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I'm new to writing, and I wasn't extremely pleased with this story but posted it anyways

As the midnight repeat of the ten o’clock news was getting ready to rap up with their usual goodbye spiel, Roman Roberti put his empty beer mug on the bar and waved the bartender for another.

“And on behalf of Kelly, Sandy, Ken, and blurted out of the tiny black and white TV hanging in the corner of some small bar in eastern Ohio. Roman didn’t exactly know the name of the town he was in, Roman couldn’t remember the name, all he knew was he wanted another beer, and the bulge in his pants was growing…he wanted some ass, and he wanted it bad.

After a fight with his girlfriend, Roman found himself driving down a lonely highway earlier that day, a three year relationship down the tubes, and no place to stay…his girlfriend kicking him out of her apartment, refusing to give him his things until a friend was present.

In a fit of rage, and hopped in his 85’ Honda Civic and started driving. He quickly got going on I 79 and tried blocking all memory’s of his now ex girlfriend from his mind.

Now he was sitting in a crumby bar in Ohio… trying to figure out what to do with himself.

As he slurped the foam off the top of his freshly filled beer mug, a refreshing sound hit his ears. The sound of a female voice, it made him smile being as the only other people who were in the bar were some beer bellied middle aged guys, playing pool and making stupid jokes.

“Hello the voice said from behind him, think I’ve seen you around here before”
“Yeah, passing through, that’s all” Roman answered…not taking his eyes off his beer.
“You seem a little down, any particular reason?” Asked the girl, taking the stool next to him.
“Hah, I guess you could say said Roman
“Yeah, I’m a little down myself, tell me about it?” The woman said in a cute little tone

“Ah, thanks but don’t feel much like talking about it, but hey let me buy you a drink, what’ll you have?”

The girl ordered her drink and the bartender took some more money off the pile sitting in front of the droopy faced Roman.

“Hey let’s sit down there in one of those booths, get some said the girl
Roman agreed and they stood up together, this is when Roman got his first real look at the girl beside him. The top of her head was about the same level as his eyes, and he was 5 foot 10. She had brown curly hair, flowing down to her shoulders, and green beautiful eyes. Roman found himself especially transfixed on her eyes. They were like something out of a movie…she had a small, cute little nose and thin lips. She was slim, and her breasts were of a decent size, in proportion to the rest of her body. Roman guessed a 34B but really wasn’t sure. She was wearing a tight black T shirt that was v cut around the neck, and you could see her cleavage nicely. She had on regular tight jeans on, and Roman noticed her legs were extremely good looking, even with the jeans on.

‘Must work Roman thought to himself as she led them to a booth in the back corner of the bar.

When they got there, they made small talk while finishing their beer. The girls name was Laura, she’s lived in this small down of HADERVILLE (way off Roman thought) for her whole life, and was a waitress at a little diner about 3 miles down the street. She lived alone and had a dog named Cloe.

Roman just stared at Laura’s eyes the whole time she was rambling on about her life story.

‘Must get lonely out here your whole Roman thought to it a bit odd this stranger decided to sit down and tell her these semi boring things about herself.

But the truth was Roman was bored, confused, horny, and drunk himself and didn’t mind getting his ear beaten, as long as he could look into her beautiful green eyes he didn’t care about much at all.

They continued their small chit chat for another half hour, or so thought Roman… downing another beer each. When the bartender came over and said he was closing up in 15 minutes, Roman looked at his watch and was surprised to see it was 2 : 43 am. He had spent nearly 3 hours listening to what Laura’s favorite color was, and why she named her cocker spaniel Cloe.

He stood up and was about to say his farewells when Laura asked him to come to her house to ‘finish the />
Of course Roman jumped at the invitation, not having a place to sleep besides his compact Honda, plus still being extremely horny (Laura’s gorgeous eyes didn’t help that much) he though there was a good chance of him seeing some action.

The took her car, he said he could pick his up later and traveled down the empty street towards a small little neighborhood of tiny, but warm looking houses.

When they pulled into the driveway of Laura’s humble abode, Roman wasn’t surprised, she had practically described the house down to the color of the light switch covers. Laura and Roman walked up to her front door, and walked inside.

‘I guess they don’t bother locking doors around here’ Roman though to himself

Laura showed him to the living room, offered him a drink, and when he said no thank you, said she would be right back and that she was just going to get some more comfortable clothes on.

didn’t know this kind of thing happened outside of is too easy!’ Roman thought to himself. Laura just smiled

Laura returned shortly after wearing pajama pants and a spaghetti strap t shirt. Still showing her cleavage off ever so nicely.

“Cloe must be Laura said, sitting very close to Roman on the couch.

She put her arm up on the back of the couch, and rested her head on her fist in a very seductive way.

“I think I know what’s bothering you Roman, I know exactly what will make you feel said Laura, moving her other hand slowly towards Romans leg.

‘Is this Roman thought

know what you’re Laura said, which kind of freaked Roman out, “But it isn’t often an attractive guy like you comes through here, this town is filled with pot bellied old bums, and Mother Harper old ladies.” Laura said

“So when I see someone who looks worth it, I don’t take any She continued

Roman didn’t really care much, all he knew was that this beautiful girl was coming onto him in a dimly lit living room, and he wasn’t going to screw it up. He touched her shoulder and leaned in for a kiss. She eagerly kissed him back and wrapped her arms around him.

