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10:14 am Thursday

Mark felt like he was playing the main part in the movie GATACA as he sat in front of the mirror trying to remove every last piece of hair from his body save for his head. He was sorry that he lost the bet, but he would have expected her to take it up the ass if he had won, so here he was paying up without complaint.

He had already taken the 1/16th inch clippers and removed nearly all the hair from his chest, genitals, legs, and the parts of his back he could reach. He was unfortunately going to have to have someone else help with his upper back and was still struggling with what to do about that.

He stepped out of the pile of hair around his feet and got into the shower. He loaded up his razor with a fresh intuition cartridge. It had a ring of soap surrounding the blade that seemed as though it could comfortably remove the rest of his hair.

Marie had always had a passion for hairless chests and legs. She had once dated a swimmer and apparently liked how he had shaved himself all over. He was still in disbelief that he missed his last shot not even able to send it into a tie breaker. His thoughts focused on the task at hand so he wouldn’t wind up bleeding all over the bathroom.

He sat down in the tub and put one leg up on the edge and slid the razor down his leg…

10:30 am Friday

He stepped out of the shower having just finished taking care of the stray hairs he missed the day before. Damn was he itchy. He got some lotion out and like some freak of nature, with his eye brows now also removed, started to pump the lotion into his hand and rub it all over to soothe himself.

He was a little pissed off about the whole thing now since he was going to be itchy and feisty for days on end while it began to grow back…

9:02 pm Friday

He was sitting there all dressed up waiting for an hour now. She had made it clear he should be ready on time. He sat on the couch, an empty pizza box still on the coffee table with a dozen different science magazines in disarray. There were Popular Science, Discover, Scientific American, and New Scientist including back issues lying about showing their wrinkles.

There was a huge bang at the door that made him jump and almost piss his pants. It was as though someone had taken a log and slammed it into the door. The floor shook with the jolt and he quickly got to his feet and scrambled to the bathroom where he could peek out the window onto the porch.

There were two big guys dressed identically in black T-Shirts and blue Jeans. One was behind the other with his arms crossed, the other reared up with his fists and charged the door and struck it with his forearms. The same loud crash ensued and even though he saw it coming he still jumped and jostled the blinds.

The dude in back noticed him and came close to the window. He put his hands around his face as he pressed up to the window to block the glare from the dusk light of the just recently set sun.

“Get the hell out here Mark, Marie sent us to pick you up for collecting on her bet,” the guy sounded muffled through the window. He was glad they weren’t actually here to harm him and ran around to the door to let them in so the neighbors wouldn’t hear. They probably had already.

The ones guy’s huge forearms were red from the battering ram trick. He looked like a bouncer from a biker bar. The other guy was taller and obviously worked out too.

he ordered matter-of-factly once they were inside.

Mark could not believe his ears.

“You want us to do it for you?” the tree trunk inquired daring him.

“We are to inspect the work and stop off at the salon if you didn’t do a good enough job, so give us a look see.” the leader said doing a childlike impression.

9:44 pm Friday

He shrieked as the first strip of waxed paper was torn from his back…

12:13 am Saturday

He had no idea where he was. The thick cloth bag over his head was making it hard to breath. He had no idea who was sucking his dick but it was making him horny to think about it. He hoped it was Marie, but doubted it since she had never deep throated him like this.

With each stroke he could feel the cool night air chill his saliva covered cock. The spit was starting to run down on his balls and make them feel cold. They were tightening up from the mild breeze and the thoughts of an approaching orgasm that were now going through his head.

He was pretty sure he had been tied to a park bench. He could feel the three slats of wood on his naked back and three more on his bare ass as he slid forward to have his cock sucked. The guys had left him there and wondered off into the distance. He certainly hoped it wasn’t one of them blowing him. It sure felt like a woman though and he had heard the guys get in their car and drive off.

His legs were loosely strapped it was his arms that were spread out along the length of the bench top and secured very well with tape. The sound of traffic on a highway was not too far off in the distance, almost far enough to sound like a river if it weren’t for the loud knocking of an older overworked engine every so often.

12:19 am Saturday

Marie stood overlooking the river below from the hilltop. The night breeze was whipping her long blonde hair from behind covering the sides of her soft young face. She could hear Mark moaning behind her from the bench. He was getting close to losing his first load for the night. It was the perfect spot to have her friends get off on him. No one would pull off to see the historical viewpoint at night with a rest area only a couple of miles further.

