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Yami is a 25-year-old woman from India seeking political asylum in the U.S.. Yami is a beautiful, brunette with a fabulous body; the kind of woman that turns men's heads when she enters a room or if she was spotted walking down the street. She had the full, high, firm breasts of a PLAYBOY centerfold, the face of a fashion model and the legs of a woman, a man dreams of, when he thinks of a dream girl.

Yami was refered to me from a friend in India. Her hair was shoulder length and framed a sexy face; green eyes, long eyelashes, full red lips and a strong chin. She wore a short blue skirt that was a bit tight around her ass and a white silk blouse that clung to her 36C cup size
breasts. Yami entered my office, I sat behind a large wood desk in the center of the office. I greeted her as she sat down in front of my desk.

I let my eyes travel over Yami's body before I spoke: " Welcome, My name is John, I'm sure I can assist you." I got up walking over to the door locking it. Yami heard the click and seen me smiling at her. I was admiring Yami's full rounded breasts that appeared so firm and high beneath her white blouse. I wondered if her nipples were pink or brown. My eyes traveled over the small waist, the flat stomach, the hips and the long legs , encased in nylon. I seated myself on the corner of the desk smiling at her, I will now ask you to remove all your clothing. " I will not disrobe." Yami said, her voice cracking and her eyes filling with tears.

Suddenly, I grabbed her arm pulling her up from the chair. I pushed Yami forward so that her hips were pushed against the edge of the desk, she was bent forward, her hands forced down to the desk top. "Ohhhhh! STOP IT! Yami screamed, trying to break free, but she remained bent over. She felt her blouse buttons hitting around her as the cloth was ripped open. I was behind Yami now and unhooked the elastic band of Yami's brassiere. As Yami cried out," STOP! IT! PLEASE STOP!" and struggled, I pushed the bra cups forward and ran my fingertips under the edges of her bra. My fingers touched Yami's twin swelling mounds of flesh and then cupped each of her full breasts in my hands, feeling her nipples growing hard in my palms.

As I pulled her back to me, Yami with growing horror, felt my chest against her bare back and the hard mound of my cock as it pressed against her buttocks. I was squeezing each of Yami's breasts, pinching her nipples and whispering into her ear. I removed her torn blouse and white lacy bra. I lowered her skirt and then slipped it off. Yami's screaming was muffled when I quickly slipped off her white bikini panties and stuffed them into her mouth. I tore one of her dark nylon stockings off and tied it around her mouth. I ran my fingers over her nude body; searching beneath her round breasts and between her thighs.

I parted her pussy lips and thrusted my fingers deep inside her as Yami moaned, " oooooohhhhh! and writhed in my grip. I pushed Yami face down on the desk as I examined her ass cheeks and proceeded to give her a rectal exam. Yami had closed her eyes tightly, ever since the ordeal had begun and was trying to shut everything out of her mind.

I again pressed Yami's flesh and continued to pinch her nipples with my fingertips, I was imaging being naked as she and I had my ten inch long thick cock thrust up to my balls into this woman's tight cunt ! I could imagine her on my bed, her dark hair spread out on my pillow my arms around her, her long legs wrapped around me, squeezing me each time I drove deep into her, and as I thrust my tongue deeper into her mouth.
She looked at me briefly and then shut her eyes in horror at the realization that her breasts and pink nipples were exposed… I looked, groping her breasts and pinching the hard nipples.. Her shoulders pressed back aganist the desk, I sucked her nipples and grabbing and squeezing and pulling them … My fingers dug into the tender flesh cruelly then I started to pinch her nipple almost trying to feel it throb between my did not speak a word … As I mauled her breasts and nipples like no one has ever touched or felt her before I guess. She was breathing in gasps… Her body was rising and lowering slightly as she gasped huge breathes of air… She was apparently in complete shock! I smiled menacingly into her eyes and dropped my head to her right nipple… She felt my warm wet mouth close over her nipple and then suck, then my mouth opened wider and I began to suck as much of her nipple and areola into my mouth as I could as my hands cupped her and held her up to me…

