Seduced by miriam

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It was a gorgeous early evening in the Mid-Atlantic on a late spring day in 1957. The summer solstice was three and a half weeks away with the temperature in the upper seventies. The sky was cloudless and a deeper blue than normal for this area. Mild winds out of the west were carrying the normal pollution and haze that hung over the city out over the ocean. A small group of five people, either sat on the lawn or stood in front a small bungalow. There were four boys and one girl, talking about their plans after they graduated from high school in less than two weeks. They were a close group of four friends since they had met during their early years in high school. Miriam, the lone girl who was not a regular member of our group, was there to be with her boyfriend.

The first of the four boys were Ronny age eighteen, the wild one of the group, if anyone was going to think of something that would get the group in trouble, he was the one. The next was Marvin M age seventeen, his mind was always occupied with erotica and girls. The third was Marvin B age 17, overweight, known to be a mama’s boy and Miriam’s boyfriend. Then myself, Jim age 18, I was known as the smart one within our group. My grades were not that great in school, but I could figure out how to do things, especially things we shouldn’t do. Miriam age 18, an occasional member of our group, was there to be with her boyfriend Marvin. Miriam, even though she was the lone girl, liked being a part of the group when she could.

Miriam was a moderately attractive looking girl, sort of average in appearance. Miriam stood about 5 feet 4 in height, and weighed around 130 pounds. She was probably about 25 to 30 pounds overweight for her height and petite frame, but the extra weight did an excellent job of filling out her small frame. Especially her boobs, which were a D cup if not slightly larger. and her nice full butt. To me she was chunky, and I have always been partial to a chunky girl. Her hair, that extended down to the middle of her back, was a deep brown. Her eyes were brown, eyes that she knew how to use to get what she wanted. By using both her eyes and personality, she could persuade most people into letting her get what she wanted. Even though she was not my girlfriend, I liked being around her, she didn’t make me feel uncomfortable the way other girls did. She was easy to talk to and fun to be around. I always enjoyed watching her when she walked, and It did not matter whether she was coming or going. In one direction, because of their size, the little bounce in her boobs as she took each step. In the other direction, the way her butt would sway from side to side, as she was walking away from me.

The five of us were typical city kids, three of them having lived in the city all our lives. We all lived in the same part of the city, an area that was predominantly Jewish. In fact, Miriam and both Marvin B and Marvin M were Jewish and were all born and raised in this part of the city. Ronny and his mom moved from a rural area north of the city, to live with his aunt and uncle before he started grade school. My family moved here in the early 1940s, during the war, from a small coal mining town in western Pennsylvania when I was three years old. This area at the time, was one of the best places for people to find work. All of us having lived in the area for so long knew it like the back of our hands. If we wanted to go anywhere we walked, and at the time walking through the city was relatively safe.

The sun was getting low in the sky and Marvin B, Miriam’s boyfriend, said he had to be home before dark or his mother would skin him alive, and started to walk the eight blocks toward his home.

One of us called out to him, “What about Miriam? Aren’t you going to walk her home?”

“No!” He told us. “If I take the time to do that, I’ll get home late. Her house is out of my way.”

He left, headed for his home leaving Miriam stranded to walk the ten blocks to her home, alone. The three of us stood there trying to decide what to do about Miriam, knowing that we could not let her walk home alone in the dark. The bungalow we were in front of is where Ronny lived, his mother expected him in to do his homework before it got dark. Marvin M was completely reluctant to even consider walking Miriam home, he said he had a project he was working on and wanted to resume work on it by the time it got dark. I volunteered to accompany Miriam to her home even though I lived in the opposite direction almost twelve blocks away.

I had no problem with wandering the streets at night by myself as it was a frequent activity of mine. I have always had voyeuristic tendencies and this would be an opportunity to look in windows as I walked home from Miriam’s. I found that I had a better chance of seeing a naked woman if I walked the alleys since both the bedrooms and bathrooms tended to be in the rear of the buildings. It was Ronny that introduced me to this activity, he referred to as window shopping, because you would never know what you might see in some one’s window. I was also less likely to be seen in the alley due to the lack of lighting. Walking Miriam home would give me the opportunity to walk through new areas after I left her place.

Miriam and I left Ronny’s place and started walking, side by side in the direction of her home, walking behind her to watch that full butt sway would have been too obvious. Let me add here that with girls I was extremely shy and awkward with them. I would put on the big macho act in front of a girl, but that was all show. We reached the block that Miriam’s home was on, and approached her house by way of the alley running behind her place. Every one of the houses on her side of the alley were two family duplexes with a passage way separating each of the buildings. The passageway along the side of Miriam’s home was divided along its length by a six-foot-high wooden fence. As we approached Miriam’s home it was already dark outside and we came through the alley because she wanted to approach her home through the back yard. I walked her to the rear door and started to leave when Miriam said to me.

“Jimmy, don’t leave yet. I want to talk to you for a while.”

She took me to a place along the fence where if her parents were to glance out of a window we would not be seen. I leaned against the fence as she stood in front of me and started to pour her heart out to me about Marvin. She started by telling me the he did not treat her the way she thought a guy should treat his girlfriend. She told me that he wasn’t mean to her or anything like that, but that he was completely inconsiderate about her feelings and what she expected from him as her boyfriend.

Miriam said, “Do you think I’m fat and ugly?”

“Of course not. Whatever would make you say that?”

“A few days ago, at school I overheard one of the girls call me fatso Miriam. Then one of the girls, she was with, said that I was so fat and ugly that she didn’t know how I ever got a boyfriend. I was so upset from what I overheard that I didn’t want anyone to see me the rest of the day.”

I said, “You are definitely not fat and or ugly. To me you are a little chunky but I would never think of you as being fat. I prefer a girl that is a little chunky, and I like you exactly the way you are. You are not ugly either, they were just being cruel to you, you are an attractive girl and you have a pretty face.”

