Summer help

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Summer Help
by Brian Winters

When Adam was eleven years old an older cousin of his came to live with he and his parents for a few weeks during the summer. The older boy’s name was Joe and he was thirteen years old at the time. Joe was the son of Adam’s Uncle Joe Sr. who was Adam’s mom’s brother. Big Joe had been sent to prison for an offense Adam knew nothing about then and only heard various stories about the man throughout his childhood. Joe Jr., who everyone in the family called JJ, had been living with his mother but when Big Joe was sent to prison she found she could not afford to keep JJ at the house, so different members of the family offered to put the boy up until she could get back on her feet.

Adam had never spent much time with his older cousin so he did not really know him that well. When the boy arrived at their house he had all of his belongings in a battered old suitcase. Adam’s parents informed him that the two boys would be sharing Adam’s bedroom, including his bed. Adam had never been around older boys much and to him JJ looked like a big kid. Joe was slightly tall for his age but he was pretty much an average teenager.

Adam’s mother suggested on the first night Joe was there that the two boys share a bath together before they went to bed. Adam had never taken a bath with anyone before, but being eleven years old he had little inhibitions about undressing before his cousin. Joe on the other hand, being a teenager was a bit hesitant to take off his clothes in front of the younger boy, and when he finally tugged down his threadbare underwear Adam was amazed at what the older boy had down there between his legs.

Adam exclaimed. “You got hair there like Dad does.”

JJ said nothing as he stepped into the warm bath with his cousin. He remembered how curious he had been about older boys and mens' private parts when he was Adam’s age. He also remembered how that at only a year or two younger than Adam he had been introduced to masturbation and sexual acts with a male by an older cousin on his dad’s side of the family. His penis began to harden in the soapy water at the thought of those memories and the sight of his younger cousin’s flawless nude body in the tub directly across from him.

The two began to wash themselves and suddenly Adam giggled when he saw the head of Joe’s erection sticking up from the bubbles.

said the boy. “Your thing is big.”

“Does yours ever get big like that?” JJ asked him.

The younger boy’s eyes widened a bit and he said, “Not like that. It gets hard sometimes, but yours is really big.”

Joe’s prick was around five inches when fully erect and he had a nice little tuft of dark hair at the base of it. He imagined that to Adam it probably looked huge, but he had seen much bigger cocks than his own, in his experiences.

“How big does yours get?” Joe asked him.

Adam unashamedly stood up in the bath tub and displayed his soapy little dick to the older boy. It had indeed gotten hard and stood proudly at around three and a half inches or so.

said the boy. “It gets hard, but not as big as yours is. Can I see yours again?”

said Joe. “But we have to keep our voices down. We don’t want your mom to know what we’re doing.”

“Is it a secret?” Adam asked, his eyes wide with mystery.

right,” JJ replied. “You can keep a secret, right?”

Adam crossed his heart with a soapy hand and then raised his arm up in the air. Joe stifled a giggle as he watched the naked boy silently swear an oath to him. Adam was a cute little kid, with chestnut brown hair and piercing green eyes that seemed to sparkle like liquid fire when he smiled, which was often. Standing there nude in the tub with the water and bubbles glistening on his skin he certainly seemed like a cherub, if not for his little erection sticking out in front of him.

Joe stood up in front of the boy and Adam gasped again when he saw the older youth’s bigger cock appear from the water. Having only seen the private parts of his father when he used to shower with him when he was little and friends of his own age in the shower at school and at sleepovers, J J's doodle was the biggest he had ever seen.

“Is it always that big?” Adam asked him as he moved closer to get a better look.

“No not always,” Joe told him. “Just certain times.”

“Can I touch it?” Adam asked hesitantly.

Joe looked at him seriously and said, “Only if you promise not to tell anyone.”

“I already swore that I the boy insisted.

“Okay, but just for a second, and then we have to hurry up and wash.”

