Should i go back and get her? part one

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Should I go back and get her?

I met her at a little gas station on the corner. We started chatting online earlier that night on a social networking sight. We both were into psychedelics and were down for a trip. She hopped into my van looking like a perfect little angel, a devil in disguise I was soon to find out. Here she was dressed in pink pajamas and a long pointy purple hippy hat. Her hair was bleach blonde and blue at the tip. She was positively adorable, and barely 18.

“Ok, so where can we park?” I asked knowing we’d be taking a nice long trip nowhere. I had some kick ass Lucy I’d picked up down south and I knew we were in for one helluva ride. She directed me out of the parking lot and around the corner to a nice quiet spot on the side of the street.

my daddies place right over there” she said as she pointed out the window across the street.

“Oh crazy”

“Yeah, it’s ok, I’m his little lab rat. My brain’s like a cracked hard drive from all the psychedelics I’ve done.”

I asked her if she could roll a joint, a skill I’ve never mastered even though I’m more than twice her age. She proceeded to roll the fattest joint I’ve seen in quite some time as she told me all about her daddy and how he’s always got some sort of psychedelics on hand from his buddy the chemist. He’s experimenting with all the different analogs out there that have one thing or another different from the one before it. I don’t understand it all; I never was good with chemistry anyways. This girl, however, knew a lot. I found out later she dropped out of school at 14. You’d have never known it though. She was sharp as a blade fresh out of the package

She listed off a whole grocery list of the different chemicals she’s tripped on. Knew their street names, proper names, what they did, side effects, everything. She's kept journals and notes during and after her trips to keep track of all she experienced. She swore she’s never gotten into anything hard, not even a bit of blow and certainly nothing involving needles. I never met her dad or this crazy chemist, but I’d sure like to someday!

So here we sit in my van. A pretty pimped out van as it was. Tall enough to stand up in, it’s basically a rolling efficiency apartment with a stove, sink and fridge up front and a stool in back. I’ve got more than enough room for all my stuff and then some. Best of all, it has a nice big couch that folds into a full size bed. My puppy and I have been traveling around the country in it for a while now living life as it should be lived. Moment to moment. Day to day. Adventure to adventure.

I ripped off some paper and offered it to her. “What do you say, Pretty Kitty? Ready to go for a ride?”

“Oh hellz yeah! I bet you I can hang on to this the whole trip.” She stuck her tongue out to show me the little piece of paper I’d gotten a while back from a Chinese college student that was hell bent on the time of his life when I met him.

“Bull Shit!”

“Yup! It’s my greatest talent. I alllwwayyss keep it alll the way to the end,” she said, drawing out the sentence much longer than necessary with a big ol’ shit eatin’ grin on her face.

“Ha! I don’t believe it. What’s the bet?”

“If I win you have to take me on your adventures with you.”

“And if I win?”

“I’ll be your slave for one day. I’ll have to do whatever you ask of me for 24 hours, no questions asked.” She said this with the most innocent little girl face you’ve ever seen, but there was a glint in her eye that told me she knew exactly what she was betting.

I said. What a deal indeed, I couldn’t see how I’d lose either way!

put this bed down and give us a little more room to stretch out,” I said as I turned on the little color changing LED lights I’d installed especially for tripping.

you say something about a furnace in here?” I switched it on and we proceeded to get comfy, both in our PJ’s, essential clothing when tripping.

As the drugs began to work on our system we both started feeling a wonderful sensation of euphoria. LSD really is a magical drug. It heightens your senses and will have your body soaring across the clouds into mystical places. Inhibitions are lost and a oneness with the universe develops. You begin to see the layers upon infinite layers that we and the universe are composed of.

the matter, Pretty ‘lil Kitty?”

“Oh, it’s just that my back hurts. It's all fucked up and the stupid doctors don’t know a thing.” She frowned some more and gave me the most adorably pathetic looking face. “Can you give me a back />
“That depends,” I said with a wink. “Do you still have your paper?” She lifted her tongue to show it still there right where she’d left it. I still had mine but it was beginning to prove difficult to keep track of.

“Ok then, lie down and let me find some oil.” I turned around behind me, grabbing the jar of coconut oil I use for cooking. The furnace was doing its job and so was Lucy, this kitten already had her sweatshirt off and was laying there in a little purple spaghetti string top with a vivid blue bra peeked out from underneath.

I knelt down straddling her pretty pink pajama covered ass. Even through the baggy felt pj's I could see she had a helluva nice ass. As I sat down on her legs my semi hard cock nestled down between her cheeks and I knew at once I was right.

I took the chunk of coconut oil and started warming it in my hands. As the oil melted I began to work it into her soft, smooth, youthful skin. I put the large chunk in the small of her back to go back to use as I explored her body. God her skin was smooth. Silky smooth and soft as a baby’s, my fingers relished in her youthful vitality as I expertly worked the muscles in her back. Slowly I made my way up her midsection, exposing her back as my fingers kneaded and relaxed the muscles of her back. With no resistance, I slipped off her top, exposing a vivid blue bra. Every time I stripped off a bit of her clothing this girl became more and more sexy. From innocent girl to sultry woman, one layer at a time.