Oh my GOD! This wasn’t happening… My mouth was straining very hard and she could feel herself being drawn forcibly inside! My hands were squeezing and groping as my mouth sucked harder and harder and apparently she had not felt anything like it before! She started to gasp and whimper " ooooohhhhh! aaaaaahhhh!" as I suckled and sucked then in an instant I released her nipple. I leaned aganist her putting my mouth to her ear and whispered coldly: “ Relax, I will fuck you." I roughly parted her legs plunging my hand between them, roughly rubbing her pussy… so suddenly that her mouth opened and she stopped breathing for a moment! My fingers slide down the inside of her thighs, as she felt her legs now pushed apart. Yami tries to push them back together, but my knees were inside of hers, pushing out.

After two hours of roughly fondling Yami, and I had my fill of squeezing her breasts, holding her tightly, Yami was allowed to rest. Her gag was removed, and I moved her into a small room next to my office, but she was not allowed to put her clothes back on.. Steel bars for a door, she lay back on her thin mattress and began to sob, her shoulders shaking as the tears flowed. . Minutes passed and then from the dark, came my deep voice, "It does appear that you are in deep trouble, but there is a way out of this for you, a way to escape the prison."

Yami lifted her head and could see me standing outside the room, "H…how…. what do I…. what must I do? Yami asked in a little-girl voice. "There are ways to erase your crimes, my dear," I went on. "One way I am thinking of presently…. is to be my lady…. come and you would work for me!" I spoke slowly. "You would be my personal sex slave!" " NNNNOOOO! NNNNNOOOO!" she answered.

I enter the room closing the door behind me, she lays there in shock as I undress. Yami looking up, raising her head slightly, she sees my hands move down, grabbing hold of my long thick rock hard cock, starting to stroke it. Then I spoke, just two words, ' Ready Yami?' As Yami let her head sink back down and she bites her lip, she knew she was dry, she knew this would hurt as I moved myself between her spread legs. Then lowering myself till my cock pushed aganist her pussy, aganist her tight dryness, pushing, I was grunting ' UUUUHHH! UUUUUUHHHH!' then I felt my bulbous cock head push past her labia. The head pushing into the mouth of her vagina, as the pain started to tear through her body. " OMG! STOP! STOP! STOP!" she screams.

