The ice storm.

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It was the winter of 1984 when our state was hit by a major ice storm. I was fifteen at the time. I can remember the trees cracking all around the house, and then the power being knocked out for most of the rural communities in our state. It would be three very long days before the power company would be able to restore all power in our area. It was because of the loss of power to our home that my mother and I were forced to sleep in the same bed to help keep each other warm.

My mother was thirty-five at the time, and had lost my stepfather to cancer about three months earlier. My biological father had been killed in Vietnam before I was born. He had left for Vietnam without even knowing that my mother was pregnant with me. He was killed before her letter telling him about the pregnancy could reach him.

My stepfather had been very ill for six months prior to his death. Most of that time was spent in and out of the hospital. My mother took his death, and the loneliness that it left her with, very hard. Although, my mother and I were already extremely close, my stepfather's death seemed to draw us even closer together.

My mother met my stepfather (Dave) when I was around a year old. They went together for a while before getting married. She was twenty years old when they finally did.

My mother and Dave had tried for year to have kids but never could. It was after around two years of trying to get pregnant with no success, that my mother went to the doctor to see why she hadn't been able to get pregnant. She found out that she had some scare tissue in her fallopian tubes that was making conception all but impossible.

Part 2

It was lucky for us that the weather forecast gave ample warning of the winter ice storm headed our direction. It gave us plenty of time to store up the necessary provisions. Living in the country, with an all electric home, taught you the necessity of being prepared for winter storms.

It was just after dark when the temperature began to fall rapidly, and then the rain began to freeze on the trees and power lines. It was only around an hour later when the power went out in our area. The house became cold in no time. The candles did help with the darkness, but gave little in the way of any heat.

My mother started to put several layers of quilts on her bed. She told me to get ready for bed, because we were going to have to sleep in the same bed tonight to help keep each other warm. I didn't think that much of it at the time. I knew that it was going to get very cold in the house and figured that it made good sense to use each others body heat to keep warm.

When my mother came back from the bathroom she had on one of her long flannel nightgowns. I stripped down to my boxers and crawled into the bed pulling the covers up to my chin. I watched as my mother pulled back the covers and climbed into the bed. She reached over and blew out the candle, and then it was now totally dark in the room.

"Hey! Come over here and snuggle up against me," my mother requested. "You're going to have to keep me warm tonight. Okay?"

"Sure!" I replied as I snuggled up behind her.

She pushed herself back into me, and then took my hand and pulled it over her, holding it against her belly. I lay there against my mother with her butt pushed back into my groin. I could feel the warmth of her body radiating through her flannel gown. I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to go to sleep this way. I was starting to feel a tingle in my balls and my cock was beginning to grow steadily harder with each passing moment. I hoped that my mother would not notice the lump in my shorts; it would be embarrassing to have to explain to your mother why your cock was stiff and sticking between her ass cheeks.

It was only a few moments before I could tell by my mother's breathing, that she had already drifted off to sleep. I wasn't so lucky, my cock was hard and aching, there was no way that I was going to drift off to sleep soon. I shifted my position until my cock was wedged deeper between the crack of my mothers ass. I was scared to move much for fear of waking her up. I was almost certain that my mother had nothing on under her gown. I moved my hand that was against her belly down to where the waistband of her panties should be, and sure enough, she wasn't wearing any. I moved my hand farther down, and then could feel her coarse pubic hair through the fabric of her gown. She grabbed my hand and pushed it between her legs. I thought at first she was awake, but then could tell by her breathing, that she was still asleep. I kept on feeling her pussy as she slept.

I could tell that my mother must be having a horny dream or something, because she began to push her ass back into my stiff cock. I knew that I just had to feel her pussy without the gown in the way. I pulled the gown up over her waist and put my hand back between her legs. My finger easily slipped between my mothers soaking wet pussy lips. She was so hot and wet that she had juice running from her gaping vaginal opening. I guess that she was so hot and wet because she hadn't had a man between her legs in over nine months.

I began to hear soft sighs and moans coming from deep in the back of my mother's throat. I softly rubbed the hard little bump at the top of my mother's pussy slit. She began to roll her hip back against my cock. I knew that I just had to have my cock inside of her dripping snatch. I desperately need to experience my first piece of ass. I didn't care at the moment that it would be my own mother's pussy that I'd be sliding my cock into. Right now, pussy was pussy! Didn't matter to me who it belonged to.

I moved my hand down to pull my boxers down, and then put my cock between my mothers slimy wet pussy lips. I pulled back and started the head of my cock into her slimy wet pussy opening. It was so fucking hot and so fucking wet that I slid all the way in with no trouble at all. She sure was loose and sloppy, but she did make up for that, with her wetness. I really wanted to fuck her, but was so afraid of waking her up. I lay there for a minute perfectly still, with all 8 1/2 inches inside her, not sure what to do next.

Then it happened. I felt her vaginal muscles contract around my cock, sending a shock wave from my asshole to the tip of my cock. I couldn't hold back my urge to come and began spraying her insides with my hot sperm.

How in the hell was I ever going to explain in the morning the mess that I had just made in my mother's pussy? I was probably going to get the hell beat out of me when she realized what I had done to her in her sleep.

I continued to lie perfectly still inside my mother's pussy as my balls drained their last few drops deep inside her belly.

"Well! Are you going to make me come too?" My mother said. "Come on baby! Give mother what she needs! Give me some of your hot tongue on my clitty! Make me come honey! I need to come so fucking bad!"