Miriam stood for a few moments looking at me and then turned away, placing her back to me. At first, I thought that she was going to leave and go into her house, but instead she leaned her entire body against me. Next, she took my two hands, one in each of hers, and wrapped my arms around her waist, using her hands to keep them wrapped around her. Her doing this almost put me into complete panic mode, I had never held any girl like this before. With her butt pressed against my crotch, nature took over and I got a boner that I could not hide from her. Miriam obviously felt my boner, because she began to twist her butt from side to side, rubbing my boner against the crack of her butt.

Miriam said, “What you just said to me was very sweet, and has helped make me feel better about myself, after what those girls said about me. Do you like me?”

“I have liked you since the day you first showed up with Marvin. You are always fun to be around. Marvin is a lucky guy to have you for a girlfriend. Sometimes when I’m around you I think that I like you more than I should.”

Miriam removed my hands from her waist and placed each one on her boobs, again using her hands to keep them there.

"What about Marvin?” I said to her. “He’s your boyfriend and I shouldn’t be touching you this way.”

“I have been trying to get him to touch my boobs for months, but he won’t touch them. Every time I get his hand near one of my boobs he pulls his hand away. I want to have my boobs touched, I like you, and I want you to touch them.”

Miriam confided in me that her hormones were going crazy, and she wanted more than what Marvin was willing to do for her. After my initial shock from touching her I found that I was getting very comfortable following her lead. When she saw that I had somewhat relaxed she ask me to put my hands under her blouse and play with her boobs and nipples. Miriam released my hands and pulled the bottom of her blouse out of the waist band of her skirt, then undid the buttons on the lower half of her blouse. What she did next, I never expected her to do.

She took the front of the bra she was wearing and lifted it above the top of her boobs, letting them hang free under her blouse. She then took my hands in hers, placed them against her belly and then moved them up under her blouse until I had a boob in each hand with a hard nipple pressed against each of my palms. She held both of my hands firmly pressed against her boobs, not releasing them until she was sure that I was not going to remove them from her boobs. Miriam’s boobs felt firm, but still so very soft in my hands, as I was squeezing them I thought to myself that I would love to be able to see them. I really did not know what I was doing but I tried to do what she asked, at times squeezing much harder than needed. It was while I was squeezing her boobs that I moved my head forward and began to nuzzle her neck and lightly kiss her just below her ear.

After a few minutes of playing with her boobs, I felt Miriam take her hand and lift the front of her skirt up to her waist.

she said, “Will you put your hand on my pussy and rub it through my panties?”

When I let her know that I would, Miriam took one of my hands and moved it to what I had always considered to be a forbidden part of a girl’s body. She took my hand and placed it on her panties directly over her pussy and held it there for a short while before removing her hand from mine. I couldn’t believe that I was now feeling a girl’s pussy for the first time, even though it was through her panties. I was shocked when at first all I felt was how wet her panties were. I asked her if she had accidently peed herself.

“No.” she answered, “My pussy gets wet like this when I touch my pussy and boobs. With you touching my boobs just now it has made my pussy wet”

I began rubbing her pussy, through her panties, as she squirmed around pushing her butt even harder against my boner. She began making soft moaning sounds as one of my hands continued to fondle her boobs while the other hand rubbed her pussy. I had inadvertently seen the bare pussies of a few younger girls’ many years earlier, but from what I remembered seeing, I never expected her pussy to feel the way it did. I had expected her pussy to be more of a flat area between her legs with a little slit, going from top to bottom, that opened into her body. I was surprised to find that there was a large mound instead, and a long slit that ran starting at the top and going the length of her mound. Near the top of what felt like Miriam’s slit I could feel something that appeared to be a small bump poking out of her slit. I began using my index finger to trace around her mound and follow the crack that ran the length of her pussy. Whenever I would reach what I thought to be the bump, I would pause there and give it some extra rubbing with my finger, as I wondered what I was touching. I noticed that Miriam appeared to enjoy me rubbing the bump more than anything else while I was rubbing her pussy.

Suddenly, Miriam asked me to stop rubbing her pussy and removed my other hand from her boobs, then pulled her bra down, enclosing her boobs back within the confines of her bra.

“I have to go inside now. I should have been in much earlier.” She said. “It’s a little after nine, my parents will go to bed around ten thirty. Do you think that you can you come back later />
“Yes, some nights when the weather is nice. It's normal for me to be out late at night.”

“Come back just before eleven and wait for me in the back yard. I must be sure that my mom and dad are asleep, I can't do anything before eleven. When you see that the inside basement light is on, knock lightly on the door and I will let you in and we can do more. If I can’t turn the light on by eleven thirty it means that I won’t be able to let you in tonight, but we can try for another night.”

I told Miriam that I would be back by eleven and gave her another kiss on the neck. I told her that I would see her later tonight and started to walk home. There was no window shopping that night on my war home. It took me less than twenty minutes for me to walk home, with me thinking about Miriam and trying to comprehend everything that had happened only because I volunteered to walk Miriam home. She had just woken up emotions in me that I did not know existed. I also tried to figure out what she meant by, “We can do more.” Maybe she will let me see her boobs and possibly touch her pussy without her panties being in the way.

I left my house early enough to arrive enough to arrive at Miriam’s house a little before eleven. This time I followed the streets since I didn’t want to waste any time and barely glanced at the windows with lights on as I passed by. When I arrived at the block Miriam lived on, I went down the alley until I found the rear of her house. I slipped into her back yard, staying in the darkest part of the yard, and looked to see if the inside basement light was on. Not seeing any light, I recalled that she said it could be as late as eleven thirty before she could get into the basement. My heart was beating a mile a minute, in anticipation of what might happen once I was in the basement, as I waited for the light to come on. I wanted so much to hold Miriam’s boobs again and even touch her pussy, this time possibly without her panties on.

After what seemed to be an eternity I saw light coming from the basement, I knew that Miriam was waiting for me at the door. I left my place in the darkness and quietly made my way to the basement, not wanting to alert anyone of my presence. That short walk, from the shadows to the door, was one of the longest I had ever taken. I touched the door once and never had a chance to knock a second time when it opened, and I saw Miriam standing there waiting for me. Even though she was silhouetted by the light behind her I could see how she was dressed. It was obvious that she was dressed for bed, and her parents apparently thought that she was in her room asleep. She was wearing a pair of beige shorty pajamas, the top buttoned up the front and its sleeves going half way to her elbows while the legs reached down to within a few inches of her knees and bedroom slippers. It was immediately obvious to me that she slept without wearing a bra at night, the way those large boobs of hers hung under the material of the top. I found myself hoping that she also didn’t have any panties on, I wanted so much to touch her bare pussy. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Miriam’s first words.