Adam reached out with a tentative hand and touched the base of the older boy’s cock, near his pubis and just above the testicles. The boy was fascinated with the size of it, as well as the hair he had adorning it.

“When will I get hair?” he asked him.

“Probably soon,” Joe told him. “I started getting mine when I was around twelve.”

Adam replied.

Joe noticed that the boy did not try to masturbate him at all and only touched the shaft of his penis with his fingers, indicating to him that the younger boy probably knew nothing about jerking off. He decided that during his stay there he would teach his little cousin all about the joys of mutual masturbation with another boy, and maybe some other things as well. He felt he could trust the kid.

“Tonight when we go to bed, I’ll teach you some stuff that will make your dick feel really good,” Joe said to him.

said Adam as they again sat down and began to wash themselves.

After their bath Adam put on a pair of pajamas but Joe chose to put on only a pair of clean underwear and they went back to their bedroom.

“Do you always wear your underwear to bed?” Adam asked him.

said JJ.

“Then I’m gonna too,” said the younger boy as he tugged off his PJ's and climbed into the bed.

When Joe got in the bed beside him Adam turned toward him and said, “Are you gonna show me now how to make my dick feel good?”

“Not yet,” Joe whispered. “You hafta keep your voice down, or I’m not gonna show you />
“Okay, okay,” the younger boy whispered back.

After a few moments of silence Adam asked, “How about now?”

“No,” said Joe. “Wait a few more />
Joe knew that Adam’s parents had planned to go out later that evening, now that they had an older teen to watch Adam for them. A few minutes after they got into bed Adam’s mother poked her head in the door and said, “Are you guys awake?”

they both answered in unison.

going out for a few hours,” the woman said. “Are you sure you’ll be alright watching Adam, JJ?”

“No problem,” the teenager replied.

“Alright then,” she said. “Adam, you be a good boy for JJ, and Joe, don’t be afraid to put him over your knee if you have to.”

“Aw, Mom,” Adam complained. “I’m too old for that.”

His mother laughed and said, “Well, be a good boy then and you won’t have to worry about it. Goodnight boys.”

She closed the door and a few minutes later they heard Adam’s parents’ car pull out of the driveway. When the sound of the engine was out of earshot Adam sat up in bed and asked, “Okay, they’re gone, how about now?”

“I told you to wait a few more minutes,” JJ told him. “If you ask me again I’m going to do what your mom said I could do.”

Adam giggled and said, “She was just kidding. I’m too old for a />
not too old for a spanking,” Joe replied. “I still get />
Adam asked him, sitting up on his elbow staring at the older youth with eyes wide with amazement. “But you’re so big. Did your dad spank you?”

“Well, my dad used to spank me when I was younger,” JJ replied. “He hasn’t done that in about a year or so. When I stay with my Uncle Bill on his farm he spanks me sometimes, me and my cousin Luke, usually with his belt.”

said Adam. “That must hurt.”

“It’s not too bad,” Joe said. “After the first couple of times you kinda get used to it, I guess. You ever get spanked with a belt?”

“No, never,” Adam told him. “My dad uses his hand and a couple times he used a flip flop. That hurt. A couple of my friends get the belt from their dad. They told me it hurts like their ass is getting burned.”

JJ playfully slapped the boy’s brief-clad bottom and said, “Does your mom know you talk like that?”

“Oh my god, no,” said the boy. kill me.”

“Well I think I better spank you for it,” JJ told him. “And maybe show you what a belt feels like.”

“Oh come on JJ,” the younger boy whined. “I was just />
Adam looked really scared as Joe grabbed him by the shoulders and guided him over his lap. He winced when JJ placed his hand on his cotton covered butt.

“Please JJ,” said the boy, close to tears. “I was just />
“Chill out,” Joe told him. “I’m not going to give you a real spanking. This is what I call a fun />
Adam looked back over his shoulder at his older cousin and said, “A fun spanking? I never thought getting your butt spanked could be fun. It hurts.”

“Trust me,” the older teen said. “This is all part of what I was telling you about.”

