The life of josh – chapter 3

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The story beggins in chapter 2. If you have not read it, you might be at a bit of a loss now. Feel free to comment. And rate please!

Chapter 3 – A lesson to remember

'Sure, just two streets that way and take a right.' pointed the slightly older man, who we asked about where we could find the source of the red bottle. He walked away, mumbling something about youth and drinking.
'Let's head over there and ask around.' I said and led the way.
All four of us made it to the place in no more than a minute. It was an old looking building, just a new looking sign above the door.
'This is the place? Really? Looks more like an abandoned building.' Simon could not resist to comment.
'The Last Inn? Yeah, of those that remain from a few centuries ago.' Steve jumped in.
Mouse just kept quiet and went to look around its sides. I followed him and walking around the right corner of this ruin of a building, there we saw a large parking lot.

'Wow, check that out, dudes. Is that a Mouse whistled, as we all stared at one million dolar car parked next to another. It was literally filled with a Porche on top of a Ferrari. There was even a guard booth, though we could not see anyone in it.

'Well, let us see what they are cooking up inside there now, shall we?' Took my sight off of those cars and headed to the front door. Wooden, with a metal knob, the door was heavy and screached when opened. The inside of the building could not be more different from the outside fasade. Fancy tables and chairs made of mahogany, crystal chandeliers, the place simply looked like a private collection of art, including the pieces on the walls. It was still mostly empty. Who could be surprised, it was four in the afternoon. Checking out the people inside, I noticed that the atire was like that of a party for the richest one percent. Suits worth thousands, diamonds on jewelry, we were all somewhat overwhelmed by the turn of this place.

'Head to the bar, gentleman.' Steve exclaimed.
'The hell? Do you see this place? We could maybe afford a few drinks here if we sold our kidneys!' I looked nervously around the room.

Steve ingnored me and went to order something, Simon with him and Mouse was nowhere to be seen. Just like some of the gentleman's watches, I presumed. Typical. I made my way to the bar, asked both of them where Mick was and they both shrugged their shoulders and laughed. The bartender came around, placing my pal's drinks in front of them and then turning to me. She must have been barely in her mid twenties, stunningly good looking with a friendly smile. I thought I saw that wide pretty smile go out a bit when she saw me, but I paid no attention to it at the time. I ordered single malt Scotch and started scanning the room with my eyes.

'So, what is your take on this place?' Simon asked, also looking round the surroundings. I noticed the bottle next to his glass. Red glass, white top, name written on the side in black.
'I see we are at the right spot, judging by your drink.' I pointed at his bottle.
'Yes, we are. Now, what does this place have to do with anything that happened to you?' Steve commented. 'I mean, no offense, but you do not exactly have the money to be partying here.'

Some people stopped ingoring our presence and were plainly staring at us. At a table in the corner, there were a few people looking at us. I could see only three in the face, the other two had their backs facing us. I caught with my eye a man pointing in our direction and saying something I could not hear from so far, causing those two to turn around and look at us. My eyes went wide, seeing the woman on the right, as did hers, when she laid eyes upon us. It was our maths teacher!

I basically hit Simon in his ribcage and when he looked at me with an expression that could not be interpreted otherwise than as a question about why. To show him, I nodded my head in the direction of our teacher, miss Glasser. He almost fell off the chair in his shocked state. Then I informed Steve. He saw her, quickly turned to the bar, burrying his face in his drink, downing it as he did so.

Glasser nervously said a couple words to the people sitting at her table, got up and glanced in our direction. She adjusted her dress, a very nice sleek night black one, and having said goodbye, she walked to the front door as she attempted not to look our way. All of us silently watched her leave.

'Hey, guys, let's go.' No time to explain, just get moving and follow her.' Mike suddenly said behind us.
'God! I almost crapped my pants. Where have you been?' I said, startled.
Mouse did not even wait long enough to answer and he was out the door. We exchanged looks with raised eyebrows, but went after him. As we exited the building, we could not see him anymore. Simon nudged me and pointed to the left, in the direction of the parking lot. We went around the corner and saw Glasser making her way towards one of the cars, a brand new shiny silver Mercedes.

She got in, took her keys out of her purse, started the car and drove to the gate. She put some kind of keycard to the slot in a stand by the bar and waited for it to open. A small bald man came running to her car, she rolled down the window and exchanged a few words, during which the man stared around. He seemed to be distressed by something. After their brief talk, he quickly crossed the parking lot and entered the building by a side door.

As our teacher left the parking lot and slowly started driving down the road, Mickey pulled over by the front of the building. He encouraged us to follow, so we hastily jumped in and he drove off after Glasser.

