The girl on the bus – part 1

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One day when I was on my way home from school, in the bus, I saw an extremely hot looking girl. She was around 17 (so am i), quite long blonde hair, a pair of cute eyes and perfect, glossy lips. She was quite tall, wearing blue jeans and a black jacket, which prevented the estimation of breats size, but they should be fairly big, I thought.

I had noticed she had glanced at me several times already, with a small cute smile on her lips. Then, the moment i had feared came. She pushed the button, she was going off at the next stop. I looked at her nonstop by now, already a bit hard, my mind razing with stuff i could do with her. Then, when she was standing at the door, the unbelievable happened. She looked at me, and with a tiny movement on her head, she nodded to me to also get off at this stop. Like nothing had happened, I casually rose from my seat, and joined her at the door. She had a satisfied smile on her lips, when she looked away.

The bus stopped, doors opened, and I followed her outside. She began to walk down to her apartment building, 100 meters away from the busstop. It was a 6-story building. I followed her inside, feeling a bit stupid. When the doors had shut behind us, she glanced behind her for the first time since we got out from the bus, and smiled. She entered the elevator, and held the door open for me. When I got inside, she hugged me, and we kissed passionately, though we had just seen each other for the first time. I was suprised, but played along, and it sure felt good. My dick was hard by now, and she knew it. She reached down, and, still kissing, stroke it through my pants. That made it even more harder. The elevator stopped at the fourth floor, and we got out.

Once we got inside her 3 room apartment, she spoke for the first time.

”My mom ain't home, so we can be as wild as we want” she said and blinked to me.

I removed my shoes and my jacket, and she did the same. She had a white thin college underneath her jacket, it was open and I saw her white top underneath. It revealed her navel. Girls dress so lightly though it's -10 degrees outside!

”Do you often do this?” I asked, referring to picking up guys at the bus. She catched my drift and answered:

”This is the first time” and she smiled a sexy smile. ”It's going pretty bad with my boyfriend, and i just want some action. And a new boyfriend, maybe” she said and smiled seductively. Then she turned around, and walked to her bedroom.

I followed her. Her bedroom was very clean, and dominated by a big one person bed, where you almost could squeeze in two persons to sleep. Somehow, i thought i wasn't gonna do much sleeping in that bed. I glanced at my watch. 15 past five. I was expected home long ago, but fuck that.

The girl was sitting on her bed when i came into the room.

”May i ask you what your name is?” I said determined.

She smiled. Obviously she had been waiting for this question.

she said shortly. ”And what's your name?”

i said.

She paused a moment. Then she came nearer, and almost whispered:

”Oooooh, i'm so horny. Fuck me. Now.” She closed her eyes, and then she kissed me again. For a moment she bit her underlip in that extremely sexy way, and removed her college and top. She wasn't wearing any bra.

I've had many girlfriends, had done it numerous times, but this was simply the most gorgeous girl I had ever been with. Her boobs were round and firm, complete with erect nipples. Her body was not skinny, and not too round, perfect. Here was a girl that was naturally very sexy, and knew it.

Again she sat down at the edge of the bed, toying with her nipples as she watched me remove my shirt. I kneeled before her, and started to caress her breasts with my tounge. She closed her eyes in pleasure. I slowly did one breast, then moved to the second, then back and so on. She was near getting her first orgasm just for that. I knew how to pleasure a girl. Never have my dick been harder, it was about to rip my pants apart.

She lay down on her bed, and i removed her jeans. She had small white thong underwear, already very wet. I rubbed her pussy through them for a moment, then removed them.

She had a small,very sexy shaved pussy. I spread her legs, moved my head in position, and started to slowly move my tongue up and down her cunt. She moaned loudly, and was wanking her nipples. I moved my tongue briefly into her, then out, having got my tongue soaked with her sweet juices, which i swallowed. A few seconds later, she came. Hard. My face was soaked thoroughly with her pussyjuice. Her body then calmed down, and we moved to a new position.

I crawled up on the bed, and she rolled put of my way. I lay on my back, and she eagerly watched the mountain that was my cock. I gestured to her to remove my pants, and it was free. She let out a small gasp, then smiled.

”Do you have any condoms?” she asked.

I said unsure.

”Then let's take the risk” she said and positioned her naked body over mine. She had her hands on my breast, sitting so that my cock was almost up her ass. I watched her boobs as she slowly lifted up her body, hovering over my rock hard dick.

She lowered herself over it, and i felt it go in through her tight pussy. It got tight, but Sarah just pushed further. She seemed to enjoy it immensely. When it was fully inside, a fact that i was suprised over, because mine is fairly big. She moved up and down, riding my cock, and it felt extremely good, for me and for her.

During this riding, i nearly came, but she sensed it and stopped.

”Not just yet” she said with a smile.

She moved over and positioned herself on the floor at the footend of the bed, kneeling. Just seeing her sit there, waiting to give head, almost made me cum again. I moved forward, giving her full access.

She grabbed my dick with one hand, and started to move her hand up and down, with a smile on her face. I could tell she had seen it on film, always wanting to do it herself. She slowly moved her head forward, slowly opened her mouth, and licked the head of my dick. I withheld the cum, i wanted to see how good she was.

Sarah looked up at my face, then put the head into her mouth. This was the single most pleasurable moment of my entire life. She, one of the prettiest girls i had ever seen, was giving me head, and doing it remarkably well for a first-timer.

She got it almost the whole way in, then she choked and pulled it out. Patient as i am, i waited until she was ready to give it an another try, which she did not long after. This time she didn't choke, and her perfect glossy lips were closed around my dick, moving out and in. She closed her eyes, so did i. Then i let out the first jet of cum. She quickly pulled my dick out, she had been waiting for this and wouldn't let it all go down he throat just yet. I soaked her face with my hot cum, and she enjoyed it immensely. Soon she had it on her breasts too. She began to eat it all with her finger, and i watched as she cleaned herself of my cum.

When she was ready, she crawled up beside me, and i felt her breasts against my breast. She kissed me passionately.

”This was the most enjoyable session i've ever had” she half whispered and half moaned, as she relaxed beside me. We were close together, and her arms were soon around me, and we kissed again.

story by: Danny;;

Tags: young blowjob erotica fantasy cum swallowing romance male / female teens sex story

Author: danny

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