He poked his midsection against the boy over his lap and Adam could feel the teenager’s erection throbbing through his underpants against his hip.

“Your thing is hard again,” said the boy. “Mine is too.”

right,” Joe told him. see what I mean.”

He began to spank the boy who lay half naked across his lap, using mild swats of his hand over the thin cotton material of his fruit of the looms. Adam swiveled a bit on the older boy’s legs but stayed quiet for the first ten smacks. After ten spanks Joe paused for a moment and rubbed the boy’s bottom through his underpants.

nowhere near as hard as my dad does it,” Adam said.

“Probably not,” Joe replied as he continued to rub the boy’s tight buttocks. “I’m going to give you ten more a little bit harder, okay?”

Adam replied, squeezing his butt cheeks tight together in anticipation of the pain to come.

Joe began to slap the boy’s bottom for a second bout of ten smacks, using just a little more force than before. He could sense the kid was relieved that he was not spanking him very hard and he was starting to feel some heat radiating from the small bottom.

After the second round of spanks both of the boys were beginning to breathe hard and Adam had positioned himself so that their groins were battering against each other. Joe again began to rub the boy’s slightly warmer bottom and he could feel the kid’s erection poking against him.

“My dad pulls my pants down when he spanks me,” Adam said softly into the bed sheet.

“Of course he does,” JJ replied. how I always get it too. This was just a />
He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the boy’s underpants and gently tugged them down over the hillocks of the boy’s bottom. Adam arched himself up in the air a bit to allow JJ better access to get his underwear down. Joe tugged the briefs down to the boy’s knees and his eyes took in the sight of the bared eleven year old bottom proudly displayed before him, the cheeks of which were barely blemished by the spanking thus far.

“Are these going to be hard?” Adam asked him.

“Just a little bit harder than last time,” said Joe. “We work it up in stages.”

After a few more moments of bottom rubbing JJ again began to spank the boy, hitting a little harder than on the previous set. Adam was beginning to feel these now and he arched up his bottom and squirmed a bit over the older boy’s lap. Joe’s cock was rock hard in his underwear and it throbbed each time the boy moved across his groin with his own little erection, which had not lost a bit of its rigidity. By the end of the third set of ten Adam’s bottom was beginning to show signs of redness.

said the younger boy. more than I ever got before and it don’t hurt near as bad either.”

“I’m going to give you another ten, even harder,” Joe said. “And then we’ll try the belt out on ya.”

Adam looked like he was going to argue about that for a moment, but then he resigned himself over the teenager’s lap and said, />
This final set of ten was the hardest yet and Adam winced with each one. The boy had been spanked before and always thought of spankings as something to be feared, but for reasons that he could not explain he was actually enjoying being spanked by his older cousin. His little thing was hard as stone and the feeling each time it rubbed across the bulge in Joe’s tented underpants was the most amazing feeling he had ever experienced before. He was surprised to find that he was regretting that this was going to be the last set of spankings JJ was going to give him and sort of wished that he could take an even harder set of spanks, but he was also looking forward to seeing how it would feel to be spanked with a belt.

When the final set of ten spanks was finished Adam’s bottom was throbbing as he lay there over his cousin’s lap but it still did not feel like it did when his father spanked him. Joe rubbed his buttocks again for about a minute and then announced it was time to try the belt. Adam got up on his knees on the bed and rubbed his own bottom while JJ searched through the closet until he found a leather belt. It was a thin dress belt Adam sometimes wore when he had to dress up for special occasions.

“This will do,” JJ told him as he doubled the belt over and slapped it a few times into the palm of his hand. “Lay down on your stomach and spread your feet apart a little.”

Adam spread himself across his twin size bed and instinctively hugged a pillow to his chest. He had never been whipped with a belt before and a part of him was dreading the pain he knew accompanied a belt whipping but a part of him was excited at the prospect of being whipped by his older cousin. It felt much manlier to him to be whipped with the belt than to be spanked like a child over someone’s knee.

