Summer vacation part 8

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I stand there with Imelda for a few moments when I see people coming out of the tattoo parlor. Smitty along with his father and about five or six bikers look like they’re about to head out. Imelda looks up at me and I can see she’s still upset about what happened.

“We should move on Blaze now,” Imelda tells me,” He’ll be out tonight and you can get him to talk.”

“Babe so you want me to go from taking him out to looking for a fight,” I ask shaking my head.

“Well either you do something or Carlos and the boys will. Just telling you our family doesn’t let shit sit for too long,” Imelda says breaking the hug.

I watch Imelda get back on her bike and peel out of the parking lot. A heavy hand on my shoulder lets me know the old man is there.

“Problems kid,” the Old Man asks.

“Way too many, at least in real war you usually know who is gunning for you,” I say plainly.

“Well first thing to figure out is who you trust, then put everyone’s feet on hot coals and see who wants to tell you the truth first,” the Old man says before heading over to his bike.

“Need to see you out at the airfield tonight,” Smitty tells me from his own bike.

I nod and watch the Union leave the parking lot. I grab my helmet when I get tapped on the shoulder. It’s Vicki standing with her helmet.

“I need a ride,” Vicki says smirking.

I shake my head at her; she’s wearing jean shorts and white tight tank top with cowgirl boots. I pull my helmet on and start the bike before starting to leave.

“Hey I really need a ride,” Vicki yells over my engine.

“And I really need to get back to my I tell her stopping the advance.

“It’s just a ride,” Vicki says placing her ass on the back of my bike.

I realize I’m probably going to die either by Smitty or my girlfriends but Vicki has her arms wrapped around my waist as I decide to pull out of the lot. We’re speeding down the road and Vicki feels like she has more experience on the back of a bike than I do driving it. I pull to the side of the road for a minute and text Mark and ask him where he’s at then shoot Kori a text with the same. Mark Jr. says he’s heading back home and Kori says they’ll be back about five thirty. I let both of them know to get ready to head out at about seven because we have plans. I drive back home with Vicki still on the back and see that nobody is home but Rosa as I get the bike in the garage.

“Holy shit, your garage is almost as big as the shop,” Vicki says following me to my room.

“Not my garage, it belongs to the people who live here,” I tell her once we’re in my room.

“Wait, you don’t live here,” Vicki asks staring at my room.

“I’m just visiting my biological mother,” I tell her pulling my coat off and sitting on my couch.

“So I can get a ride out tonight,” Vicki asks sitting on the other end of the couch.

“To the airfield, you’re gonna have to either get one from Mark or call your dad,” I tell her keeping to my end of the couch.

“So I can get a ride here but you won’t take me to the airfield,” Vicki asks moving over next to me.

I hear Mark’s car come up the driveway and as soon as it’s parked in the garage and I hear him walking through the house. I call down to him and wait, as soon as he gets to my room and sees Vicki his mood goes from indifferent to a little shocked.

“Oh, hi Vicki. It’s really good to see you again,” Mark says.

“Hi Mark, so could you leave us alone for a while, I need a ride somewhere and I’m trying to talk to Guy about getting one from him,” Vicki says ignoring Mark.

“Hey man, got a big thing going on tonight and I need someone smart and big. You wanna come,” I tell Mark as Vicky starts to cuddle up to me.

I watch Mark’s face go from hurt by Vicki’s dismissal to puzzlement at the invitation. I know he has questions; I check my phone’s clock and see it’s only four. Girls are still gonna be out for two more hours. I know Kori said five thirty but she’s shopping so I bet on six.

“So you think there’s going to be some trouble,” Mark asks folding his arms.

“I know there’s going to be something exciting, and that’s not counting the cars, bikes, racers and the women,” I watch Mark’s face change as I say women.

“I’ll be ready, we leave at six,” Mark asks.

I nod and hear him say something about a carwash as he closes the door and starts heading down stairs. I listen to Mark’s car head back out of the driveway and turn my attention back to Vicki, I finally notice her brunette hair has some red highlights and is shaved on the sides a little.

“Can I get a ride on your bike,” Vicki purrs crawling up my body like a cat.

“Ya know, I already promised a ride to my I reply keeping my hands off,” I’ll let you ride with Mark or Imelda but my ride is for Kori />
no fun,” Vicki says starting to pull back.

I let her get some separation between us before I wrap my arms up around her body, one holding Vicki’s waist and the other with a handful of hair on the back of her head. I feel Vicki tense up but instead of pulling away she grinds her hips against mine.

“Oh that’s why I never fucked Mark,” Vicki says trying to kiss me.

“No, you don’t get kissed. You want to take my girl’s place and think I’m going to reward you after I said no? This is where you gave me shit now I give you a fucking,” I growl.

I shove Vicki to the other side of the couch and start to undo my pants, Vicki pulls her top off and I see black bikini top instead of a bra. I’m a little hard but I watch as Vicki continues to strip down until she’s wearing just a bikini bottom. I watch her start to lean forward to suck me off but instead I grab the hair on the top of her head and pull Vicki off the couch to her knees. I don’t know why but I’m really angry, Jackie keeping her distance from me then hiding her new guy, the arguing with Imelda and being called a coward by everyone. This will be better than jumping the gun as I start force feeding my cock into Vicki’s mouth. I feel myself go all the way down and into her throat before pulling back half way and gagging her again. I feel her start to cough a little before I take myself out of her mouth, a trail of drool stretching from my cock head to her open mouth.

“Come on… I saw you fight Blaze… make it really hard,” Vicki gasps.

