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A curl was on his thin lip as he watched the young boy. The child’s mother was wiping his lip clean from the ice cream she had allowed him to enjoy moments before. She seemed dedicated to her work, oblivious to his continued observation of the scene. Three weeks he had been watching them, here at the park, Wednesdays at the library, Saturdays on the ball field. She always had him dressed in the same red coat. She always took a snack for the two of them and sat under the same willow tree while they ate it. Her home was a nice brownstone style townhouse. Her husband left work every day at 6 am sharp. The young mother and son were alone together in the house for the next 3 hours before emerging for their daily routine. He was able to get inside one morning last week. It was a decent enough place, though he didn’t care for their personal valuables. He did take a memento from the boy’s room. A stuffed bear from his bed. The ear of the bear was chewed on, it smelled like the child. He sniffed the bear subconsciously when he was alone in his rented room.

His last “job” had given him the opportunity to find a sweet angelic girl of eight. Unfortunately she squirmed too much and didn’t make it through his whole plan. He played with her corpse for a day before disposing of her body. At least he was able to taste the tiny pussy before she was completely still. He preferred a little fight in the girls, but he would do with just a youthful body if he had to. He was usually able to play his games without killing the child, certainly there were always possibilities of a mishap. One can’t know when they will occur, yet they do. He thought about her briefly as he watched the young boy return to his playing.

The group of children was slightly larger today than it usually was. 12 or more playing when only a small group of four to six was the normal number. This is when he noticed the tall man with the girls. He was on a cell phone, not really paying attention to the girls. He thought how easy it would be to just snatch these two up right now and have his way. Lovely little blonds, they were. But that wasn’t his style. He didn’t like surprises, he wasn’t some amateur criminal. He had been raping and unintentionally killing children for most of his adult life. At 34 this was a good run for any serial-rapist. Not once even being questioned for their disappearances. He was a smart one, he knew when his time was up and when his moment was there. He never forgot a single detail, and his painstaking methods had serious results. He averaged a child or two a month. He liked the anticipation of the game best, so he would watch for weeks before even attempting his play. He made sure there were no distractions and no witnesses. His plans worked well until now. On this Thursday morning, for the first time since he initially began his current life choices, he was noticed by a parent. Several parents to be precise. Thanks to that damn asshole and his cell phone. His daughters were playing a little too rough with the other children and the man didn’t notice. The young boy’s mother was attempting to discipline the man’s daughters when the young boy he had been stalking tripped and fell, right in front of him. The older girl had put out her foot, seemingly on purpose to get back at his mother for telling on them. The man distracted by the call just had his daughters follow him out of the park, not even seeing the damage they had caused the rapist. The young boy looked up at the man watching him with some recognition. His mother helped him up and said to the rapist, I know you?”
The look of horror on his face confused the lady. He quickly got up and left the whole scene, looking to see where the man and his daughters had gone to. He had to make them pay for their interference. He had to start at step one thanks to them, and he didn’t appreciate the cost of his time and loss of that sweet young boy. Of course he wouldn’t finish that his cover had been blown and he had no intentions on ever being caught.

He saw a wisp of a light blue skirt like the younger girl had been wearing turning a corner towards the train station. He hurried himself to blend with the other people rushing along to their own destinations and followed the color of fabric. It waved into the train station just like he suspected. He boarded at a separate section, so he could keep his distance. At last he saw the man with the cell phone – still talking away, barely noticing his daughters who jabbered with each other, oblivious of the man watching them. The relief washed over him when he realized the potential of this new game in front of him. Not only would he be able to pay back the asshole for his hindrance, he would also be able to have the man’s two young daughters that were so inattentively cared for.

He followed the father and girls through their day. Noting all the places they went, bakery, his workplace, the little diner where they stopped for lunch. The younger girl didn’t seem to like anything , she picked at her food a lot. He, of course, was too busy on his cell phone to notice she hardly ate the meal. The older girl kicked her sister under the table a few times. They left without tipping. He thought how deserving this family seemed.

They finally made it home, the rapist still following them quietly. He was relieved to find plenty of places he could sit and watch at with few neighbors close by. This shouldn’t be too long of a job, he could tell it would take little to get his opportunity. He sat on a tree stump blending in with the nature surrounding him. He put his hand in his pocket and felt for his stiff cock. Wearing sweatpants was his one most important consistency. The soft fabric was ideal to jerk off with. He never got burns no matter how much he held it. Plus the style of the pants would hide most movement and was quite flexible in his games. No need to fumble with buttons and zippers, in the heat of the moment. That is very dangerous in his line of work, so his dress code was well thought out.

He jerked his erect prick gently, thinking about his plan. He watched for the next several days as the father came and went, with and without the girls until he knew his moment had arrived, all the while holding his prick in his pocket-gloved hand. Nobody noticed him in the bushes. It was a rural area with a lot of wild overgrowth. People were sparse and usually in a hurry. No one ever even glanced his way. He went into their home whenever they left, only touching the girls panties in the hamper. He stole a couple pairs and used them to masturbate with. He always had trained his body to live on very little so keeping his strength up was easy, beef jerky, granola bars and water kept him going.
Twelve days after the initial incident the father left in the night. He was talking on his cell phone again. As the man drove out of his garage he could hear him talking to someone, sounded like his ever-demanding employer by the way the man was talking about how he didn’t need several hours of this kind of crisis in the middle of the night. He waited for the man to turn the corner and went to the back of the house near the kitchen. He remembered the window in the kitchen accurately and slipped it open with a small pop. He didn’t remember the jar being there, they must have moved it in front of the window. Knocking that over was only the start of the problem, then the planter came down as well. Fortunately for him he was able to get into the other room before the young girl coming down the stairs saw him.

story by: NaughtyNiv

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Author: NaughtyNiv

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