JJ slid the belt across the boy’s lower back and over his slightly reddened buttocks and smiled when the kid’s bottom flinched at the touch of the leather.

“I’m going to give you ten,” he told the anxious boy. “This time I’m going to start off kinda easy and then slowly hit harder each time. Okay?”

Adam replied. “Not too hard please JJ.”

worry, it won’t be that bad. Trust me.”

JJ pulled the belt up to his shoulder and then snapped it across the crown of the boy’s buttocks. Adam gasped at his first taste of the belt and his bottom wiggled a bit.

“That was a little hard to start off with,” the kid said to him, not complaining but just stating a fact.

nowhere near as hard as I get it,” JJ replied. “Just relax. Nine more to go.”

By the fifth stroke of the belt the sounds of leather striking bare boy skin almost sounded like pistol shots in the small room. Adam’s bottom wriggled from side to side as the thin belt cracked against it, but he was brave and barely made a sound save for a few moans and groans. Joe was true to his word and with each smack of the belt he hit harder than the last time. After the ninth lick Adam’s whole body was shaking, his ass was much more reddened than at the start of the belting and it felt like it was on fire, but in a warm, soothing way. He was almost sorry that he only had one more to go.

“Were any of those as hard as you usually get it?” he asked.

“Not quite,” JJ told him.

“Oh. Well, can you make the last one like what you get when you get the belt?”

JJ rubbed the belt against the boy’s rosy peach cheeks and said, “Are you sure that’s what you want?”

“Yeah, I think so,” the younger boy answered into his pillow.

“Okay then, brace yourself because this one is going to hurt.”

Adam gripped the pillow tight against his chest and waited for the final stroke. He heard the belt whistle in the air and when it connected with his bottom he at first felt nothing and then within a few moments it felt as though a red hot poker had been laid across his buttocks. He yelled out loud and instantly jumped up as he frantically tried to rub the sting out of his bottom.

JJ chuckled in amusement at the nearly naked eleven year old boy dancing around the room rubbing his own ass. “If you were at the farm you’d get another one for getting up before you got he said.

“Oh shit,” the boy replied. “Are you going to give me another one?”

“Not this time,” JJ told him.

“Cool. Thanks, ‘cuz that really hurt.”

“I know how you feel.”

Adam had simmered down by now and JJ directed him back into the bed. Both boys had their underpants down to their knees now and JJ taught the younger boy the joys of pleasuring oneself. Over the next couple of weeks during J J's stay there the two boys were involved in various boyhood sexual games almost every night. Joe taught the younger boy how to perform orally on that first night, after first demonstrating on him and it was an act that Adam seemed to pick up on right away. They had the occasion to spank and use the belt again a few more times before JJ left to go live on the farm with his Uncle Bill and his cousin Luke and JJ allowed his younger cousin to whip him with the belt, hard like he usually got it on the farm and Adam found that he liked the thrill of whipping someone, but thought it was much more fun to be on the receiving end for some reason. Joe had even introduced him to anal sex, something Adam did not care for the first time they tried it, but on their second bout he found he enjoyed it immensely.

When Joe left it was a very sad time for Adam. He did not see his older cousin much at all for the rest of that summer and the two never got the opportunity to fool around like they had when he had stayed at Adam’s house. Adam continued to masturbate himself almost every night and when his parents would sometimes leave him alone for a few hours he would attempt to whip himself with his belt, an act that was not altogether unsatisfying but he thought it would be much better if he could get someone else to do it. He got involved in a couple of mutual masturbation sessions with one of his friends from school during sleepovers but this proved to be not as much fun as it had been with JJ.

It was two years later before the boys could get together once again. Adam’s parents had since divorced and he now lived with his mother while JJ was still living on his Uncle’s farm. They saw each other at a family get-together and JJ, who was now fifteen and had grown a bit since the last time they had seen each other, was shocked to see that although Adam was thirteen years old now he had not really grown a whole lot but he was still cute as a button, if not even cuter than he had been two years earlier. They were having a family picnic at the beach and the two boys wandered off for a walk in the woods.