The little bitch wants more, I don’t know if I’m more angry that she wants in or happy that she’s willing. I pull Vicki by her hair over to the bed and back her up against it keeping her on her knees. I see she’s keeping her arms behind her back and once I have her head pinned in place I push my cock all the way back into Vicki’s throat. I wait till she starts to struggle for air then back up all the way and start fucking her face fast. I’m hard and want to cum but I am still angry and need more, I bury my cock all the way down her throat again and keep the pressure on till I start to feel Vicki try to struggle for air. I wait till she starts to hit my thighs with her hands before pulling my out of Vicki’s mouth, I listen as she coughs and tries to compose herself for another face fucking. As soon as she starts to open her mouth I pull Vicki up by her hair and give her a light slap on the cheek.

“More bitch,” I ask Vicki.

“Sure unless you’re done and want me to hold you,” Vicki says trying to smile.

I smile as I turn Vicki around and push her onto the bed; I watch her start to crawl up the bed and squat on all fours. I move on top of Vicki pushing her body against the bed, I pull her bikini bottom aside and take my cock still covered in Vicki’s spit and start rubbing against her asshole.

“Oh no, wait a Vicki says as I push my cock up her ass.

Vicki clenches up her asshole but I’ve got my entire body weight and that lets me slowly push down into her ass. Thanks to her spit lube job on my cock it doesn’t take long till I’m buried all the way in. I grunt and feel the warmth of Vicki’s asshole wrapped around my cock, I take notice of Vicki biting the comforter on the bed and grab her hair like a handle and turn it so I can see her face. I make eye contact and back up my cock till only the last inch is inside her and slam all the way back into her ass causing us both to grunt loudly. I back up and slam in again taking long hard strokes into Vicki’s asshole, we’re both grunting and the sound of my hips slapping against her ass. I get an odd feeling and turn to see the door cracked open, I could have sworn that it was closed but I turn my attention back to the bitch beneath me.

I’m pounding Vicki’s ass harder and I pull her face out of the blanket. I grind my cock and hips against Vicki’s ass trying to feel as much of her ass around my cock as possible. I feel a slap on my ass and look to see Vicki has moved her arm around and is trying to either slap my ass and hip or grab my pants. I start to feel that tingle in the base of my cock and resume my pounding of Vicki’s asshole.

“Oh shit…. You’re fuckin’ Vicki says turning her head to see my face.

I grunt and start cumming in Vicki’s ass, it’s hard and I let the rush take me. I can feel her moving underneath me, grinding her ass up into my crotch as she cums from me dumping a load in her. We lay on the bed sweating and breathing heavy. I pull off of Vicki and let my cock fall out of her asshole. I back up off the bed and after putting my cock away I head to the bathroom to clean up. On my way back I can see Rosa downstairs looking like she’s heading out for the day in her regular clothes. I nod to her and head back to my room to see Vicki has clean up and is putting her clothes back on.

“Jesus I need to get fucked like that more often,” she says pulling her shorts up.

“Yeah well don’t get used to it,” I tell her sitting back down on the couch.

“Hey, asshole I ain’t asking for a lot here. Now you wanna tell me what the fuck is going on that makes you treat my ass like a punching bag,” Vicki asks sitting down on the bed.

“Got some real shit I’m dealing with and since you didn’t want to take no for an answer I fucked you so that you’d get a clue,” I reply still angry.

“Fuck that, when it’s all done tonight bring me with you and I’ll talk with your girlfriend about getting you to calm down,” Vicki tells me relaxing on my couch.

I explain to her what that I need her to help Kori when she gets here and make sure she looks like she belong. Vicki agrees and asks how tough Kori is, I tell her to keep an eye on her the whole night if Vicki wants to come back here. I flip on the TV and we relax till I hear a car pulling up, I motion for Vicki to wait as I head down to greet the girls. About the time I get to the garage I can see that everyone had a great time and probably spent more money than they needed to. I help out grabbing bags and watch as Kori gets to my room before I do.

“Wait a minute, who are you,” I hear Vicki say as I drop Kori’s bags inside the door.

“I’m his Kori tells her smiling,” Baby look at me.”

I stop and let Kori take hold of my head, she looks me in the eyes and I can tell she’s trying to read me. I watch as she softens for a bit then get her resolve. Kori lets my head go and closes the door.

“So it’s that bad baby,” Kori says starting to go through her new clothing.

“Yeah, and people want me to lead the charge,” I tell Kori sitting down on the couch.

“Okay first off YOU’RE his girlfriend? What the hell does that make Imelda,” Vicki asks a little stunned.

“Oh that would make Imelda his girlfriend too. We all bring something different to the relationship and he keeps us all very satisfied,” Kori says smiling lightly.

I let the girls go over what to wear and Kori even let’s Vicki wear a few items. I watch as they grab a makeup kit and head down to the bathroom to continue the process. Abigail and Bethany both head out of their rooms and watch the other girls as they pass by. I grab my phone and text Carlos and tell him that we’re going to meet up at his home at six thirty and to not leave until I get there; I shoot Imelda a message saying I need her to keep everyone there and tell her what I told Carlos. I get confirmation from both of them and put my phone back in my pocket. I wait and soon enough the girls head back in all ready to leave, Vicki is still has her jean shorts and a tank top on but Kori grabs my full attention, tight hip hugging shorts with a thong coming out the top and a mesh tank top that I can see her bra underneath.

“Okay, I’m gonna die. I’ve seen it all and I can die happy,” I tell the girls.

or boots honey,” Kori asks sitting on the bed.

baby, might need to move quickly tonight,” I tell her getting my coat on.

It doesn’t take long for Mark to get back and I watch as he doesn’t even pull into the garage, just turns the car around so we can leave quickly. Both girls follow me down and I point Kori to take Vicki and get in Mark’s car. I hop on my bike in the garage and lead the way down to Carlos’s house.

The ride is fast and easy as we pull up getting Mark some attention to his muscle car from the boys. Imelda sees Vicki and shakes her head but she’s smiling and that’s good enough for me. I shake hands with Carlos and get everyone’s attention.

