> Several years ago we decided to do the same for ourselves, and those who mean the most to us; Sally fills the bill from my perspective. The only part missing is the bullet proof limo, but who knew.

We arrive, “Sally, wake up honey.” …, I shook her gently, …, and then less gently. Sally would not wake up. My stomach knotted. I turned on the interior lights of the limo. Gently moving her head I could not see any serious damage done to her, apart from that bruise. I tap’d the roof of the limo summoning the body guard. Gino was there so he came out to see what the trouble was. Soon Sally was on a gurney headed into the house. I stayed right with her at all times. Gino placed a hand on my shoulder seeing the turmoil I was in.
“I’ll get the doctor Bob. It’ll be quicker if we can chopper him in.”:
I nodded ok, handing Gino my cell. Gino called Benny.
Gino sent the chopper to get his personnel doctor, and Willie. Within the hour this retreat turned safe house was anything but peaceful, and it was approaching 6:00am. The Doctor examined Sally and other than some bruises she was healthy. He said she seemed to be in a very deep sleep. I told the doctor about Sally’ training with Tibetan monks. I’m sure I didn’t do her justice, but I did the best I could.
“She must really trust you to put herself under that deep.”

I really needed a coffee and mentioned it to Gino. By 8:00am breakfast had been served, and eaten. Discussions had taken place, contingency plans warmed up. But one thing was unanimous; Bob was never to be far from Sally. Sally made people nervous even when she was out colder than a mackerel. I felt proud.
By 8:30am Sally and I were in a bedroom alone. One body guard at the door, many armed men patrolling this quiet country home. We had assumed the worst, but hoped for the best. We even kept the chopper here, sitting behind the house. That was Benny’ idea.
Damn Canadians anyway. Always looking for a little rough play. Must be that fucking game they play up there. I’ve forgotten the name but I know they play in on ice…. Ice is for cooling your drink , not playing on. Go figure.

As for myself, I had moved the bed diagonally so that any intruder would have to go past me to get to Sally. The doctor and a couple of female employees had put Sally to bed.. …, sleep came.
I woke up during the middle of the morning to take a pee. We’d closed the drapery and blinds tight making this room quite dark.
I snuck back into bed moving close to Sally. Laying there for a few minutes I thought of her and got a hard on. A sly grin, and my right hand moved surreptitiously towards that ass of hers; ‘ Why not I said to myself.’ With no one to argue my hand kept moving.
My hand reached Sally’ hip, I stopped for a slight feel and continued towards my goal. Over the rise of her hip to her ass. I just got there when my arm felt a hand and was abruptly moved away from Sally’ ass. I feel movement under the sheets, looking I see a pretty blonde surface from under the bedclothes. Two beautiful blues eyes, tired and weepy looking peer into my eyes.
“You never quit do you.”
Embarrassed at getting caught trying to cop a feel, I remain mum.
Sally rotates her body putting us into the spoon position, and pulling my hands to her throat. She holds my hands with hers, pushing her bum into my stomach. She feels my hard. Looking back at me; “I like a man who knows what he wants.”
She turns to sleep. I pull at my hands to get free but she holds them firmly.
“What if I have to pee honey.” I say, thinking with the little head.
“” Nice /> I lay there with her, sleep takes its time coming but eventually I drop off.

I wake up to a kiss. …, a pretty face . . . “Where are we Bob ?”
safe house blue eyes. …,” I reply. I look into those beautiful blue eyes of hers. I see warmth in those eyes that I don’t member seeing before. But maybe it’s just the moment.
“The grounds are beautiful; I looked outside a few minute ago.”
“I’ve never been here Sally, I’ll just agree with you.” . . . Sally gave me a questioning look.
“Your idea to move the bed like this Bob ?” . . . I nodded yes.
“Is it to keep me in or others out ?”
“Initially to keep others out, but seeing as how warm and fuzzy you are this morning; maybe it will serve to keep you in.” . . . Sally smiles. I move into her sliding my arms about her. She responds and I kiss her without thinking. … ………. [pause].
I move back and look at Sally; “This is the first time I’ve ever, kissed you . . . , you let me kiss you Sally. …, are you /> She smiles. “I’m alright Bob. I came away from China with a different outlook on life. The Chinese Military nearly raped and murdered me. I’ve never been so scared in my life.”
She could see my ire. Sally placed her lovely finger to my lips.
“I needed someone I care for and can trust; that man is you Bob.
I started to speak; Sally places that same lovely finger to my lips again. “Hold me Bob.”