She smiled as she though about what her and her friends were going to do to him…

12:23 am Saturday

His legs instinctively flexed. He could not straighten them out all the way like he normally preferred. The pressure against the restraints had the same effect of tensing all his muscles though which seemed to make the orgasm stronger.

The girl sucking him off had made a comment that made him feel much better. She called him by name and promised to make him cum. He was mostly relieved to hear a girl’s voice. He didn’t recognize her but he knew this was all a part of Marie’s bet now. This allowed him to relax a little more and get down to business.

The first shot of semen sloshed off the roof of her mouth and coated her tongue and the inside of her upper teeth. She gagged a bit not quite ready for his load. She quickly composed herself and pulled him most of the way out so she could concentrate on holding it all in her mouth.

She continued stroking the base of his rod with her tiny fingers that could barely wrap all the way around his circumference. The salty thick spurts of his seed were now coating her mouth as she held the back of her throat closed as not to lose any.

Mark realized that the girl had kept her mouth over his prick as he shot his load. He loved to cum in Marie’s mouth but she only let him on special occasions. This girl was milking him for all he had. His spasms were now waning and each push accompanied her hands stroking him upward to squeeze out a final few drops to her tongue. She was now spanking her mouth gently with his cock as the final few drops flew off the tip of his penis and landed on his legs and her cheek.

He was again surprised right as she let go to feel someone come up from behind him. He felt what must have been a girl’s breasts press up against his head just before he felt her hands on each side of his cock, one per thigh. She slid her hands quickly upwards across his belly, chest, circling and lightly pinching his nipples, and then pulling his head back and lifting the hood up from his chin.

As soon as the hood cleared his mouth and nose he breathed in a very much need breath of cool night air. His mouth was open pulling the delicious oxygen in gulps. His lips were attacked with a kiss. Her tongue was forcing itself past his teeth and licking at the roof of his mouth. He had never been so shocked by a kiss. It was so violent and forceful.

The salty taste hit him immediately as he almost choked when she spit his load of cum to the back of his throat. Her hands gripped his cheeks and pulled his jaw open as the girl from behind held his head back. He had tasted his own cum before when a previous girlfriend had promised anal sex if he licked it out of her pussy. He was more in shock than anything. He was certainly not repulsed and was proud of the fact that he would happily taste it for a girl to prove he was just doing the whole thing out of pleasure rather than some sort of desire to humiliate her.

This was actually quite erotic wondering who had just given him a premium blow job and then mashed it into his mouth. He swallowed the load as soon as he gained his composure from the initial surprise.

“You are so nasty,” the girl from behind whispered into his ear. He thought she sounded familiar. One of Marie’s friends he had met.

She dropped the bag back down over his head and both girls let go of him. They moved over to where Marie and another girl were standing.

“Are you ready?” they asked her. Tammy nodded with a grin and reached down to pinch her nipple.

12:39 am Saturday

His cock had shrunk to tiny proportions. He was freezing in the wind. His teeth were chattering and he was pretty pissed the girls had just left him there. The cum in his mouth left a funny coating and felt like his teeth were wearing a sweater. He had always been able to brush his teeth after sex or gone right to sleep when he had done it before. Now he was just left out flapping in the breeze and had to endure the souring taste in his mouth.

He promised never again to make a bet like this with her…

12:40 am Saturday

He felt someone grab each arm and leg. They worked one at a time to release and then retie the appendage. He was still chattering worse as they stood him up. They had apparently tied him to a couple of sticks because they lifted him up and walked him into a grassy area. His arms felt like he was tied like a scarecrow and he had to waddle with the restraints fixing his legs a certain distance apart.

He was led onto a warm blanket which was the second best feeling he had felt all night. They laid him down on his back and he was covered with another blanket. They had some sense after all he figured. They would have been licking a tiny Popsicle prick if they didn’t get him warmed up he thought. They again redid his constraints and he was tied down spread eagle to some steaks made for a tent.

Again they took the hood up over his mouth and nose and this time he was more reluctant to start gasping for air. His sweating face felt good to be out in the cold but he was worried what they might be planning.

“Marie, get this fucking hood off of me, I can’t hardly breathe,” He barely got the words out before the soft hot lips of a pussy were lowered onto his mouth. The taste and smell flooded his senses. He loved a good pussy to lick and this one smelled great.

Tammy was a bit self conscious and had brought a washcloth to clean herself up with. She had always had the hots for Mark since Marie started dating him and she was thrilled to have him lick her juicy ripe cunt. She had imagined just such a moment several times while masturbating in the hot tub with the water jet shooting across her clit. The wash cloth had left her cold, but the blood was now flowing to her pussy lips. If he could have seen them he would have been enamored with the giant swollen lips.