“Imelda and I lead on the bikes, Carlos your car in front and Hector is in back with his, Mark keep the girls in the middle. Two rules tonight, one we keep watch on the girls which means guard duty for the boys and two nobody goes after Blaze unless I do first,” I tell my assembled crew,” Am I fucking />
I get a few ‘yes sirs’ and more nods in agreement when I see unexpected guests, Romeo and Marta. They start talking to Carlos who is defiantly giving them the ‘not going to happen’ speech. I watch Marta break away from Carlos and head straight towards me.

“We are coming with you,” Marta tells me.

I can see the bruise on her face has gone down in size but the color still looks off. Romeo looks still looks like he lost a fight with a rabid cat and can’t even stand up straight after the kicking he got.

“Marta you’re not coming and neither is he,” I tell her pointing at Romeo,” there’s no room and you both need to heal up.”

“I’ll be fine, good initiation as any,” Romeo says holding his ribs.

“Your call hermano,” Carlos says to me.

I shake my head no and get my helmet back on, Marta and Romeo stand back from the curb as my heads out. It’s an interesting drive down to the airfield; we get there about seven and can see that pretty much everyone is here. I pull into an open area and watch as Imelda and her boys pull up to my left while Mark and the girls come up on my right. Everyone clears out of the cars and I nod to Smitty and his father when they see Vicki getting out of the car. Smitty waves me over and I motion to Kori to come with me.

“You bring my baby girl in a car and show up like you are looking for some action,” the Old Man tells me,” You looking for trouble because a one on one fight is fine but gang warfare isn’t />
“Yeah well someone decided to go after family,” I tell them nodding in Carlos’s direction,” They want blood but I’m holding back the dogs till I get it confirmed who it was that messed up his sister and her />
“Rule still stands kid,” Smitty says crossing his arms.

“I know that and I’m not going to shit in your yard,” I tell Smitty and the Old Man but since I’m here, let me introduce you to my girl.”

I go through the introductions and Kori starts looking around at some of the vehicles and I follow her just keeping tabs. Imelda groups up with us still wearing her racing pants and jean jacket and I give Kori the full tour watching her get some stare from guys and a few girls. We get back to Carlos and the boys and chill out as a few races get going.

A couple hours in and Kori is having a good time dancing and socializing with various people. Carlos dances with her a little but laughs when she slaps his ass. I’m glad she’s having a good time but Hector is stewing the whole time and even Imelda is watching him a little. Mark has only left his car alone long enough to see a few other cars and talk to women about his car.

“Blaze is here,” Imelda tell me breaking the mood.

I watch Carlos and all his crew start to get ready for a fight and decide to be the one to do something stupid and head over to greet him. After a few feet I catch that Carlos is with me but the rest of his crew are hanging back. Blaze’s boys see me coming and try to stop me when Blaze pushes past them and takes his position in front.

“So you actually showed up knowing I was gonna get mine from you and your girls tonight,” Blaze says smugly.

“Apparently you couldn’t wait for tonight could you Blaze,” I tell him with no humor in my voice.

“What the fuck you talking about,” Blaze asks dropping his tone.

“Maybe I’m talking about you threatening me and my girl’s family yesterday. Then someone decides to ambush Carlos’s sister and her boyfriend,” I tell him letting the details sink in,” It really took about five to six guys to take down one skinny Latino nerd and his />
“Wait you saying I did that shit? Fuck you boy I don’t need to talk explain shit to you,” Blaze says getting angry,” Now are you here to fucking put money down or not cause I got a money to make />
I watch Carlos start to move forward but I put my arm in front of him keeping him from rushing forward. Blaze backs up a little and I watch his boys start to push forward. We both keep our perspective sides where they are and I back up a few steps before turning away and heading back to our vehicles. I get back to my bike and see Mark’s car is missing. I look around and notice the boys are pointing to one of the starting areas. I get over to see Mark’s Challenger on the starting line with a BMW next to it; Imelda and Kori notice me and make their way over as the race starts. It’s over before it began, the Challenger was good but the BMW took Mark and is back and parked by the time Mark gets back.

“What happened man,” I ask Mark as he pulls up.

“I lost money, I thought I could take him,” Mark says disappointed.

I watch him sit with his car and sulk in his loss. Money changes hands no problem but it’s only an hour before I catch Blaze heading over in our direction. Hector and the boys start moving to intercept and I get in front to meet Blaze again tonight.

“Hey bike bitch, I got a fight for you,” Blaze says smiling,” my brother is a better fighter than I am and I say he can take you for a grand.”

I shake my head and see the girls taking notice along with Mark. The problem I’m having now is I don’t have the money and don’t want to fight.

“How about your bike for my bike in the fight,” I propose getting Blaze’s attention.

I watch him start talking when I see my first big problem for the night, Blaze’s little brother. I remember him from when I stopped by Abigail’s school and the bigger problem, his girlfriend Bethany. I watch Bethany and her boyfriend head to the front with Blaze and she sees me.

“Guy what the hell are you doing here,” Bethany asks surprised.

“I’m about to beat the crap out of your boyfriend cause his brother wants me to fuck him up like I did him a couple weeks ago,” I reply to Bethany while staring down Blaze.

“Wait I’m fighting who,” Bethany’s boyfriend asks.

“Me, only this time I’m not in the mood to play with my food,” I tell Bethany’s boyfriend before turning back to Blaze,” Now are you ready to put your bike up against mine in a fight or not.”

“You only want my bike because your boy over there can’t race his car worth shit,” Blaze says pointing out Mark.

“Well at least he pays his shit and doesn’t let his mouth write a check that his ass can’t cash,” I tell Blaze smiling,” and I don’t ask anyone else to fight for me. Besides, I figure taking that bike of yours and giving to Carlos and his family will be a nice get well present after that shit that had nothing to do with you.”

