The education of kim – chapter 2

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The Education of Kim – Chapter 2
By Kim

The next phase of my education had to wait four days until the next evening my boyfriend Jon and I both were not scheduled to work. That was just as well as I was somewhat sore after the first set of lessons. On this particular evening my parents were going to an out-of-town party and would not be back until well after midnight. Jon arrived early with a pizza and some beer. We ate and watched TV until my parents left.

We were both naked by the time their car turned the corner at the end of the block. Jon held his arms out and I ran and jumped into them. I threw my arms around his neck and gave him a big wet kiss. He put his hands under my ass and lifted me up. I did what came naturally and wrapped my legs around him and locked my ankles behind his butt. We exchanged a long passionate kiss during which I realized that I was literally sitting on his erection. I could see in a mirror that the head was peaking out from under my ass. I told Jon to lift me higher. He did and his cock sprang to an almost vertical position. He then lowered my hungry wet pussy onto his waiting shaft. In the mirror I watched as all six inches slide in. I noticed that my nipples were touching his nipples. It felt great so we both just held still and enjoyed our union.

After a minute or two I began small movements by gently squeezing Jon with my legs. In this position my clit was pressed firmly against the base of his penis. It did not take a lot of movement to create tremendous friction, very intense feelings and sensory overload. I tried to slow down but my first orgasm of the night swept over me anyway. Jon held me tightly as I thrashed against him. When it had passed Jon suggested we continue and see if I could have more than one organism during the same fuck. I said OK mostly because I wanted him to have a chance to finish properly. I tried to create longer strokes by squeezing harder with my legs. The strokes may have been a bit longer but the primary effect was to grind my clit into him even harder. That led to even more intense feelings, which led to another orgasm. This time my bouncing around as my muscles grabbed and squeezed his erection caused him to shoot that load he had been saving for days deep inside me. Jon sat down on the edge of a chair with my legs still locked behind him as we enjoyed the afterglow while we waited for his erection to soften and slide out. We agreed that this had been our best fuck yet.

We took a break, shared a beer and caught our breath. Soon Jon asked if I was ready for the next oral sex lesson? I said I was up for anything. Jon stretched out on the rug and asked me to get him hard again. That turned out to be easy, his pecker became rigid almost as soon as I touched it. He said the next lesson would be how give each other oral sex at the same time. He lay very still as I got on my hands and knees and positioned my pussy over his face. I looked back between my breasts and noticed that white drops of cum were dripping from my pussy. Jon raised his head and began to lick them off one by one. I licked the head of his penis and found it covered with a sticky mixture of my juices and his partially dried cum. I found the smell and taste to be a real turn on.

Jon suggested that we lick each other clean before getting on with our real goal – bringing the other to an orgasm. As we each licked the other‘s genitals clean, the sensations radiating through my body grew stronger and stronger. I asked Jon to slow down and wait for me to finish my job. I could tell I was driving Jon crazy, so I took my time and licked every square inch several times. Finally, he told me to quit fooling around and get on with it.

I took the head of his penis into my mouth and began to suck gently. At the same time I lowered my pussy so he could reach it without straining his neck. Jon rubbed his nose the length of my slit a couple of times before inserting his tongue and licking in various directions. It felt great. The deeper he went, the better it felt. I responded by taking him deeper into my throat while maintaining a slow, sensuous pace. Jon reached up and began massage my breasts and to tickle and pinch my nipples. I responded by moving back a couple of inches to give him better access to my clit. He flicked it a few times with his tongue before he began to seriously suck it. I sped up the pace of my strokes and made them as long as I possibly could. At the same time, I gave his balls a gentle squeeze. The total effect was overwhelming for both of us. As an orgasm overtook my body, I felt his dick began to throb and his balls tighten. I pressed my pussy into his face and held on as our bodies convulsed. I discovered that I couldn’t concentrate while having an orgasm. By the time my orgasm had passed, Jon’s cum was dripping off my chin, running down his dick and soaking into his pubic hair. I also almost suffocated Jon. I had pressed my pussy into his face so hard that he had to lift me up in order to breathe.

We rested for several minutes and discussed our feelings and reactions to the last lesson. We had both enjoyed the lesson but thought practice would make it even better. We then had a beer and a bathroom break.

Jon returned with a book and announced that it was time for the next lesson. The book showed people having sex in dozens of positions. We looked at all of them. Some looked interesting, some looked very uncomfortable and others just looked strange to us. We decided that maybe they knew something that we didn’t, so we decide to try them all. We also decided that doing it in each position for a minute or two would be enough to know if we liked it or not.