‘Noooo, Noooo, Noooooooo.’ Yami half screamed as I steadied myself, then I clamped my hand over her mouth as I thrusted into her, the pain tearing through Yami's body as the long thick hard cock pushed deep into her tight dryness, her body going stiff with shock, with pain, with humiliation of being violated by a stranger. I grunted and groaned, "UUUUUHHHH! UUUUUUHHHHH! as I rammed into her, each thrust bringing a fresh stab of pain, a fresh scream oooohhhhh! ooooooohhhhhhh! that was muffled by my hand over her mouth as Yami feverously hoped that her body would somehow lubricate itself to protect her from harm, but also praying that her body would not react to the cock in her, that she would hate herself forever if she felt the juices were from some sort of pleasure.
My weight pressing down on her, I slammed harder into Yami as I enjoyed her body, taking my pleasure from it, my cock sending impulses of pleasure through my own body, my mind picturing the helpless woman under me. Of that ripe body already bruised from my attention, knowing I had as long as I wanted with her, the thought spurning me on even more as I buried myself deeper in her. My hand sliding away from her mouth as my own now covered her, my lips pressing against hers, my tongue forcing its way into her mouth, trying to act like a lover, planting wet kisses on her as a hand grabbed her hair and pulled it tight, pulling her head back as my mouth now sucked hard on her neck, bursting the tiny capillaries in it, bruising it like a teenager would, leaving large love bites over it, another mark of her shame
My hips were now slamming into her like a jack hammer unrelentingly, my cock reaming in her as my ball sac tightened, I could feel my cum wanting to shoot into her, wanting to hold back that a bit longer to enjoy the exquisite pleasure I was getting, but it was no good, with a moan ' UUUUUHHHH ', I released myself into her, my cum shooting deep into her womb as I held myself there, my cock jerking uncontrolled, jet after jet flooding into her, my cum filling her, splattering the inside of her vagina, oozing from her as I grunted ' UUUUHHH! UUUUHHH! ', bucking and heaving into her.
Finally I stopped, collapsing my weight onto her, pushing her deep into the thin mattress, my breath coming in short , sharp gasps, taking in as much oxygen as I could, my body drained from the orgasms I had unleashed on myself. Yami lay there under me, tears running down her face as I lay there on her. Then after what seemed an eternity, she felt the weight ease as I moved from her.
The weight shifted upwards, moving up towards her head as she could sense that now I was kneeling down by her head as she closed her eyes tight, afraid to look, her mind telling her what will be next and in that she was not wrong as my hand grabbed once more at her hair, the words she was dreading, filling her ears ‘Open your fucking mouth ’ as a tug on her hair reminded her of her place.
Her lips trembling, Yami slowly opened her mouth, feeling the soft cock pushed into her mouth, the taste of cum filling her mouth, the smell of it invading her nostrils as she slowly closed her lips around it, and without being told to, starting to lick and suck at the cock, knowing she would have to, knowing that compliance was the only way to save herself more pain.
I grunted ' UUUUHHH! ' as I felt Yami's tongue run over me,. for now, I just enjoyed the sensations running through my body, my cock so sensitive after coming, her tongue so skilled despite her revulsion. My cock quickly hardened in her mouth as her tongue roamed over it, her mouth sucking on me, soon I was once more fully erect and filling her mouth, then my hand tightened on her hair once more as I pulled myself from her mouth, leaving just the tip between her lips, then after a pause, I thrusted hard into her mouth, invading her throat causing her almost to retch, choking her on my cock. Yami struggled for breath, her hands frantically slapping my chest as I held myself in her, then as she felt she may suffocate, I pulled myself out, Yami gasping, sucking in air before once more my cock blocked her throat.
Again and again, I used her like this, choking her on my cock, forcing her to gasp for air, her salvia covering my cock , running from it as I pulled out before pushing back in, then I changed my tempo. Now, not pushing in and holding myself, but treating her mouth like a vagina, pushing and pulling out in rapid succession, face fucking her as Yami gasped and struggled to breath.
The cock in her mouth pushing deep into her throat time and time again in rapid succession before Yami felt me holding it there once more, knowing what was coming, but the jet of cum still surprised her as I held myself there, jets of cum shooting into her mouth from my jerking cock, each jerk releasing another globule of thick cum. Yami knew she had no choice, and her throat worked to swallow me, to swallow the cum I had deposited in her mouth. Finally, I was spent once more, pulling myself from her. Yami laid there for what seemed like a long time , her ears straining, hoping she would hear me leave. I quietly slipped out of the room for a few minutes, Yami laying there in shock not realizing that I had left.
