The fantasy begins ep.1

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How did I get in a situation like this? Everything is so blurred… Last thing I remember was sitting in some bar… a girl came up and offered me a drink, she was pretty; dressed in a long, black, thin dress. She was lean too, about 5'2" with an amazing set of curves, how could I say no? Her nipples protruded clearly from the thin black fabric, she obviously wasn't wearing a bra and whilst she turned to get my drink from the bar I saw she had one of the most amazing asses I’d ever seen, it was rounded but well toned and through the material I could make out the slightest outline of a sexy thong. I instantly had a hard on and when she came back from the bar she glanced across at me, her sight bowed and I swear she was staring straight at my crotch. She smiled slyly as she brought the drinks. After that I remember having a polite conversation to her, we chatted and chatted through the night, in the end we drank more and more.

It turned out that her name was Sarah, she didn't work but was looking for a job some place downtown. She had a beautiful smile and endlessly deep blue eyes, shoulder length hair which shimmered in the light. Her cheery disposition led me in and I found out that her husband had died recently, she seemed a little upset so I comforted her and it seemed as if we'd known each other for years.

Occasionally, she would lean over to fumble about in her handbag for something, giving me a great view of her breasts over the "v" of her dress which was very low cut. I had a definite feeling she was doing this on purpose, my crotch was aching now, after being turned on for such a long time. Luckily a table shaded it from view but I had a funny feeling that whilst looking in her handbag she glanced up at the tent I was making. However she didn’t seem to notice and we both carried on drinking.

My last memories were of her going to the bar and fetching another drink, this time however she took longer than usual and I saw her take something out of a little bag and she put it in the glass. I was far too happy to care and when she came back I slogged it back quickly. A couple of minutes after that everything blurred and I forgot what was happening.

I woke up, my brain was screaming in agony, as I opened my eyes and the room came into focus I saw I was in a dimly lit room. A little while later Sarah's face was in front of mine. I stuttered, she didn't reply. I was tied down in a chair, my hands behind my back. I couldn't tell what time of day it was as there were no windows. I looked around, my neck was stiff and to my surprise I found that I was sitting in a row of men, about 2 others in all, all to the left of me. All of them in the same predicament as me, all sat in chairs, bound but awake.

"Ah, you're all up now," said Sarah. She stood up and I noticed she was actually naked, instantly I felt more awake and my cock came to life, fully erect. She was even more beautiful that I’d expected. She had a perfectly flat tummy with a diamond stud in the middle, a perfect set of breasts that stood out with a pair of cute little nipples that were protruding in the cold air. She looked like she was enjoying herself with all these men as her audience, I had no idea where the other guys had came from, but they were all entranced like me… slightly apprehensions as the flitted around playing with out hair and breathing in our ears.

There was a small briefcase in the middle of the room and after a few minutes of torturous watching, she went to pick in up. She crouched down with her ass facing towards us, it was amazing. She was clean shaven of course, apart from a small strip of hair above her slit which was very hot. She opened the briefcase, taking out what appeared to be a syringe. She then proceeded to the man on the far left.

At first she slid her hand down his shirt, rubbing his chest slowly. Then suddenly, the man's expression changed to a wince and he shrieked as she pinched his nipple. She looked at him, as if trying to figure him out. She then pulled down his trousers and boxers to expose his cock. She looked at it with disgust, "This is tiny…." She ran her tongue up the rod and he appeared to be liking it. "You enjoying that baby?" She asked. The man nodded nervously. "This wont do," she said sadly. "You're far too small, and I don’t like your taste."

With that, she carelessly bit into his meat allowing a little blood to trickle slowly out of it. “Oops, she giggled, “let me kiss it better.” Her perfectly white teeth were now covered in his blood and she licked a little bit of it up. The man shuddered in pain but said nothing. She then took her head away from his cock and came up to kiss him, her mouth still full of his blood. She forced him to keep his head facing her and tongued him deeply, forcing him to take some of the blood in his mouth. Afterwards she looked at him. "Swallow it baby." She said quietly. The man didn't know what to do and shook his head slowly. He dared not spit it out. "Fine." She whispered, slowly taking her hand and pinching his nose so that he couldn't breath.