“It’s really good to see you,” Adam beamed up at his older cousin. “I missed you a lot, and the stuff we did when you were at my house.”

JJ told him. “You never told anyone about that stuff did you?”

“No of course not. I promised you I wouldn’t and I />
“Well that’s what I thought, just making sure.”

They stopped at a clearing in the woods and sat down on an overturned log.

“You still jerk off and stuff like I showed ya?” JJ asked him.

Adam replied. “Almost every day, sometimes twice a day.”

JJ laughed and said, cool. How about spankings? Had any since I left?”

Adam told him. “My dad stopped doing that after you left. I used a belt on myself a few times though.”

“You did?” Joe asked with a chuckle. />
“Yeah. I miss getting it.”

Joe looked the younger boy over. Andy was wearing a pair of shorts, a sleeveless t-shirt and flip-flops. The boy’s skin was almost bronzed from the sun and his chestnut brown hair had lightened a bit that summer. His green eyes still sparkled with that magic the kid had had two summers previous.

“So you miss getting the belt?” he asked him.

“Yeah I do.”

“Well, how would you like to spend a couple weeks with me at Uncle Bill’s farm?”

Adam replied. “You think he’d let me?”

“I’m sure he would. We could use the extra help and he would pay you too.”

“Oh that would be cool,” said Adam. />
“But you’re worried about getting the belt from my uncle,” JJ finished for him.

Adam replied. “You still get it?”

“Of course,” JJ told him. “My cousin Luke too. He’s a year younger than me and we both still get it sometimes. Don’t worry though, Uncle Bill knows you never got much of it and he would go easy on ya if he had to whip ya, which I’m sure he would at some point if you stayed there.”

“I don’t care,” Adam said. “Would we be able to do the things like we did when you stayed at my house?”

“Of course,” said JJ. “Me and Luke do that a lot.”

“You bet. So you want to? I’ll ask your mom.”

“Yeah of course, that would be />
Adam’s mother was more than happy to allow her son to stay and work on the farm for two weeks. She thought it would be a good learning experience for the boy. The arrangements were made and the very next day she delivered Adam to the farm, which was located an hour away from their home. Adam met Joe’s Uncle Bill for the very first time and he looked to be a bull of a man, but he spoke pleasantly to Adam and his mother when he approached them at her car. The man was approximately six feet tall, clean shaven and quite stocky as a result of a life of hard work on the farm. Adam could only focus on the wide black leather belt holding up the big man’s work pants.

“I’ll take real good care of your boy Bill said to Adam’s mother. work hard and earn his money and he’ll also eat well while he’s here.”

good to hear,” the woman replied. had kind of a… sheltered life and I think a couple weeks on your farm will be good for him. I was surprised when he and JJ asked me about it but I think it’s a great idea. Don’t be afraid to keep him in line while he’s here. He hasn’t had much of that, well none of that since his father and I split up.”

“I ain’t gonna lie to ya,” said Bill as he hooked his thumbs into his belt. “The boys here get the belt when they misbehave and I ain’t afraid to use it.”

Adam shivered inwardly but he felt his prick begin to harden in his jeans.

“Well then, it looks like you got everything under control,” Adam’s mother said. “I’ll call him a couple times during the week if that’s okay?”

“Of course,” said the man. “Get your things Adam and I’ll bring you into the house and show you around.”

Adam kissed his mother goodbye and grabbed his suitcase from the back of the car. He watched as his mother started down the long driveway and then followed Bill into the old farmhouse.

“Bring your bag upstairs with ya,” said the man. be sharing the room with Luke and JJ. There’s only two beds in there so you can probably take turns sharing the bed with them. I’ll let you boys work that out. Them two are out working in the field right now. I’ll take you out to them in just a minute.”

They went up the stairs and into a room at the end of the hall where there were two old twin beds separated by a large wooden dresser. Both beds had been made that morning and the room was immaculate.