We decided to start with the woman on top positions. Jon lay face up on the rug and held the book. I straddled him facing forward and lowered my pussy onto his erection. Once we were both comfortable, he suggested that I stay on my knees and lean as far back as possible. We established a rhythm and at Jon’s suggestion I slowly began to lean forward to a vertical position. After holding in the vertical position, I then slowly leaned forward until I could kiss him. We decided that he was in deeper with the vertical and forward leaning positions and that the farther forward I leaned, the better the contact between clit and penis. I then stretched out my legs so that I was laying full length on top. In that position I was in control of depth of penetration, stroke rate and how our bodies fit together. We learned that we each liked to be in control because we could then adjust positions to maximize our own enjoyment. Next, we tried it with one of my legs pointed forward and one pointed back. I am flexible enough to do that but we did not find that position to be comfortable regardless of which way I leaned. I got back on my knees, turned toward Jon’s feet and again lowered myself on to his member. After a few strokes we decided that his member was curved the wrong way for this position to ever be comfortable.

Next we decided to try the rear positions. I got off and helped Jon stand up. Jon had me bend over and hold on to a chair as he entered me from behind. We liked that position even better when he reached around and fondled my breasts. It felt even better when I reached down and massaged my clit. It felt so good that we just kept going until I reached an orgasm. Jon was able to wait so he pulled out and we both got on our knees and he again entered me from behind. After a short time, we decided that it did not matter much whether we were standing or were on our knees – we liked it either way.

We decided to try some other rear positions. I lay on my back and put both legs across Jon who rolled toward me and entered. We decided that this was a very comfortable position but one that allowed Jon only 50% penetration. Next, Jon sat up, swung around, put his legs under mine and scooted up close enough to enter me. He then lay back while still inside me. That butt cheek-to-cheek position did not work very well because it allowed only very limited penetration. We decided that position might provide a great photo opportunity but was a poor way to fuck.

Jon flipped to the page with the side-by-side positions. First we lay on our sides facing each other. I hooked my top leg over his, which allowed him to enter and both of us to hold and/or fondle the other. We found this position to be quite comfortable and so enjoyable that we continued until we both approached a climax. I gave Jon a deep passionate kiss as I tickled his nipples and ran my fingers through his hair. Jon could not hold back any longer and enjoyed the long delayed release of his load deep inside of me. We held each other close as we relaxed, rested and considered what to try next.

We shared another beer, checked the time and decided that we would continue trying the suggested positions. One advantage of Jon being an 18-year-old male with raging hormones is he could reload in about five minutes. We tried several more of the suggested side-by-side positions. We tried it with our legs every which way. A few of these positions were satisfactory most were not.

We looked at the suggested man-on-top positions next. We had already tried the missionary position and the knees against the shoulders position. We decided to try a position where I lay on a stack several pillows, put my ass way up in the air and Jon enters from the top. We found this position allowed deep penetration, but felt awkward. Next we tried several variations on the one leg up and one leg down position. None of them were vary satisfactory. Finally, Jon got between my spread my legs and entered. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him all the way in. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him down for a long deep kiss. I ground my clit against the base of his cock as he massaged my breasts. Boy it felt great! Within a couple of minutes we both reached a climax and collapsed into a pile of tired but happy body parts.

Again we rested as we flipped through the book. The next chapter discussed anal sex, so we decided to try that too. The book suggested using lots of lubrication as well as inserting two fingers to stretch the sphincter muscle before actually attempting penetration. We decided to try doing it standing up so I leaned over the end of the sofa, spread my legs, and held on to a cushion. Jon used two fingers to scoop up some of the slimy stuff dripping from my pussy and rubbed it around and into my anis. He then rubbed some of it on his penis before gently inserting one finger into my virgin ass. A second finger followed. Jon asked me how I was doing. I said OK. He proceeded to slide two fingers all the way in and move them around. That did not hurt but the whole thing felt really strange. Jon pulled his fingers out and gently slid his dick into my ass. It hurt a little at first but as I relaxed he was able to push all the way in. He began a slow steady stroke that began to feel better and better. After four or five minutes of pounding my very tight ass, Jon reached his climax and fired his load deep into my bowels. It was getting late so we decided to stop.

We cleaned up, got dressed, and discussed what we had learned. We decided that we liked vaginal intercourse better than anal. After trying many positions, we decided we liked any of the positions that allowed deep penetration and good clit to penis contact. We also decided that we were really lucky to live in an age where the pill allowed the separation of procreation from recreation.

End of tonight’s lessons.

story by: Kim

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Author: Kim

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