“Bro I ain’t fighting someone just so you can win a bet,” I watch Blaze’s little brother say backing off.

Blaze starts to lose his cool and takes his crew away from the situation to talk about it I guess. I pull out my phone and tell Bethany to get her boyfriend to stand down or I will hurt him. I don’t see her anywhere but when I turn around I watch Mark talking to her by his car.

“What do you mean we’re going home now, I’m not Abigail and I don’t need you to babysit me,” Bethany tells Mark angrily.

“Mom and Dad would flip if they knew you were out here,” Mark says being too />
I break the two of them up and point Bethany back to her boyfriend. Once she’s away I get in Mark’s face.

“Man, you are not her older brother here, you are my back up and I need you to understand that those guys in the leather will not let shit go down like what you’re worried about,” I tell him trying to reassure his mind,” Now you want to make a presence, stand next to me and when Blaze comes back and he wants money back me up cause I’ll win.”

I see Mark nod and watch as he pulls off his polo shirt to show his six foot three inch wall of muscle physique. I nod to him and move back to Blaze calling over the biker from the first time who moves over to hear the bet and contest.

“Well Blaze, I ain’t got all night,” I tell Blaze smiling.

Blaze finally notices me then turns his attention to Mark who I think is either burning hole in his little brother or Bethany I’m not sure which. They continue the conference and I’m getting bored.

“Are you gonna run your mouth with your boys all night Blaze cause I have girls to get back to,” I ask smiling,” You remember what it was like having girls around right? You know after you win a race or a fight.”

Blaze shakes his head and I can see Bethany on her boyfriend’s arm. I watch as Blaze takes his crew and heads back to his truck minus his brother and Bethany. I shrug to the biker who shakes his head and goes back to the Old Man. Bethany starts to walk away with her boyfriend looking back a little embarrassed.

“Hey, why are you two leaving,” I ask Bethany’s boyfriend.

fuck with me man I’m not in the mood,” I hear him say.

I cut around in front of them and hold my hands up for them to stop which they do but Bethany’s boyfriend start to get a fighting stance. I can see he’s ready to throw fists but when I extend my hand he pauses.

“I know he’s your brother and all but he’s also a showoff and an ass. You can leave with him or you can show Bethany a good time and hang out with Carlos and his crew,” I tell him still offering the hand.

I can see he’s puzzled but he takes my hand and we shake before I lead him back to the rest of the crew. I find out his name is Tyrell during the introductions and I can see Hector is sizing him up but Imelda sees it too and pulls him aside to calm shit down. After another hour I watch Imelda finally get challenged to a race which she wins pulling down another grand for herself and the mood is really looking good for the night when Carlos pulls me aside to talk.

“Hey, we going to take Blaze’s little brother back and kick the shit out of him,” Carlos asks quietly.

“No, we’re going to treat him well and show him that we’re good people to be around. Then we send him back to his brother with the thought that his brother could have been the one to beat up Marta and Romeo. Either I’ll get the truth from Tyrell or Blaze will come at us just for turning his brother on him,” I tell Carlos who starts smiling.

“Man you are either crazy or smart as hell,” Carlos says patting me on the shoulder.

I shrug and let him get back to the boys. I get waved over by the Old Man and head over on my own. He’s got a bunch of bikers around him and is sitting on his own bike when I get there.

“Are you busy kid or can you spare sometime to help me out with someone,” the Old Man asks.

“I can help depending on what you need me to do,” I reply.

“Well one of the guys who lost tonight is wanting out of his bet cause he claims he was cheated, sound familiar,” the Old Man starts in,” problem is Union doesn’t go after people when they owe other’s money, we’ll help out but we don’t get involved even though we were asked. Get the money back and I’ll even let Vicki have free reign around you.”

I can tell I’m being sized up for something but nod in agreement anyway before finding out it’s one of the Asian drivers, some techno pop kid with neon lights and no metal in his car. I head back and grab Mark and a couple of the guys including Hector before heading to where his car is. I find it and him parked in the back making out with an Asian girl who looks like she’s either had plastic surgery for her tits or is really lucky in the genetic lottery.

“Mark get the door I need to speak with the guy, Hector don’t let the girl go running off and screaming,” I tell the guys.

I watch Mark wrench the door open to the car and pull the little Asian guy out before slamming him back first against the car, Hector on the other hand opens the car door and playing gentleman. I approach the little Asian guy and make sure he’s paying attention to me by turning his head to face me with my hand.

“Hi, you don’t know me but I’ve been sent to find you. Apparently you are in default on your racing debt and people are becoming very upset with your lack of payment. Now I understand that you feel cheated and I really want you to know that while I sympathize with your situation I must insist that if you have any money on you to pay the debt of two grand you hand it over to me right now or I must have my friend here take it out on you and your car in trade,” I tell him calmly so he can understand me.

“They fucking cheated me, I ain’t gonna pay and the Union doesn’t do this,” I hear him say.

I watch as Mark does probably the smartest thing I’ve ever seen him do as he takes his fist and smashes it through the driver side window without a scratch. Hector and his boy’s jump a little and I must say I’m surprised at the initiative myself but I regain my composure and put the attention back on me.

“Now that was a basic example of what my friend here is capable of, now I am going to ask you again, where is the money you bet with for tonight,” I ask keeping my calm.

“I have his money,” I hear the girl say from the other side of the car,” He told me that if I held it he wouldn’t have to pay it.”

The girl walks over to me and hands me a wad of cash and I pocket it before telling Mark to let him go. I lead the group back and see the girl following us. I shake my head and smile as I break off from the group and head back to the Old Man and hand him the money which gets me a smile and a pat on the back. I can see the other bikers nodding and talking in approval as I head back to my own people. It hits eleven at night and I feel done with the whole thing and rally the group to head out. Bethany and Tyrell head to his car but not before I get a ‘thank you’ from Bethany and I notice as I’m putting on my helmet that the not so little Asian girl is sitting in his front seat. I chuckle and we head off back to Carlos’s place.