“Quick, come in.” she said, “I need to close this door and turn off the light. If any of the neighbors were to notice the basement light on they might say something to my parents />
As I stepped into the basement she closed the door behind me, took my hand, and turned off the light.

“Follow me and be quiet,” she said, “I don’t want my parents to know that I am down here or for them to find out that you are here.”

She led me through the semidarkness of the basement to a smaller room farther back in the basement. We entered this room and she closed the door behind us and turned on a light, so that we could see. The room looked like a small club room, finished walls and a staircase going up to the first floor. There was a table in the middle of the room, some fold up chairs leaning against one wall, two old living room chairs and a large sofa. Miriam motioned for me to sit on the sofa and went to adjust the light to its lowest level. Even though the light was down low there was sufficient light to be able to see with no effort. Then she came back to the sofa and set down beside me, only inches away.

I could smell the freshness of her body as she sat next to me, it was obvious that Miriam had bathed while I was home. I told Miriam how nice she smelled to me and started to reach out for one of her boobs. She put her hand up, preventing me from reaching her boob.

“Not yet," she said, “I have something else I want to do first.”

She reached her hand out to mine, taking it, and holding in hers as she began to say.

“I want tonight to be special for both of us, but before we do anything I want us to talk. Please don’t say anything while I’m talking or interrupt me, I have a lot to say and it will help to explain why you are here with me right now.”

I told her that I would listen to her for as long as she needed and that I would try not to interrupt her.

“I have become a young lady,” Miriam continued, “and any more, sex is one of the things that is constantly on my mind. I want someone that will touch me the way I need to be touched and make me feel good. I am still a virgin and have never been with a boy. You are the first boy to ever touch my bare boobs or my pussy. I told you earlier that I have tried to get Marvin to touch my boobs, but he won’t do it. Last year I had two different boys, that I went on dates with, touch my boobs through my top, but I didn’t like it. I didn’t ask them or want them to touch me, they just grabbed my boobs and started to squeeze and twist them so much that it hurt. All they were doing was mauling my boobs thinking that I would then let them put their weenies into me. I never went out with them again.”

Miriam paused talking for a minute, moved closer to me, pressing one her glorious boobs against my arm. She took my other hand and while holding my hands with both of hers she resumed what she had to say.

“I started seeing Marvin earlier this year. I knew that he was a bit of a mommy’s boy but I thought that he would treat me the way I wanted. We do go out, when his mother will let him, but nothing ever happens beyond a little kiss on the cheek from him. I think that his mother has convinced him that he should never do anything with a girl. I have listened to some of the girls at school as they talk about their boyfriends and what they have let the boys do to them. They talk about things that I never thought that people would do, and I want to eventually try some of them. I have known for a long time that boys want to play with a girl’s boobs and suck on their nipples. Sometimes I will play with mine at when I’m in bed at night and imagine that a boy is doing it to me, but I can’t begin to imagine what it would feel like to have my nipples sucked. I want you to do that to me later tonight. I also know that a boy likes to touch a girl’s pussy and put their fingers into her hole. I play with myself down there some nights and make myself feel good, but I want someone else to do that for me and I was hoping that you would. I have liked you for a long time and have always thought that you were cute. After the way Marvin treated me when I needed someone to walk home with me and you saying that you would, convinced me that you were a considerate person. That’s when I decided that I would try to get you to touch my boobs after I got home. I never intended at first to let you touch my pussy while we were outside. But I got carried away with what we were doing and it just happened. What we did outside earlier today helped me to decide that if I were to do anything with a boy, I wanted that boy to be you.”

I’m listening the her tell me her deepest desires and think that my biggest wishes are about to come true. Miriam went on talking about what she overheard the girls talking about.

“They talked about doing some things that I would think was nasty, but they say they love doing it and having it done to them.”

I had an idea what she was talking about but I wanted her to tell me and I broke the rule when I asked her, “What did they say?”

“I think that I might be too embarrassed to tell you.” she replied, “You might think that I’m a dirty, nasty girl and leave and go home if I do.”

I reassured her that I would not judge her for repeating something that others had said and would not leave.

Miriam then told me the following, “The girls talked about putting the boy’s weenie in their mouth and sucking on it. They said that the boys liked having that done to them. They even said that sometimes the boy would shoot his stuff out of his weenie while it was in their mouth. Most of them said when that happens they just spit it out, but a couple of them said that it tastes good and they swallow it. That part sounds so gross to me. One of the girls even said their boyfriend puts his weenie so far into her mouth that part of it goes down into her throat. She said that when he shoots his stuff it goes directly down her throat and she can't even taste it. She then told the other girls that when he is done shooting his stuff down her throat, he takes his weenie out of her throat and she licks his weenie clean using her mouth and tongue.”

I told her that I have heard talk among some guys of it happening but I never knew of anyone that had it done to them.

I asked her if the girls said anything else.

“Oh yes,” she said, “they said a lot more, they were talking about how their boyfriends will put their face between their legs and right into their pussies. They talked about how their boyfriends would suck on their pussies and then put their tongues into their holes as far as they would reach. How they would lick up and down the length of their slits with their tongues. But all the girls agreed that what they liked the best was when he would suck on their button at the top of their slit and move their tongues all over it. It would get even better if he were to put a couple of fingers into her pussy while he was sucking on her button. They would cum so hard from that they would feel like they were going to pass out. A few of the girls even said that they were doing it with their boyfriends. Can you imagine that? The boys were putting their weenies into the girl’s hole and they were really doing it. Two of the girls even said that sometimes their boyfriends will shoot their stuff out of their weenies into their holes. Then one of the girls told the rest of them that after her boyfriend shoots his stuff into her hole, he will put his mouth against her hole and suck everything out of her and swallow it. Can you imagine a boy swallowing his own stuff out of a girl’s hole? How gross can someone get?”

