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During the 7th grade I had the biggest urge to get fucked by science teacher, Coach KeeLee. I loved his class because he always wore shorts and when he would sit on his desk I could see up his shorts and see his balls.

Around the end of the year, he assigned a poster project over the reproductive system. I was not all that good in science so I needed a little help, but was afraid to ask him.
On the Friday before the last week of school, he invited me in his classroom after the bell rang, which was around 3:30 and he said to come back around 5 o’clock and so I went home and got all of my science project materials to work on with him. When I went down there everyone had left and the janitors had locked up. so I didn’t know how I was going to get in, so I went to the outside door closest to his class room, so I knocked and knocked and then he came out of his classroom and open the door.
"Sorry we had to meet so late, the teachers had a conference 'till 4:30". He said.
"No problem, my mom said I could stay down here 'till I finish the project". I replied.
he exclamed.

So I walked into the classroom, and he followed me very closely into it. He told me to sit down in the front row and so I chose the best seat in the house, the one right by his desk!

Then he went back behind his desk and picked up posters of the reproductive system, one of the female, but none of the male.

odd". I thought.

He clipped up the posters, sat on his desk (his balls popping out) and began to explain the female reproductive system.

Not being too interested, I looked mostly at his balls that were so big and hairy.
"They probably haven’t been emptied in a while". I thought to my horny self.
After the explaining of the female system I asked him if I could go to the bath room and he said.

"Yeah, go ahead; I have to get ready for the next part anyway."

So I went and came back and sat down, he seemed to have left, but I soon found out differently.

As I sat there he came up from the back of the room with basketball shorts on that were covered squarely by his binder and began to shut all the little blinds to the tiny windows (we were in the bottom floor, beneath the school.)

He went to the front of the classroom and he began to explain the male reproductive system and how it matures and gets hair and things like that, then he said that he had a visual for me and slid his shorts off to reveal an 8 and a half inch, horny dick with huge balls dangling below it. I gasped and looked away. He said

"I see how you always look at my balls when I sit down, have you done anything with I guy?"

"No" I lied as I turned my head to stare at his beautiful big cock.

I really had done stuff with my brother but not getting fucked and never with something that big.

He told me to take off my clothes as he took off his shorts completely and his shirt, but he left on his tennis shoes.

I stood up and took off all my clothes including my shoes.

He walked up to me and started to fondle my hard 6 inched.

He got on his knees and started to suck my dick, he was so good at it, and I felt like I was going to cum right there. He got off of mine and shoved me on to my knees where I stared at his cock. I started to lick his balls which I loved so much. Then I started at the head and took the whole thing down my throat.

He let out this manly deep load groan screaming, FFFUUUCKKKK!! I kept sucking his cock with the warm, pink cock in my mouth. I love it so much as he groaned and yelled, it was so hot and no one could hear it because no one was in the building.
After what felt like an eternity, he took me off his cock and pulled me off and asked me, "Have you ever gotten fucked"?

"No" I replied.

Then he turned me around and bent me over the table. He took out a tube and squirted lube on my ass; I squirmed because it was cold. Then he told me,

"dont worry, it will warm up"

Then he lathered up his cock and told me.

"Just relax and it will go in easily".
He put his warm head up against my asshole and started to push, I stayed as relaxed as possible as it popped into my assai screamed. "Oh MY God, it hurts!!"
He said to relax and let it feel good. So I stood there while he started to pump his cock in and out of my ass. If started to feel really good.

"GOD I LOVE YOUR TIGHT ASS!" he screamed.

He stared to fuck me really hard and it started to feel really good and I could feel his balls ramming into mine.

His cock was pressing against my prostate and it felt solo good.
He was fucking me really hard and would pull his dick all the way out and then push it back in, I came with out even touching my self.
He came in my ass while screaming. "O GOD IM CUMMING" over and over

After he came in me he took it out and I was sore.

He told me that I was going to get an A in his class and so I called my mom and left
On my report card it read.


story by: garrett

Tags: gay fantasm sex story

Author: garrett

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