The after seeding a second wave 1

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The After Seeding a Second Wave 1

/> One year after the Seeding 4

Mille had been having a hard time controlling their daughter, though she had the enhancements like her
husband John, she still didn't have the control that he did. Now at 8 1/2 months, their daughter's mental
powers were far above what Mille's were. Had John not instilled the morals in their daughter that he had, the
girl would be completely out of control. Like all children she liked to play games and her favorite was hide
and seek with her mother, thing was she took it too far most of the time. The last time she'd appeared in her
Grandfathers house, for the first time Millie hadn't been able to sense her, damn it Millie thought, she'd
learned to block. It had taken John finding her, bringing her home and shutting off her moving power for a
month to convince her to never do it again, though John wanted to keep it off for a while longer.

John had started to worry and had explained to their daughter that the more she used her abilities the
easier the government men could find them. This had in turn scared the little girl half to death and for a week
she wouldn't leave her mother's side. That was last week, so far they hadn't had any trouble with the
government men but John was sure they were gearing up for a major assault upon the property. Though he didn't
have need of new equipment, he still ventured into town from time to time. John now had enough money to do
almost anything he wanted, with the nanomites his equipment no matter how old was never too old to work.

John had just gotten his shipment of seeds when he detected a familiar presence. Damn it! He thought
he'd felt them earlier, he was sure they weren't going to fall for the tricks that fooled them last time.
Letting Millie know what was going on he prepared all his defenses and a few he'd developed over the last year.
John had loaded up and was preparing to go when he felt the first of the agents approaching. Their tech had
definitely improved in the last year, they were using a different energy source, the signature was on a
different wavelength. John was afraid of this he'd had no agents near his property or his family, this time
though he was alone miles from all the defenses he'd established around his place. Sighing he decreased his
neural output, lowered his abilities to almost none existence, slowly he pulled out heading out of town.

Two miles from the town John thought he was clear enough to bring up his abilities a quarter of the
way. Too late he felt the agents begin to move in, coming to a stop John brought everything up full. Now the
bastards were on the run towards him, John brought all his senses up and formed two different shields around
him and the wagon just as the first of the agents topped the hill. Soon there were about 25 – 35 agents trying
to encircle him, more than a little irritated, John decided to try something he'd learned a few months ago.
Letting loose a wave of energy designed to knock out regular humans, John felt, almost too late, the energy
weapon that was fired towards him. His first shield was of little consequence stopping the blast, the second
he'd brought up half as strong as he could, thinking he didn't need more but stronger than he thought the
agents weapons were. The two waves crossed causing momentary sparks of energy then continuing on toward their
targets, distracted a moment watching the agents fall unconscious too late he felt the energy weapons blast
start to penetrate his shield.

Cursing he was gathering everything to thought shift as he called it and had actually started to fade
when the wave swept through and briefly caught him. Feeling as if ants were crawling all over his body, John
fought to stay conscious, son of a bitch! Appearing in front of the house Millie and their daughter both were
screaming when John almost fell off the wagon. John could hear the nanomites communicating trying to compensate
for the excess energy that was coursing through his body, <Master control, detection of massive energy levels
spiking through out the control's corporeal vessel, all nanomites not draining and displacing energy shut down
all functions 2 hour units, reactivate and replicate at that time to excess>. This wasn't installing John with
a lot of confidence about staying conscious. Millie started to reach for John when he held up his hand for her
to stop, the energy was of a type to disable anyone with abilities like theirs.

It was getting harder and harder to maintain a sufficient level of awareness, John tried to push the
energy out of his body anyway he could think of but nothing was working. Damn it to hell! John was starting to
lose the battle for consciousness. If I pass out there won't be any control for the nanomites, no one to
compensate for any new dangers or agents that might threaten his wife or daughter. Quickly
John knew what he had to do <all functioning nanomites this is control, set perimeter defenses to maximum, I
want no energy signatures to be detectable within. This will remain in effect till master control releases
alert, when controls corporeal vessel loses primary function go to double alpha alert> John hoped that would be
enough till he woke up.
<Compliance control, double alpha will be enacted, all 5 bands of energy shields will be powered to 100%,
analysis of energy complete, all shields now adjusted to cause cessation of the energy now in excess in
control's corporeal vessel. All data downloaded to control's processing center.>

John watched the display, hmm they were trying an older energy used in a new way, just like he thought,
they thought they had a solution and they had nothing. Damn it, he felt like an idiot! He could stop anything
they threw at him, he'd just gotten complacent, not having seen an agent in a year now. Millie was starting to
get pissed, if John lost control and passed out they'd be vulnerable for a few hours. She'd heard everything
that had transpired between John and the nanomites, at least now she wasn't as worried but what the hell was
double alpha alert? Looking at John she felt him getting further and further away, the worry was etched on her
face. John could barely see now but tried to reassure Millie and their daughter, <I'm about to lose
consciousness all the defenses are at full please don't worry I'll be back soon> with that John was
unconscious. Millie began to tremble without the nanomites or John, they really had no warning of what was
going on.

John was floating in a weightless void, though pleasant John was extremely worried about his family. A
voice called out from a distance, "John? I feel your presence in the Miacarian dream sharing field," John
wasn't sure but he thought it sounded a lot like Mitch. "Yes John, it is the container you knew as Mitch, you
have done your race proud, you are the first of the The limited races, that has been able to achieve this level
of awareness. Ah I see, you are under attack." With that John felt Mitch wave his hand and all the energy was
drained from his body.
"Thank you Mitch, I let my guard down, I have shamed myself allowing them to get to me. The agents have managed
to advance their machinery, I was careless thinking I was stronger than I was." John felt that Mitch would be
angry if he wasn't honest besides he knew everything John did anyway, why hide anything?
"Yes John, the energy readings in your container spiked to a level that you shouldn't be able to achieve for at
least another of your year cycles." Mitch replied.