He loved to see pussy lips get engorged with blood as a woman got horny. He had once seen a girl, her name was Kathy, walk naked into a room that had been hot for him for quite some time. He had finally coaxed her home one evening after he finally got the nerve to ask her out though it was mostly her desire that brought her there. The view of her petite body standing with her legs shoulder width apart, hands on her hips in a sultry pose, and all the blood and fluids rushing in to swell up her pussy lips was burned into his brain. Her pussy looked perfectly normal after sex, but that one time before they did it he thought maybe she had some sort of a deformity the lips were so thick and bright pink. Her lubricants were practically dripping down her legs. It was inflamed and engorged like the one type of copious monkey where the female’s genitals turn bright red and puffy to display her readiness. He never could get that image out of his mind and often imagined Marie was Kathy if she somehow managed to creep into his always sexually bent mind.

These pussy lips smashing into his face felt swollen and well lubricated just like he remembered Kathy. This made him want to eat this girl, in his mind Kathy, until she shook uncontrollably with an orgasm on his face.

He could feel the other girls get under the blanket and start rubbing his smooth shaven legs. One of them even started kissing his leg as he hungrily munched away at Tammy’s pussy. He felt one of the girls suck his big toe into her mouth. The warm, wet, smooth and silky feeling of the inside of her mouth was a very strange feeling. He had never felt any comparable sensation. His dick when it had a mouth on it simply felt hot and saturated with delightful sensation like a hot furnace with velvet fire. But his toe could feel all the minute differences without being overwhelmed. It just never had been a place from which sexual stimulations had ever been reported to his brain and the newness of the first ever traveled nerve paths brought extra excitement to the moment.

His cock grew raging hard and throbbed with his heartbeat. He licked the giant folds of her pussy lapping up all the juices he could. His face was slathered with her frothy pussy cream rubbed to a white mess all over his face as she continued to hold his forehead and slide her pussy up and down his tongue with an orgasm bearing down on her.

He felt another set of hands playing with his cock as he continued to focus on sticking his tongue up her wet hole each time it slid past. Just as Tammy started to moan with the waves of her orgasm overtaking her he felt another pussy slide down his cock and bury it as a sword put away in its sheath.

The new sensation on his feet continued as each toe one at a time was getting initiated. The girl who had been kissing his leg now stopped and moved up to help Tammy off of his face. She had been so fully and thoroughly entranced in her orgasm that she was now unable to get up on her own shaky legs.

As she lifted one knee to stand up with Marie holding her arm to help steady the shaking her pussy gaped open and sucked in a large current of air. The unmistakable sound of what he had always called a pussy fart right over his face as she stood up was quite unnerving. The girl that had just started riding him began shaking in an uncontrollable fit of laughter that felt something like a vibrator to his prick. Marie was now giggling too but put her hand to her mouth as she saw the mortified look on Tammy’s face in the moonlight.

Tammy ran off toward the cars as she began to cry hysterically, never had she been so embarrassed. She was a bit plump and was the last one to agree to this in the first place. Now she would never live this down and would always be ashamed of what had happened.

The other two girls got up and ran after Marie who had chased Tammy down near the car. Mark lye there with the sound of the pussy fart still echoing in his memory and wondering what the fuck was worse, that it had happened or that they all stopped to go calm her.

1:19 am Saturday

Thankfully they had the decency to come back and put the blanket back over him while they talked to Tammy. Marie had told him to hang on a minute while they calmmed her down and they would come back and finish. She wouldn’t actually tell him who the girls were when he asked. She just ignored the question.

Now he was a bit upset it was taking so damn long…

1:32 am Saturday

His dick was lying there totally limp. How wrong was this whole thing he />
1:47 am Saturday

Marie had replaced the hood with a blindfold and he could now hear the hushed tones of a conversation. “It’s ok, it happens to everyone,” he was able to make out at one point when they raised their voices.

2:10 am Saturday

He awoke with a jolt as an electric shock went through him. His dick was completely limp and being sucked on while at the same instant he felt two hot pussies grind on his knees. An instant later he sensed someone lowering onto his face as the sounds of the night and highway in the distance were muffled out. A matt of pubic hair squashed his nose as a small adjustment was made forward. Then he felt the slick pussy lips lowered onto his mouth.

This pussy was different. It was small and the girl much more petite. He guessed it was Marie’s friend Jessica. She was so tiny and attractive he just got hard thinking that it was her he was eating out. He imagine getting in the sack with her would be like doing a gymnast.

