Ashley's descent

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My name is Ryan and I am 18 and just a typical normal high school student. This story is about how I witness the descent of my sister, Ashley, from an innocent girl to a cheap whore.

It all started one spring, 2 years back when I was 16 and Ashley was 14. That year, I and my best mate, Matt, made it into the senior soccer team and we were just starting to mix with the popular crowd in school. It was no surprise that we were both invited to a party held by the Aaron, the team captain, at his place. It was a must go party as only the popular ones were invited and cute girls were also present.

The party’s date was on a Friday and so happened my parents had to go away for a few days leaving me to look after Ashley. I was also not allowed to go out as I cannot leave Ashley alone. As I was desperate to attend, I made a deal with her that I would bring her along if she did not tell our parents. She agreed as her best friend, Rachel was also going.

Friday came and our parents, before leaving, handed us some money and kept harping me about looking after the house and Ashley. We promised them to behave and they left. After they left, Ashely and I went to our bedrooms and got ready. The party was to start at 8pm and Matt was to pick us up at 730pm where we would have dinner before going to the party.

Matt arrived a little early and we were chatting in the den as we waited for Ashely. A little after 730pm, she strolled down and boy she looked real cute! Her blonde hair was in a ponytail, and with red lip gloss. She wore a red crop top, which exposed her tone midriff, and a black miniskirt which stopped 4 in below her cute round ass, showing her sexy legs. To be honest, even as her brother, I would sometimes lust over her and would masturbate thinking about her.

The 3 of us then went to a diner and had our dinner as we chatted about school. During dinner, I could tell Ashley was excited about the party as it was her first party with seniors. It was also during dinner that Rachel called to inform Ashely that she could not go and Ashley was a little disappointed.

We arrived at Aaron’s house at about half past 8 and the party was in full swing. It was crowded with invited seniors and some seniors from other schools. There were about 40 people present at that time. I noticed my eye candy and went to chat up with her while Matt went to chat with some guys and Ashley went to mix around. I noticed that many guys turned their heads towards Ashley when we entered and I could see lust in their eyes.

I chatted with my girl for a while before going on to the dance floor where I managed to catch a glimpse of Ashely dancing. She was dancing with another girl surrounded by guys and also drinking drinks passed to her by a guy. She looked a little light headed as she danced to the music.

We danced for a while and just as I was about to kiss and cuddle her, she pushed me away and said she had to pee and left me standing like an ass. Disappointed, I went and got myself a beer found matt and sat down, we chatted for a while before the guys decided to mingle back in the dance floor. I was left there thinking about my date when I decided to go check on Ashley.

It was about 10 when the party was in full mode and there were about 70 people with only 20 girls. Half the girls present had boyfriends and they came with them. By now with booze and dancing, some couples had already made their way about the house and went to have some sex.

As I went to the dance floor, I saw Ashley being sandwich between Aaron and another black guy. Both had their hands on her teen body and as I was about to step in, Matt came and chat with me. He told me that Aaron had gotten some party drugs and was intending on using it on some girls and told me to relax.
I continued to watch as Aaron moved forward and kissed Ashley as the black guy place his hands under her skirt and was clearly enjoying touching her clit. Ashley’s feeble attempt was pushed away and she seems to enjoy it. Aaron broke off the kiss and whispered something in her ears as she lifted her hands high allowing Aaron to lift her crop top over her head leaving her just in her pink tube bra. He then tossed her top into the crowd and it caught the attention of some of the boys who were seeing the action.

Aaron then started to play with her 34B tits and kissing her while the black teen seem to get a finger in her as she started to moan. Not long later, both guys took one of Ashley’s arms and helped her to a sofa by the pool. I followed on watching with a hard on.

They laid her down and both boys took off their clothes. Now there was an audience of single guys watching on as Aaron unzipped Ashley’s skirt and toss it into the pool. Oh boy she was in a G-string and totally shaved. Some guys even cheered as Aaron spread her legs and slowly removed her G-string while the black teen unclasp her bra freeing her cute tits and pink nipples.

Aaron then positioned his dick at Ashley’s pussy before entering her while the black teen started mauling her tits. Aaron fucked her hard and fast as she laid there with her eyes closed. It wasn’t long before Aaron let out a moan releasing his load in Ashley before pulling his blood stained dick.

“Wonderful guys, we have ourselves a virgin. Now line up and you will have your chance. First come first serve.” Aaron said addressing the roaring crowd of horny teen boys.

By now, I was rock hard and my cock was arching in my pants as the black teen rolled Ashley over before fucking her ass. He came in her as well before leaving her to the next guy. There was a line of guy queuing up as they started taking off their clothes.

The next guy then rolled Ashley on her back before kneeling in front of her and fucking her pussy. Another guy then moved towards her head and shoves his dick into her mouth after pulling her hair. By now, several naked guys were stroking their hard dicks all over her as they await their turn. They also played with her tits while waiting and fucking her.

“Fuck this whore is tight!” yelled one guy after cumming in her. It was then that I decided to try it out myself and I got naked and waited for my turn. When it was my turn, I moved up towards her and shoved my hard dick into her hairless crack. Gosh it was great as I played with her soft body while fucking her.
“Oh yeah!” I said as I deposited my first load of sperm into my sister’s unprotected pussy.

Over the next few hours, Ashley just laid there taking dicks in each of her holes. By 2am, most of the guys present, including me, had a few turns with Ashley. Some of the guys, including me as well, took out their phones and snapped a few pictures of her getting fucked and naked.

The next morning, after waking up, I got dressed and went to see Ashely still sleeping naked. I played with her used body for a while before helping her get dressed and carrying her home. I helped showered her and laid her on her bed before fucking her once again and letting her sleep.

From then onwards, Ashley went from an innocent girl to a cum loving whore as she fucked guys daily be it form school or strangers. Our parents have no idea about how she became like this and left her on her own. Thankfully she also managed to squeeze time to let me taste her teen body.

9 months later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy whose father remain unknown. She had stopped studying and became a famous whore who enjoyed taking dicks in her.

story by: whorebanger

Tags: teen male/teen female incest fantasm teen group sex sex story

Author: whorebanger

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