The devil's pact side-story: miss blythe is hot for her students

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The Devil's Pact
by mypenname3000
edited by Master Ken
Copyright 2014

The Devil's Pact Side Story: Miss Blythe is Hot for Her Students

Note: This takes place during Chapter 34. Follows Lynette Blythe, teacher at Rogers High School from Mark Goes Back to School.

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

“Hi, I am Miss Blythe,” I said to my class, writing my name on the whiteboard with a red dry-erase marker. “I will be your World History />
It was the first day of the new school year and, as I launched into the course syllabus, my thoughts kept drifting to that day in June at the end of the last term, when my Living God, the Holy Mark Glassner, walked into this very classroom and changed my very outlook on life. I didn't know he was a God then, and only later did my inexplicable actions – bending over my desk, and letting all the virgin male students in my class fuck me – make sense.

It was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me.

I was those boys' first fuck. It made me so happy to help them lose their virginities, to see the excited smiles that filled their boyish faces felt proud, honored even. I made those boys into men, and they made me feel so womanly.

This morning, as I made my way to teach this class, I bumped into one of them: Kev Spellecacy. He was holding hands with Maya Spooner, and the smile he gave me sent my heart my cunt dripping. He stopped to introduce me to Maya, his girlfriend. “It's all because of you, Miss Blythe,” he had explained. “That day, you gave me confidence. Well, take care, Miss Blythe.” His girlfriend gave him a questioning look as they walked off.

I was positively skipping when I headed to my class—I gave him confidence. I helped to bring him out of his shell. And it was so easy: all I had to do was let him fuck me. It got me the world be a better place if caring, older women – not that I was old at twenty-five; I was mature and experienced – guided these young men through their blossoming sexuality.

As I spoke to my first period class, I perched on the edge of my desk. I was dressed in a tight vest with a plunging neckline; my 34DD breasts strained against my top and threatened to pop off a button if I breathed in too deeply. My skirt was short, exposing my long, tanned legs that were clad with dark, thigh-high stockings; I could feel all the boys', and a few of the girls', hungry gazes upon me.

There was one boy in particular that caught my eye with his lustful stare. Patrick Algar. He was slouched in the back, his deep, blue eyes – covered by large, silver-rimmed glasses – were glued to my cleavage. His face was pimply, round, cute; he looked so young and innocent. When I leaned over slightly, his eyes widened, and he shifted in his seat. My cunt let out a trickle of juices—I excited him.

He was all I could think about as I struggled to teach for the rest of the period. As my students filed out, I grabbed his arm. “I saw what you were doing in the back of the class,” I sternly told him. “Detention, after school. My />
He gaped and spluttered at me, “ But I />
“Don't lie to me, Patrick, I saw what you did. Now go.”

I watched his cute, little ass as he scurried out of my classroom, and pressed my thighs together to try and relieve that wonderful ache between them. Gods, I was sopping wet, and wanted nothing more than to play with my naked cunt. I didn't wear panties anymore, that was against the tenets of the Living Church, and I was beginning to smell my spicy arousal and felt a trickle of passion running down my thigh.

I was a ball of frustration, panting after every cute boy in my classes and struggling to teach my poorly; I just couldn't think straight. By the time my lunch period – the school had three of them – had finally come around, I had resorted to sticking a tampon inside my sopping pussy to try and control the flood of juices. I was about to settle in for a quiet fifty minutes in my classroom – maybe lock the door and finger myself to an orgasm or three – when Kev walked in.

“Miss Blythe,” he greeted, closing the door behind him.

“Um, what can I do for you, Kev?” I asked, forcing myself to sound friendly, and squashed a bit of irritation at the interruption. I needed to cum so bad.

“Well, Miss Blythe, I just can't stop thinking about last June.” His cheeks were pink, and I noticed a growing bulge in his crotch.

Well, well, well, this was one way to scratch my itch. As I walked to my door to lock it, I asked, “What about your />
getting together with a few friends in the bathroom,” Kev answered. “Um, for some, eh, lesbian fun. She knows why I'm here.”

I frowned; students shouldn't be having 'lesbian fun' on school property. Of course, I wasn't supposed to fuck my students either. So I bent over my desk and wiggled my ass at him. “What are you waiting for?”

“Fuck yeah, Miss Blythe!”

“Don't swear,” I admonished.

he muttered. I heard a zipper rasp, then his hands were on my ass, pulling up my skirt. “Um, there's a string.”

“It's a tampon, just pull it out and fuck me!”

I could feel his hesitation. “Are you on the rag?”

“No!” I cried in frustration. I needed to feel his cock inside me. “Just fuck me! Now!”

