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Hi everyone, this is my first story on this site.
My apologies if this first part is a little short, this is the first time I've ever written something like this, so your feedback is greatly appreciated~
I hope you enjoy this story.

– – –

Kiara walked briskly to work, clad in her baby blue scrubs and her tote bag swinging madly. She was nearly late for work at the hospital.
‘Crap! Five minutes to get up to the floor.’
She broke out into a light jog at this point, her sneakers slapping against the sidewalk. She sped up even faster as she saw the double doors open in front of her, weaving and dodging the many people who were either walking or getting themselves wheeled around. Dashing to the elevator, she punched the 14th floor, quickly pressing the button to close so that no one else would join her on the elevator. Panting heavily, she tried to compose herself, adding on her ‘tool belt’ comprised of the many things she would need as she did her work.
Check. Pen, pencil and red pen. Check. Tape. Check. Needles and syringes. Check. I think everything is here?’ She looked up and saw she was on the tenth floor and quickly switched her shoes to her white Dr. Scholls shoes, and inwardly sighed as she picked up her shoes as the elevator dinged to the 14th floor. Her cell phone beeped shrilly and she realized that she had forgotten to turn it off. As the doors opened, she reached into her bag and stepped out of the elevator.
Instead of meeting air, she met a body. Kiara cried out, and she heard his grunt of surprise.
Her head spinning, she slowly rose, wincing inwardly and outwardly cringing at the sight. Her stuff was everywhere; her bag’s contents had spilled all over. Her head hurt from whatever body part she had walked into, and her rounded behind was throbbing underneath her. What was worse about the situation was that his stuff was scattered about too, and their sounds of surprise had two of the nursing staff quickly running over to see the commotion.
Kiara blinked as the world slowly stopped spinning. One of her co-workers, a sandy haired man called Jacob kneeled by her side.
“Kiara, are you alright?”
– – – –

Maybeth, a dark haired woman kneeled beside the person who Kiara had bumped into.
“Sir, are you hurt anywhere?”
He sighed and rubbed at his head. “Maybe a head bruise, but I don’t think that will show up on an MRI anywhere will it?” Maybeth smirked lightly. “No. But can you tell me what day it is today?”
He answered.
“Excellent. Can you tell me where you are right now?”
“The Napoli General Hospital.”
“Perfect. Can you give me your name?”
“Tony Jobs, Executive director of Finance.” Maybeth’s eyes opened slightly at this, but her professionalism took over and she nodded. “Excellent. It doesn’t sound like you’ll be suffering any memory loss, but can you just look into the light? Ah, good, thank you. Pupils are good. I would suggest you get yourself checked out still. You possibly have a
Tony winced as he smiled. “Nothing two extra strength Advil won’t fix. Would you mind giving me a hand to…”
“Grab your things? Certainly.” Maybeth turned and started collecting his papers as Tony looked over to his bumpee. He felt a twinge of like for her immediately. She had a lovely chocolate complexion, her braids still luckily wrapped up in a neat bun around her head, but what caught his breath were her eyes. Warm golden brown met bright blue and she smiled sheepishly at him while he slightly gaped, and then immediately caught his composure.
“I’m terribly sorry for not watching where I was going
She nodded. “And I’m terribly sorry that I wasn’t watching where I was going either, I was running late and it seems in that; I didn’t bother paying attention to anything else. My apologies
“Tony, Tony Jobs at your service.” He rose slightly unsteadily, and Maybeth was completely behind him, reaching out a hand to steady him.
“Easy, there Mr. Jobs, you don’t want to be falling over again.”
Tony blinked as the world focused again. “No, I don’t think my behind needs another bruise. And please, it’s just Tony. Mr. Jobs would be my father.” Maybeth nodded and handed the sheaves of papers back to him.
“Certainly Tony.” He smiled at her and at Kiara and Jacob. Kiara and Jacob smiled back, but all Tony could see at that moment was the brilliant smile she gave him. Surprised again, he stuttered slightly. N-Now, if you w-will excuse me, I think I will take the stairs, given the fact that elevators seem to be quite dangerous. Farewell.” And he was off, his mind reeling at the sudden attraction he had felt for a woman he had literally bumped into.
– – – –