“Just put your bag on one of the beds there for now,” Bill said to him. “You can hash out with the boys later where you can put your clothes and stuff. I hope you brought some old clothes you can wear for working like JJ asked you to.”

“Yes sir,” Adam replied.

“Good. Why don’t you go ahead and put those on and meet me back downstairs so I can drive you out to the field and get you started picking rocks.”

Adam watched the big man leave the room and then he quickly undressed. He took a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt out of his suitcase and put them on. As soon as he was changed he went down the stairs where Bill was waiting for him by the front door.

“Are those your old clothes?” the man asked him, looking the boy over from head to toe. To him the designer jeans, shirt and sneakers looked to be fairly new.

“Yes sir,” Adam told him.

“Alright then, but just so you know you’re gonna get them dirty working out there in the field.”

okay,” said Adam. “I hardly ever wear these things anyway.”

Outside they climbed into a battered old Dodge pickup and Bill fired up the engine and drove them down the dirt road about half a mile and then turned off onto another dirt road where Adam could see the large expanse of a field. There was another pickup parked at the edge of the field near the road and off in the distance he could make out a tractor and two figures walking to and from the farm vehicle.

the boys working like they should be,” Bill said as he parked his truck. “You bring any gloves with ya?”

“No sir,” Adam replied.

“Well open up the glove box there and there should be a pair you can wear. You’ll get blisters on blisters pickin’ rocks with no gloves.”

Adam found an old, dirty pair of work gloves in the glove compartment and he put them on without any fuss. He was going to be living and working on a farm for a couple of weeks and would have to get used to getting dirty.

“Now go on up there with the boys and they’ll show you what ya need to do,” Bill said. “Tell them I’ll meet them at the house at noon for lunch. I gotta run into town to pick up some parts but I’ll be back around that time.”

said Adam as he climbed out of the cab and started up the field to where he could see the tractor.

About halfway there he could see one of the boys waving to him and he realized it was JJ. The older boy ran up to him and gave him a big bear hug.

“You made it!” JJ exclaimed. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“Me too,” Adam replied.

“Come on, I’ll introduce you to Luke.”

They walked up to the old Case tractor where Adam saw another teenage boy a bit smaller than JJ flinging rocks into the bucket of the tractor. The boy stood up when they approached him and pulled off his gloves and local farm supply cap as he wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. Adam took a moment to look the boy over. He was not as big as Joe, but bigger than he was, with straw blond hair cropped short to his head and deep blue eyes.

“Hey Luke, this is my cousin Adam,” JJ said to the other boy.

“Hey Adam,” Luke said. “Nice to meet ya.”

“Nice to meet you too,” Adam said as the two shook hands. “Your dad said to tell you that he had to go into town to get some parts and he’ll meet us back at the house for lunch at noon.”

“Ah, he’s not my dad,” Luke told him. “Bill is my uncle too. Me and Joe both live here on the farm with him.”

“Oh, okay,” said Adam. “So what do you want me to do?”

“We just go along and pick up any rocks you find and throw them in the bucket,” Joe told him. “When the bucket is full we move the tractor to the other end of the field and dump the rocks in a rock pile we have there. Pretty easy.”

For the next hour or so the three boys picked rocks from the field, stopping now and then to drink water from a jug in the back of the tractor. As it got closer to noon and the sun started getting hotter the two older boys peeled off their shirts and Adam admired the physiques of the older teens.

“You have to be careful of the sun if you take your shirt off,” JJ explained. “It’s real easy to get sunburn and that’s something you don’t want.”

They worked until almost noon and then the three of them walked back to the pickup truck and Joe drove them back to the farmhouse. Adam could not believe that JJ at fifteen was allowed to drive the truck, even on back roads. Both boys explained that being farm boys did have some privileges and driving the farm equipment was one of them. Bill was already in the kitchen cooking their dinner and ordered them to clean up and then be seated at the table in the dining room.

that field coming?” Bill asked as he set down burgers and soup on the table.