Holding Sally; my urge to fuck her is replaced be my urge to protect her. This in turn was replaced by my need to have sex with her; which becomes complicated with multiple and conflicting urges. I settle for hugging her.
We settle into a comfortable position, it feels so good to hold her. My God, I’m holding a woman as beautiful as any woman can be who also happens to rank as one of the best martial artists in the world. My Warrior Princess…
…, and then I thought, to hell with the martial arts part. Sally is a fantastic woman; stunningly beautiful, it’s a privilege to hold her.
…, I feel a stirring in my cock, god I love to fuck her.
/> We must have fallen asleep, for the next thing knew I heard Gino’ raspy voice.
“I didn’t know this was the honey moon suite Bobbie.” Gino has an interesting sense of humour. I looked up to see Willie’ sly grin and Bruno’ straight face, with a twinkle in his eye.
“Hope you are naked under the covers Sally, even a happily married ‘WOP’ like me wouldn’t mind seeing that body of yours.”
Sally throws back the covers, rolls over me and stands in front of Gino, slips her arms about Gino’ neck, gives him a little kiss on the cheek, she reaches for her pants; “Sorry Gino, girls gotta’ pee.” Sally runs to the washroom, stopping at the door to wiggle her ass.
Gino say’s; the real Sally Bobbie; …, I really like her clone though.” [laughter].
I get off the bed. Gino, Willie and I stand in the middle of the room talking about nothing, really, waiting for Sally to reappear. Bruno stands off to one side.
Sally enters the suite and motions for us all to sit at the table. Sally tells her story to four men who sit riveted to their chairs, listening to a tale of seven young women who walked into hell.
As Sally went on the ire of each man rose, and yet, each found something amiss. Sally’ expressions seemed to belie her situation as she explained it. At the end of her story all five rose, with comments and promises to set things right. Sally received pats, gentle touches, and a hug from Bob of course. Still, in the minds of each of these four men, something was amiss. Sally’ vibes indicated more had occurred, or at least the ordeal was worse than she led the four men to believe.
Bouncing off toward the bathroom; “gotta shower boys.” Sally pulls her top over her head exposing a lovely white laced bra housing two lovely breasts. The look on as she nears the door reaching for her bottoms, slipping fingers inside the ban and pushing down.
A nearly synchronized; “No don’t Sal …” came from the four men in this room. The ‘… ly.” drowned out by Gino’ raspy voice and Bruno’ booming voice.
Sally stops …, looking back at the quartet, her face expressionless.
Bob knew he should be the one leading in this effort to understand Sally; they all knew she was not her real self. Bob felt paralyzed. His mind trying to gather and process Sally’ words with her vibes; they were coming at him in ways he didn’t understand.
Gino and Willie glanced at one another. They knew something was up; both suspecting the worst. Having been Sally’ adversaries often in the past, neither man thought it wise to approach her first.
Bruno had no such misgivings. Bruno walked toward as he like to call her.
wrong ‘Sal …’ waa’d ya leav’ ou’ honey?”
Those words, simple in and of themselves, unlocked that woman with-in Sally. Long protected, surrounded with layered defence mechanisms; controlled through years of conditioning and discipline, Sally’ inner woman showed herself.
Bob watched Sally’ facial expression change, at first with intense interest, followed mere seconds later by onrushing nausea at the anguish etched upon that lovely face.
Bruno reaches Sally extending his arms offering a hug. Taking one further step Bruno’ mighty arms close in about the Warrior Princess. Dropping her top Sally moves into those protective arms. Her arms move outside, holding onto his chest, resting her head on this mountain of a man, all 6’ 6”, and 260 lbs. alrigh’ Sal …’, I got ya.”
The big man holds her in his embrace, kissing the top of her pretty blonde head. Alls quiet for several seconds, a low, audible moan leaves Sally’ mouth, in seconds it turns into a cry of anguish spreading though the room like a shock wave. Sally’ eyes well up; the tears come.
Bob watches in disbelief as Sally cries. How was this possible?
Gino looks to Willie, Willie shoulders sag slightly. These strong men look into each other’s face, their worst fears are being realized.
“SAL … “. Bruno says, holding her close. it ?”
“They raped me.” Sally cries out.
Willie looked to see Bob’ reaction. Bob’ legs weaken and fold, he drops to his knees. He’s wavering trying to regain his composure.
Willie knew better than to go to his friend’s side. Bob Smithe’ a proud man and would not accept assistance and would look upon the offer as an insult.
Bob finally got his legs back and stood. How could this be, he thought, Sally’ invincible.
Sally could see Bob, she knew he needed her but she felt safe in Bruno’ arms. Nearly a minute past without a word being spoken. Sally’ sobs went silent.
Willie and Gino looked on as Bob struggled to grasp what he had just heard. Bruno took little notice of the others.
Sally regained control; “Thank you Bruno,” she said, pulling herself up she kissed the big man. A gentle caring kiss.
welcome Sal ..”. Bruno smiled, something one didn’t see very often.
/> Sally looked toward Bob; “I’d better go to Bob, Bruno. I didn’t mean for this to come out this way.” Slowly withdrawing from Bruno’ hug; touching his arms, and caressing his chest with her hands. Sally leaves Bruno and makes her way to Bob.
“How …, how could this happen, your invincible ?” Bob blurts out.
“The other girls Bob, they put guns to their heads. They actually shot two of the Chinese girls …,once I was bound I was in trouble Bob.” …The room was silent. Everyone waited for Sally.