I gasped as he yanked the tampon out, and I heard a soggy splat as he tossed it into the trash. His cock felt hard as he nudged my pussy, searching for my hole. I groaned; the tip of his dick rubbed about my slit, bumping my clit, before he slid back up and found my pussy canal.

I sighed in relief as he slid home inside me.

“Oh fuck! Your cunt feels as great as I />
“Don't swear!” I again admonished even as his cock began to churn my insides.

“Sorry, Miss Blythe,” he groaned. “Your pussy feels great!”

His hips pistoned quickly and pleasure rippled through me from our friction. I had been fucked plenty of times over the summer, mostly at the Church of the Living Gods, but a teenage boy had a certain enthusiasm, a frantic need to spill his cum, that was quickly bringing me to an orgasm. My desk creaked as it slid an inch on the floor. Everything on my desk rattled from the force of his thrusts, and a pencil cup fell over with a clatter, sending its contents skittering wildly across the linoleum.

“Oh Miss Blythe!” Kev grunted. “Oh yes! Geez yes!”

I hissed. “Fuck me harder!”

My orgasm swept through me as Kev pounded my cunt. I gripped the edge of my desk, holding on for dear life as my legs felt like wet noodles. The slap of flesh echoed throughout my classroom, punctuated by grunts and moans from Kev. His strokes grew more and more frenzied.

“Oh f…darn, Miss Blythe!” Kev moaned. “Your pussy just feels more better with every thrust!”

“Just better, Kev!” I panted, unable to shut off my teaching instincts despite the pleasure flooding my brain. “Not 'more />
he demanded. “Oh shi…oot! Oh shoot!”

His balls were slapping against my clit, sending wicked vibrations through my body. I was so close to cumming a second time when Kev buried his cock all the way inside me and I felt his cum shooting into me. He thrust one last time – as if to savor the feel of my cunt – before he pulled out, leaving me empty, horny.

Dammit, I was so close to cumming!

“Thanks, Miss Blythe,” he said, zipping his jeans up. “I've been thinking of you all summer long.”

Gods, I still wasn't satisfied; I was almost there. “Kev, which bathroom is your girlfriend at?” If some students were having 'lesbian fun' in a school bathroom, at the very least I should supervise them. All extra-curricular activities should have a teacher to monitor and advise the their own safety.

“First floor by the science labs.” He hesitated. not going to get her in />
There was a gaggle of girls lounging in that bathroom, and they all looked guilty when I burst in. I didn't see Maya Spooner, but I did hear a girl's moans coming from the first stall. All three were occupied, and I heard more soft sighs and gasps. In fact I heard quite a lot of them; they were fooling around in all the stalls. The girls lounging in the restroom fled quickly, squeezing past me, trying not to look me in the eye, as I walked over to the first stall.

There was a trick to opening any of the stall doors from the outside, and I came prepared with a quarter, figuring if there was any hanky-panky going on it would be in a stall. I stuck the coin into the slot on the latch, twisted, and the door popped open. Melody Johnson, a pixie-faced girl with black hair and purple highlights, sat on the toilet while Maya Spooner was busy between her legs.

“Miss Blythe!” Melody gasped.

I smiled at her. I knew her from the Church. Melody liked to tell the story about the day of her sixteenth birthday when she met our Gods, Mark and Mary, in the South Hill Mall's Old Navy store. Melody and her mom had been shopping when they were honored to be our Gods' lovers. Maya tried to rise up, but Melody grabbed her short, black hair and held Maya's mouth to her pussy.

“Keep licking, pee-slut!” purred Melody. “I'm almost there!”

I asked.

“Mmm, Maya and a few other girls were taught the pleasures of watersports in this very bathroom by Him!”

I knew just whom 'Him' was—our God. Mark had blessed a lot of girls that day last June when he visited Rogers High School, and more than a few girls showed up pregnant at the start of this school year.

I watched as Melody shivered and came all over Maya's hungry mouth. Smiling happily, Melody got up and squeezed past me, whispering, “Have fun!”

Maya looked a little uncertainly at me, her face sticky with Melody's juices. I told her, sitting on the toilet; the seat warmed for me by Melody's tight ass.

“Did Kev come and see you?” Maya asked.

“In fact he did cum by, and left you something inside me.”

Maya pushed my legs apart and saw my messy cunt. She licked her lips, and buried her head underneath my skirt, her mouth latching onto my pussy. And then she didn't do anything—no licking, no sucking, not even any fingering. I was so fucking horny! What was she waiting for?

For me to pee, I realized after a minute, feeling a little stupid. She was a pee-slut after all.

Well, I did have to urinate. Feeling a little weird, I relaxed my bladder and flooded her mouth with piss. I heard Maya moan as she drank my piss down. Gods, there was something so intimate, so erotic, at having someone drink your pee—the way it sounded as your urine splashed into an eager mouth, the obscene sounds of swallowing, and the moans of delight issuing from your pee-slut's hungry mouth. I strained, forcing out as much piss into her nasty mouth as I could and letting the pleasure of urinating tingle through me. The stream died down until only a few drops came out; I sighed sadly, it was over.