I told Miriam that I had heard some boys talk about doing it with a girl and even shooting their stuff into her hole, but I have never heard of anyone sucking their stuff out of a girl’s hole.

I asked Miriam if there was any more that she wanted to tell me.

“No,” she said “I want to experience some of these things with you now, Then, one day, but not right now, and I don’t know when it will be, I want stop to being a virgin. When I'm ready I want to know what it feels like to have a boy's weenie inside of me. Right now, I want you to hold and play with my boobs and then suck on my nipples. After that I want you to touch and rub my pussy, put a couple of fingers into my hole and play with my button. I want you to make me feel good. I want you to make me cum."

I told her that I have seen a grown-up pussy, but never close enough to know what her button was, let alone know where it was.

worry about that,” she said “I play with mine almost every night after I go to bed, and I will show you where everything is. But first you tell me how you saw a grown-up pussy.”

I started by telling her that I tended to be shy around girls and that is why I have never done anything.

"You weren’t that shy earlier today with your hands on my boobs and pussy." She said. "I will help you with being shy and show you that you don't have to be shy when you're around me."

"Yes but… I had you showing me what to do. You were putting my hands where you wanted them. I am interested in girls even though I tend to be shy and I do like seeing girls when they are naked."

I then began telling Miriam that I would go window shopping at night, hoping to see a woman’s boobs and maybe even their pussies. I told her that Ronny first introduced me to window shopping and then began describing how it is done. I explained to her that the best chance of seeing a woman’s pussy was if I were up high enough to be able to look down into the room. I told her that one of Ronny’s favorite places was on a hill that slopped down to the back of some apartments and from the top of the hill I could look down into the rooms on the two lower levels. Her face light up when I told her that one time I saw two people doing it.

She immediately said, “You actually saw two people doing it. What all did you see?”

“I really could not see a lot, I was maybe twenty feet away from them, but you could tell that they were doing it. She was laying on her back on the bed, and he was laying on top of her, with his belly on hers. I could tell what they were doing, because he was laying between her legs and his butt was going up and down. I think that he was sliding his weenie back and forth in her hole. They did that for quite a while and then his butt began moving fast. He was doing it to her so fast that I could even see the bed shaking. Suddenly, he stopped moving his butt and just laid on top of her. While he was laying on her I could see him push his butt towards her pussy every few seconds. I think that he was shooting his stuff into her hole then. When he got off her I could see that his weenie was still hard and wet, before he went into another room. While she was still laying on the bed, she got a tissue from a table beside the bed, and used it to wipe her pussy. When she got up from the bed I could see both her pussy and boobs.”

"Listening to you tell me about them doing it," she said, "it has made the inside of my pussy tingle. I feel like my hole is super wet."

"I know how you feel. After watching them do it, my weenie was so hard that I found a dark place in the alley and took my weenie out. I jerked myself off until I shot my stuff on the ground."

I then told Miriam about another time when Ronny and I were walking past our school and we noticed the lights were on in the girl’s locker room. How we then walked over to see what was going on. I explained to her how the doors in the locker room, that open into the parking lot, even though they were closed there was a half inch gap between the two doors and if you put your eye at the gap you can see into the locker room. That when we then looked through this gap, we saw that the girls had just come from the swimming pool and were changing from their bathing suits into their clothes. I told Miriam that I had never seen as many girl’s pussies and boobs at same time. I figured then that there wasn’t too much more that I could or should tell her.

When I finished talking Miriam moved slightly away from my side and then began to unbutton her pajama top. When the top was completely unbuttoned she slipped it from her shoulders allowing it to fall on the sofa behind her. I was now looking at the loveliest pair of boobs I have ever seen, closer than I have ever been to a pair of naked boobs. Each boob was crowned on its end with a small light-colored areola and a very hard nipple slightly larger than the eraser on the end of a pencil. She placed a hand under each of her boobs and lifted them up, offering them to me

“I want you to take them and play with them, then suck on my nipples. Be gentle with them and don’t hurt me, they can be tender.”

I reached towards her to take both of her boobs, but individually they were too large to hold with only one hand and I had to use both hands on each boob, one at a time. I was completely in my glory as I played with each of these marvelous globes and their nipples. Eventually I placed both of my hands under one of her boobs with its nipple pointing at my face. I moved my mouth towards her nipple and when close enough drew it into my mouth and began sucking on it as I flicked my tongue over the tip of the nipple. Her nipple felt as if it had grown to almost twice its normal size after I put in into my mouth. As I was putting her nipple into my mouth Miriam let out with a gasp and I felt her body shudder, not wanting to slight either of her nipples I did the same to the other. As I was sucking on Miriam’s nipples and moving back and forth between the two she whispered to me that it felt so good that she wanted to scream, but she knew that she couldn’t. She told me that she had never imagined that having her nipples sucked on could feel so very good.

Eventually Miriam said to me that she wanted me to touch her down there. But don’t stop sucking on my nipples. I told her that I could probably do that but it might be easier if she were to remove the bottom of her pajamas. I had her lay down along the length of the sofa after removing her bedroom slippers and then lift her butt up so I could pull her pajama bottoms down. I took the waist band on either side of her hips and began sliding it towards her feet. As the pajama bottoms were being removed the first thing I saw was the deep brown, but still thin, triangular patch of her pubic hair. Next the start of her pubic mound and then the slit that ran almost the length of her mound. What I saw next, that I never knew was there, was a small mound of flesh poking out at the top of her slit.

I said, “what is that at the top of your pussy?”

my button, I make myself cum when I play with it. It’s the most sensitive part of a girl’s pussy.”

The pajama bottoms continued down until she had to lift her feet, allowing me to completely remove them. I placed the bottoms near her head along with the top that had come off earlier. Now I found it nearly impossible to believe what was happening. I had a completely naked girl laying in front of me. Now that she was naked I asked her if she would like for me to remove my clothes also.

she said, “I want to see all of you.”