He held his breath for a while before shaking a little and after about a minute, swallowed. "Good boy," She said softly and let go of his nose.

She sat on his lap, squashing his bleeding cock against his stomach, not letting him enter her. "You're a disgrace" She said. With that she reached down to the syringe and picked it up off the floor. She attached a new needle and lifted it towards his neck. She pressed her head against his head and whispered "I hope you enjoyed that babe, you don't deserve it though" She then pressed the needle through his skin in his artery and he shuddered as she injected him with the substance.

He shaked and jerked for a moment before becoming limp and lifeless.

"Right, next…" She said, as she slid off the first man's leg. She slowly moved around the room. "But who next?" She pondered to herself. She stopped in front of the guy to the left of me. "So, is your cock any bigger?" She asked him. He nodded, not knowing what to say. "I'd hate you to be lying" She said wryly as she sat on his lap too gently sliding back and forth on his legs. I could hear that she was really grinding him hard, as his leg became covered in her wetness. She inhaled deeply when she got to his crotch. She placed her hands around his bulge and squeezed gently. He smiled, only to find she was not smiling. Sarah pulled down his trousers with an deflated look on her face, his cock wasn't bigger at all. ""I hate liars," She said.

She then, with her nails pinched his ball sack, pulling at it, gently at first, getting harder. The man let out a sob. She slid her other hand between his legs and played around between his crack whilst she fondled his cock. “I won’t let a liar cum,” She said as she forcefully pulled his foreskin down. She did it again and I could hear a sickening sound of tearing, “Does that feel good baby? Does that feel fucking good?” The man stuttered pulling too h-hard.” The man muttered, he was now sweating, unable to stop her as she pulled his foreskin up and down with increasing ferocity.

“Oh I’m sorry babe,” She said, grinning broadly, she gave an extra hard pull up and let her nails slice his skin slightly, the man grunted. She'd had enough, she took out the syringe and without any hesitation plunged it into his cock and unloaded the liquid into him. He writhed slowly, stuttering "No,.. please no" Softly. She smiled at him. “Not worth my time”

She then turned to me, "Last man standing huh?" I managed to make a smile. "Don’t worry baby, I’ll play nicely" She said.

She leaned over behind me, breathing in my ear, nibbling it softly. "Don’t disappoint me" She whispered. My crotch was aching so badly, I desperately wanted her to undo my trousers. She could obviously tell what I was thinking and she kneeled in front of me. I looked down again at those great tits as she delicately undid the zip on my trousers and undid my boxers in such a slow motion.

My dick flopped into full sight now and she gasped, "That's more like it" She said hungrily. I was relieved. I didn't think I had a huge cock, around eight inches, but I suppose it had a nice width and Sarah seemed to like it. Before I new it, she took my meat in her hand, smearing my precum up and down my rod. She then sped up the pace, I could hardly bare it, I wanted to cum right then. "Don’t cum unless I tell you to though," she said slyly. I'd seen what she'd don’t to the other men so I gladly obliged, trying my hardest not to cum.

She then started licking the head of my cock, it felt like it was burning and I wanted to cum even more. She smiled, taking the whole lot in her mouth as she went right down on me, deepthroating me expertly. I felt the back of her throat touch the head of my cock and it felt electric. Then she started bobbing her head up and down and stared up at me with those big brown eyes, managing not to gag well. She slowly sped up and how I didn’t cum I will never know, but after a while she could sense I was going to explode and so took my cock out of her mouth.

She kept rubbing it for a while, it was still slippery from her saliva which was warm and now mixed with my precum. She slurped hungrily at the mixture and then came up to kiss me. We shared a long passionate kiss, and I could taste my own cum as our tongues wrestled together. It wasn't too bad, and I could tell it was turning her on badly, she was shivering and her nipples were like rock against my chest. After we separated a long trail of saliva and sperm dribbled down her cheek and she wiped it off giggling quietly.

