Sharing my wife

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Sharing my wife.

About 8yrs ago, diabetes hit me and over the next couple of years it caused me to have ED, Over the next couple of years it became harder and harder to get erect. I finally reached the point that I couldn’t get hard no matter what was tried..

We did oral and manual sex with each other. That eventually reached a point where my wife said that she wasn't really being satisfied even thou she had orgasms. We discussed it for a time and I said that just because I couldn’t have intercourse was no reason she shouldn’t. We decided to find a guy or multiples that could and would have intercourse with her.

Our first time to go out and look was a summer night not long after her birthday. I told her to dress without bra and panties in a loose fitting scooped neck blouse and short but full skirt.

We went to a Marriott near the airport, (I knew there would be lots of business travelers there) and went in the lounge and got stools at the bar. Kyla's skirt rode up a bit and showed lots of leg. She loves to dance, so we did a couple of dances and one of the guys came over and asked to cut in. I said sure, after looking at my wife for her reaction. Back to the bar for me and they did the next couple of numbers on the dance floor, one fast and one slow. Dancing is a big turn on for my wife and i could see she was really having fun.

They came back to the bar and we all had our drinks and talked. Kyla leaned over quite a bit toward, Ron ( the traveler ) and gave him a good look at her tits. She's a 38C and still very firm. I watched his face and his eyes opened very wide. Next thing i knew, she leaned over and asked me if she could let him feel her pussy. I said sure if that's what you want. She took his hand and guided it under the little bit of skirt that covered her bush and she spread her legs as she placed his fingers in her wet pussy.

He sort of gasped and smiled.

Then he asked if we'd like to go up to his room and Kyla quickly said sure. We left the bar and up to his room. When we got in, he said we should all get comfortable and we surely did. He stripped down to just a tee shirt and so did I. Kyla took off her skirt and blouse and stood there totally nude.. Ron turned on the radio and found a good station and he and Kyla started dancing again. I could see his cock was real hard and pushing up against my wife's pussy as they moved. She reached down and took him in her hand as they undulated back and forth to the music.

Kyla stopped dancing and still holding Ron’s stiff cock in her hand, lead him over to the sofa where I sat. She sat down next to me and pulled Ron closer and swallowed his cock in an instant and began giving him a ravaging blow job. The poor guy was already aroused to the limit and shot off with a loud gasp. Kyla kept his cock in her mouth as his orgasm continued for over a minute before she let him slide out. His cock was still throbbing as he collapsed on the sofa with us. Kyla kissed us both and fed each of us some of the cum in her mouth.

I slid off the sofa and between her legs and began to lick her pussy and tease her clit. I was keeping an eye on Ron to see if his erection remained or he needed more stimulation to get it up to fuck Kyla. While I was licking her, Kyla reached over and began stroking Ron to make sure he remained ready for her pussy. After a few minutes of me licking her pussy she told Ron to get between her legs and fuck her. As he moved into position, I reminded him that she had not had a cock in her in about 8yrs and to ease in. He rubbed the head of his stiff cock between her wet pussy lips and placed the head at the orifice of her pussy. He inserted an inch or so and pulled back and did this a few times till Kyla wrapped her legs around him and as she pulled him forward forcing his cock to its depth in her, said “Fuck me now.”

Ron was balls deep in her and I could see the brief pain in her face. She held him there for a couple of minutes then relaxed her legs and told him to pump her. Ron began slowly and after a short while, Kyla said Ron obeyed and started lifting her off the sofa with his furious thrusts. He kept this up for maybe 10 minutes and Kyla exploded in her first fucking orgasm in a long time. As Kyla began, Ron shot his load deep in her hot dripping cunt and Kyla again wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him in tighter.
They remained locked together for some time before she relaxed and let him out. They were both spent.

I refilled all our wine glasses and we just sat there sipping and talking about the event. Ron said that Kyla’s pussy was so tight that he thought his eyes were going to pop out. After about 15 minutes or so, I could see that Ron was limp but not totally and told him that I was going to suck him hard for the next go round. I knelt between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. I could taste my wife’s juices mixed with his cum on his rod and I got very excited. I sucked him for a few minutes then said I wanted to go 69 with Kyla and have him fuck her while I sucked her clit. Kyla was all for it and we moved to the bed. I lay down across the bed and Kyla positioned herself over me and Ron knelt behind her. I began sucking her clit and told Ron to fuck her as hard as he could this time and not to stop.

He inserted his throbbing cock and began to pump and rock the bed and Kyla too. It wasn’t long before I could tell she was approaching the edge of the cliff and I eased off of my sucking and just let Ron fuck her. I found it very erotic for me to be under my wife and watching up close as she was being fucked by another man. Kyla began to moan softly like she does on the front side of the buildup and I again took her now tense, hardened clit between my teeth and began to softly bite it and relax. I knew this was a favorite of hers and kept up the teasing while Ron continued to bang her furiously. It wasn’t very long before I could feel her tensing for the big “O” that was almost there. A few more sucks now on the clit and a few more deep hard thrusts from Ron and Kyla couldn’t hold it any longer and exploded. She squirted her cum in my face as her back arched and she let out a low rumbling moan. Ron continued his pumping for a minute or so before he again unloaded a huge cum shot in my wife.

They both collapsed on top of me and we all lay there for a long time before anyone moved.

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Author: jim829

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