“Pretty good Uncle Bill,” Luke told him. just about half done.”

“Are the boys working you hard Adam?” the man asked the newcomer.

“Yes sir,” Adam replied. “But I’m having fun.”

good to hear,” said the man. “Farm work can be hard but it passes the time a lot better if you’re havin’ fun at it.”

They all sat down and had an enjoyable meal. Bill allowed them to sit for some time after eating to allow their food to digest some before ordering them off to work again. Once they were back at the field Luke produced a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lit one up. He passed the pack to JJ who also indulged in a smoke.

“You guys smoke?” Adam asked them.

“Yeah, once in awhile,” JJ replied. “Only when Uncle Bill isn’t around, ‘cause he’ll whip us good if he catches us.”

“Got that right,” said Luke. “We got a good one a few weeks ago for />
“You wanna try one?” JJ asked his younger cousin.

“I dunno,” Adam said hesitantly. “Smoking is bad for ya.”

Both of the older boys laughed at him and this angered Adam. He took the cigarette from Joe’s hand and inhaled deeply, causing him to start coughing almost immediately.

“Holy shit, not that hard,” JJ told him. “You gotta do it slower than that. Baby steps, little cuz.”

After taking a drink from the water jug Adam again tried the cigarette. He did not cough this time but decided that smoking was not for him after all.

okay,” Luke told him. ain’t for everyone. I didn’t like it first and neither did JJ.”

They continued working and by supper time they had the field nearly done. Back at the house they took turns using the shower to clean up for supper. Luke went into the bathroom first and while JJ and Adam waited on a bench in the hallway just outside the bathroom door Joe reached over and began to fondle Adam’s crotch. Andy moaned while his older cousin gently massaged his cock through his jeans. It had been two years since the two of them had played such games and he realized just then how much he had really missed it.

“Feels like you grown a bit since the last time,” JJ whispered to him.

Adam felt out the bulge in Joe’s jeans as well while the older boy fondled him.

“You too,” he gasped.

JJ winked at him and said, find out tonight when we go to bed.”

Once their showers were done the freshly scrubbed boys met Bill at the dinner table, where the man had prepared hamburgers and French fries for them.

“I went by the field earlier today,” the man told him. “Guess what I saw?”

“I dunno Uncle Bill,” Luke replied. that?”

“Saw you boys smoking,” said the man. “Thought I had whipped that idea out of your heads?”

Luke and Joe’s faces turned ashen at the man’s words. Adam’s face began to drain in color as well and he fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Seems as though I Bill told them as he nonchalantly scooped fries out onto their plates. “Well tonight at bed time we’re going to show our new guest here what happens when you break the rules on this farm. Isn’t that right boys?”

Both boys nodded slowly and each said, “Yes, sir.”

They began to eat while Bill explained other chores he had in mind for the next day and he began to laugh and joke with them. The older boys laughed and joked with him as well and Adam found it strange that they could make jokes with the upcoming date they had with the man's belt. He supposed they were used to it and such was life on the farm.

Once supper was over the boys cleared off the table and did the dishes, then settled into the living room to watch television for about an hour before going upstairs to their room and get ready for bed.

“I’ll be up in a few minutes so no funny business,” Bill hollered up the stairs at them.

In their room the boys stripped down to their underpants and Adam followed suit.

“You and your bright ideas,” JJ said to Luke.

“Like it’s my fault,” Luke replied and tossed his pants at his cousin. “You smoked too.”

“Yeah, I know,” said JJ. “I wonder how many we’re gonna get.”

“No idea. Enough that you’ll be sleeping on your stomach tonight, I bet.”

“I do anyway,” JJ said.

Luke said with a laugh. you’re bangin’ the shit outta your />
JJ threw his pillow at Luke and said, “Where do you think I learned that?”

“Probably from your mom,” Luke replied.