His cock quickly grew to its full size as the girl continued to suck him. The two pussies rubbing on his knees were more like fucking his knees now. That was a very strange sensation as well. It didn’t feel as good as when his toe was being sucked, yet it felt better with the help of the imagination. A pussy just trumps a tongue any day no matter what it is rubbing on.

He could hear Jessica moaning now every once in a while as she had started fucking his tongue. He was pretty sure it was her now after hearing her and he enjoyed the thought of cramming his tongue up her hole as if her were watching from above. Since the blindfold was on, he had to imagine most of the action and did so by watching from above. Marks thoughts and the taste of Jessica’s saliva covered pussy was making him gyrate his hips. Tammy’s mouth kept bobbing up and down his shaft as he seemed to be enjoying himself more.

She decided she would offer to make it up to him for what had happened earlier. She had heard one story told by Marie and knew he was going to like what she was about to do. She tapped Becky on the elbow since her eyes where shut as she ground her pussy up and down Mark’s knee. She then motion to his now vacated prick and Becky got off his knee.

Mark felt his dick drop out of one of the girl’s mouth and a second later the girl got off his right knee. His leg was spread open slightly, as much as could be with the restraints, and he felt someone nuzzle up between his legs. Right as another girl took his cock into her mouth from his side the girl between his legs started licking his hairless scrotum.

The heat felt great and caused the skin to relax itself a bit and soon she was stretching and sucking his balls as the other girl who had quite a bit more sucking action to her blowjob went down on him with a mission. Every once in a while her teeth would lightly scrape his cock on the way down, something that normally brought pain now brought surges of desire pouring out of him.

The other girl got off his knee and his legs were again spread further open. The girl between his legs started licking his bare thighs and the one who had gotten off his knee was now apparently taking her place to tickle his sack with her wet tongue.

The sensations he now felt from three girls licking his legs, nuts and prick where too much to handle. He started to strain himself trying to reach out for the pussy on his mouth. Jessica’s face was unseen by the others as she rode his mouth. It was beginning to contort into a painful grimace with her mouth now hanging open. Her chin shifted to one side as her head looked down at the dimly lit mostly covered face between her legs. Just a few more licks and this son of a bitch was going to make her cum.

She had never actually had an orgasm from being licked before. She had always needed to either finish off with her finger or to have a cock stuffed inside. Her small breasts out in the cool night air were glistening and her nipples were taught. The tiny hairs on her B cup mounds each poked straight out and held a small droplet of perspiration that evaporated as soon as it materialized.

She started a rhythmic and exaggerated motion of rubbing her pussy on his chin and mouth. Her senses were inundated with pleasure. She placed her hands on the grass above his head and spread her legs wide open as the waves hit. She crushed his tongue with a sopping wet clit and molded her pussy around his chin.

Becky glanced over when Jessica’s leg thrust out and pressed up against her ass. She was on her elbows and knees sucking Marks huge dick when Jessica started her orgasm. She could see her tiny ass shimmering in the moonlight. Her legs were spread wide open, her foot was actually between Becky’s legs and rubbing the calf against her thigh. She could see Marks face taking the brunt of the force.

She had never seen a girl from this view before and never had realized how close a vagina was to the ass. Her eyes now having had plenty of time to adjust to the low light and she could see Jessica’s ass hole right above his chin. The lips of her pussy were spreading with each thrust forward, almost as if she was a guy thrusting. Her thin legs splayed wide open made it possible to see the whole area between her legs.

She had once been approached by another girl and the moment was ruined when her mother had come by to check on their movie. Ever since then she had wondered what it would be like. She realized now that she had the desire to try it as the sight she could now see was making her pussy tingle.

She got up from her position and squatted down swiftly on his prick. Marie was still licking his balls was taken aback for a moment. She didn’t exactly want Becky’s ass on her face. So she adjusted slightly and started to lick his thighs instead.

Becky now slid up and down his dick. This stretched her slick pussy and with the view of Jessica’s ass just finishing up on Marks face she had made quick moves toward an orgasm. She put her hands on Jessica’s thighs and spread her ass open even wider. This helped her steady her balance and see the view better. Marks tongue was still flicking wildly at her lips and she started to move Jessica’s whole body up and down at the same pace she glided up and down the long prick touching the back of her cervix with each bounce.

It probably took a total of 15 seconds and maybe 25 strokes before Becky started her orgasm. Jessica had hardly finished her orgasm and now the audible cries of Becky were filling the entire park area.