Both Jacob and Maybeth turned to face Kiara.
“Well, I think you certainly addled the poor man’s brains for life!” Maybeth chuckled. Kiara sighed, not wanting to give away the fact that she had been slightly attracted to him. “I think he’ll forget the entire encounter by the time he finally gets to his destination. Men like him don’t pay attention to workers like us.”
Jacob snorted beside her. “Agreed. He probably wants to see where he can cut costs on this floor, and it’s not as if this threat hasn’t been hanging on our heads
Maybeth rolled her wine colored eyes, wisps of her hair falling out of the messy bun she had made. “Come on you two, we have work to do. Let’s not get all high horsed here.” Picking up Kiara’s things, they made their way to the locker rooms and then to the nursing station where Kiara could get report on her patients for the day. When Kiara saw the board, she noted that she had 7 patients to look after today and picked up the binder with her name neatly printed on the front and her patient load neatly scrawled beneath. She recognized Sarah’s neat handwriting immediately and went over to speak with her. Sarah turned to face Kiara just as she had finished signing the narcotic counts, her easy going smile making her way to face.
“I heard about your crash and burn, so no worries, I figured I’d give Mary a hand while you collected yourself together.”
“Thanks. Thank goodness I had Advil on me. So, tell me about who I have today?”
Sarah explained that she had a semi quiet night shift. She had an 57 year old male with TB that was in isolation, and 89, 70, 78 and 80 year old men who all had related heart problems, from atrial fibrillation to cardiovascular disease and who was at serious risk for a stoke. She had two women; one was a 69 year old with lung cancer and in continuous pain, and the other who was a 57 year old with multiple complications. Nodding and scribbling down some general information about the clients on her notepad, she first went around eyeballing all of her patients, ensuring that they were breathing and alive. As she made her rounds and did all that she needed to, her 12 hour shift passed before her eyes. Stretching in the chair just before report, she reached into her side pocket to pull out her phone and found another phone there instead.
She groaned. And rolled her eyes at her stupidity; she had picked up his phone somehow instead of her phone!
“Looking for this?” A warm voice tilted her head upward and she almost smacked him in the face with how quickly she moved. Slightly mortified by her sudden ability, she stammered out an apology.
s-so sorry!” He laughed at the silly expression of horror that was on her face, seeing that she did indeed have his phone in her possession. Looking at her, he got a better view this time. He appreciated the fact that she wasn’t skinny, nor was she overly fat. Her curves sat and rounded her out nicely, her blue scrubs slightly showing off the curve of her breasts and her very sturdy hips…
“Ah, are you alright?” Kiara looked at him questionably, his eyes seemed riveted to her body for a moment, although she wasn’t sure why. He blinked, and this time, he smiled at her and Kiara felt a light flutter in her chest. ‘He’s gorgeous when he does that.’
“Yes, yes, thank you. Shall we switch phones? I’m terribly sorry about earlier.”
As their hands interacted, she felt a slight shiver transpire up her back and he grinned at her again, leaving her dumbstruck. Kiara realized she found him — attractive. He was slightly heavy set by how the suit fit around him, but his first impression on Kiara had given her the feeling that he was some sort of gentleman. On top of that, she liked that he was much taller than she was, but that didn’t seem to be helping in her at all since she had kept bumping into him! She didn’t know how she focused enough to give a coherent report to the next nurse, but her mouth did the talking, easily dissecting the information the night nurse needed to know, plus her notes were sufficient if her verbal had not been enough. Stumbling away, Kiara went to go pick up her items from her locker, her mind on a certain individual.
– – – –

Tony was just honestly glad to be home. His expansive flat opened up before him and he breathed in, wanting to leave all the stresses of the day behind. The meeting with the Head Clinical Nurse on the 14th floor had not gone well. He was seeking re arrange how they used things on the floor, but the Head had rebuked him thoroughly on every point he made. They were one of the core floors that dealt with everything that emerge sent up to them, or anyone else for that matter and they needed every single resource that the hospital provided them. And they were even running short staffed in this shortage of hiring freezes and budget cuts and still doing a damn good job at what they did. The numbers he had brought to the table made sense until he had talked to the woman. He sighed, just wanting to forget about it until tomorrow.
‘Well, not all of it,’ he thought, ‘there was one good looking one in /> He shook his head though. She was probably already attached to some good looking gentleman who probably treated her well…
‘You certainly don’t know that Tony, she could be single.’ His mind whispered to him, tempting him.
“To hell with that idea, what would she see in a 5’11 fat man?” Shaking his head at how his mind worked, he proceeded to make dinner for himself, but as he cooked, ate alone, and washed up, he could help himself but think of her. He didn’t have much to work on, but his imagination easily fixed that. He imagined her sauntering up to him in her baby blues that she was wearing this morning, a half smirk on her face and her hips, those gorgeous hips rolling and causing him to gape slightly. And as she reached him, she pressed her breasts into him, taunting him with those darker lips and she kissed him. A deep kiss that stole his breath away, a kiss that made his member get immediately hard just thinking about all this. He rubbed his erection through his pants, knowing very well that he would get no relief until he fixed this. Stumbling into the bedroom, he stripped and grabbed a towel, reclining on the bed and imagining it was her hand rubbing him, stroking softly and delicately.
Her shy face looked up at him, kneeling before him with her malleable breasts capped with darker nipples that were hardened to seeing him rise to attention for her.
She smiled that brilliant smile at him and coyly teased him “Is this for me Tony?”
All he could do was groan out, his length throbbing and pulsing with the blood that rushed to the area. She opened her mouth and licked at the pre-cum that dribbled out at the opening of his penis, taking a much firmer hold and massaged his balls, smiling while she lifted up and those glorious breasts that he had been imagining about squeezed and fit snugly around his cock, enveloping them into warmth he had never felt before. She continued to use her boobs, squeezing her ample rack together for him. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to feel them himself. Swatting away her hands he massaged them roughly and she moaned out, her nipples getting harder for him. He pinched and flicked her nipples when he managed, but his body was trembling from the sensations that her breasts where sending his penis. He watched hungrily as she slid a finger into her silky depths, sighing and arching slightly as she pleasured herself in front of him. His penis got even more painfully hard at the marvelous sight of her body in front of him. Her throaty breathing and the sight of the obvious pleasure she was getting made his balls begin to twinge and he pumped his penis faster against her breasts, wanting to spurt into her groaning mouth. He moaned out, “Kiara, I’m going to cum
“Cum for me baby, give me your seed.”
Her sexy plea was too much for him, with one last thrust, he cried out as his penis erupted with his semen.
His penis had shot five ropes of his fertile seed across her breasts, face and into her mouth. She grinned up at him, and licked the little semen from around her mouth and he panted but at the same time, was so slightly aroused by her obvious swallowing of his seed…
She had disappeared, leaving him alone. He opened his eyes and found he had neglected to use the towel, so his seed had spread onto the carpet instead. Groaning and coming down from his high, he knew that it was only a matter of time before he bumped into her again. From that short meeting, she had invaded his mind.
‘It’s going to be an interesting rest of the week.’Tony got up and cleaned the carpet, thinking about how he was going to find out how to get to see her again in the morn.

story by: thatcuriousone

Tags: fiction masturbation mature romance interracial sex story written by women

Author: thatcuriousone

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