I drop the boys off with their cars and tell Carlos that it’ll be a few days but I’ll make sure we see some real results before heading off with Imelda and Mark back home. The ride is quiet and I get a chance to think about Tyrell and Bethany and decide to tell Mark to not go after his sister for getting out and having a good time cause it’ll make him look like a hypocrite. Once back inside I can tell everyone is sleeping save for all of us quietly walking in. I watch as Mark leads the little Asian girl off to his room and I give him thumbs up as I follow three sizes of sexy ass to my room. Once inside I close the door and watch as Imelda starts to sound proof the bottom crack of the door. I’m still angry from earlier and the girls can see it.

“Baby are you tired tonight,” Imelda asks stripping down.

“He’s not tired he’s angry,” Kori says following Imelda’s lead.

I watch the girls strip down, then get pulled over to the bed where the girls strip me down and I make out with Imelda as Kori starts giving me a slow blowjob. It’s a contrast with Imelda and I warring our moths while Kori is joined by Vicki working my cock slowly. I get pulled onto the bed by Imelda who is taking the initiative by lining up my cock with her pussy and pulling me inside her. I rock back and forth inside Imelda in slow strokes, I try to lie down on top of Imelda but Kori helps me sit up on my knees and I watch as she starts rubbing Imelda’s clit. I speed up a little and try to enjoy the sensation of Imelda’s pussy, it’s a tight and familiar feeling but with Kori making sure she cums quickly I don’t think I’ll be inside Imelda for long.

I watch Vicki and Kori start kissing and groping Imelda’s body with Kori still working over her clit while I keep my good rhythm in and out of her pussy. I’m still angry and want to go faster but Kori takes my hip with her hand and reset my pace to steady and winks at me. I feel Imelda clamping up and finally I watch as she starts moaning in her orgasm. Kori has me stop and I am still pent up as we move Imelda who is about to fall asleep in ‘happy post orgasm land’ to a side of the bed. I watch Vicki starts to kiss her way up my body but Kori has a different idea as she grabs Vicki by the hair and pulls her face to the bed pillows.

you tell he’s angry, and you have to be such a selfish bitch,” Kori says smiling at me,” now I think we need to let him work it out what do you say.”

“Oh god I thought it was just him earlier but you encourage him,” Vicki says sounding a little worried.

“Did he fuck you earlier,” Kori asks stroking my cock to keep it hard.

“Yes he did, really hard too in my ass,” Vicki says sounding less concerned.

“Oh honey, I think I’m going to wait till morning cause I want you to cum in her tonight,” Kori purrs lining up my cock with Vicki’s pussy.

Earlier I didn’t even bother to use Vicki’s pussy but Kori is the one picking the hole as she kisses me before backing Vicki onto my cock. I take Vicki’s hips in my hands and start pounding hard into her pussy, Imelda got me started but I’m not sure I can keep myself from finishing as Kori stays kneeling beside me and starts licking my ear. I’m still angry from earlier but Kori and Vicki are making a convincing argument to feel a bit happier with my situation. I keep up my fast pace pounding Vicki’s pussy and I’m listening to two women moan, Kori and Vicki, I look to Kori for a second and see that while she’s got one hand on my back the other is playing with her own pussy. I nod to Kori and stare at Vicki getting a wicked grin on my face and Kori moves down on her side next Vicki on her hands and knees before taking her and starting to rub Vicki’s pussy. The double attention gets Vicki moaning louder and I can hear her biting the blanket on the bed as I keep the fast pace.

“Oh Jesus… I’m gonna cum… don’t stop please,” Vicki says as she starts to hit her orgasm.

I slam in to Vicki one last time and watch her grind back on me before collapsing forward and enjoying her afterglow from the orgasm. Kori lies on her side of the bed smiling then looks at my cock still hard and starts backing up the bed.

“I said I can wait until morning baby,” Kori says pouting a little.

“And maybe I need my girl to calm me the fuck down before I haul off and do something really dangerous,” I say smiling as I crawl up Kori’s body and slide into her pussy.

Kori is always soft and warm when I get inside of her and now is no exception and while I’m really pent up and still a little angry she is just too soft to be rough on. I start bucking my hips against Kori’s in slow but long thrusts, as soft as she is Kori is giving it back by pushing against me and breathing is short shallow breaths. I was close when I was fucking Vicki but so was Kori when she was helping and while I’d love to last through Kori’s orgasm I get that tingle and groan as I slam my cock into her pussy and feel like I’m gonna melt as I shoot my load into her pussy. Kori latches onto me as I cum and digs her nails into my back and bites my neck lightly as she hits her orgasm.

The four of us lay there in our post orgasm bliss as I roll of Kori and cuddle in next to her, I feel Imelda curl up behind me and when I hear a quiet snoring we all look over at Vicki who is lying on her chest doing the snoring. The three of us chuckle and drift off to sleep.

The next few days come and go uneventfully with Kori and Imelda bonding after Vicki and Mark’s Asian date get taken home on Sunday morning. I enjoy the peace that the days bring and even get Carlos and his crew to understand my tactics as I pester Bethany about her boyfriend Tyrell and what he knows about his brother. I don’t get much information but I do find out that Tyrell and Blaze aren’t getting along since I dropped the information that his brother gang beat a couple of kids from his school. Abigail and Carlos make it a point to be seen out together a couple times and on Wednesday things get more active as there is a public fair that the whole is encouraged to come to and attend. I find out it’s not just the upper crust and that Mr. Delauter makes it a point to attend every year and actually be a part of the community.