I sat down on the sofa, and took off my shoes and socks first. Then I stood up, and with my back to Miriam, began to remove the rest of my clothes. I could feel Miriam’s eyes watching me as I took off first my shirt, followed by my pants and finally the under pants I was wearing.

“I want you to lay here beside me.” Miriam said, “Suck on my nipples, play with my button and put your fingers into my hole. If you do that for me, you will make me a very happy girl. As good as it felt having you suck on my nipples I can’t wait to see how good it will feel when you play with my pussy.”

I laid down beside her, put the closest nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it again. I took one of my hands and started to move it towards Miriam’s pussy, but I stopped just below her belly button. I felt a small shudder ripple through her body when I put my hand on her stomach. I slid my hand farther down until I could feel of the hair above her pussy, drug the ends of my fingers through her hair and stopped only when I felt her button. I asked her to spread her legs a little and started to trace small circles around the base of her button. She told me that it felt good when she touched her button, but it felt so much better when I was doing it to her. I wasn’t sure what all to do to her button, somehow, I happened to put herbutton between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed. I squeezed it, I mean I squeezed it hard, not hard enough to hurt her but I did squeeze it hard. Miriam let out with a gasp.

“What did you just do to me?” She said. “You just sent what felt like a jolt of electricity through my body. I have never had my button do that to me.”

I told her that all I did was to squeeze her button and asked if she liked it. She told me that it was great. She went on to say that she had never thought about squeezing her button when she played with it.

I moved my hand farther down and tried to locate her hole so I could put my finger into her. When I found her hole I easily slipped a finger into it, the inside of her hole was very wet and hot. I now had my finger inside of her hole and began sliding my finger back and forth inside of her. She then began moving her hips in unison with my finger, it was like she was trying to do it to my finger. I momentarily removed my finger and replaced it along with a second finger and again started the in and out motion in her hole again using two fingers. I could not believe how hot and wet the inside of her hole was. The entire time I had my fingers in her, Miriam was making these soft moaning sounds and saying how good what I was doing felt. I eventually wound up removing both fingers and replaced them with my thumb. It was not only more comfortable for me, but I soon found that I could now also reach her button with my fingers. I felt her body start to tense and began moving my thumb even faster and rubbing her button harder than I had been.

she struggled to get the words out, making me cum. Don’t stop.”

After Miriam had settled down from cumming I continued to play with her pussy sliding only one finger back and forth in her hole. It was then that Miriam moved her hand down and wrapped her fingers around my boner. She waited for me to acknowledge what she had done before saying her next words.

“Do you mind if I hold it?” she asked.

“Not at all, I love it. I don’t want you stop.”

She continued to lightly squeeze my boner as I played with her pussy, while she was holding my boner she touched its head, which by now was very wet.

“While you were touching my pussy.” she said, “Did you shoot your stuff?”

“No,” I told her, “it will get wet like that just because of what we were doing. I don’t know why it gets so wet though.”

She tightened her grip around the base of my boner and gave it another little squeeze.

“It’s so hard and yet it feels so soft even though it’s hard. My butt could feel how hard it was, when I was leaning against you earlier today, but I didn’t know it would feel like this in my hand. I didn’t think your weenie would be as big as it is. I want to see what it looks like?”

“Of course, I will let you see it.” I said, “After all that I have been doing to you, plus seeing you naked, there is no reason you shouldn’t. Let me get up first, then I will stand in front of you and you will be able to see and touch it at the same time.”

I got up and stood there facing Miriam with my hard boner pointing directly at her face. I was standing in front of a girl the same age as I was, completely naked, and allowing her to look at me. I could have never done this even six hours earlier. Miriam reached out with her hand, wrapped her hand around the shaft of my boner, and again gently squeezed it as she held it. After holding my boner, she began to move her hand back and forth along its length as she looked up at my face, watching my reaction to her touching my boner. When she looked back down to see what she was doing she suddenly withdrew her hand in shock.

“Oh my God!” she blurted out.

the matter Miriam?”

“Oh my God, you’re not

“I know, my mother never had me circumcised after I was born.”

“I don’t know,” I said, “I don’t think she even knew about circumcising boys when I was born. I don’t think anyone in the town where I was born had their boys

not Jewish then. Are you?”

“Why, does it matter?”

“No,” she said, “not really. Not to me. I just thought that with your name that you were Jewish. But It would matter to my parents if we were to start dating each other.”

I explained to her that my grandparents came from eastern Europe and that my name was Slavic. That was why it sounded like a Jewish surname. She then explained that her parents still followed the old ways of her grandparents and that she was expected to only date and eventually marry what her mother calls, “A good Jewish boy.” That was why she was seeing Marvin even he did not treat her as nice as she wanted.

“If you would like to date me,” I said, “I would be glad to have you as a girlfriend, if you don’t, I still want us to continue seeing each other like this as long as you agree to it.”

She never gave me an answer but instead turned her attention back to my boner.

Miriam, again held my boner in her hand slowly moving it back and forth along its length. Her face only a few inches for its head.

“I’ve never seen a weenie that still had a foreskin.” She said. “I baby sit some of children of my parent’s friends, and when I must change the boys diaper I can see that they all have been circumcised. I love watching the way your foreskin completely covers the head of your weenie when I pull it />
“The foreskin always covers the head when it’s not hard, but then if I get real hard it will almost look as if I don’t have a foreskin.”

“The stuff that’s coming out of the hole on the end of your weenie,” she asked, “is that the stuff that you shoot?”

“No, it’s probably similar to what is coming out of your hole now. It’s the same stuff that you felt when you said it was wet. When I shoot my stuff it looks different, it is white and thick.”

Miriam went back to closely examining my weenie as she continued to move her hand along its length.

Miriam then told me, ‘I can see the stuff coming out of your hole, it looks almost like water but it is a little sticky,”

Without any warning, she stuck out her tongue, touching it to the end of my boner, where it was seeping out and getting some of it on her tongue. She put her tongue back into her mouth, tasted what was on her tongue and then swallowed. Miriam then looked up at me with a big smile on her face.

