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Being a radical at heart, it is sometimes difficult to just have a normal day. I do not work a 9 to 5 job like 90% of the world, instead my day is my own. Very much like today, which I thought would be normal. Well, as normal as possible given the fact that I seldom have what everyone else would call a day.

It started as usual with getting up and doing the basics. You know brushing the teeth, washing the face, blah blah blah… I was thinking about just going to the movies after I finished the work for one of my numerous clients. A really cool movie was just released and the most perfect time to see it is when everyone else is at work. I like the feeling of being the only one in a theatre watching a show.

The theatre was empty as usual and I found a perfect seat dead center. I settled myself into the chair with my popcorn and drink. The movie was just about to start when 7 men walked into the theatre. They all looked strange. They had this little wire thing coming out of their ear. It dawned on me that they may be CIA or FBI or some other such agency.

The movie halted and one of the guys approached me. As per his instructions, I begrudgingly extracted my Drivers Licenses and turned it over to the guy. He looked it over and read the numbers out loud. I guess he got a confirmation that I was indeed an American and had a right to be in the movie theatre. The men escorted another man into the theatre, who decided to sit in my row.

I am a weird movie watcher in that I do not like commentary during the movie. Which is the reason I tend to go to movies alone. Inevitably, when I take a friend along, they always seem to be making comments during the movie, which I find very distracting. He decided on the chair next to mine and then dismissed the men that were surrounding him.

Tentatively he said, I said," no you must be mistaken. My name is not Monica". "But you look like Monica!" At this point, I turned and looked at the man. I stared for a long time and just couldn't believe it. I have had a crush on the man since he held office! And here he was sitting beside me asking if I was Monica!

I went over to the man, not sure what I was intending to do. My hormones at this moment were raging and I wanted! I wanted to have his cum on my shorts and well, elsewhere – if I could help it! I found myself kneeling in front of him and unzipping his pants.

The man did not resist. I pulled out of his pants the most delightful cock I have seen in a long time! It was strong, thick and hard. I placed his cock inside my mouth and was delighted that it tasted clean. So many times guys cocks have a funky taste to them. It usually is because they have not recently washed. This cock was wonderful and long. I sucked on it enjoying that it was throbbing and responding to my touch.

He started running his hands through my hair. I heard him gurgle his enjoyment. He leaned back thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth. My tongue followed down his shaft and I nestled the tip with my teeth. I held him for a long time enjoying the taste of his cock.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me down on the cushions of the chairs. I love the modern theatres with the removable arm rests! It is like having one long cushion or sofa! He quickly removed my shorts and moist panties as I got myself out of my t-shirt and bra. My breasts dangled free. I love touching my breasts as a man penetrates deep inside me.

He lowered his mouth to my nipple and started sucking them. As he sucked, I helped him out of his pants and his shirt. He was on top of me, his cock dangling between my legs. I felt his hard head nestling between my legs. I wanted him like I have never wanted a man before in my life. I spread my legs farther apart and inserted his cock into my pulsing wet pussy.

He went slowly. He was very patient as he teased me with his tip. He looked upon my face, and I saw his brief surprise. He finally realized that I was not Monica. But his cock was still responding. He plunged it in deep. There was an audible sigh of pleasure that escaped from both of us. He fit so tight! He pulled my legs up and found my tight ass. How he knew, I will never know (or maybe Monica enjoys it there too). But he placed two finger deep up my ass as he penetrated me with his cock.

I squeezed my tits and continued sucking on his. We road in unison and he started to make the sounds of an orgasm. I pulled away from him. I wanted him to cum in my ass. Actually, I wanted to feel his hardness in my ass. I pulled his head down to mine, and whispered my intentions.

After all, this was not any normal guy I was fucking. Powerful men need to be apprised of the game plan! He insisted that I remain laying on my back. He said it was easier for him and he could stroke my wet hot pussy as his cock tickled my ass. I was in full agreement. Unlike other guys I had been with, he found the hole immediately and tenderly inserted his missile into my hot wetness. Tight! It was wonderfully tight and I enjoyed as he inserted his hard thick cock into my tender tight hole.

His fingers strummed the wet hot folds of my pussy. He pumped my ass… one, two, three and then bang! I felt him explode. His cum shot through me and felt like it would never end. His cock pulsed and his fingers dug into my pussy. He continued finger fucking me extending my orgasm into multiple. He bent his head and blew on my tender wet lips!

Wow, I never had a guy do that before and it was Wonderful! My body responded my orgasming over and over again! Finally he pulled his cock out of me, and wiped it on my panties. I pulled him close and asked was that all. He smiled and then laughed. Don't be silly! You are a wonderful fuck. I want to try this again, soon.

I placed my hands around his neck and said, "can I have another taste now?" He nodded his approval. I went down on him again, this time taking his soft cock into my mouth. I started sucking on him and was rewarded with a little stream of hot cum. I swallowed his cum greedily and continued to suck. I wanted more.

His cock started getting hard again. I pulled it out and rubbed it between my tits. He pulled at my nipples and sucked on my lips. His fingers found my very wet hot pussy and started to play again. He said this time he wanted to shoot his load into my pussy. He said he liked the idea that he was filling all my orifices with his juices. I said not all of my orifices were being filled. I took his cock and placed it in my mouth again. First he had to fill my mouth and stomach with his sweetness and then, he could fill my hot pussy.

He seemed to agree as he road my mouth and my tongue played with his cock. I enjoyed sucking on him and playing with his tight ass and balls. It was as I was playing with his balls that I was finally rewarded with hotness shooting down my throat. He tasted so good. His cum is sweet with a salty edge. I have never tasted anything even close!

His cock stayed hard. He said he wanted to fill my pussy now. I laid back as he requested and spread my legs welcoming him inside. He placed his throbbing cock inside me and played with my pussy lips with his fingers. I could not contain myself and started orgasming. My pussy walls throbbed pulling his cock deeper inside me. The walls got tight and I knew from the silly smile on his face he was enjoying himself immensely. He pumped once more, like cocking a gun and shot his bullets deep inside me. His hotness filled me completely! His cock pulsed and throbbed!

He sighed and a big smile spread over his face. I had pleased a very powerful man and thoroughly enjoyed his cock. He pumped me one last time and a little more cum exploded within me. Ahhhh…

He nestled his head between my breasts and gave them both a gentle wet kiss and then he kissed me. We started to get dressed in silence, knowing that the movie was coming to a close. He took my hand into his and pulled me up off the chair. He asked if I minded accompanying him to his hotel. How could I possibly mind. I said, "only if you fuck me again." "Do you just want one more time or many?" "Many please!" I did not have to been anyplace anytime soon!

After all, my time is my own!

story by: Ambrosia Vynne

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: Ambrosia Vynne

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