They started making out and Laura laid him down, her on top. She straddled him between her legs. Knees on either side of his abdomen, and took off her spaghetti strapped shit she didn’t put on more than 15 minutes ago.

Her tits bounced out from under the shirt as she pulled it off. Roman gazed at them, they were perfect, the perfect size, and the perfect He peeled his t shirt off and threw it on the floor along with hers. He put his hands on her knees and started to travel upwards toward her private area, wanting desperately to get to work on her gorgeous pussy, wanting to know if she was shaved or trimmed, or neither. Wanting to smell her and taste her. Roman hadn’t been this horny in a long time.

She stopped his hands before the got to the waistband of her pants to peel them off. She stopped his and slid her down his arms, and onto his chest, then down onto his pants, where she unzipped and unbuttoned his Levi’s. She lift herself up just enough to pull them and his plaid patterned boxers off of him. His cock sprang to life almost instantly. He trimmed his pubic hair, that’s how his girlfriend liked it, and it was neat looking. His 7 and ½ inches got hard fast and Laura went to work, sliding her body downwards so that she was lying with her head right next to his cock. She did her thing, licking up and down the shaft and all around, licking his neatly trimmed balls, and the area underneath the ball sack.

She pumped her hand up and down his dick bringing him almost to a climax…she then stopped and repositioned herself onto of him like she had before, knees on either side of his abdomen, his cock poking her ass through the pajama pants.

She wanted him to be in mad lust when he discovered her little secret, she found this usually worked when she was having sex with guys who didn’t know. Ones who found out before having their cocks worked on by her usually reacted badly.

She let him try to pull her PJ’s off again. Not stopping him she lifted herself up, and waited for the look on his face when he got them down.

The look was genuine surprise. There in front of Roman was a still soft, shaved, dick.
Laura waited for his reaction, but she got none further than the look of surprise. He quickly grabbed at it, and gently tugged it towards him. She allowed herself to be pulled into his practically drooling mouth.

Roman felt the soft dick go into his mouth, and as he it grow, very slowly, but very surely into a thick, 7 inch dick. He pulled it out and continued jerking it slowly while he asked.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

Laura didn’t answer and instead laid herself on top of him again, but this time they were face to face and they’re dicks were touching. Laura kissed him again passionately and Roman used the opportunity to feel up those amazing tits.

Roman grabbed Laura’s shoulders and Lifter her up. He told her to kneel down over the arm of the couch.

For some reason, Roman didn’t know why he got an urge to be dominant. She did as he told her and bent over the arm of the couch.

“Spread your ass cheeks!” He demanded, she did

He put his face up to her ass, and stuck his tongue out. He licked from the bottom of her balls to the top of the ass in one stroke. He repeated this a few times, until his fifth or sixth time. This time he put a finger insider her asshole and made a hook like shape. He pulled down and spread her asshole open a bit. He stuck his tongue out again and inserted it inside. Tasting Laura’s />
With the other hand, he reached under and grabbed her still hard dick. He played with it, making sure to keep it hard. She was letting out soft moans and that was something that always turned him on, the sound of a girl moaning softly.

He kept fondling her and tasting her until finally, without warning he quickly got on his knees and shoved his dick straight into her.

She let out a squeal, she hadn’t expected that at all. He pulled it out quickly, then did the same thing again, shoving it as hard and fast into her as he could. He continued doing this, each time she let out a tiny scream but didn’t protest once. After doing this brutal pounding for a bit, He shoved it in and left it in all the way. He loved this part, feeling her ass twitch around his cock as it stayed inside her. After leaving it in her ass for a minute or two, he retracted it slowly, this time pushing it back in hard, but not as hard as before. He got up to a constant rhythm and reached around her. He grabbed her tits as he fucked her and he licked and teased her neck. He raised his pace of fucking again, his balls and body made a hard smack now when he hit her, and she was back to almost squealing, but now including a ‘yes’ or a every couple of minutes.

This went on for about 20 minutes, Roman fucked Laura with such intensity, and he felt some kind of liquid on his dick to. When he looked he realized he had made Laura bleed, and it got him even hotter.

He pulled his dick out, on the verge of exploding cum and forced Laura onto her knees. He stood before her with is dick, almost hurting due to holding in his ejaculation. He grabbed the sides of Laura’s head and shoved his dick into her mouth.

Laura let out an odd noise, gagging and yelping at the same time. She wasn’t expecting it at all. But Roman continued his throat fuck and she got used to the lack of air. She would stop occasionally, take a breath, and then have Romans dick almost down her throat.

Every time it hit the back of her mouth, she was forced to swallow, like reflex. Making her throat walls contract and Roman’s dick get squeezed every time he thrust into her. It wasn’t long before he came so hard his dick was forced out of her mouth. He quickly stuck it back in so she could swallow up the rest of his load. She licked around her mouth, getting what leaked out ad Roman sat down, light a cigarette and recovered from what he was just doing.

Laura stood up and walked over to him, sat on his lap and asked him if he’d tell her what exactly WAS bothering him tonight.

“I lost a girlfriend I thought was so unique I could never replace, but I just found sitting on my lap.”

story by: TheClairvoyant

Tags: fiction cum swallowing anal hardcore transsexual sex story

Author: TheClairvoyant

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