Tammy had taken the moment that Marie moved over to Marks leg as her opportunity. She had her left hand under his right knee and pushed up as she dove way down and snaked her tongue into his ass. She had rimmed another guy before but did not enjoy it much having to feel all the scratchy hair on her cheeks. But his smooth ass felt nice against her skin. She pulled back a little and licked the whole area quickly before going back in.

The slippery feel on her chin and cheeks was wonderful. She could feel Mark thrusting up with a new fervor as she tried to poke her tongue inside. The ring of his ass was tight as he tried to meet the thrusts of Becky now beginning the loud throes of her orgasm.

Jessica started to get up off his face but Becky had gone into a wild abandoned state and was making her fuck Mark’s face harder when she needed to stop. The sensory overload was beginning to make the touch on her clit almost hurt as if being tickled too much. She lifted herself off his face and her ass now stuck up in the air. She was on her hands and feet and her pussy was now spread further open and right in front of Becky’s face.

As Becky’s orgasm overtook her Jessica had lifted up. She could now see her delicious looking wet pussy in front of her face and the sudden motion made her fall forward. The weakness she felt from the impending orgasm made her unable to hold herself up.

Her face caught right in the crack of Jessica’s ass, the same spot she had been staring at and realizing was turning her on. She wanted badly to lick up the juices but she was worried what her friends would think about her. She just held her face there as she kept moaning, louder now. Unless Jessica moved there wasn’t much she could do until her orgasm subsided anyway.

Jessica realized that her motion had made Becky fall over and was not able to hold herself up. The loud moans and hot breath right on her ass in the strange compromising position she was in made her feel very vulnerable and sexy. She held the position as long as she could without drawing too much attention to herself, and then slowly bent her knees to lower herself back onto Marks face so she could stand up. Becky’s face pressed harder as she lost her balance even more on the way down. She could almost feel a tongue snapping out licking her pussy but wasn’t sure. It was a fleeting moment that she would think about as she masturbated later once she was alone. The feeling of a girl right on her ass moaning with an orgasm as her own was still subsiding was immensely erotic.

Becky finally removed her hands from Jessica’s legs as she stood up and slipped from under her. She collapsed in a heap on Mark and kissed him as a replacement for Jessica’s pussy though his face was covered with the aroma. She was then a bit more composed as she realized that Mark was now thrusting upward and just at the start of his own orgasm. She quickly pulled up off of him and then back down to let his cock slide between her ass cheeks. She did not want to get pregnant with this little escapade as she was not on the pill.

His cum volcanically shot out a thick rope onto Becky’s back. She had indeed pulled it out in time. The first surge had shot up and landed on the small of her back.

Tammy had pushed the orgasm over the edge with her ministrations on his puckered ass hole. Her face was buried in there and covered with a thin film of saliva allowing her to rub her whole face up and down his crack with her tongue poking out and slipping all around the hole. She had been doing it long enough that part of her face felt as though it was starting to go numb with the incessant rubbing.

She watched with glee as the first shot of cum spewed forth from his thrusting cock still coated with Becky’s love juices. The second and third spurt contained quite a bit of fluid, but they did not shoot upward, rather they gushed out more like a dying geyser. It ran down the side of his cock and slipped around his scrotum quickly with no hair to slow it down.

She could now taste his semen on trickling onto his ass and managed to enjoy every drop of it as she licked her way following the path it had taken. She stuffed his cock in her mouth a few final times to make sure he thoroughly enjoyed his orgasm. She could taste the pungent flavor of Becky’s pussy cream all over his meat. It mixed well with the saltiness of his cum.

Becky felt Tammy’s tongue slide up her back where his long rope of semen was still stuck like a cooked spaghetti noodle flung on a wall. It took a few licks to get it all up and with the thoughts of just having slightly tasted Jessica’s pussy first from the source and then as she kissed Mark on the mouth she visibly perked up and her nipples poked out with the tingling sensation it created over her body. Tammy had also placed her hands on Becky’s sides as she licked and spikes of sensation shot through her body.

2:52 am Saturday

With the girls now sent on their way Marie went back over to untie her sticky boyfriend. She was going to enjoy the remainder of the time with her sex slave. Fifteen more hours was plenty of time for another couple of orgasms for him. She wasn’t sure yet if she wanted to use the vibrator on his ass after she saw how much he really enjoyed Tammy licking his ass. She relished the though of the dozen or so orgasms she was going to have later that morning. He was going to be very tired before she was done with him.

She let him drive her home and planned to get him cleaned up before she had her fun with him.

story by: brian

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Author: brian

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