It’s about eleven in the morning that Wednesday and all of the girls are still getting ready while Mark Jr., Mr. Delauter and I sit ready and waiting in the TV room. When the girls are finally ready and down stairs we all get to comment on the very attractive ladies around us. Loretta is wearing a light weight blue dress, while Abigail and Bethany are wearing sundresses, pink and yellow respectively. Only one not wearing a dress is Kori and even then she has a skirt on with tight leggings underneath. We get into the garage and aside from Mark in his car and Kori and I on my bike we all head out to the fair grounds.

Apparently they treat a fair here like field day cause I see people from all walks of life moving around and having a generally good time. Carnival rides, games and carnie food are just the starters. Animals, school groups begging for money and support along with standard charities, and the merchants galore hocking trinkets all over the place. The family splits off after Mr. Delauter hands out cash and makes sure everyone has his or her phone.

“Okay baby, where do we go first,” I ask Kori following her lead.

“I wanna ride a horse,” Kori says smiling,” first let’s get you covered in sun block.”

I get gooed up with the sun block and immediately get dragged over to a couple large sheds that have been converted into barns for animals. Kori enjoys the petting zoo and feeding the cute animals and I just sit back and watch her enjoy her time. After a horse lesson and me standing in the shade for a half an hour Kori gets done with her horse ride and we decide to head out for food.

We get some real food from a chili table and Kori grabs some lemonade before we head off and sit in a shaded area to relax and enjoy our meal. We get done and find Carlos and Abigail walking in our area and decide to team up.

“Hey Carlos, good to see you out man,” I say holding my hand out.

“Not so good man. You still haven’t handled Blaze yet and now I’m looking like a fool with my boys and my cousin is telling me I need to listen to you,” Carlos says showing a lot of anger.

“Hey, I said I’d get information and I will but we have not real target and just saying it was him doesn’t cut it for me,” I reply getting angry.

I can tell Carlos wants to call me out about it but Abigail gets his attention and pulls him away to do something else. Kori leads me towards some games so I can ‘win’ her a prize. We continue to relax and I see more of the people from Carlos’s crew and the races around the grounds. I chat with some of the union guys and find out Smitty is doing drawn on tattoos for kids with his father and Vicki. I swing by and say hi Kori and Vicki talk a little bit while the Old Man pulls me aside.

“So my granddaughter says you’re a pretty decent guy, Guy,” the Old Man says smiling at his joke,” and I know she’s a big girl so you’re clear with me and my boy but this fighting needs to stay either controlled or it ends fast. I know he’s an asshole but Blaze has been around for a couple years along with Carlos’s crew which he inherited from his uncle. You’re a cinderblock getting dumped into a duck pond and I don’t like all the noise.”

“I’m not trying to start trouble sir but if it’s not at the races it’s up to the rest of us to handle business,” I reply choosing my words carefully,” people’s family got mixed up in this and that can’t be let go. I hope you understand I just want the person who started it to pay up, after that it’s over and we all move on.”

I see Smitty nod in agreement with me and the Old Man lets me have this one. I get back to Kori who tells me she wants a tattoo now, I’d love for her to get one but it took weeks for mine to get done right and her and I only have over a week left before I get back home. We continue looking around and I lose some money at the games as I attempt to win Kori a prize. I get a text from Bethany that she needs to see me at the rides. I grab Kori and we both head over to find her and Tyrell talking.

“Hey Tyrell, you doing okay,” I ask as we walk up.

“Nah man, I’ve been trying to talk to my brother about coming clean but he says he didn’t do shit. Now my family is all looking at him like he’s a criminal,” Tyrell tells me visibly upset.

“I don’t know man, I say let it go and see what happens then. Let’s see if you can win something for Bethany cause I can’t win shit for Kori,” I tell him changing the subject.

We continue to hang out and I get to see Blaze in a different light, somewhat. Apparently he’s always been an ass but him and Tyrell having different mothers can do that. Their father isn’t a deadbeat but he’s not around much either. I don’t push more than that in case I have to get Tyrell to do something big for me.

After several hours outside it’s only four in the afternoon and I’m feeling pretty good and not sunburned thank god. I’ve met up with a couple different people from the races but mostly end up following Kori around and letting her have free reign. Our happiness unfortunately ends when she spots Blaze and Hector about to beat the shit out of each other. I hand her my coat and try to cover ground to stop it before it starts. I get about fifteen feet away when Blaze takes the first swing and almost connects when Hector ducks and brings a right cross straight to Blaze’s jaw. Blaze is reeling and I finally get in-between them and can see Hector back is holding back but Blaze is looking for blood.

“Stand back bitch I’m gonna fuck his brown ass up,” Blaze yells ending all subtlety in the area.

so easy when someone sees you coming Blaze,” Hector yells back.

I watch Carlos and the boys back up Hector but Blaze has his boys and it’s looking like war when I voice booms over everyone.

“BRIAN, what the hell are you doing starting a fight here,” a short round black woman says getting in between everyone.

“I’m tired of people talking shit about me and sayin’ I did shit I never did,” Blaze aka Brian says loudly at the woman.

I have never seen a guy get slapped by his mom before but the sheer force his mother hits him with causes quiet among even Carlos’s crew. I leave Blaze to his mom and get in Hector’s face.

“He swung first, I get it. You’re pissed about what happened to Romeo and Marta. Now back down,” I tell him keeping calm and serious.

“Alright man, I only defended myself. More than Romeo got to do,” Hector says holding his hands up and backing away.

The whole thing disperses before any authority even shows up and I get a notice from Loretta that we’re getting together for some family time. Sadly when I get there Abigail and Bethany are almost to blows considering their boyfriends are on either side of a war. I watch their boyfriends who are civil with each other calm them down but Loretta and Mr. Delauter are both staring at me.

“Okay Guy, what is going on? I keep hearing about how you’re handling something for Carlos but now people are fighting and I see you telling people that they need to leave it alone,” Loretta asks me pulling me aside.