I didn't need any coaxing and began to pull my cock out of my mother's pussy. I rolled her onto her back, slid down under the covers, and began kissing my way down her belly to the place that I had been conceived years ago. In my wildest fantasy, I had never even thought of licking my mother's pussy before, let alone, busting my nuts inside her pussy like that.

I suddenly craved to taste my mother's hot pussy, and the fact that I had just filled it with my semen, did little to detour me from my decent to her most private place. I felt my heart pounding as my tongue felt the beginning of her pubic hair. I lingered there for a moment, and then continued my downward decent to find and lick her big hard clit.

It felt great as I slid my face deep between her wet and cum soaked pussy lips. I slipped my tongue as far up her pussy hole as it would reach, and then licked up and over her hard clit in one long and smooth motion. My mother grabbed me by the hair, pulled my face tightly against her overheated snatch, and began to hunch her sloppy gash all over my face. I figured that it was not going to take much more to give the her that much need orgasm, so I began to lick her clit as fast and hard as I could.

When I felt her body begin to stiffen, and then felt her thighs begin to quiver against my cheeks, I knew that she was going to orgasm into my mouth at any moment. I immediately increase the intensity of my licking, and she went off like a rocket on the fourth of July.

"Ooohhhhh! Fuck! You're making me come baby! Aaarrggghhhhh! />
commiiinnnggg on your tongue sweetie! Suck my clit hard honey! "

That's it! Ooooohhhhh! Ffuucckkkk! I'm commmmiiinnnggg again baby!"

My mother almost broke my nose as she hunched her exploding gash all over my face, and the excitement from it had my cock raging hard again.

"Come up here and get on top of me baby, and then fuck me like a real man!" my mother said as she spread her legs wide open for me. I crawled in between her legs and buried my cock to the balls inside of her. She began to hunch herself up against me and began clawing my back. I thrust myself hard into her and started kissing her neck.

I had been pounding her pee hole for close to ten minutes when I felt her begin to stiffen her legs, and then she pushed her cunt up toward me holding her ass off the bed.

Suddenly, her entire body stiffened, her once loose pussy, tightened around my cock like a vice. Damn! That felt too fucking good to hold out for very much longer. I knew that I would have to come soon.

"OH! GOD! I'm going to come again! Fuck you're going to make me come again baby! OH! SHIT! I'm cuomminnggggg on your big fat cock! Fuck me baby! Fuck me hard!" My mother panted into my ear.

My mother exploded in orgasm and bucked frantically against my pounding cock. I was once again at the point of pouring cum deep down inside of my mother's heaving belly. I stiffened and began to shoot wads of cum into her boiling cunt. I collapsed on top her and lie there panting like a dog. My first piece of ass had been just wonderful. Even if it had, come at the hand of my own mother. I knew then, that I was going to have to keep fucking my mother on a regular basis. I hoped that she'd be willing to keep on fucking me after the lust of the moment had passed.

I don't know how many times that I made my mother come that night, but I know that I shot five loads of cum into her pussy that first night. The next morning I woke her up by licking her pussy to an orgasm, and then climbed on her and fucked her hard until I blasted her cunt walls again.

I never went back to my own bed to sleep after that first night. We fucked every night for the next year, with exception to the week when see had her period. I would fuck her at night, and then lick her pussy and fuck her first thing each morning. My mother was one horny fucking woman, and I'm sure that I pumped more semen into her pussy in that one year, than most women get in a lifetime.

It was around a year later, when after throwing up three mornings in a row, she came out the bathroom with a bewildered look on her face. I asked her what was wrong, and she answered that she wasn't sure but was going to the doctor that day to find out.

"I think that you may have gotten me pregnant honey," Mother said. " I need to go to the doctor and find out for sure. I didn't think there was any need to use any protection, since I couldn't get pregnant for all those years. You won't be mad at me if I am pregnant will you?" my mother asked with teary looking eyes. "I've always wanted to have another baby, and since I know it could only be yours. I want this baby even more. I want to feel life inside my belly once again, life put there by our love for each other." she smiled ear to ear as she finished.

"I won't be mad mom. I'm glad that you're pregnant. I can't wait to feel my baby kicking inside your belly. I want to lick your pussy and make love to you right now. Okay?" I asked.

I heard my mother say I love you, as she lay back on the bed and then gently began pulling my hungry mouth toward her almost for certain knocked up pussy. I couldn't wait until I got to lick her pussy when her belly was blown up bigger than a nickel balloon.

After she had recovered from her orgasm, she pulled my up and onto her, while at the same time spreading her legs wide open. She was opening her most intimate place to be penetrated freely by her own son's rigid manhood.

As I sank to the balls deep between my mother's sweet pussy lips, she put her lips to my ear and whispered passionately that she loved me, and that she was so thankful that I had given her the baby that she couldn't have for so many years.

"I love you too mom, but I should be the one thanking you. You were the first woman I made love to, and the only woman that I plan on making love to for the rest of my life. It is you that has made the ultimate sacrifice, you have allowed yourself to conceive this baby out of your love for me. You made your son a man first, and then a father. I should be the one thanking you." I hugged her as I finished my statement.

"Enough! The only thing I want to thank you for is the orgasm that you're about to give me. So fuck me hard baby, and fill me full!" Mother giggled as she began to hunch herself up against me.

Life is about as good as it gets, when your buried to the hilt inside your mother's hot and knocked up pussy.

All credits to Tray Homaker-original writer.Prince Leon.enjoy.

story by: Prince Leon

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Author: Prince Leon

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