Sebbys way with me chapter one

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My names Elijah and I had just moved to a new state, South Dakota. I am 16 it’s my sophomore year and I have yet to meet anyone who lives here. I was relaxing on my bed with my journal in my hand. I wrote the last few sentences. “I live with no mother but a very overly protective and loving father. My father knows I’m gay and is completely supportive of me. He named my middle name to match his first, Elijah James. I have dark brown auburn hair just like my beautiful mother. I have deep brown eyes that I got from my father. I’m a bit of both of them.” I frowned at how depressing my diary sounded at this point. I closed it and shoved it back under my mattress in its new place which has already made a nice spot for it. I began pulling my white T-shirt up over my head when there was a knock at the door. It sent chills up my spine; I quickly pulled my shirt back down and walked down the long hallway to our big beautiful front door. It was white with a beautifully designed window and gold paint with it. I opened the door quickly and eagerly. I had to look straight up to see this stranger at my door. Standing at about 5 feet tall I’m not very proportional for my age. I looked up to find a handsome boy about a couple years older and definitely taller than me. “Hey, I’m Sebby your next door neighbor. Welcome to Rapid.” He wore a big beautiful white smile. I replied with my somewhat girly voice with a thank you. He smirked and looked me up and down I grimaced at his actions. He stopped and was staring at my feet. I looked down at my feet and realized what he was grinning about. My favorite reindeer socks which were very childish, I quickly hid one of my feet behind my leg. “Is that all you wanted Sebby?” I asked eagerly. I wanted him to leave so I could spare myself further embarrassment. I felt my face had grown hot which usually meant my cheeks were red. He looked back up at me and smiled. “One last thing” he said in a very judging voice. “How old are you?” I could tell just by his body language he wanted to laugh I was angry at this point. I bit my lip and muttered “16” I couldn’t help but noticed he was staring at my lips. He then said “Okay I’ll see you later” He then turned and left. I glared in his direction as he walked off my porch. I slammed the door and locked it. “What the hell was that about?!” I screamed, “Who does he think he is?” I glared down the long hallway and stomped my way to the bathroom.

I was stripping my clothes off when I noticed the big mirror that hung above the sink. I looked at myself. My long dark brown auburn hair that was just past my ears in the back and short in the front, giving me a nice side sweep. I looked at my button nose and my reddened cheeks. I looked into my big brown eyes. Finally I looked at the things I hated most about myself. My lips, they were abnormally big for my face. They were pink and puffy, my friend Mellon used to say they were perfect for blow jobs. I frowned, and walked my slender pale body to the shower. The only thing I hated more in the world was water. I was afraid of water, I couldn’t swim and I plainly didn’t see any fun in it at all. I closed my eyes and stepped into the warm shower. I could only spend 20 minutes in the shower if I were lucky. I spent about ten washing myself my hair and trimming some unwanted hair on my body. I stepped out of the shower to notice I had forgotten a towel. “Fml” I said to myself. I opened my door and took a peek out looking toward the living room I noticed the window that took up two thirds of the wall was wide open the curtains hung to the sides of it. Great I thought to myself just peachy. I than decided to run to my room hoping to avoid anyone noticing I had made it. I than crawled into my bed after combing my hair and brushing my teeth, I was laying in bed and the last thought that crossed my mind before I fell asleep, was Sebby. His tall slender built body and his dark brown hair and perfect teeth. I wonder how big he is I thought to myself.

Morning First Day of School

My father screamed, “Get up you lazy bum” I always loved the way he wakes me up in the mornings. I grinned and proceeded to get ready. I than met my father in his brand new Black polished Mustang Gt. The engine of it purred so loudly it made my skin tingle.

Fifteen Minutes later

I quickly hugged my father and thanked him for the ride. Exiting his vehicle I took in all the details of my new school. There were hundreds of kids going in and a few sneaking back out. I smiled and made my way through the doors with several people behind me. They made a few remarks about me none mean but some were he”, “he’s so small!”, or the classic “Awww the new freshman are so cute!”. The last statement always made me angry even though I couldn’t blame them for mistaking me as a freshman it still made me mad. Walking my hardly 5 foot body to the main office I was than greeted by a woman named Jan. She was the head secretary of the office; she smiled at me and began a conversation her hopes of making me feel comfortable. “You must be Elijah the new boy. Well they say you’re a sophomore but you’re so small.” She smiled a regularly genuine smile but I wasn’t sure what to make of it. She handed me a piece of paper with my classes and my locker number.