"I did not mean to intrude upon your dream transfer field, I was extremely worried about my family and
it happened." John said.
"Yes, it's as you perceived it appears that your abilities as you call them are linked to your emotions,
Mitch said sounding somewhat thrilled.
are you in the dream transfer field?" another voice came from near Mitch.
"Yes Helemathitalitic, we apparently have a scientific oddity," Helen's image appeared within seconds.
"John? How is this possible? Your present stage of evolution should not allow your race to manifest it's self
upon this energy plane, yes fascinating indeed." Helen said astounded.
Even in this dream state they were making his head hurt a little, John had to laugh a little, it had been a
year since he'd seen them and he'd missed them fiercely.
"I see that you have accelerated your learning capacity, you are almost able to grasp the concept of linear
time and space excellent!" Mitch sounded even more excited.

Though John knew he was only here mentally, he swore that he was about to cum after Helen started
"Ah, I see that the vocal and mental vibrations of my sound producing are still manifesting it's self in your
container towards reproductive activity," John started to groan, Helen's voice had him so horny it hurt. How
the hell could he be horny? He was detached from his body. John was about to ask when Helen broke his train of
thought. "Have you forgotten John? Reproduction for our race can take place on more than one plane of energy
and existence," John didn't really give a shit the way his head was starting to pound. Damn it Helen! she
always got this way when she discussed science.
"Again I apologize for the intrusion onto your dream field, but as I said before I am worried about my family.
I met up with the agents again today, they could have killed me, I feel that they may have advanced further
than I first thought," John said

Mitch waved his hand past John seeing everything that had transpired that day.
"Yes I see, they are indeed advancing but so are you, even with the limited control, you projected everything
and had knowledge to repair the damage that the energy caused."
John's head was a solid wall of pain he'd only understood half of what they'd said, damn it, couldn't they talk
normal? Oh he forgot, this was normal for them. "Your presence here is concluding soon, concentrate on what you
know and the summation of the procedures that you are just now grasping. Remember concentrate on the now and
then, not ago that is for before or later." Mitch said to a sadly smiling John.
"I have missed you and Helen, the headaches I got from you 2. Remember to call on me if you are in need of me
again, "John replied.
"As if we have need of your knowledge, experience, the premise of having to use your primal race to procreate
is a sad testament to our proud SUPERIOR race," came another voice from deeper in the void.

you should show more reciprocation for what John has facilitated for the Miacarie,"
Helen was saying sounding somewhat irritated. John felt as if there was fire brushing his body, damn he was
glad Helen had never been mad at him or Millie. Suddenly angry, John lashed out at Barry, watching as the image
of Barry was pinned and immobilized. Both Mitch and Helen gasped as they watched Barry struggle to free his
self, looking directly at Barry John half whispered, "I felt this before Barry, as I told you before I will end
you if possible, if all the words I heard you speak were a lie, tell me now and I will die trying to destroy
Barry's eyes were wide in shock his mouth was hanging agape when Helen spoke, "I suggest you rethink your
assessment of John's race, at present John is almost as strong as Mitch. I therefore suggest that you
supplement your theory with more factual data," Barry only nodded.

John released Barry who looked at John in shock, "I apologize to you and your race John, I did not
realize you had the learning capacity that you do. Please accept a gift as a show of /> John wasn't too thrilled with Barry and after today wasn't too sure he'd trust him fully again. John watched
the ball of light that Barry pulled from the void, "this will facilitate easier detection of enemies, it should
work better on your planet," with that Barry threw the ball disappearing John could see it heading for his
Mitch came forward, "we have been trying this whole year to acquire more containers for the other essences, so
far every attempt has failed. I am only a guardian, Helen a physician, Barry a technician we are in need of an
engineer there are only 3 left out of the countless beings that were saved. Barry has managed to stabilize the
AI and the power supply but it is still failing, my two mates leaving the system has helped but without an
engineer all may be lost."

"So you're going to need our help again?" John asked already sure what the answer would be.
"I am afraid so John we need him desperately and John?" Mitch asked.
John was afraid there was a but coming, "Ok what's wrong with him?"
"Well, as an engineer he doesn't really talk much, remember each of us affected you Mitch
Damn John thought, for all he knew this one could completely kill his sex drive. Sighing, John started to feel
the pull back to his body thanking Mitch and Helen, he felt a snap like sensation then was opening his eyes.
Damn it hadn't been his imagination his cock was as hard as steel, Millie hadn't wasted any time climbing on
and riding her self to several orgasms.
"I take it you heard her also?" John asked
"No, you know I can't resist your cock, but John I have a favor well…," Millie started.
Concerned, John watched the war going on in her head, "you know I'll do anything for you Millie I love you."
Sighing Millie bit her lip, "it's about my sisters, uh… well…."

John had never seen Millie unable to ask something or speak clearly, this must be really hard for her.
"Whatever it is I'm sure we can handle it," John told her softly.
"It's not that, you see ALL my sisters are in love with you. I'm sure you noticed the looks they were all
giving you," Millie said. John nodded he'd noticed the hungry looks he'd gotten when he and Millie had moved
her things to John's. "John they all want you to fuck them, including my younger sisters when they are of age.
They said they are saving their virginity for you."
John could only stare 11 females? 6 that were of age, 5 that would be in the course of the next 6 years.
Millie was afraid that it might have been too much for John the startled look on his face almost had her
regretting she'd asked. Her sisters had asked her almost every day for the last year.
don't know what to say, they just want me to fuck them?" John asked shakily.
"Uh… no they all want a baby." Millie said as she watched John pass out again.


story by: pars001

Tags: consensual sex male/female science-fiction sex story

Author: pars001

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