The female stanton's downfall chapter 2

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The Stanton's Downfall

Chapter Two

I didn’t expect it to be so easy. I expected a lot more resistance than I witnessed today with my sister and her new toy, but there was nothing of the sort. I was a little jealous that she managed to acquire her own slave, but I knew my would come very soon; plus the saying was, that if a family shared together, they stayed together ad the Stanton's were going to share more than just their father.

I couldn’t help but watch Nicola as she walked back into the classroom at the end of the day and even better she waited until the school was deserted to approach me about the pictures. She was quite stupid although, when I thought about it, if I were in her position I would consider the same approach.

She looked beautiful I her cheerleader uniform. Nice and trim, full breast and long lean legs. Her hair was tied into a messy ponytail that bought out her elegant cheek bones and point noise and she wore a small blush that gave an almost innocent look that made me want to stuff her face into my pussy until she was covered with my cum, but soon enough. I found it exhilarating watching her shuffle at my desk and made a show of huffing impatiently

“What is it Miss Stanton?” she looked around the room nervously and said looking at me yet unable to meet my eyes

“Uhm, Miss, I was wondering whether you found a brown envelope on your desk?” I leaned back against my chair wondering how far this plan could go and whether everyone involved to get exactly what they wanted. I continued to study her frame admiring her lean log legs and her shapely thighs and wiggled in excitement and all the fun that was about to come. Nicola three sisters and bitch of a mother would eventually pay one step at a time and for me to get to Cassandra, Nicola's bitch older sister I had to go through Nicola. I slowly drew the envelope from my brown desk draw and said watching her face turn to horror and as I gently pried the envelope lid open and pulled out her scandalous pictures one by one. I laid them on the desk allowing her to clearly see the photos of her very sexy blow-job and her precious time with my sister and said slowly watching her eyes flicker from left to right and her chest heave with panic and fear

“You see, there are quite a number of people you have offended and unfortunately for you, you happen to be a very beautiful girl with a body made for fucking” she said nothing but her eyes expressed more than her pouty pink lips ever could. She knew she had bee set up, she cat prove it and no one could really help her.

“from the look on your face, you understand your predicament , so resign yourself to the fact that you will be giving and relieving sexual favours ad all of this could go on very smoothly or resist and the consequences will be very humiliating and painful!” tears streamed down her face and I couldn’t help but smile softly and watch as she stuttered

“Please, I don’t understand why you, why this, is happening!” I nodded in mock sympathy and slowly rose from my chair discarding my black blazer and said sitting on my desk directly in front of her obscuring her view from the pictures. My had gently cupped her face and I had to take a minute to marvel at its softness

“The reason this is happening is because your a rude bitch and your getting what you deserve!” she cried harder now but didn’t back away ad I moved her forward between my legs and said pressing my lips against her tear stained ones

“You have a choice now. Enjoy this moment or I will make what my sister did to you seem like child’s play!” I smiled in satisfaction as I watched her head bob up and down frantically

Nicola's POV

Again, I cant believe this is happening again. I shook as I felt her cool her rub up and down my naked legs and I shivered as her lips kissed my bare stomach. I wish I never wore my cheer uniform , there was so much ski showing ad she had access to all of it. I continued to cry as I felt her tongue snake around my belly button and her hands crept up my yellow skirt. I could feel my chest exploding in my chest and I continuously twitched every time she nipped at my skin with her teeth. In any other situation, if this were maybe a guy, Kevin, the football player I would have been more than happy with this situation but it was my teacher ad she was a woman who hated me. I knew t from day one, the way she looked at me sent shivers throughout my body and it was incredibly hard to talk back with her or get my way with her. I jumped as her hands wormed their way into my knickers yanking it straight down to my ankles. She laughed gleefully and said walking back to her chair whilst pulling he along with her

“Now, clean your pretty little face and sit on my lap and face me!” I stood still staring at her, not knowing what to say but I knew I should obey her. My legs shivered as I slowly squatted over her lap and jumped as she darted forward pressing urgent kisses on my neck. This felt so wrong on so many levels. I cold feel her lips moving over my cheeks and the her tongue circled my lips and I felt myself instinctively open up for her. I knew I should hate this but he way she was kissing me had me feeling so many things as well as fear and anxiety. I could feel her hands grasp at my skin; my back, my ass, my thighs as her lips firmly captured my own. I slowly kissed back allowing my tongue to meet hers and explore her. I could no longer help myself. Even though I hated what Sandra did to me she had given me the most intense orgasm ever but Miss Rose was like a slow burn which wanted more of. I scooted forward in her lap no longer thinking about the fact that we were both female and I was being blackmailed into this but the desire I wanted was more prominent and that’s all I wanted to experience. My arms wrapped around her neck as she sucked on my tongue and her finger made their way into my panties. There was something almost erotic about the way she was kissing me, filled with desire yet darkness and I was so drunk on the feeling that I lost coherent thought. She didn't need to coax my pussy into accepting her because it gave way to her fingers instantly. I could feel myself moving with her as she fucked me with her fingers and cried out as her tongue moved past my lips and down my neck. I could feel my breast strain against the fabrics of my cheer-leading uniform ad I quickly raised it allowing my breast to be exposed to her. I watched as she slowly licked at my chest sending me into a fever but then avoided my nipples and it hurt. I wanted her to touch me and she knew this but she avoided me