She moaned and whimpered as I massaged her back and up to her neck. I worked my way down her arms, not missing an inch of skin as my adept hands soothed and relaxed her.

While she lay there in a state of serene bliss I quietly picked up one of my most favorite toys. The simplest of designs in consists of 15 or 20 curved pieces of stiff wire. Six inches or so in length, they're arranged in two concentric circles one inside the other. The ends of each wire are tipped so they glide smoothly, on the other end they come together at a handle. This device, simple and inexpensive, will produce sensations that will make a sober person weak at the knees. A person tripping, well… It can cause a most intense sensory overload, shooting electricity through your body while simultaneously massaging you in a way you could never anticipate. She'd seen my toy earlier and asked what it was. I just smiled and said with a wink, />
I placed the toy on her scalp, and begin to work my magic. Slowly, deftly, I twisted and turned it. Each end of each wire individually massaging the scalp, sending uncontrollable spasms throughout her nubile teen body one after another like gun fire. She yelped, and tried to jerk up in surprise. I held her down firmly, my free hand gripping her shoulder I leaned down and gently nibbled on her neck.

"Oh my goddddd!! That feels soooo goood! What are you doing to me?"

"That's my special toy, Little Kitty" I smiled. "You like?"

"Oh yessss… Holy shit that feels amazing!"

"I knew you'd like it." I sat up a little as I concentrated on the movements of the toy. Her body began to buck as I slowly twisted and toyed with the handle. "Be a good girl now, Kitty. I don't want you to spill."

"Spill? Spill what?" She began to turn over, but I held her down easily with one hand, my knees snug around her waist.

"Just stay still and enjoy." I tossed off my shirt and undid my long flowing hair, feeling young and free with this youthful vixen beneath me.

I kept up my ministrations for a few more minutes until it was obvious she could take no more and went back to massaging that beautiful body. I met no resistance when I removed her bra as she lay there in semi-conscious state of bliss, a sweet kittens grin on her mouth. I reached around cupping her nice pert breasts. Anything more than a handful is a waste I always say, but these were just right. They fit my hands perfectly and we both reveled in the sensations as I worked my way around and under her. Kneading and caressing the skin, exploring every curve. Teasing the perfectly formed nipples, my fingers feeling the edges as I went; her body telling me what felt right and what felt wonderful. My cock grew harder and harder as it ground into the most well shaped little apple bottom I've ever had the pleasure of feeling. It felt as though we became one, our bodies riding a high that connected us sending us deep into the universe.

I dipped my hands into the small of her back extracting more of the melted coconut oil, a chunk lay solid in the middle looking like an iceberg caught in a pond her skin the soft dunes holding in a ferocious sea. Scooting back on her legs I pulled down her pj's revealing a lacy pair of boy shorts, aqua blue.

"Fuck, you're a sexy little girl!"

She giggled and shook the sexiest little ass I've ever seen in my face. The tip of my cock barely poked her bottom from where I sat. I pulled off her pants and started working the remainder of the oil into her skin. We had time to kill, time to enjoy..

"Wanna see my tattoo?"

"Well sure.. Where is it?

She slid down her panties revealing a single word written on her right cheek, I barely looked at the tattoo; it was the ass that I couldn't take my eyes off, or my hands. I've always been a lover of the derrière, and this may be the nicest I've seen. All I could do was squeeze and massage it. I wanted it to become one with my hands. It was – is – perfect.

She flipped over and giggled looking at my pants. a bit over dressed there," she said with a coy smile. She reached down and proceeded to strip me of my remaining clothes.

I laid down upon her, nibbling on her neck, my beard tickling her skin. I rocked my cock back and forth across her pussy as she moaned almost in a whisper, "Bite me."

I heard and I obeyed as I began to feast on her neck. Her soft skin tasted so good, I was getting lost in the sensations. "Bite me," she demanded, louder and more forceful than before.

I bit down on her skin and began to ravish her with wild abandon. She went wild with ecstasy, her body convulsing beneath me, pushing her wet lips around my cock we fucked without fucking. We were connected on another level, our bodies sharing sensations lost to the universe.

I was so hungry for her; I had to taste every bit. I worked my way down her body, my tongue and my beard tickling her skin as my luscious curls grazed her skin sending currents through her body. I feasted on her perfect nubile breasts, toying with her nipples with my tongue and teeth. I bit down little by little, then sharp and quick. She yelped then began to moan with pleasure as I devoured them one at a time.