Or so I thought. Her tongue slid through my wet folds, bringing a gasp to my lips, as she searched for those drops of pee that always clung to your pussy afterwards. I gripped her black hair, and shuddered as I came on her face; peeing in her mouth had been so erotic; I was primed to go off at her first touch. She kept right on licking me, sucking all of her boyfriend's cum out of my pussy. Gods, she was good. Her tongue was agile, exploring every inch of my cunt, as she searched for more of Kev's spunk. Her fingers found my clit, massaging my little pearl and sending surges of electric pleasure through me.

“Gods yes!” I moaned.

This delicious slut was driving me wild. I gripped her black hair, fucking my cunt into her face, desperate for one more cum before the period ended and I had to go back to my teaching. Her tongue was buried into my hole, wiggling about as she pinched my clit. Another orgasm was building—a huge explosion about to be set off by this amazing girl, and her even more amazing tongue. My stomach contracted as the pleasure burst through me. I shoved her face so hard into my cunt I was afraid my hole was going to swallow the girl. I shuddered and bucked and moaned wordlessly, my passion echoing around the bathroom.

“You tasted great, Miss Blythe,” Maya smiled, standing up and brushing some dust off the front of her skirt.

I panted, “Wow, you are amazing!” I stood up, smoothing my skirt back down my hips. The bell tolled, ending the period. “You better get to class.”

She grinned and walked out, her face stained with pussy juices—the Living Church taught that a good girl shouldn't feel ashamed to be covered in another person's passion. As I walked back to class, I saw Addison Savidge kissing Suzette Mitchel between rows of lockers. Both girls attend the Living Church, although Suzette only joined the church a few weeks ago with her boyfriend Brian. He went to a different High School, which was a shame because he was quite cute and I'd love to fuck him—Gods, I was turning into one bad teacher, I thought with a giggle. I remembered that there was Church tonight; we met every Wednesday to honor the Miracle that revealed our Living Gods to the World, and I'm sure Brian would be there. I would have to pin him down, and give his cute body a try during the worship orgy tonight.

I told the Addison and Suzette off, sending them scurrying to class; kissing was fine, but they needed their education. My class was on the second floor, and I had to walk past the main office to get to the stairs. I bumped into Jerri Milojevic as she came out of the office. I nodded at the girl who had a smile filling her flushed face. I knew that she was having an affair with Principal Havener; I was pretty sure my God was responsible. The scuttlebutt was that Mark had sent Jerri into Havener's office so the principal could have sloppy seconds after He finished fucking her.

I swayed my ass as I walked up the stairs, feeling all the boys' eyes on my rear as it writhed beneath my skirt. Most of my class was already waiting for me. Just two more periods and the day would be over. There were a few cute boys in this class, and my cunt began to moisten, that itch returning, making the last two periods just drag on and on. Both were civics classes and today I just didn't have the energy to teach it.

Besides, soon the world would change as my Gods were becoming more and more powerful, so it seemed a little silly teaching civics when a new order would be established. Things had to change; people should be free to love whom they want, regardless of sex or familial long as they were willing and mature enough, what was the harm? The world would be a lot happier if people weren't so repressed, bottling up their passions, allowing them to fester unhealthily. That could lead to all sorts of problems.

Finally, the last bell rang and my students were eager to escape and go home, or participate in whatever afterschool activities they were involved in. Ten minutes later, Patrick slinked in, looking resigned to his fate.

“I am really sorry, I just don't know what I did,” he protested, pushing up his silver-rimmed glasses that slipped down the bridge of his nose.

I pointed to a chair I placed next to my desk. He quickly obeyed, and I perched on my desk and kept crossing my tanned legs right in front of his face. His eyes bounced between my tits straining at my blouse and the inviting shadow between my shifting legs while I let him stew, both of us growing hornier and hornier; a bulge formed in his pants.

“Why did you do it?” I asked.

“I honestly don't know why I'm here, Miss Blythe.”

“Do you want me to tell you what you did?”

He nodded.

I spread my legs wide open and I saw his face flush as he saw my naked, shaved cunt. “You got me so hot and bothered today,” I purred. “My pussy's been dripping all day long.”

he stammered. “I'm />
“I need you to fix this,” I told him. “I can't think straight unless I get your hard cock inside me.”

He just stared in disbelief at me. I kicked off my shoe, and rubbed my stockinged foot on his crotch, feeling his hard cock throb. I grinned as he sat frozen, not sure what to do. He was so yummy.