“If you want any pleasure you have to give as well!” I nodded eagerly and clumsily climbed off her lap ad knelled between her legs and quickly undid her shirt with shaky hands. I shouldn't be doing this but I couldn’t help my self, I wanted to more All this time all I had my my fingers to explore myself after what Sandra did tome and I wanted more but she had avoided me and kept the pictures until the last minute. I couldn’t help but stare at her breast. They weren't massive but they fit her frame amazingly. She was at least a B cup but her nipples were s pointy and I couldn’t be sure if she were aroused because she was so still and calm throughout our whole make-out. I slowly latched my lips around her attention seeking buds and sucked hard. It was so fun to do this to her yet the fear of doing something like this was still there. My body had a mind of its own and my hands found their way under her skirt. I could feel her hands patting my head as it I were a puppy and I was happy that she liked what I was doing, I hope she would do the same for me too. I caressed her thighs and sucked her nipples until she said with a small smile

“Since I am not wearing any underwear, it should be easy for you to get to work!” I nodded unsure of why I was being so obedient and stuck my head under her skirt and sniffed at her bare crutch. She smelt musky but a nice airy smell not at all overwhelming. I gulped afraid for the first time and slowly kissed her

“Stick your ass in the air, I want to see that ass of yours!” I nodded eagerly wanting to please her and shivered as her hands caressed me and her pussy was shoved not to my mouth making me breath in her pussy.


What a good girl. I was happy with her development. I knew Sandra had something to do with it for she was with the girl every afternoon making her addicted to this kind of treatment. She was very easy. I moaned as she finally put her tongue inside me and smirked as my sister stood behind her raised ass with her toy in hand. I signalled for my sister to begin the spankings and watched and moaned as our pet twitched and screamed in pain and shock

“I am not happy with your service, silence yourself and stick your tongue as far as it will go!” I watched her head bob under my skirt and felt her tongue lapping at my clit and she slowly put her hand under the skirt and began using her fingers to fuck my hole. I moaned louder this time and patted her head again

“Good, Now your reward” I laughed as Sandra shot forward and in one motion buried her self in the teens hole. She thrashed about, scared at the intrusion but continued lapping away as she was fucked from behind and spanked simultaneously. I worked her left cheek and Sandra worked the other. It was fascinating watching her ass turn bright red but I had other plans in mind. I quickly pushed her away from me watching her slump unto the floor as my sister still pounded her ass and quickly but on my own “fake dick”. I wanted to test how much she could take down her throat. I quickly stood in front of her defeated head and said

“Raise your head!” she slowly did so and I was growing inpatient so Sandra gave her the hardest slap ever and I watched amused as she arched up, groaning at the new position and starred at her new best friend with horror. I laughed and began using the dick to whack her face and she cried out as I pulled her hair. She mouth parted in shock and I quickly entered her, her eyes widened and as I slowly eased in and began fucking her mouth at a languid pace. The vibrations coming from the cock increased with tempo and strength so a low buzz was easing into my system. I slowly built up matching my sisters frantic pace and gasped as the cock sprang to life within me. I watched as five inches already disappeared down her throat and tear streamed down her face but I didn’t care. Her family destroyed mine and I will not let a single one of them off the hook. My father already had his plans in motion with my mother and even though he was part of our families humiliation we forgave him since he begged, pleaded and explained what happened with Nicolas bitch mother and now we had plans in motion to get Isobel and Olivia the brown haired twins with ice blue eyes and slender athletic frames and Natalie the sixteen year old blond haired bitched who was as bitchy as Nicola and just as dumb and then Cassandra the blonde 24 year old beauty who was curvy in all the right places and an ass to die for. Lastly, Gloria, who was a beauty back in the day but she let herself go at 40 she had curves, big breast which wee absolutely amazing. Their whole family will belong to us. I could feel my self clenching in anticipation and groaned as the vibrator was put on max and the girl beneath me gagged and chocked on the toy. I smiled as I felt my release shatter through my body and into her mouth and watched as she groaned and tears rolled down her checks and her throat bulged at the intake of my fluids, but I wasn’t done with her. She and my sister both watched as I sighed as I released the fluids in my bowels and watched as she thrashed about. I moved forward some more tucking her head in-between my legs pushing the toy directly into her throat and watched her head roll back and her body convulse before I pulled out and watched her dry cry in a small foetal position. I slowly tugged on the dick not fully satisfied and wanting another release and said to Sandra

“How about we switch sides?” she nodded early wanting to try out her mouth as well.

By the time it was 7.00pm Nicola had been taken four times in the pussy and four times in the mouth and she was pissed on and in. she was slowly dressed back in her uniform and forced to watch her whole deprivation. She cried the whole way through and Sandra sucked her tits the whole way through. I laughed at her predicament and said stroking her hair and watched as she closed her eyes

“On Friday you will tell your parents you are sleeping at a friends and you will be home after school on Monday, is that clear?” She nodded without hesitation

“You will also bring your school uniform, cheer-leading uniform and your sexiest underwear as well as clubbing clothes, also shave all your cunt hair. You tell your mother that you are staying at Sandra’s house and you give her my telephone for her to contact, if your mother is not available ask either of your sisters to call me for details, is that she nodded again. I smiled at her obedience and slowly bent down and gave her pink bruised lips a slow kiss and said against her lips

worry you will enjoy what we do to you!”

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