She look into each face; stripped me, bound me to a table with my legs spread wide. A man raped me for at least fifteen minutes. They made dirty remarks and laughed at me. But the worst is I had an orgasm. The General, a General Chou, said I had nothing to show them and told them to send me home as an enemy of the state, an infiltrator. He cited my military connection. It was a set up Bob, I didn’t foresee it, and when I did I had to consider the other girls. If they hadn’t been there . . . /> Sally stopped for several seconds. “I can still feel him cum in me …, I can feel that ugly little prick in me.” Sally looks toward the other men in the room. “ I want different feelings down there. Can you understand that …, Gino?… Willie? … Bruno? ” [ looking to the face of each man as she says his name]
“Yes Sal …, I do,” Gino answers. . . . “I would like to suggest something Sal …, could we discuss this over breakfast, after which you and Bob can stay as many days and nights as you so choose.”
Sally perked up.“Thank you Gino, and yes I’d love to have breakfast with you.” . . .

Bob picked up her top, Sally quickly put it on and left for breakfast walking between Willie and Gino. Bob and Bruno follow. Bob was quite happy to see Sally in the fold.
Breakfast was a hoot. ;Sally enjoying her new status as friend rather than adversary. The four men keeping their stories light hearted.
Breakfast was professionally prepared by some Gino’ people; waitressed, and bussed, the works.
Like a shadow crossing a mirror ones looking into, Sally’ ordeal took the gleam from her eyes periodically over the course of the meal. It was heart wrenching to see, and nothing any of the men present could do about it.
Picking what seemed like the right moment, Bob read from a memo texted to him from Jay. The memo stated that in a news release from China, officials were looking into the disappearance of a Vice President of a very important foreign firm. The news bulletin added that the foreign company and its subsidiaries where stopping production and deliveries until her whereabouts and safety could be determined.
Head down, Bob finished reading the memo.
“Signed … Jacqueline, V.P. “
p.s. Bob; shit has hit the fan in East Asia.
Love ya Sally, hope to see you soon; xxoo

Bob smiles at Sally.
“You did that for me Bob ? “
“We did it for you Sally, we three own those companies.” Sally looks at her breakfast buddies realizing she has underestimated the scope of their power and influence.

After a brief moment; “As a V.P. Bob should I know what you make in China.”
“Many things Sally, but these six companies referred to make computer chips, lidar, and R&D tracking systems, western medical equipment and the like. Things the Chinese don’t have the expertises to make

