Submissive nanny part 3

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Submissive Nanny part 3

Mistress Iris lived behind David and had a gate between their yards. She came and went even during the day when David was at work.

Some days I was so tired I thought I would not be able to perform and David would always revive me with an ass reddening and I would perform for him. He finally had my cunt one night when he told me to ride him good.

I began to realize Mistress Iris was into far more than David was. Like the day she had tied me to the bed spread out and let others come in and use me while she sat on my face. I tried to never disappoint her because she could be mean if I made her mad.

She was married I found out and he did not know of this side of her. David knew she liked women and suggested she play the role of Mistress and it worked out to both of their benefits.

I was used and humiliated. I was shared often on weekends. David got into the tying and gagging me at times to please his friends that liked to come over. I had no social life but to please David.

I was coming up to a year at this and was trying to decide did I want another year of this with a contract or was I ready to move on. I have become very fond of Emily and she rarely got spankings. She was thriving and I enjoyed taking care of her and her dad.

David must have also remembered the date was fast approaching and ask me to dinner one night. We went to a local restaurant and as we sat there he brought up the subject.

“I believe your contract with us is coming to an end. Emily and I are quite fond of you and would like you to continue if that is acceptable with you. Of course we will discuss a cost of living />
“I too have become quite fond of the two of you. I was hoping we might continue with our present arrangement because it is very much to my liking. Of course I would expect a raise and maybe even a bonus situation in place.”

David’s brows rose, “what kind of bonus are we talking about?”

“Well, when I go beyond the every day duties for you then I would be rewarded with a bonus. How does that sound?”

“What are we speaking of here? Be more specific and give me an />
“When you have guest over or Iris is over then I think I should get rewarded for that.”

David smiled, “I agree and thought we might discuss that too. I am bored with the situation with Iris and think it is time she found her own instead of taking time from me.”

I could not help but smile on this issue. Though I did not mind serving Iris it did take it’s toll on me being as responsive to David. “That sounds great I said.”

We finished dinner and left for home. When we got there I stopped at the door and ask, “what is your pleasure tonight Master?”

“Put on a sexy night gown I know you own and come to my room after your shower.”

I was surprised because we did not do this. I went to shower and cleaned up, brushed my teeth, dried my hair and then put on a sexy black number. I went quietly to David’s room knocking on the door softly.

I opened the door to find candles lit all over the room. He had the paddle out on the bed. He also had some scarfs there too.

I guess I was expecting something different because I felt a little disappointed. He came out of the bathroom wearing only a robe cinched at the waist with a tie belt.

“Bend over the bed please,” he said.

I obeyed without responding verbally. He raised my nightgown and found my bare ass. He rubbed it and even bent down and kissed it but proceeded to give me a hard 5 spanks.

He told me to slide up to the bed and I did as I was told. He took a scarf and tied it around my eyes, then another around my wrist and secured them over my head to head board. He then raised my legs up over my head and tied them to the head board too. So vulnerable I felt in this position.

He ran a feather over my bottom it felt like. I shivered with the touch. He teased and then he ran a hand down between my legs and found my wet spot.

“Tonight I want to do something new with you. I have been excited about this as a possible new position. I am going to gag you just because I don’t want to hear your /> “I would not protest anything you wanted Master.”

“Just the same you will have a gag.”

It was put in my mouth and secured.

I felt something cool and then realized it was the lubrication he sometimes used on my ass being generously applied to my cunt. Slowly I felt it and stiffened a bit when I realized what he was about to do to me.

he says as he inserts several fingers into my opening. Sliding in and out and arousing me. Then I feel four and also a tear slipping out because it is hurting. Next will be the thumb, can I handle that too?

I begin to feel the fingers hitting spots on me that have never been ventured. Then the entire hand is up in me working me carefully back and forth and I am bucking with it. I am convulsing with orgasmic rush. I feel the pain of being stretched but I want it all and my body is showing the extent of this need with it’s pulse for it. I have never had something so wonderful inside of me. He works it till I pass out. When I regain consciousness he is laying beside me. I feel satiated and relaxed.

I see David smiling. I recognize that grin and know it is my turn to give to him. I ask softly if he wants me to turn over for his use?

“Yes if you are not too weak.”

I get on my knees and lay my head on the pillow as he moves to my rear and inserts his cock into my ass. I lean into him and work with him as he explodes deep inside of me. I get up when he lays back and go to get our warm cloth to clean each other up with. As I step out of bed my knees try to buckle on me. I stop and gain my composure. I bring the cloth back and clean David’s dick. He pats the bed and tells me to join him tonight. I lay down beside him and fall asleep. During the night he reaches for me and instinctively I go into position. He laughs and tells me to just relax and go back to sleep you were just testing me. I snuggle down and don’t wake till morning.

I smell coffee and realize I am not in my bed. I look over and David is up. I get out of his bed and go to my room and shower. I am just coming out of the shower when he enters with a cup of coffee.

“Service me woman.”

I kneel beside the bed and wait for him to sit in front of me. Taking him in my mouth I feel the spasm growing below my abdomen. It is like a growing hunger. I suck him dry and ask may I satisfy myself.
“Sure with a toy.” As he goes to a little box of goodies we have in the closet and takes out a large dildo to use on me. I begin to work my clit and he the dildo and it doesn’t take long till I am cumming.

We finish cleaning up and go to the kitchen for breakfast. He hands me a contract to sign.

I look it over and ask if I need a lawyer to read it?

I would if I were you but you can trust that I put nothing in it that wasn’t in the first one except for the salary increase and the bonus plan.

I jerk up at him. “You did not put what we spoke of last night did you?”

He grinned and said, “Not in the same terms you had said but the jest is the same. When you help with entertaining needs I may have I am to pay you a nice bonus.”

I giggled and picked up the pen and signed the contract.

“I will drop this by the agency office first thing in the />
I sat there drinking my coffee wondering what this new year may hold for me. If last night was any indication then I would enjoy immensely.

The end.

story by: Kay

Tags: anal domination/submission bondage and restriction fisting diary sex story

Author: Kay

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