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My girlfriend and I had talked a lot about our fantasies together, especially during sex. One theme we brought up a lot was the idea of a threesome… she was more comfortable and receptive to having a guy join us, and we focused on that. We would incorporate a lot of dirty talk in the bedroom… she'd describe what she wanted to do to "him", or I'd ask her what she wanted us both to do. It grew over time and obviously turned us both on. I brought up the idea of really trying it and she was OK with it as long as it was the right person.

A few weeks later, she met this guy at the gym and over time developed a crush on him. We talked about him, incorporating him into our fantasy talks instead of a stranger. She also made some efforts to get to know him… how she had been talking to him more, and flirting openly. I encouraged it, and it obviously turned her on. She brought up the idea more often, and in more detail when we did.

For weeks they flirted and she would tell me about it, how it turned her on, how she felt, what he said or did. It never amounted to anything until one night, we were and she said she had gone further. She talked about how she she watched him at the gym, timing when he left and leaving at the same time, running into him at the door. He walked her to her car and they flirted a bit, and nothing much, but it excited her to actually make the effort to talk more.

A few days later, he left with her again, waiting at the door while she walked out. They walked to his car and talked for a bit there… they flirted and he asked her out. She said she was with someone but was flattered. He tried to end the conversation there, but she said she wouldn't mind getting a beer and hanging out. They talked for a bit more, and she gave him her number. After we talked about it, she wanted to see if it would go further. She only wanted to do it with me around though, which was more than ok with me.

At this point, she started texting him and talking once in a while, dropping hints. One night, she hung out with him after the gym at his car where they ended up kissing. By now, she had established where we wanted things to go and he had been receptive, at least while flirting on the phone. Hearing this later was a turn on… I guess picturing her cutting loose, exploring her own fantasy, and the idea of it was just hot.

A week later, I got a text from her. I was at home and she was with him… he agreed to come over and hang out.

I was on pins and needles. I showered, waited an hour and they showed up. At this point, having zero experience with this kind of thing, I wasn't sure how to carry on. Light candles? Put on a variety of lotions and gels? Wear a robe and smoke a pipe? It was all so confusing…

They came from the gym, so she wanted a shower. I hung out with him for a few minutes and we were both nervous… I knew from reading his texts (she shared) he was into her, and she obviously had a crush on the guy. I finally just asked if he wanted to surprise her by going into the shower. He asked if I was sure, and I figured it was a good way to break the ice. He disappeared and all I heard was the shower running for about 20 minutes.

She later told me he walked in and after a moment, opened the shower curtain. He took her in his arms and they made out while he soaked up. They didn't talk.. just stood together under the water, making out and running their hands all over. Things heated up a lot to the point where she wanted to get me involved.

They met me in the bedroom, towels on. I tried to just lay back and watch, inconspicuously. They made out hard… she took control, reaching down to undo his towel in a puddle around his legs. Finally, he tugged hers apart, slipping it off. They walked over to the bed, laying down facing each other and kissing. I was at the end of the bed on a chest, just watching… perfect view. They both spread their legs and teased… her hand reaching down to take his shaft and his to slip down and ease a finger along her slit.

She kissed down his wet body to his cock, slipping her lips over him and along his shaft. She looked up at me and stared while running her tongue all over him… totally hot 🙂 She looked away and took him in her mouth. At that point, it was almost solely between them.

He was rock hard… things stopped for a minute though. I think he wasnt sure how far it was going to go, and neither were we. However, we had condoms in the room so she stood up to get one and peel it open. It was really hot watching her slide it over the tip of his dick and unfurl it down his shaft, one hand holding the base and the other sliding it down repeatedly until he was covered.

She rolled over and pulled him to her mouth. They kissed again, long and deep, as he knelt between her legs. He was abrupt… no teasing or waiting. He took his cock in his hand and pushed it to her, sliding in slow. Watching that was ridiculously hot. He pushed hard… you could see his hips press as he worked his dick all the way into her.

A moment later, she gasped as he started to fuck her. Her legs were spread wide, around his hips, and I could see he was slick from her already. She whispered something to him and he started to pound… leaning over her, hands on the bed aside her head, drilling his cock in and out of her.

They were pretty frantic… it was a huge release for both of them. They had been flirting for a bit and wanted one another, so it there was a build up to this. I could see her face, eyes closed and mouth open gasping, over his shoulder. His pace picked up fast, reaching that point where I knew he was close. Her hands reached back and pulled his ass into her, all the way to the hilt as he came. He came hard deep in her, with the condom on, gasping…

They lay like that for a bit, until he pulled out and rolled to the side. She reached down and teased him, kissing him softly. Her hand was on his dick, the other scratching his chest and stomach, over his nipples. He reciprocated, massaging her breasts and kissing back. He was ready again soon, but she pulled him to a seated position to the edge of the bed, so his feet were on the ground but he was laying on his back.