“Miss Blythe, we />
His voice trailed off as he saw me unbuttoning my blouse, revealing my large tits cupped in a lacy, black bra. He licked his lips, his eyes riveted to my straining bosom. The bra clasped in the front; my breasts spilled out when I popped the fastener. I kneaded my right boob, pinching a fat nipple, then lifted the nub up to my lips.

I loved sucking my own nipples, and I could feel Patrick's cock twitch beneath my foot—he loved it too. I slid off the desk and straddled his lap, my breasts brushing his smooth cheeks. He had just the hint of stubble, more peach fuzz then proper whiskers really, and they tickled the inner slopes of my tits. I stroked his face, then bent down and gently kissed him on the lips.

He just sat there as I kissed him, stiff as a statue. I broke the kiss and stared down at him. “You have to move your lips. Maybe nibble on mine. And don't be afraid to use your tongue,” I instructed.

He did better the second time. His lips moved awkwardly, and his tongue was hesitant as he brushed my lips. I showed him how with my tongue, exploring his mouth almost to his tonsils while I wiggled my ass on his lap. I could feel him relax, and his hands began moving on my body, sliding up my sides and back, but never down to my ass; he just lacked the nerve to grab me in a more intimate spot, I realized.

So I grabbed one hand and pushed it down to my ass, and then brought his other hand up to my heavy breast. He stiffened when he felt my naked tit. I kept kissing him, feeling the tension relax from his body as his hand started squeezing my flesh.

“See, it's not so hard,” I encouraged. He squeezed harder and I winced. “Not so hard. Go slow, learn what her limits are. Don't just maul her tit like that unless you know that's what she likes.”

“Be gentle, but confident, and you'll get into any girl's />
His face lit up. />
I captured his lips with a third kiss, and his hand softly squeezed me, sliding around the tit. I cooed into his mouth when his fingers found my nipple. He was gentle as he played with the hard nub, the pleasure tingling through my body right down to my hungry cunt.

“Umm, very good,” I purred, then I gasped as he sucked my nipple into his lips. learning />
a great teacher, Miss Blythe!”

Finally, that itch in my cunt needed to be scratched, so I slid off Patrick's lap. I pulled him up, kissed him passionately, and maneuvered him to my desk. I pushed him down onto the wooden surface, my cup of pens and pencils clattering to the floor again. I crawled on top, my heavy breasts dragging across his shirt; the cotton felt deliciously rough on my nipples.

“Are we really?” he asked, his eyes wide behind his glasses.

I hissed, fumbling at his pants button.

I pulled his cock out. He was short, but thick. I stroked his cock a few times, squeezing out a drop of pre-cum that I swirled about the sensitive head. Patrick moaned, squeezing his eyes shut. I guided him to my eager cunt, and sat down; his cock erupted inside me.

“Oh wow!” Patrick moaned as he came. “You feel so hot!”

He stayed hard despite youth wonderful? I started to ride his cock, sitting up and thrusting my breasts forward. As I fucked him, I ground my clit into his pubic bone as his hands rubbed up and down on my silky thighs. Gods, he felt amazing inside me. The thrill of fucking my student and taking his virginity sent me tumbling over the edge into my first orgasm.

I moaned, bouncing faster on his cock. “You fucking stud! You made me cum!”

“Really? I did that?” The awe in his voice was so cute.

“Gods yes! Your cock feels wonderful inside me!” I licked my lips. “Make me cum again, stud!”

I pumped my hips harder on him, driving his cock as deep into my cunt as it could go. His hands gripped my hips, sliding back to squeeze my plump ass. My breasts heaved up and down, and his blue eyes were rooted to them. I grabbed one breast and brought it to my lips and swirled my tongue around my fat nipple. Gods, I loved doing that.

“Miss Blythe! Your pussy! Oh jeez!”

“Are you about to cum?” I demanded, leaning over him, letting my nipples brush his shirt.

“Oh yes!”

“Good! Cum in me!” I screamed.

One of his hands gripped a swaying tit, fingering my nipple, as I ground my clit into his crotch, every brush sparking pleasure like flint striking steel. A few blasts of his cum shoot inside me, not as much as the first one, but enough that I could feel it; I shuddered in delight as a second orgasm surged through me. Panting, I collapsed on top of him.

He kissed me gently. “That was the best thing in the world, Miss Blythe.”

“It was,” I agreed, kissing him back. “You rocked my world, />
His grin was full of of confidence. “I did, didn't I.” I was so proud of him—now he was a man.

I stood up, feeling his cum leaking out of my pussy as I tucked my tits back into my bra cups, reclasping it. “Well, I hope you learned your lesson, young man. If you do it again, it'll be another />
he eagerly asked.

A rich laugh escaped my lips. “I promise.”

story by: mypenname3000

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