She then stood up, straddling me. Lowering herself onto my lap, I felt her soft, silky vagina touch against my cock and I shuddered in ecstasy. She kept lowering herself and I gasped as she allowed my dick to penetrate her tight pussy. She gasped too and we both looked into each other's eyes. It seemed to take an eternity for her to take the whole of my dick and I could tell I was stretching her tight hole a lot. She winced at the feeling, but after a while started to enjoy it.

It was torture having my hands behind my back, she slid back and forth on my cock, building up speed. She grabbed my hair and kissed me passionately. I could feel her pussy contracting, pulsing slowly and I wanted to fuck her so hard. I could hear her juices and they ran down my leg. She bounced up and down for a while with the wet slap of skin against my balls and I could tell she was enjoying it. She kept breathing in short gasps moaning “yeah yeah yeah,, ahh ohh yeah”

She stopped abruptly and raised herself off of my rod. She then placed her foot onto the back of the chair that i was sitting on so that her pussy was only a few inches away from my face. "Lick me out baby, get all my juices, I feel dirty," she gave me such a dirty look, I couldn’t resist. I started to move my tongue along her mound, teasing her, making circles around her clit. She pulled my face into her pussy, I couldn't breath, "put your tongue in my baby, make me orgasm!" I slid my tongue in between her slit and started licking franticly as hard as I could, humming in order to cause a little vibration. I could taste her juices, they were flowing freely down my chin and onto my face. She tasted so sweet and the musty smell turned me on so much.

With one hand she pumped hard at my cock, groaning at the same time. I kept licking harder until all of a sudden she exploded into orgasm, screaming "fuck my little pussy, lick it good baby… fuck yeah" I had no idea what was going to happen but without any warning she squirted everywhere, her hot lady juice squirted into my mouth and by the time she had settled down I was drenched.

She put her leg down off the chair breathing heavily, crouching on the floor, regaining her breath. "Fuck, that was amazing!" She panted. But she wasn't done yet, after a minute or two she got back off the floor and onto my lap again, kissing me hard, pushing my head back, licking around my mouth tasting her own goo.

My cock was still aching and I wanted to cum so much by now, It was pure agony to see this little vixen working herself up to her climax. She breathed heavily as she fiddled with the ties that bound my hands, I felt them come lose. "Show me what you can do baby" She said sexily.

I looked down at her, she had already spread her legs and was on her back in the middle of the room. My rod led me and I impaled her with no time to lose. She dug her nails into my back and I broke into her sweet pussy, pushing back and forth. Again I could hear the sloshing of our juices mixing and I thrusted harder and faster. Soon I couldn't take anymore, my balls contracted and I was about to cum everywhere. "Go on baby, fill me right up, you can cum now!" she screamed. I didn't need any more encouragement and before long I thrust to the hilt and exploded deep within her sweet folds.

She shuddered and her pussy contracted around my dick, it squeezed so hard and her back buckled and she thrusted too, meeting every stroke. I kept squirting and squirting, I thought it was never stop, Sarah's breathing became horse and she squealed loudly.

I looked down at her slit and saw my cum leaking out of her, she put her hand down there and scooped some up before sucking it off her fingers. I retracted my cock and we sat kissing on the floor both panting. I couldn't believe what had just happened. She looked pleased and whilst I lay on the floor, tired and used she got up and got the syringe again.

"You passed baby, you've been a good boy, but I’m afraid I still have something a bit special for later. You and the others still need to be rewarded." As I looked around she sat on my stomach and before I could say anything she had the needle in my arm pushing the drug into me. She pushed my head down to the ground and the world again turned into a blur all I could see was her smile, she gave my cock one last tug and whispered "Sorry babe, Good night."

By Metalaxxe

I hope you enjoyed this story, I have ideas for another episode already and it will go ahead if you liked this one! (Hopefully including some lesbians and the judgement of the same guys 😛 )

story by: metalaxxe

Tags: blowjob fantasy hardcore males / female drug bondage and restriction authoritarian sex story

Author: metalaxxe

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