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Christie was a 20 year old girl with long straight black hair that was reaching her ass,she had very deep brown eyes,was 5'2 tall and was curvy but not fat,she had everything that a woman has to have to make heads turn when she walks.She also had inner beauty and was a happy person that liked to laugh and to go out.

She took a break for colledge and started looking for a job,she thought itd be useful and get her mind off the horrible nightmares she dreamt whole her life.Then she recalled what she dreamt last night.She dreamt that she was sleeping on her bed and that moonlight was bothering her so she couldnt sleep and decided to get up to pull the curtains.She approached the window and she looked down on a parking lot and then she saw them.Again.They were standing down there,wearing robes and looking at her.It was almost like they were praying.
She woke up in a second scared,sweating wondering if its true.She pulled the curtains to see noone was there.She was so certain it was real but couldnt sleep anymore she also had to get ready for her job interview.

Christie looked in her closet and found jeans and more jeans and regular tshirts but they were colorful and nice she thought.Then she spotted one brown skirt that reached her knees…Perfect she thought and peeked into her mothers closet to get a white blouse,her mother would kill her if she knew but hey its a job interview.
Also,she had to borrow her mothers shoes.She wasnt a fan of high heels,only sneakers which she had plenty.
She pulled her hair into a pony tail,put a bit of blush and mascara and some lip gloss.

'Nothing better than a natural look'-she said while lookin at herself in the gonna be late if I dont get goin now!'
Typicall,she was almost always late and she liked to do things when it was almost late.

When she got there,she was around 10 minutes late 'OK,I will just apologize and promise it will never happen again' and the moment she opened the door a girl on the other side opened them obviously too forcefully so she almost fell and the things from her purse shattered on the you be more careful next time?!'-she yelled.
When she looked up she saw its her future to be boss.She noticed a woman was in shape and she wasnt tall but was slim,wearing a short grey skirt and a jacket of same design and colour with extremely high heels.Her hair was red and her eyes were blue but she had something so wonderful yet scary in them.
'Oh,Im sorry,you must be my future boss I hope,I am Christie and Im sorry Im late'-said Christie hoping the woman will forgive her.
'Thats okay,my name is Emma Green but I know you already knew'-woman smiled and helped her get up.
'Dont get used to being late sounded more harsher now.
They had a talk and Christie got a phone call few days later saying she can start working next week.
As the days went by,Christie found herself liking her new boss more and more.She felt oddly attracted to her.Emma,thats how she started to call her and was the only one who was allowed to do so.After all,they went to a pub near the place they worked at a lot and Emma used to drive her back home from work almost every she for some reason said she has to attend someting.Christie was wondering what that was but decided to leave it alone.

to my Emma.Christie was afraid,she hasnt heard her boss bein so commanding ever.She wondered what did she do,although she remembered she did accidentally break the computer but she tried to restore everything.
'Yes….What is going on,did I do something because if its about the computer I swear I…'-she started to speak in a very scared tone 'No,its not that,I know about computer,you did a good job restoring everything.I wanted to ask you come to my house my husband and me are having a party for few chosen indivuduals.You have to come.I will pick you up'-she a white dress,thats obligatory,you can leave now I will come and pick you up on saturday at 8pm.Dont make me wait,I know how you like being late,but you will be our special guest.You can go back to work now'-said Emma and got back to her papers
will be there,do I know them'-asked Christie
'No,you dont leave now,Im busy.'-Emma responded

Christie was surprised,her boss was never like this.This wasnt like Emma she thought maybe Emma had problems in marriage but she was so excited so she excluded and got back to work.While she was working she thought she has to go and buy a nice white dress tomorrow.
While she slept she had her nightmares again.This time she dreamt she was somewhere in nature,and she dreamt she was standing on something very high,It was round and it was made out of stone.When she looked down she saw those people dancing around it,in robes.She was frightened but as she looked where shes standing,she realised it was a pentagram.She woke up in fear,feeling it as it was real,as she was really there.She shook it off and went to buy herself a dress.

It was a nice day,warm and sunny,that always cheered her up.She hated the rain and snow and winter.
While chasing for the perfect dress,she decided to go and get coffee.She sat outside as the rest of the people and was lookin at square and people walking,children running around,chasing and smiling,it smelled like bread and someone was clearly making lunch.One woman carried a buquet of tulips,her favourite flowers,she simply adored them.
'Too bad they last so short,wish I had them whole year'-she thought and decided to buy herself some on the way home.At one moment she thought she hears a voice she recognises and when she looked she saw her boss with a man.He was tall and hansome,very manly but there wasnt a woman there who hasnt turned her head to look at the man.
'Hmmm,this cant be Emmas husband'-she thought.'He is far too young'
She found a dress she wantedit was long and white,it was tight on her chest and her waist but then it got wider and it was very light and perhaps a bit see through but that was okay with her and she hoped with her boss too…

Days went by and it was saturday finally.She spent whole day on making herself look good.She brushed her teeth,had some breakfast,took a walk in the city,drank some coffee and took a hot relaxing bath when she got home.
'I wont put too much make up'-she to look natural and Im just goin to be myself'-she smiled while lookin at her reflection in the mirror.
She decided to put a bit of blush,mascara and lipgloss.She let her hair loose and combed it so itd be perfect.And,she looked gorgeous and just radiated with some odd energy.