“I’m just trying to make sure people who mess with family get what they deserve,” I reply being very serious.

my son and I don’t think God wants you to be someone who punishes people just because they are able,” Loretta says to me trying to take the high road.

“Why not, someone has to and if you haven’t noticed when I got wronged I stood up and did something and guess what, my shit turned out just fine,” I tell Loretta getting angry.

“Honey you’re a good boy, I love you and know that you don’t mean that,” Loretta tells me trying to appeal to my good nature,” Someone died with what happened to you, you don’t want to see people die just because it makes things better.”

“Apparently you don’t know me. I’m not a good boy, MOM. I’m barely a nice guy, I do bad things to bad people and guess what,” I tell Loretta keeping my rage held in,” I am loved for it.”

Mark Jr. is the first person to back me off and I can see everyone except Kori staring at me with wide eyes and shocked expressions. I didn’t make Loretta cry but she definitely sees why I was the way I was when I arrived. Mr. Delauter asks me to step aside and talk to him privately and I can see where this is going.

“I thought we had a deal,” Mr. Delauter says plainly.

“We do. And I’ve been nice but don’t talk down to me just because I’m younger than you. And it’s true, while I’ve been down here I’ve lost sight of who I am and how I handle shit,” I tell him plainly,” Now I will still be respectful cause she earned that but I will not be told who I am by her or you.”

“So what are you going to do about your mother,” Mr. Delauter asks,” If this deal we made still stands then you need to make some peace.”

“Fine, I’ll tell her the same thing again,” I start in,” Politely, but don’t think for one single second I’m going to change the />
I decide I need to cool off and I see Kori following me as I head to my bike. She hands me my coat and says to be back in one hour. As soon as I’m on the bike I and off I see a second bike coming up on me in my rearview. It’s Smitty coming up on me with his bike, I just ride around till he waves me over to the side of the road.

“So you normally talk to your family like that,” Smitty asks questioning.

“Honestly I didn’t know them before almost five weeks ago and people are telling me who they think I am,” I reply annoyed,” It’s just pissing me off.”

“You know why my Dad gave you that patch,” Smitty asks me.

“Cause I throw down,” I reply quickly.

“You threw down but you knew what you were going to do. You didn’t rush, you let Blaze come at you and you fucked him up for the mistake,” Smitty tells me,” Now why aren’t you doing shit now?”

“Cause nobody has made a move cause I’m holding everyone back,” I reply more annoyed,” I should just let them go at it and see who’s left standing at the end.”

call, but taking shit out on family isn’t how men handle their business,” Smitty says solemnly,” Ride on but head back and don’t let this family you got here live with the shit you drop on their />
“Fine, but what about Blaze and everyone else,” I ask him looking for insight,” What would you do?”

“Well either someone is lying or someone is trying to start a fight. Either way it gets figured out or you leave and they settle it after you’re gone,” Smitty says starting up his bike.

I watch him leave and send a text to Kori asking her to have Loretta wait for me by the chili tables. I get back with fifteen minutes to spare and beeline it over to Loretta and find her sitting alone.

“Are you okay,” Loretta asks me concerned.

“I’m calmer now but I’m not okay,” I reply sitting down,” I’m not some white knight; I’m not a good person. I have been trying to figure out why we’re at such odds considering I don’t feel anything when we’re trying to be a mother and son. I finally learned what the problem is, you don’t know me. I’ve been nice and polite, I’ve listened to all your stuff about change and you really have. You’re kind and nurturing to the girls and you’ve tried to be that with me and I appreciate everything. But I’m not what you want me to be and I never will be. I won’t come down here again until we can talk about it and you learn to accept that I don’t like hiding who I am just because it makes people nervous. I can tell you who it never made nervous, Dad and everyone else who was there with me when all my crap />
“I wasn’t there for too long and I understand that, but you can be someone different,” Loretta says pleading,” You don’t have to be some angel but you don’t have to be a vigilante either.”

We sit quietly but I already know it’s going to be more than a few months before I can talk to her and have her understand me. I lost sight of how I handle my problems and I realize that when I get back I need to really take control of whatever it is Katy is working on.

“Can we at least agree on one thing,” Loretta asks,” You’ve had some fun down here and you don’t hate me like you used to.”

I can’t argue the point, I hated what she was but now it’s different. I know she wants something from me but I’m not giving her any false hope. I nod simply to answer the question and see Loretta smile a little at the thought. We rejoin everyone else and Kori checks my face before telling everyone it will be okay. Her doing it however gets a question from Bethany.

“How do you know if he’s okay or if something is wrong just by looking at him,” Bethany asks confused.

“I love him; I love the bad and the nice. I can see right inside his head cause he loves me,” Kori says like its basic math.

We resume our fun and even listen to some local music which Kori likes but I’m not a fan of anything with twang in it so I let her sit back and enjoy. Mr. Delauter calls it a wrap at about seven in the evening, we all head back to our vehicles except for Bethany and Abigail who ask if they can stay with their perspective boyfriends. They get approval but are told that they have to be home before it gets too late. The ride home with Kori is nice and once home my girl has only bedroom on her mind as I get led away to my room.

Once the door is closed Kori kisses me and backs me up till we get to the bed then lays me down not letting her mouth off mine the whole way. We strip out of our clothes and I watch as she turns her whole body around and puts her slit right in my face. I’m a lot better than I was earlier but having Kori’s mouth on my cock makes me hungry and I dive in like an animal lashing at her pussy hole and clit with my tongue. The fierceness of my tongue gets a reaction but it doesn’t stop Kori from bobbing her mouth up and down on my cock as quickly as she can. I’m moaning into her pussy as I work it over and she’s moaning on my cock as she does her business when I feel her start to shift. I watch her turn her entire body around and without any hesitation slides her pussy onto my cock.