She straddled him, facing me, pumping and stroking his cock. She was totally turned on… that kind of heavy breathing, eyes half closed horny. His cock was between her legs, hard and alert, as her hand worked him.

She was stroking him and looking at me… i knew she was really hot. She said "I want to feel him…" and without saying anything else, reached down deep and slipped the condom up and off him. He was glistening from his own cum as she pulled it off and dropped it to the ground.

She turned around and faced him, kissing him very hard, deep. As she did, she held his dick and positioned herself over it, working the head between her lips. After a moment, she pushed down… he disappeared in her, long and slow. It was fucking hot… thats the one thing I really recall from the experience, that moment where she totally let go and fucked him.

She put her hands in his and pushed them up over his head. Riding him now, she was going hard. As she started to clench up and cum, her toes curled against his sides… i could see he was almost ready at this point, after all the attention. She worked his cock hard… fucking him right in front of me. She whispered something to him (not sure what) and started plunging up and down on him, the tip almost pulling out of her each stroke. He was pounding in from below and it must have hit him hard because he reached back and grabbed her ass… he pulled her up and freed himself, just as his cock started spurting… it was a lot. It hit her from below, her belly and lips… shining hot on her skin.

At that point… I had to join in…

I walked over and knelt down, kissing her… it was hot, her moving from him to me. He cupped her tits from below, lifting them and pinching softly. My tongue met hers and twisted together softly, feeling her rise up again, her body arching up to meet me.

She slid off him, kneeling on the bed… what was hot was seeing his cum slick and wet on her belly and lower… We kept kissing and her hands slid up my chest and shoulders. He was watching at this point, still recovering… I stood over her as she slid to the floor under me, taking my cock in hand. I was so fucking hard and aching… watching them drove me crazy. As she knelt, she held me and slid her mouth over me while watching him.. her eyes turned to stare. He sat at the edge of the bed stroking himself, trying to get up again.

I moved to the side a bit and he slid over, sitting right near her, his hip meeting her shoulder as she slid her tongue up and down my shaft. He other hand lazily met his leg and crept up, over his lap to his dick… reaching around the base and gently stroking up and down… He stood up next to me, side by side and she looked up at us smiling…

Each of us in her hands, she went back and forth… bringing us close together, hard and throbbing… He was back hard again, so her mouth would run from me to him and back barely leaving us… a trail of saliva connecting all three of us, hanging softly… She was knelt down at this point, us standing over her, both of us hard… I was closer to cumming, I hadn't been in her yet. She knew so he teased off me and spent more time on him…

She took both hands, stroking him up and down and licking his head while looking up at me. Her hands would circle his cock hard, stroking around and around… It was so fucking hot.

I pulled her up, her hands still on him and laid her on the end of the bed. She flipped over on her back, her legs around he and her head near him… He slowly slipped in her mouth while I slid my cock inside her. It was so easy… she was soaked wet. We started slow, the motion of me fucking her sliding his cock in her mouth… but as we got going, his hips moved, fucking her mouth.

We laid like this for a while, slowly fucking… long, deep strokes, all the way in both ends. Her legs wrapped around me, her feet on my hips. I leaned forward, kissing and licking her breasts as she held his cock and sucked the head. It was hot seeing it so close… her lips pressed tight around his throbbing cock…

I started pounding into her… I couldnt slow down. I felt that urge, going past the point of return. I lifted one of her legs up over my shoulder to get deep inside, feeling her slippery wet around me.

As I started to cum, I pulled out and slid up her body… I spurted hard… built up from being teased for so long. It shot over her tits and throat. It was hot seeing her covered in me…

After I came, he was still rock hard… she was sliding her lips up and down his shaft fast, working him with her hand… she pulled off with a gasp and sat up, my cum sliding down her tits.

She immediately, without words, crawled forward in front of him, doggy style, putting her face to mine. As he slid into her from behind, she gasped. At this point, it was animalistic… you know? She was taking it so easily, sliding like he was oiled. I asked her how it felt, she just grinned and pulled me into another deep kiss… she looked over her shoulder and told him and said, "Hard… fuck me".

I started licking and sucking her tits hard, not biting or rough… just very thorough. Kissing and pulling them away from her body, letting her nipples slide through my lips. She went forward on all fours, and let herself take him… he was throbbing… I leaned over to watch him disappear inside her deep… his shaft iron hard for her. I loved seeing her lips spread for him.

I wanted to watch… so he got to the end of the bed and pulled her in front of him… spreading his legs, he slipped back inside her hard, right back into it… I stayed back to watch, his balls slapping into her and hips just pounding. Her eyes closed, she just leaned back into him to take it so easy…

When he came, she reached back between her legs and massaged his balls… her hand looked small, his cock throbbing huge in her. She looked over her shoulder at him, knowing what was happening, and said "In me…". He gasped and picked up the pace hard… His body froze and tensed up, and I could see his balls clench…

It was fucking hot.. his hips driving into her and stopping deep and his body reacting, balls clenching over and over as he shot inside her… They were both slick from sweat, we all were… He collapsed over her back, holding her and just breathing… she kept her hips high up, keeping him inside as his wetness slid from her a little…

After he finished and rolled over on his side, I lay down next to her, opposite him… She was glowing. He was breathing deep, recovering and caressing her legs… she was on her side facing me, smiling. I leaned in and kissed her. It wasn't something I thought about but the idea of us all together on her mouth was a turn on.