“I hope you don’t mind that I did that.” she said in a soft voice, “I had to see what it tasted like. I think that it really does taste good,”

I told her that I have never tasted it, but that her tongue, when it touched my boner felt wonderful.

Miriam took my boner, and again held it to her mouth for another taste. Her tongue again touched the tip of my boners head, but she held her tongue on my boner instead of pulling away like she had done only seconds earlier. I was watching everything she had been doing and was in complete awe when she opened her mouth and placed the head of my boner into her mouth. She held it in her mouth for a few moments, I could feel her tongue exploring the head while she held it there. She took my boner back out of her mouth, and looked up at my face.

“I wanted to see what the whole thing would taste like.”

Then she put my boner back into her mouth, this time with more than just the head in her mouth. As I instinctively began rocking my hips slightly, Miriam stared to bob her head back and forth the slightest amount. Her mouth was so wet and warm around my boner, and I could feel both the roof of her mouth and her tongue on my boners head as it was sliding back and forth in her mouth.

I said. “What you are doing to me, it feels like when I jerk myself off, only over a thousand times better. Your mouth feels so much better than my hand ever could.”

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on the head of my boner and I had to control myself to keep from yelling. Miriam stopped and ask me what was wrong.

“Your teeth.” I said, “Your teeth scraped the head of my weenie. It never occurred to me before, but you must be careful with your teeth. Use only your lips.”

She told me she was sorry that she had hurt me, and asked if she could do it some more if she were to be more careful.

“Yes, you can do more,” I said, “I love what you were doing and the way it makes me feel. We should be careful though because it makes me feel like my stuff is getting ready to shoot into your mouth.”

She put my boner back into her mouth and began bobbing her head even faster and harder, making even more of my weenie go into her mouth. After a few more minutes of my weenie being in her mouth I had to make her stop. I told her that I felt as if I were getting ready to shoot my stuff out of my boner. She replied by telling me that she wasn’t ready for me to shoot my stuff into her mouth.

“I loved what I was doing to your weenie,” Miriam said. “and the way it felt sliding around in my mouth. I had so much of it in my mouth that a couple of times it was almost in my throat. If it had gone in any farther it would have made me gag.”

“Miriam, since I have been in here I have not kissed you. Will you let me give you a kiss? I want to want to give you a real kiss you on your mouth and then if you will let me I want to kiss your pussy and suck on your button.”

I leaned down and put my face close to hers, our lips almost touching. Miriam leaned forward, as our lips made contact our mouths opened and our two tongues made their first contact. My tongue darted into Miriam’s mouth as her tongue found its way into mine. Our tongues fought each other as they attempted to occupy the space in their opponent’s mouth. Eventually our tongues withdrew and our lips parted.

she said. “I have never been kissed like that by anyone. It made my body tingle all over.”

“I know, it felt so good kissing you. Can I have your pussy now?”

I told Miriam that I thought the best way for me to kiss her pussy, was for her to sit on the very edge of the sofa. Then after she was on the edge to spread her legs wide apart, and then lean back if she wanted to. I would then sit on the floor in front of her and between her legs. When she opened her legs, I saw everything that I had been touching earlier. I sat on the floor in front of her and once again inserted my finger into her extremely wet hole. When I removed my finger for Miriam, it was coated with her juices. I put my finger to my nose, first to smell and then into my mouth where I completely removed her essence. I put my finger back into her and while holding it there I asked Miriam if she had ever tasted herself. She told me that she had never tried doing that. I again withdrew my finger from her and held it up to her mouth. She hesitated at first but then drew my finger into her mouth. I could feel her tongue as it touched the underside of my finger and began to circle around my finger. Before Miriam’s tongue had completed its path around my finger, I had my tongue inserted far into her hole. Miriam let out with a gasp as I felt her body first shudder, and then stiffen as she experienced what I believe was a full-fledged orgasm.

“Oh my God, my God,” she said, “what did you do to me? I have never experienced anything that intense. I think that I passed out for a minute.”

“I put my tongue into your hole, as far as it would reach, I don’t think that you expected it.”

“That may have been part of it, but I’ve put things into my hole before and it never felt that good.”

“I hope that what I continue to do with your pussy will feel just as good and maybe even better. Now lean back onto the sofa and let me have some more of your sweet tasting pussy."

With that Miriam leaned back on the sofa, spread her legs even more and told me that for the moment her pussy was all mine.

With Miriam’s legs spread as far as they were, I could easily see her hole near the bottom of her pussy. I moved my head in the direction of her pussy and placed my lips against her hole. I felt her entire body shudder as I gave her hole a big kiss, and then began sucking on it. The only thing I heard her say was.

“I don’t know what you are doing to me, but please don’t stop.”

After sucking on her hole, I took my tongue, placed it just below her hole and licked up along the length of her pussy until my tongue was just above her button. As I drew my tongue along her pussy I gathered the juices from her pussy on my tongue, then after reaching the top of her pussy, I let her juices run down my tongue to my throat and swallowed. Next, I reversed the direction of travel and stopped only when I found her hole with my tongue, and put the end of my tongue into her hole. I began to use my tongue on Miriam’s pussy, lapping it the same as when an animal drinks water. After a bit, I took each of the outer lips, and placed them into my mouth, one at a time and sucked on them. Eventually I remembered how Miriam said she played with her button to make herself feel extra good. I used both hands, one on each side to open her pussy up even more, and sucked her button into my mouth. When I did that, Miriam’s whole body jerked and she had to stop herself from yelling. I sucked on her button so hard that to my mouth it felt as if it were now two to three times its normal size. With her button now in my mouth, I moved my tongue over every part of her button, in every manor I could think of. This appeared to put Miriam into an extreme state of ecstasy.

“Please stop,” She said. “It feels so good. I have never had my button make me feel this good. I can’t take any more right now.”

Reluctantly I removed my mouth from Miriam’s Pussy and sat beside Miriam and held her close.

she said, “I know what I said earlier about wanting to wait to lose my virginity. I want you in me. I want to feel your weenie inside of my hole. I want to do it with you, now.”