“OPERATION PALE HORSE SAL … “ Bruno declares. The three other men look at Bruno.
Sally looks at the four men about the table, stopping at Bob.
“Willie, this one’s yours.” Bob says
“Years back we set up several contingency plans Sally. Pale Horse is our maximum response plan, without murdering people.” Willie smiles; we get others to do that for us.
Sally stares at Willie. “Pale Rider . . ., isn’t that a Clint Eastwood movie ?”
“Yes, but that’s not where we got it from. We took it from the Bible.”
“The Bible Willie ….,…., you ?” Sally smiles, your joking right!
“I was raised a good Catholic boy Sally. . . ., Revelations 6: .8. “
Sally’ body language asks the question.
“Gino, would you enlighten the lovely lady?” Willie asks.
“Yes I would, we all know I’m a good Catholic boy.” Gino begins, raspy American- Italian accent:
‘AND I LOOKED, AND BEHOLD A ‘PALE HORSE’: AND HIS NAME THAT SAT ON HIM WAS DEATH, AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH HIM. ‘ A load roar of approval from Bruno as the table jumps from is large fist.
The bus boy startles and drops some dishes, the waitress screams and blushes, Sally jumps, spilling her coffee on her pants. Sally stands quickly pulley at her sweats to stave off burning from hot coffee. “Ouch, ou, ou, ou, . . ., it’s been a tough week for my pussy.” [ laughter ]
/> Later that night Bob and Sally lie together in bed, separated by a couple of feet. Showered and under the sheets they are comforted by the knowledge that armed men patrol. Bob moves his hand towards Sally, touching her arm. Soon Sally takes Bob’s hand; … they sleep.
It’s dark, Bob wakens to the feel of Sally’ body close to him. Her arm across his chest, a breast pressing his arm, a second breast barely grazing his left nipple. The feel of her soft smallish boob stirs Bob. Sally’ left thigh is over Bob’ upper thighs; her left hand holds Bob’ cock. Sally sleeps.
Bob smiles, tonight his resting manhood is a security blanket for this gorgeous woman. Bob turns his head some, just enough to plant a kiss on her lovely blonde head. Leaving his head in this position, Bob inhales her fragrance, …, sleep comes to this man of fortune.
No phone calls, no questions about spec., no emergencies. Bob Smithe wakens to the sight of two of the most beautiful blue eyes a man could wish to see. Effortlessly, Sally’ moves, a kiss. The tip of a tongue registers a slight lick of Bob’ lower lip. Sally’ creamy white skin has a reddish hue to it this morn. Bob’s cock grows and hardens quickly at the thought of what’s to come.
At the feel of this man’s hard, Sally slides like a serpent upon this loving male, placing his erection against her stomach. She moves slowly, feeling the pressure it presents to her sensitive skin. Sally slides her lithe body up over Bob’s body, her legs spreading to either side of his large frame. Moving higher she loses contact with his erection as it lies between her upper thighs. It’s singular eye looking straight at her womanly opening.
Sally begins her retreat, her mound presses into Bobs stomach, depressing his abdomen. Her gentle descent soon finds the tip of Bob’ erection being guided toward that precious opening. Passing between swollen sails, the tip touches a warm moist place, and soon feels a ring of soft tissue gently guiding it into woman’s gift to man.
Sally presses downward, feeling Bob enter her, the sensation pulls a gasp from her mouth. Sitting up as this man fills her womanhood, Sally continues with this motion until she is leaning backward, hands on Bob’s thighs for support. She feels the tip of Bob’s moderately sized pinus touch the surface of her inside. Opening her legs farther Sally settles down moving Bob’s erection deeper into her until there is no more to consume.
Bob is near rapture. The sensation this lovely blonde woman is giving Bob leaves him rigid, arms frozen, hands and fingers talon'd. Head back, muscles tense. Bob is unaware of anything outside Sally’s domain. ‘ Christ, this is heaven.’
Sally moves down his shaft, her pussy a euphoriant. Bob’ a tingle. Sally slides along his rock hard shaft, a wave runs thru Bob’s body, right to his very toes, it’s electric.
Bob’ eyes look to Sally’ face for the briefest of moments. In a glimpse he captures the wonder of her. Her head back, neck exposed, and blonde hair in the background. Creamy skin glowing red. The tip of her nose watching over parted lips. . . . An-other wave crashes over Bob, pulling him down into her depths, drowning him in her sea of love.
Bob’ breath catches, or is he drowning. . . . GASP! …, a moan; his body shakes. MY GOD!

Sally hears the man beneath her; she smiles, but only briefly.

Sally feels the first squirt; its impact warms her body. Sally lowers her body, gliding along Bob’s pulsating shaft. Spread wide; feeling this loving man fill her. A second, a third; the creamy liquid warms her, so sensitive inside, washing away Sally’ tantric resolve. A fourth, a fifth, she cannot stop her orgasm.
She tried to keep it quiet, contained, controlled. Her body convulses out of control. She feels herself falling, rapt with ecstasy. Arms weaken, darkness comes to Sally; her back rests on the mattress.
/> Bob lay there, Sally astride Bob with her legs hooked, and laying on her back.
“This is going to sound stupid, but did you cum honey?” Bob asks.
Sally doesn’t answer. Bob lifts his head, peering at her, at her openness, her lovely legs spread, ankles and feet pinned under her thighs. Bob tries to see her face, but he could not. Bob pushes himself up onto his elbows, Sally’ eyes are closed.

/> Riding home: Sally cuddled up to me sleeping. I think back to how this began with me dreaming about her and baptizing her the Warrior Princess. Now, as I think back, did I ever undersell her; again. She is a Goddess, pure and simple.

story by: itiswhatitis

Tags: fiction consensual sex male/female voyeurism sex story

Author: itiswhatitis

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    "So if you like, I'd love to have you join us in the sauna." Matt looked at the women carefully. "What do you think?""Sounds great," they said in unison."Good,†Matt continued, “but there is one rule . . . " he paused for effect, "you can only go in naked." “Do you see her?†Matt said as we entered the club.We stood just inside the door and looked the place over.  “No,â (more…)


The show

Strange sex story – pleasure from my beauty therapist

Pool party

Suprise of my life (group)

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