I returned again to the room, standing next to the bed. My hands took hold of Yamis wrists, holding them tight with one hand while my other hand, then grabbing hold of her hair, I flipped Yami onto her stomach, Yami now knew her ordeal was far from over. Moving onto the bed behind her, I grabbed her hips and pulled her up onto her knees so her face was buried into the pillow, my strong hands sliding between her legs, Yami resisted for an instant, the instant it took for me to slap her ass hard and just say two words ‘Open them’
Yami struggled to comply, opening her self up once more, this position though was different, this position she felt more vulnerable, more exposed as I pushed my long thick hard cock against her abused pussy, pushing myself back into her once more as my hands reached under her to grab at her breasts, fingers digging into them.
She was silent, as I took her from behind, the only sound was of me grunting ' UUUUUGGGG! UUUUUHHHH! ', as my thighs slapping against Yami as I took her, my cock reaming her abused sore pussy again, the remains of my cum providing some lubrication as I thrusted in deep, slamming into her, driving Yami forward as I pull her back by the hips. My hands moved over her, sometimes grabbing at her breasts, sometimes slapping her ass or thighs as I continue to rape her. Yami felt my hand grab her hair and pull her head back, curving her back, then she heard me whisper in her ear ‘I wonder how small and tight your ass is?’ " Have you ever been fucked in the ass?"
A long deep ‘Noooooo! Nooooo! Nooooooo! noooooooo!’ emerged from Yami as my words sank in, knowing there was nothing she could do to stop me. She felt my hands move to her butt cheeks, grabbing them, parting them as she shook with fear, knowing the pain to come, knowing I would not give a damm, I only cared about my pleasure, as she buried her head down, waiting for the intrusion, hoping she would wake up from a horrible dream, knowing she wouldn’t, as she felt me jam my thumb into her, a gasp of pain squeezing ' OMG! OOOHHH! ' out of her lips.
‘Better bite that pillow’ I said as she felt me withdraw my thumb from her, shuddering as I also took my cock from her vagina and feeling the tip press against her tight anal ring. Tears ran freely down her face as she bit her lip as she felt the tip of my cock start to push into her, her ass trying naturally to resist, knowing it would hurt even more, but she could not relax as the pain seared her, “AHHHHHH, "OMG! STOP! AAAAAAHHHH!" " AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!." screamed Yami. Her ass felt like it was being stabbed with a machete. She couldn’t believe this was happening. This wasn’t possible! It couldn’t be.
."OMG! STOP! AAAAAAHHHH!" “STOP! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!” screamed Yami, going to kill me!” I laughed aloud. “How do you like getting fucked in the ass?” I asked . I pushed inch-by-inch, harder and harder until my entire long thick cock filled her anal canal and my balls slapped against her burning cunt with each thrust, WAP! WAP! WAP! “Stop! Please, oh God, please stop!” pleaded Yami through the tears.
Waves of burning pain kept coming with every thrust. Her sphincter was being torn and battered. Now, I took my entire penis out of her ass only to brutally shove the full length back in with every thrust. She let out terrible yells " AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!." and groans " ooooohhhhh! aaaaahhhhh! ". Blood covered my penis and her ass, providing an evil lubricant for my pleasure.
Suddenly, I grabbed Yami around the waist and picked her entire backside off the bed. The full length of my shaft disappeared deep into her and I let out a groan " UUUUUGGGGG! UUUUUUUGGGGG " of intense pleasure. Yami shut her eyes tight and held her breath in an attempt to stop the attack in her mind. Her muscles inside her ass involuntarily loosened against my thrust to accommodate the size of my enormous member in her tight canal.
As I pushed myself deeper into her, it was like nothing she had experienced before, she felt as if I was tearing her open, my cock ripping her apart as Yami buried her face into a pillow and screamed and screamed again " AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!." " AAAAAHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!." , as I thrust all the way into her, my hands on her hips, dragging her back.towards me with each deep thrust. Yami felt my cock buried deep in her ass swelling, my body stiffening, my cock jerking as my cum flows like hot lava filling her.

As I emptied myself deep in her ass, " UUUUGGG! " uuuuuooooohhhhh! " grunting and groaning with pleasure as Yami groaned " oooooohhhhh! Finally, I pulled myself out, Yami felt a trickle of cum from her ass and between her legs as she collapsed on the bed, crying uncontrollably, I leaned down whispering into her ear, " My dear…. Yami…. tomorrow you will be transported to my home in the country. you will learn to serve my every sexual desire. You will be expected to be submissive to me and obey my every sexual desire. You will be expected to serve my sexual desires 24/7. Do you understand? You will learn to love me and want to please me in every way!". Yami remained silent, her crying was unheard, only her shoulders shook and the hot tears soaked into the mattress.

story by: graylover

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: graylover

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