Kori gasps and I moan at the feeling, something about her is different tonight and I try to say something only to have her cover my mouth with her hand and me. I watch her body as she sits upright riding my cock cowgirl style, Kori’s big breast bouncing with the long strokes she’s taking. It’s sweet and not slow as she takes her time working my cock over but I’m looking for more. I let Kori rise up till only the last inch is inside her then slam the whole length of my cock up inside her pussy surprising her. Even with no lights on in the room I can see Kori’s eye go wide, I take my hands and hold her hips in place and start fucking her hard and fast from beneath. The slapping of my hips hitting hers fills the room and I can hear her making a gasping noise as I take no prisoners on her pussy. Suddenly I feel liquid spray up my stomach and Kori slams her entire body down onto mine rubbing our chest together and trying to suffocate me with her mouth. I made her cum so hard she squirted and the thought alone pushes me to grind in her pussy which makes Kori bite my lip as I feel that tingle and flood her pussy with my semen. We lay there for an unknown amount of time grinding together and in pure bliss. When Kori finally decides to move it’s for a total of five inches onto my right side and my cock falls from her pussy spent.

“If you did that every time I’d go insane,” Kori whispers with a smile in her voice.

“Just didn’t want to keep my girl waiting,” I reply kissing her forehead.

“Loretta wants you to come back next summer,” Kori says breaking the mood.

“No she doesn’t, she wants the little boy she lost to come down here again,” I tell her quietly.

“Okay, well maybe we consider it or we do what Imelda was telling me about and go to college down here and have her help,” Kori says trying to plead the case,” I know you don’t love her but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to learn. You learned to love me right and I’m so much worse than she was.”

“Oh that is some guilt trip bullshit,” I tell Kori and when I look at her face I can see her smiling,” you and Loretta are nothing alike in my mind. But Imelda is down here and maybe I’ll consider it as an escape route for us in the future.”

“No escape routes, we need a good future baby,” Kori says keeping my gaze with her hand,” and if she’ll provide it for the chance to get to know who you really are then I’m telling you that you will let her.”

With my girl telling me I need to consider my options for the future even though I’m just becoming a junior in high school. I shake it off and see the sun hasn’t even set yet but after walking around and making my woman remember why she’s with me I drift off to sleep.

I get woken up by my cellphone going off in my jean pocket. I see Kori on her side sleeping soundly and quietly get up and check the message. It’s a text from an unknown number saying ‘Hey man, you awake’. I check the clock and see it’s eleven at night, I reply with who is this. I get ‘Hector, I got your number from Imelda, I need to meet up with you, it’s important’. I get the details and punch the location into my phone before telling him I’ll be in a while. I get dressed quietly in a black t-shirt and my jeans, boots and hooded jacket.

Nobody is awake as I head out of the garage on my bike and get on my way down the road before anyone could wake up. The ride is quiet and I wonder what the hell Hector wants with me this late at night. He listened after he punched Blaze in the face but he might have got something new for me and anything is worth a quick trip to find out more about who did what. The address is a bowling alley of all things but it’s closed and I park my bike before looking around.

After waiting for ten minutes I hang my helmet on the bike and start pacing in the building parking lot trying to see where Hector is coming from. I shoot him another text asking where he is but I get no response and pocket my phone. Another five minutes and I start walking to the side of the building when I see Hector’s car sitting with the driver door open and Hector himself sitting on the ground next to a dumpster.

“Hector, that you man,” I ask walking up.

I get to ten feet and that’s when I see the blood in the light of the alley, it starts at about Hector’s waist and turns into a puddle on the ground. I see he’s got his hand clamping down on his side but he’s fading out of consciousness fast. I rush to Hector’s side and move him down onto the ground so he’s laying and use my hand to hold pressure on the wounds while hitting the autodial on my phone for 9-1-1.

“Hector I need you to stay awake, talk to me Hector,” I tell him trying to remain calm.

“He stabbed me…. Why did he stab Hector says delirious.

“Who stabbed you Hector, tell me who stabbed you,” I ask as hear the operator pick up,” Help me I have a friend and he’s been stabbed by the bowling alley off forty third.”

I can hear the operator tell me that units are already in route, why are they in route? I set my phone down and focus on Hector. His eyes are glazing over and I need to keep him awake like they do on the tv.

“Hector, who stabbed you, was it Blaze,” I ask desperately.

“No… Carlos… trusted him…,” is the last thing I hear Hector say before going limp.

Oh Christ he’s gonna die, he just passed out and he’s gonna die. That’s the only thing I have running through my head as I take one blood soaked hand and check to feel his pulse is weak but I’m guessing since I have no clue what I’m doing. I have Hector’s blood all over my hands and I’m kneeling in a pool of blood when the flashing lights give me some quick respite until I see they aren’t just paramedics, two police officers are pointing weapons at me and yelling for me to step away.

“He’s bleeding out, get someone over here now,” I yells freaking out.

The paramedics start doing their job and I back up just long enough to get tackled to the ground by one officer and my arms get wrenched behind my back and on go the cuffs. I can hear the second officer calling it in that there was a stabbing and they have a suspect in custody. Hector didn’t text me, he never got my number from Imelda. I’m stood up by the cop and my hood is pulled off my head as he takes my wallet and phone out of my pocket with my other small possessions. I get put in the back of a cop car and I realize I’m still covered in blood. I got set up, stabbed Hector and called the cops so I would be here when they showed up. I doesn’t matter about the blood on my hands now, I pray for jail. Jail would be safer for the son of a bitch who set me up. Carlos or Blaze, I don’t care who did what anymore. Not more game on, just game over.

And I know a cliffhanger isn’t what people want to see but I really need to put these parts out so you all can enjoy them quickly. More to come, comment and vote at your leisure, I'm done asking negative people to not troll my votes.

story by: P.O.I.

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Author: P.O.I.

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