I than made my way past an ocean of people to my locker as I was just starting to relax and get comfortable. Sebby turns into my locker area. His face had a devilish grin on it. I had a regular surprised look on my face, I knew I was showing it and I didn’t care what he thought. He then handed me a picture, I looked at him and looked down at it. this?” he just smirked and replied “Open it”. So I opened the neatly folded picture, my heart sank so fast and my stomach was in knots. I couldn’t breathe or talk. It was a picture of me, naked in my house. My anger flared faster than it ever has. I tore the picture up and threw it at his face. “What the hell are you some kind of a pervert?!” I screamed loudly, some people stopped and looked but kept walking. He smirked and leaned in very close to my small body literally towering me. My face got instantly red and I couldn’t speak. “Watch yourself I would be very careful with the way you speak to me.” I was on the verge of crying but managed to choke out, “What do you want from me?” It was so quiet I didn’t think he heard me. He said in a low voice right next to my ear. My hands began to shake and I grabbed the end of my shirt and squeezed my fist I than looked up at him. He looked down at me almost with a look of shame for what he had said. “So much for that beautiful face of yours”, he said as he walked out of the hallway into a mob of people. My throat had closed by now and I sank down onto the floor hugging my knees. My feelings were all tangled and I wasn’t sure what I was feeling I was feeling depressed and angry but at the same time I wanted to kiss Sebby I wanted him to take advantage of me. I than rested my head on my knees and let a few tears sneak their way out of my eyes.

I later found out I had four classes with Sebby. That gave me two classes alone to myself to breathe. I had just met this boy and already felt suffocated and scared of him. I spent four of my classes as far away from Sebby as I could get refusing to look at him my eyes were bloodshot and puffy so I tried to make it so he couldn’t see them. I was walking out of my last class that didn’t have Sebby in it, I noticed someone beside me staring at me. I turned to see a girl; she was short with big blue eyes and pale white hair. Okay maybe not white but it was very blonde, and natural. I noticed her I.D. she was also a sophomore. I smiled at her, her face grew pink and she quickly walked by me. I was confused and surprised, usually no girl looks at me let alone a rather good looking one. I made my way to my locker and put my things away. I felt a hand brush onto my hip the hair on the back of my neck was standing straight on end. I turned around fast and pressed my back to my locker door. Sebby’s beautiful eyes were amused and he was grinning. “Someone is a little jumpy?” he said in a smooth almost alluring voice. “How about I give you a ride home?” I glared at him. “Why would you want to give me a ride home and what makes you think I would let you?” I said disgustedly. He then smiled and slid his hand behind his head and rubbed his head. “Because I know you walk home and it’s raining.” I tilted my head to the right and stared up at him. “Okay I guess.” I stared down at my feet the whole way to his truck. I had to use the handle to get in; I slammed the door and looked straight ahead. I noticed he was looking at me but I didn’t want to look back. He then drove to my street and stopped at the beginning of it. “What are you doing” I said bewildered.

He reached his hand under my chin and pulled me to look at him he then admired my lips and eyes. “I’m going to make such a mess of you” my heart was beating and my face grew red “what did you just say?” He smirked and pulled my lips to his as I tried to struggle. I felt his soft lips touch mine and my penis grew very hard very quickly. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me close to him still kissing me I was drowning in ecstasy but at the same time I was very scared; I’ve never done anything with anyone before. I enjoyed his touch more than I should have. He shoved his tongue down my throat roughly and unbuttoned my pants. I was gasping for air as I squeezed his arms with my hands trying to pry myself away. I managed to shove him off me and scramble to the other side of the truck out of breath with tears in my eyes. He laughed and continued to drive me home as I cowered into the passenger door.

Sebby shut off his truck and looked over at me. “Why are you so sensitive Elijah? You’re so tantalizing I can’t keep my dick under control I just want you now.” My breathing was still very fast one of the kind of a scared small animal. “Why are you so invading? I don’t even know you and I can’t even relax” I countered back in a snappy voice, I knew it wasn’t that good of a comeback; I was never that good at it. He just stared and he told me to get out of his truck I more than willingly stumbled out and practically ran to my front door. “I’ll be seeing a lot more of you, you can count on that.” He yelled from his sleek red truck.

story by: ElijahJames

Tags: school young virginity gay boy / boy humiliation domination/submission discipline diary sex story

Author: ElijahJames

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