“But Miriam,” I said, ‘I’ve heard that it can hurt bad when a guy puts his hard weenie in a girl for the first time and that even blood will come out of her hole.”

“That won’t happen.” She said. “There is a piece of skin across the inside of a girl’s pussy that people use to see if she is a virgin. I broke mine a few months ago and it did hurt and bleed, when it />
“How did that happen?”

“Well its sort of she said, “but I will tell you if you swear to never tell anyone else what I did”

“I promise. I would never tell anyone what we have been doing either”

“Mom and dad were out for the day,” she began, "and I was in my room playing with my button, pretending to myself that it was Marvin. I wanted more so I took my other hand and put my finger into my hole, again pretending that it was Marvin’s finger in me. My finger wasn’t big enough so I found my hair brush and put its handle into my hole and began to move it in and out, this time pretending that Marvin had his weenie in me. It felt a lot better than my finger, and at times I could feel the end of the handle touch the piece of skin in my hole. I still wanted more and I got what I thought was a brilliant idea. The hair brush was long, but not big enough around, so I thought of using a big fat carrot. I went downstairs to mom’s pantry and picked out the biggest carrot I could find. I cut the stem off close to the end and smoothed the end to get rid of any trace of the stem and then washed the carrot off. The carrot was over nine inches long and the big end was about an inch and a quarter across. I went back to my room, and after laying down started to put the carrot, big end first into my hole. Again, I imagined that it was Marvin’s weenie going into me, and because the carrot was so big it was tight going into me, and that made it feel extra good. I laid there on my back, my fingers from one hand on my button and the other hand sliding this carrot back and forth in my hole, it felt so good doing that. I kept pushing the carrot deeper into my hole until I could feel it now pushing against this piece of skin. It was making me feel so good that I forgot about the skin and shoved the carrot hard, right through it and deep into my hole. I felt this sharp pain in my hole and realized what I had just done to myself, if anyone were to look for this piece of skin and it wasn’t there, they would assume that I was no longer a virgin. I took the carrot out of my hole and there was blood on it and some blood came out of my hole. I threw the carrot away so that no one would ever find it. I had to come up with a story to tell my mom, I didn’t want her to panic if she ever found out that this piece of skin was gone. I had heard that sometimes a girl would accidentally tear this skin if she exercised to hard in gym. I waited until the next day and told her that I did it in gym class and went to see the school nurse.”

“How will I fit my boner into you?” I ask her. It’s a lot bigger around then the carrot was and your hole was tight when I only had two fingers inside of you.”

worry about it fitting inside of my hole.” She said. “Oh, this is so embarrassing, and I thought that I would never have to tell anyone this. Last month I was rubbing my button, thinking about Marvin again, when I wanted something a lot bigger than my finger in my hole. I again went down to mom’s pantry to see if there was anything I could use. The only thing that I could find were the cucumbers. I picked the smallest one, it was still at least almost ten inches long, and as big around as your weenie is, it was even bigger. I washed it, and took it up to my room. I got on my bed, spread my legs as far apart as I could get them, and put the smallest end of the cucumber against my hole and began pushing it into me. I didn’t think that it was going to go in at first but as it got wet from my hole it began to slide into my hole. I realized that not only did my hole need to be wet, it would also stretch to let something that big into it. That’s how I know that you will fit into my hole. I forgot to think that my mom would miss the cucumber when she went to use it. The only thing I could think of doing was to wash it off the best that I could and put it back into the pantry. We ate the cucumber in a salad two days later, I had a tough time eating the salad and could only imagine what my mom and dad would do if they knew where the cucumber had been.”

was quite a story,” I said, “I can understand how embarrassed you would be if you had to tell that to anyone else.”

I said, “What about a rubber. I don’t have any and if I shoot my stuff into you, I could get you />
“I can’t get pregnant right now, I’ve done a lot of reading in the library and according to the books a girl can only get pregnant for a few days midway between her periods. My period was over only two days ago. It should be safe for me to do it for at least another week. Then I can’t do it again until about ten days before my next period.”

"I’m going to lay on the sofa,” Miriam said, “Stop talking. Please, I want you to do it to me, now.”

Miriam laid down on the sofa on her back with her legs spread apart, her boobs, because of their size would not lay flat on her chest. I got onto my knees between her legs and then lowered myself using my arms to keep from laying directly on her. I asked Miriam to take my weenie in her hand and to place its head against her hole. I felt her hand take my boner near its head, and put it at the entrance of her hole. When I felt it finally touch her hole with the head barely in, I asked her to hold it there until she could feel that it was going inside if her hole.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked.

she said. “Put it into me and please be gentle.”

With that I began pushing my boner slowly into her hole, it was tight but I still able to put my boner into her hole easily. I felt Miriam remove her hand after the head had completely entered her, and continued pushing into her hole until I had no more left to put into her. We both sighed and moaned as I was going into her. After entering Miriam’s hole with my boner, I gave her a kiss. The inside of her hole was not smooth the way I thought it would be. I could feel, with the head of my boner, what felt like little ripples along the entire length as I slid into her hole. She was so wet inside of her hole. I expected that, as wet as her pussy was, with it running out of her hole, but I never thought that the inside of her hole would be so hot. After it felt as if my boner was completely in her hole, I gave an extra little push into her and lowered myself onto her soft body. We lay there together motionless for a few moments, each of us enjoying the feeling of being physically joined to another person for the first time.

Miriam spoke first. “My hole, it feels so full now that your weenie is in it.”

“Miriam, when I came back tonight to see you I never dreamed or expected that we would be doing it.” I said while looking at her eyes. “You realize now, we are no longer virgins. We have each given the other a precious gift, a special gift that can only be given once. Whatever happens in the future, this moment will always be one of my best memories. Miriam, you know I have never done this before and I really don’t know what all I should do. You will have to tell me what you want.”

“Right now, all that I want, is you sliding your weenie slowly back and forth in my hole and making me feel good.”

I slowly pulled a few inches of my boner out of her hole and then just as slowly pushed it back into her hole as far as I could. I continued to repeat this in and out sliding motion in her hole over, and over, and over. Every time that I would push into her hole she would push back a little.