Down her beautiful body I went. Young, nubile and fit. I bit and kissed all the way as I went further down to what I hungered for most – sweet, young pussy. Her skin was soft everywhere and supple as velvet. Her legs were smooth and silky, as soft as a baby kitten's fur. Her pussy had just the slightest bit of stubble, enough to drive my cock mad when it stroked up against it.. I teased my way down to her slit, I could smell her arousal, her body wiggling about as I stroked her skin everywhere I could reach and my tongue began in explorations.

She was soaking wet already. My beard tickled her thighs as I placed my tongue at the bottom of her slit. Slowly I licked my way from bottom to top, gently exposing the way inside. My tongue began to lick with wild abandon, lapping up all her delicious juices. I felt like a lion lapping up cream as I ate and ate, my long curly red hair cascading across her shapely thighs. She came hard as she gushed into my mouth. I reached up and stuck my hand in her mouth to stifle the scream she began to let out.

"Shhhhh, we have to be quiet.."

"Why?" she pouted.

"Because anyone passing by can hear what we're doing in here," I said.

She grinned mischeviously, pushed my head back down to her pussy and stuck my hand back in her mouth. This girl is kinky as fuck, I thought to myself..

She came two more times like this, each time filling my mouth with the most delicious juice I've ever tasted. I sat her up and set her in my lap. My cock stroking her lips as we rocked back and forth. She slid smoothly across my rock hard cock, her flesh gliding effortlessly, the stubble of her hair sending electric shocks through the tip as it stroked against her velvety skin. We went on like this for some time, both getting more and more worked up as we rocked back and forth. I began to feast on her neck again and got lost devouring that beautiful young body.

She started bucking back and forth, trying to slip me inside her. We were both so worked up it's a wonder we lasted as long as we did.

"Baby, if I slip inside you I'm gonna cum – like />
Without hesitation she grabbed hold of my cock and shoved it in. I don't know if I lasted one stroke or ten, but I came fast and I came hard. Her pussy wrapped around me like a glove and we both exploded together as I unloaded load after load into that beautiful young pussy.

"Holy shit!" she exclaimed.

"I know, right?!" We collapsed together on the bed and basked in the afterglow. We lay there enjoying the sensations of touching and being touched as our fingers explored each other’s bodies.

"How old are you?" she asked.

"Does it matter?" I said as my fingers started gingerly playing with her clit.

"No. Not really. The oldest I've ever been with was 38. How old are you?"

"Age is just a state of mind, we're only as old as we feel." I said to her as my fingers began to play with her again.

God that feels good…" She groaned as I wiggled my way around her lips. "How do you know what to do? That. Feeeeellllsss. Sooooo. Good!"

I can't count how many times I made her cum laying there. Her pussy just got wetter and wetter as my fingers played. They ran on instinct and knew just what to do to drive her mad. She came over and over again and I don't think she ever stopped flowing. It was the most wonderful sensation knowing the pleasure I was giving her, teasing and playing with one, then two fingers inside, my thumb toying with her clit as her shapely hips wiggled that fine ass back against my semi hard cock.

"God you're a horny little cunt, aren't you?!"

I went back to playing with her pretty little kitty. Her juices flowed like a river, soaking her tiny little rosebud. I toyed with it with my middle finger as she spread her legs to give me better access. I continued playing her ass, teasing my finger ever so gently inside. She moaned and writhed in pleasure. I gently worked my way deeper inside until the tip of my finger was inside her tight virgin ass. I rubbed my fingers together, one in her ass the other in her pussy. It sent her over the edge and I quickly shoved my hand in her mouth to silence her.

have to be quiet," I whispered. She whimpered and began to cum even harder, biting down on my fingers her entire body convulsed beside me.

"Oh god yes, shiiiitttt!!!!!! Oh my God! No one’s ever done that to me!" she exclaimed in a whisper. "No one's ever violated me before, that was incredible!

It was all too much for me and I had to have her again. I threw open her legs and thrust my cock deep into her soaking wet pussy. Our senses overtook us and we fucked with wild abandon. The drugs got us high, and the sex took us to the heavens and beyond. It felt like hours we went at it. I don't know how many times she came as I dove in and out of her. My cock swelled to new heights inside her, her silky pussy milking my cock as she came again and again.

"Oh god, fuck me. Fuck daddies little girl right outside his house. Take what he's always wanted but can't have." I bit her hard on the neck and shoved my hand back in her mouth. She bit my fingers and I drove my cock all the way inside her, I ground against her cunt in little circles and sent us both over the edge again. She came long and hard as we both came together for the second time that night.

We curled up together and let the acid work its magic on our minds. She was still so incredibly turned on I just kept playing with her pussy as we lay there chatting about whatever came to mind. I don't know why, but I felt so in tune with this hot little girl. Maybe it was the acid, maybe something more..

The story will continue in one or two more parts. I'm not sure how it will end yet, I'd appreciate any thoughts as the story unfolds. This is my first story, comments are greatly appreciated!

story by: LucyInTheSky

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Author: LucyInTheSky

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