A few moments later they heard the sound of Bill’s footsteps on the stairs and all three boys instantly tensed up. The door opened and Bill came into the room with his leather belt in his hand.

“Who had the the man asked as he doubled the belt over.

“I did Uncle Bill,” Luke said solemnly.

“Do you have any left?” Bill asked him.

“No sir. We smoked the last two.”

“I see,” said the man. five extra for you Luke and if I find out you’re lying about not having any more cigarettes you’ll get another whipping. You got that?”

“Yes sir.”

“Alright boys, you know the drill. Get ‘em down and hump the down.”

Joe and Luke pulled their underwear down to their knees and each bent over the edge of their beds. Adam was standing off to the side and now he could see two pairs of bare teenage butt awaiting the belt. Bill snapped the belt together and made the boy jump.

“This is what happens when you break the rules on this farm,” the man told him. “Pay attention because I won’t be afraid to use this on you as well.”

“I… I was smoking too, sir,” Adam stammered.

“Were you now?” Bill said as he took up position behind the boys.

“Yes sir, I did.”

“I see,” said Bill. “Since this is your first night here I’m gonna let you off with a warning this time. I’m sure these two boys talked you into it.”

Adam said nothing as he watched the proceedings. He felt sorry for his cousin JJ and his new friend Luke but the image of the two nearly naked boys bent across their beds and their bottoms twitching in anticipation of the belt was beginning to have an exciting effect on him. Despite himself he felt his cock start to stiffen in his underpants and he moved closer to a nearby dresser to cover up his obvious arousal.

Bill began to swing the belt and Adam winced each time he heard the leather smack against boy skin. He whipped them much harder than those times Adam and JJ had played at whipping each other two summers prior, and their bottoms were beginning to redden after only a few licks from the belt. Adam knew it was a matter of when and not if he would be whipped while staying there on the farm and he was unsure if he could take the beating as well as the two older boys seemed to be taking theirs.

Bill would give one boy one or two smacks and then turn to the other for a lick or two. Since he had promised Luke five more lashes for having the cigarettes he would time to time give him an extra lick, so that at the end he finished up with both boys around the same time. Joe had received twenty licks and Luke had twenty-five. Both boys were sobbing quietly across their beds as Bill replaced the belt through the loops on his trousers.

“Let that be a lesson to you boys,” the man told them as he left the room and turned off the light. “If I ever catch you smoking again you won’t sit down for a week. Good night boys.”

They bid him a good night and climbed into their beds, Adam bunking with JJ. The room was illuminated slightly by a thin ray of light coming in through the window from the dusk to dawn light attached to the side of the garage. After a few moments of silence JJ whispered, “Damn that hurt.”

Luke remarked. “Shit I got five more than you.”

“I feel bad that you guys got whipped and I Adam said to them.

“Well don’t worry about it little cousin,” JJ told him. “Like Uncle Bill said this is your first day here and we were the ones who offered it to you. You only took a couple hits anyway.”

“I know,” Adam replied. “But I still feel bad. I should have at least got />
Luke giggled into the darkness and said, “Dang you was right Joe. This kid does like to get his ass warmed up. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he marches down there to Uncle Bill’s room and demands to get a />
Adam felt his cousin’s hand slide gently across his smooth belly and it began to stroke him through his underpants, bringing him to arousal. Despite the nice sensations he was feeling in his groin and the fact he had been waiting to do those things with JJ for two years, he felt he had been wronged by Bill when the man had whipped the two boys and not him. He climbed out of the bed and headed toward the door.

“Adam, don’t be stupid,” Joe told him. “It’s not going to be like the times me and you did it at your house.”

“I know that,” Adam replied. “But I have to.”

He opened the door and started down the stairs. The two older boys sat up in their beds and looked at each other in the filmy light, both with shocked expressions on their faces.
“Never thought I’d see a kid go and ask for a belting,” Luke said. “You created a />
JJ just shook his head as the two of them went quietly to the door to listen at the top of the stairs.

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Author: brianw228

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