At first, I could feel Miriam’s body begin to stiffen as she lay under me, then I felt the muscles in her hole begin squeezing my boner as her hole started to spasm. I didn’t know what was happening to her and stopped sliding my boner in her hole.

stop! Don’t stop!” She almost yelled. “I’m cumming, your weenie is making me cum and it’s the most amazing thing that I have ever felt. This feels so good, I don’t want it to ever end.”

“Did it really feel that good for you?” I asked after she stopped cumming.

“Yes, it was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt in my life. Keep doing it to me with your weenie. I want it to happen again. Make it happen again.”

I continued to slide my boner in and out of her hole, with her pushing back as I pushed into her, when it happened to her again.

“I love the way that makes me feel,” she said, “do it more, but do it harder and faster. I love the feel of your weenie as it slides around in my hole.”

I continued doing it to her, this time pushing my boner even harder into her hole, she would make a little grunt and push back hard every time I went all the way in into her hole. Suddenly Miriam took her legs and wrapped them around me, using them to push my boner even deeper into her hole as she simultaneously lifted her butt up from the sofa meeting the push of my boner into her hole.

“Do it as hard and as fast as you can,” Miriam panted, “My body feels like it is about to explode and I want it to happen.”
I was now pulling my boner so far out of that only the head remained in her hole, and then pushing it back into her as hard as I could. At the same time Miriam was using her legs and lifting her butt to get me as deep into her hole as possible. I think that her butt was coming up from the sofa and if anyone had seen us it would have looked like a blur, I was doing it to her that fast.

I said, “I’m going to cum. My stuff is going to shoot into your hole. There’s no way I can stop it now.”

“Jimmy, let it happen, Let your stuff shoot into me. I want to feel your stuff shooting into my hole. I’m going to cum again, I’m going to cum with you.”

I felt my boner as it got larger in her hole, and then it happened. I was cumming and shooting my stuff into Miriam’s hole. Then I felt her body stiffen and her hole tighten around my boner, I knew that she was cumming with me. Miriam started to moan so load that I had to give her a kiss as I attempted to keep her quiet. We both marveled at how good and wonderful what we had just done together felt.

Miriam said, “You have made me become a woman.”

We lay there on the sofa with our mouths connected, arms wrapped around each other, and our bodies still joined together. We held that position until my weenie had become so soft that it slid out of her hole.

We both sat up on the sofa and looked at each other, amazed at what we had allowed to happen. I placed both arms around Miriam and drew her body next to mine, pressing her boobs against my chest. Our lips met again with our mouths open and the tips of our tongues touched. Our lips parted and I whispered into her ear, “Miriam, that was fantastic. I never thought that it could feel that good.”

"I know,” she said, “I could feel your weenie get bigger before you started shooting your stuff into me. I think that I fainted for a moment when we were cumming />
she said, “do you still like me?”

“Of course, I do.”

“I don’t mean because of what we just did. Do you really like me?”

“Miriam, I have liked you for months now. I always liked being around you.”

“Do you like me enough that I could be your />
“Yes, I do. But you are Marvin’s girlfriend and he is my friend. I could never do anything to split the two of you up.”

“If I were to ask you would you ever consider being my />
“Yes, I would, but what about Marvin and your mom with the ‘Nice Jewish />
“I can handle Marvin. I have been thinking about not being his girlfriend for a couple of weeks now, but I like being around you and Ronny. I haven’t though, because it would mean not being with you and the other guys. As far as my mom, I could tell her that we are just very good friends. She already thinks that you are Jewish, and I won’t tell her unless things get serious between us. Then I won’t have any choice but to tell her. Besides the world is changing, the old ways are not being followed as much.”

I put my lips to Miriam’s and gave her another kiss.

I said, such a sweet girl. I could really get into you”

“You just did.”

“I didn’t mean it that way. I mean that I like you so much that it would be easy to fall in love with you if we allowed it.”

Miriam wrapped her arms around me, and gave me a kiss that I never wanted to end.

Miriam and I got up from the sofa, both of us on an emotional high and physically exhausted.

“I hate to say this,” said Miriam, “but I have to send you home, as much as I really don’t want to. If I could, I would have you stay the rest of the night, but we both have classes in school tomorrow. It is getting late and I still need to get some sleep tonight if I can ever manage to fall asleep.”

“I don’t want to leave either, but I know that I can’t stay. If it’s okay with you, I would like to come back again”

“We need to put our clothes back on,” she said, “and then I will walk you to the back door and talk about you coming back.”

We were standing there in front of each other, two naked young adults, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do. I watched Miriam as she stepped into her pajama bottoms and then her bedroom slippers, the same bottoms I had helped her remove less than two hours earlier. I finished replacing my clothes just as she secured the last button on her top. She took me by the hand and led me into the darkness of the adjoining room.

“Even though I had not intended for all that we did to happen tonight,” she said as we walked through the darkness, “I am glad that I let it happen. This has been one of the most fantastic nights of my life.”

“I never expected for us to go all the way tonight and actually do it.” I replied. “At the most, when you asked me to return, I was hoping that I would be able to touch your boobs again and maybe even your pussy without your panties. I will remember tonight />
she said, “Not counting the sex, I have never had a boy treat me as nice as you did tonight. You were so kind and gentle, you even cared about my feelings. I could easily fall in love with you if I were to let myself.”

“I know what you mean. I feel so comfortable and relaxed, being with you.”

“Jimmy, do you ever spend the night at />
I said, “Why do you ask?”

“Can you spend this Saturday night with him?”

"I guess,” I told her, “all I have to do is tell my mom and make sure that it’s okay with Ronny.”

“Tell your mom, but don’t say anything to Ronny.” Miriam said, “My mom and dad are driving this Friday to Philadelphia and leaving me here by myself. They are going to visit his brother and won’t return until late Sunday afternoon. My mom's sister will be here on Friday when I get home from school and most of the next day, but she will leave to go home right after sunset on Saturday. I want you to come over on Saturday night after it gets dark outside. I will be waiting for you in the basement by the door with the light on. We are going to spend the night in my bed.”

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