She heard Emmas car pullin outside.She hurried downstairs.Emma looked up and then got back to changing her cg's but..She looked back when she realised how magnificent the sight infront of her is.
'OH my…They will be pleased when they see what I brought to them'-Emma thought.
They greeted while listenng to Beethoven,Emma seemed to like it and Christie ddint mind much but wasnt her type of music.
When Emma stopped Christie was amased.That was the most beautiful house she ever saw,looked almost like a small /> As they went by the stairs Chrisite was surprised there was no noise inside.
The heavy doors opened and Christie realised her boss had maids who obviously took care of the house.The chandeleer was black..It was chrystals but black ones and everything was illuminated by canlde light,She noticed it was black candles illuminating it which she thought was weird but she didnt say a word.

moved to our old house.It is kind of far from here we would have to walk there,but if you want to go home I will Emma looking disappointed
'No,its okay,I would gladly go there,show me the smiled.
not gonna be said
They walked by a path who has obviously been walked many times since there was no grass and she saw an orchard that was blooming and she couldve smell the flowers and scent was carried by a warm spring breeze that she felt on her skin,caressing her,loving her,whispering to her.It was something magicall about the windIt was something magicall about the wind,she never knew what but she loved it.
As they approached she saw a building,a house a…Old church?
Strange she thought…A church..Here.She stopped walking but Emma convinced her not to be afraid.
dont be afraid'-she said.'It will be allright,you are our guest of Emma.
Christie saw torches and two man standing outside guarding it.Nothing odd about them,they were dressed in black like every other bodyguard she saw.
Metal doors closed and she heard a click.She was locked.They climed to the room and she saw a room full of people.Male and female.They were all wearing robes,she panicked,she felt sick in her stomach her hands and feet shanking.It all looked so familar.She noticed everything here was also illuminated by black candles,then she heard a dog braking in a cage.She noticed the altair and a man standing beside it.Also in a robe.She recognised him.It was the man she saw the other day with Emma.Then she noticed a man,good looking but in wheelchair. At one moment a man came and Emma got naked as he was bringing her a robe. 'Dont worry…I told you you will be our guest of honour,I wont hurt laughed Christie tried to get away slamin the /> She knew it was useless but she had to try.Two man stepped down and she heard Emma tellin them to go an dget her.She struggled with them. They layed her down at the altair and Emma commanded her to be quiet.They prayed and were laughing ….Chanting she though,what else could it be.She remembered her dreams again she wanted to go home. They all got naked and the man standing near Emma got the dog out of cage and they said something and he took the puppy and slit his throat.Claire was bound and horrified as she felt his warm blood pourin on her white dress.She wanted to scream but she couldnt her mouth was gagged.
EmaThe man approached touching her body covered in blood then took a dagger and ripped that bloody dress of hers.
'We are goin to have some fun now'-he said.She felt gettin wet,she knew she couldnt but her pussy got wet,he was looking great and his size.He was the most perfect thing she saw.He squeezed her breasts at same time caressing them,went down on her blly and touching her pussy.
'What do we have here,youre wet,now I have to taste this'-he was laughing with amusement Christie was so embarrased but it was so turning her on she didnt know what to think.
He spreaded her legs more and started licking her…He was amasing she thought…He inserted one finger and then the second… She had such a strong orgasm she herself couldnt believe. He removed her gag.
'Will you be good if i remove this?'-he asked.
She nodded as a sign of approval.He removed her gag and started to kiss her. 'Open your mouth,Im sure you know how to suck as a good girl you are'-he said She listened and sucked him until he came in her mouth.
'Good girl.By the way you suck,Im sure you mustve practiced a lot'-he laughed again.
At that moment a aman approached,spread her legs and started fucking her.She was wet again.He came inside her pussy and when she felt him cumming,she cummed herself.She was blushing but this was the far best thing she ever felt. The others also approached and fucked her and every single one of them filled her pussy with their warm cum.
'Im proud at you,you did well as I thought you would'-said Emma.
'You are not allowed to tell this to anyone'-said the man and the laughter was gone,he was serious.
When it was all over they left her laying there alone.She cried. Emma got back at least 2 hours later.
have been a good girl,Im going to drive you back home.Remmber you are not allowed to say a thing about this'-she said Christie didnt ask much and didnt say a word. While she was goin out of the car wearing Emmas coat she heard Emma calling her from inside.
are ours now,remember that.And,be prapared to do this every second saturday.See you at work said as she drove. Christie went to sleep and found herself in her dreams.Amongst people in robes.She was one of them too…

story by: seekeress

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Author: seekeress

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