As we kissed, she rolled away and her mouth met his… i watched them deeply kiss, making out, eyes closed… nothing overtly sexual, just relaxing… I slid my hand between her legs gently (I thought she may be sore) and dipped my finger along her lips… soaking wet from us and her… and so hot. I placed my palm flat on her, letting it rest just above her clit and my fingers low on her…

As I did this, she let out of soft moan into his mouth… he was holding her from behind and she was leaning into him. I felt her clench tight on my fingertip once, then release… as she did this, my finger slid in barely… a tiny bit… I started kissing her throat, her neck, under her ear, as he kissed her mouth… she switched, kissing me as he buried his face into her hair, whispering how good she had felt…

Her legs widened… I knew she wanted more, we both did. I could see her hand resting on his stomach, her other hand on my thigh. I gently massaged and slid deeper in her… it was soaked there, making it so easy to slide in. She gasped again as my finger reached deep in her… I felt her warmth around me, her body tight, and my cock started growing again…

I positioned myself behind her, letting her kiss him directly and press her chest to his as my hips slid between her legs… she reached down to grab my cock, between her thighs, stroking it hard again… I pushed gently into her, soft and slow… sliding in so easily. I wanted to wet myself, prepare myself to slide into her ass.. She pressed her hips back into me. I only lay there, not moving, just in her and waiting, watching. Her hand reached over to caress him. He sprang to life quickly now under her touch. They were kissing hard now, his hands on her tits, squeezing and pressing…

I pulled out, dripping wet… As I did, I never stopped touching her… just slid down to her ass and pushed gently… at first, her hips pushed back and she clenched… we've done it before. If she clenches tight for a few seconds, then releases, I slip into her ass sudden and easily. However, as she did this, she broke off her kiss…

"Wait wait wait…" she gasped. I was worried she was sore or didn't want any more. I couldn't have been more wrong. Without another word, she climbed up on him. Holding his dick in her hand, she slid down on it, he vanished inside her so fast. As she did, she watched me, eyes half lidded and mouth open.

I knelt behind her, spreading my legs around his. It took a moment to adjust and find the right position without kneeing him, but once I did, I was close. I was iron hard and ready… as she slid down, I could see her and his juices dripping from her on to him. So fucking hot.

She leaned forward, into his chest… her face pressed to him. He reached back and spread her ass as she lifted her hips to me. I ran the head of my cock up and down, slickening it more from them. At this point, we were all breathing heavy, surprised I think to reach this point.

I pulled up, pushing the whole way… as my cock met her ass, it barely slipped in… stopping before the first ridge around my head… slowly, slowly pushing. His arms around her holding her his and ass, her face pressed to his chest, moaning soft… I pushed firmly… suddenly inside her. I felt her surround me tight, her body relaxing as I slid just a little bit inside. It felt different, tighter… I could feel him, rock hard through her… As I did, they both moaned, kissing suddenly and long.

We sat like this for a few moments… enjoying it and letting her relax… after a bit, she pushed down on him… as she did, I slid into her ass a little deeper. Slow strokes, we moved, each time a tiny bit deeper inside until we realized we were both fucking her at once. My cock was throbbing… feeling her and him together, feeling her tight, hot around me… his hips moving now, matching mine, as she gasped. We found a rhythm, in and out together, over and over deep… long slow strokes, fucking my girl together.

It was so fucking hot… feeling that. Seeing her, him together, feeling them together. I leaned forward and kissed her back, my cock slipping free as I did. I grabbed myself in my fist, pushing back in harder now. As I did, he started to pound into her from below… I matched his pace, fucking her deeper now, hard… she was delerious… shuddering and curling her toes against his legs, moaning…

She came hard… both of us in her, filling her. She later said she was holding it in, knowing she was going to erupt, until she felt us both almost brush into each other inside her. When the realization hit her, she came hard… over us both, grinding down and back into us. She shuddered bodily, moaning and crying out…

This was it for me… I pulled out, the feeling suddenly washing over me. It was close, I was close to cumming in her… but I pulled and spurted hard, all over her ass. As this happened, he gasped, his balls clenching again, pushing him beyond… he erupted inside her as I was finishing off, moaning loud into her chest as she held him, cumming hard inside her slick pussy…

We sat there for a solid minute… collapsed and wasted… drenched and slick. Ive never felt so totally fucked out, so fulfilled… she rolled over into my arms and kissed me hard and deep, pushing her face into my neck. I think it was a solid hour before anyone moved.

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Author: hoodstarJunior

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