'Ok, now will you tell us what is going on?' I asked, still puzzled by his behavior.
'You know I snuck to the back to find out what this club had to hide. I saw Glasser immidately is we walked in, but I'm sure she didn't see me.' Mouse started his explanation. 'There is a whole underground complex underneeth the club. A wine cellar, a few places that looked kinda like a torture room too. Then I came across an office of some kind. There were stacks of folders there, but one in particular caught my eye.' he continued.
'Well, what was it?' we wanted to know.
'It was open on a large table. And..your name was on the cover, Josh. Under your name, there was a stamp that just said ACCEPTED.' Everyone looked at me, but I did not care. I was a bit shaken. A folder on me? In here? What is going on?

'Wait, what does that have to do with her?' Steve pointed to the Mercedes on the road right in front of us.
'Her name was listed there too. She definitely has something to do with this. And we are going to find out.'

We followed her car and soon we entered the city again. Riding after her for a few streets, we got to the part of town most of us knew. Suddenly, it came to me where she was headed. And in about two or three minutes, I was right, she parked her car in the teachers parking space in front of our school.

'Well, it's the Caledonian High we know. What is she doing here at this time of day? At is almost seven.' Simon wondered as Mick parked the car near the school parking lot.
'No matter, we'll see.' Steve chipped in.
'Hold on, guys. I wanna know something. What did that file say about me?' I was not going after her without an explanation.
'I didn't see much of it. I heard someone talking in the hall, front of the door and had to hide. Before that I just saw your, her names and a few pictures of you. Someone was stalking you, mate.' Mouse got into filling us in. 'Just as I started reading, I heard the noise.'
'If you say she knows something, then we should find out. Let's go.' I decided, wanting to know everything about what happened to me. The fact that my teacher was involved still did not fit well in my head. 'We should split up. We don't know where in the building she went.'

We got out of the car, walked up to the front of our school and we split up. We needed to check out the usual suspect places, like her office, the teachers lounge and other places. We each took different floors, different targets and went our ways. I went to the second floor and started checking out classrooms, just in case she wasn't in any of the probable places. I walked room to room, looking in, some of them I didn't even have to open, as they had glass windows in the door. I must have seen a dozen classrooms, I even went to the study when I turned to the right hall and the first door held I sight for my eyes.

I literally froze for a few seconds, my eyes wide. I finally remembered to breathe and took a long deep one, then turned my attention to the half glass door of the first classroom to the right of the hall. What could get a guy more worked up than what I was seeing going on inside there on a table.

I stared at two young hot female bodies, pressed up against each other, one of them lacking any sort of clothing from her waist up. One was a redhead, not natural, but with sparkly red hair and the other one had black hair. The one I could see the face of, the redhead, also the one missing a shirt and a bra, was just getting her nipples sucked and licked. Although outside of the room, I had a pretty good view and saw everything going on in there. Red let out a sligh moan after Dark playfully nibbled her right breast, left one cupped firmly in hand. Dark then let the nipple slip out of her mouth and joined Red's full lips in a passionate kiss. They kept on kissing while Dark's hand snaked down to her shorts and slipped in. Red gave out another moan, this time a much louder one.

Red, clearly not the dominant type, decided to take some initiative, moved her hand and slipped it under the other girls shirt. Even under the shirt, it was clear what she was doing. First, she gently cupped one of her boobs, then started slowly storing it. After she moved over to squeezing her nipples, Dark showed distinct vocal signs of pleasure. Their kiss broke up only due to a soft scream Dark released after the attack on her twins.

Red pulled Dark's shirt off and I could see that they were perky B-cups, with nipples pointing outward and stiff. Red did not waste any time and buried her face in those tits, moving a bit to the side, which allowed me perfect vision of the beautiful events. My dick was throbbing and pressing against my boxers as I watched these two girls go at it.

Dark was now pressing the other girl to the top of the table, remowing her shorts. When Red's shorts hit the ground, Dark was already furiously rubbing her pussy over a pair of white cotton panties. Then, she pulled down the panties in her way and not even removing them completely, just leaving them to the girl's ankles, she dove her face into the bare pussy. She began by licking her clit, which she flickered the tougue on, causing the girl on the table to spasm with pleasure.

Then she moved onto her cunt, wet with her juices and saliva. Her tongue slipped in and out of the cunt, while her hand moved over to play with her clit. Red was now moaning like crazy and rocking her hips in rhythm with the other chicks mouth. Dark paused for a bit and moved up to share a kiss with Red. Her pussy juice soaked mouth met Red's, but this kiss was brief.

Dark then walked out of my sight and I heard a zipper open. Once my vision included Dark again, I could make out a small blue dildo in her hand. With Red's pussy suficiently wet, she plunged the dildo in as far as it would go. The girl, being impaled by the rubber dick so roughly, thrassed her head back and her lips motioned in a series of soundless moans.

Laying down on the table, their bodies mashed together, a small blue dildo grinding in and out of Red's cunt, my prying eyes met with Dark's and I finally recognised her. It was Amy, the girl from Steve's party! I thought my mind was playing trics on me, when she winked at me, her hand reached towards me and she motioned me over with one finger.

Stunned, I opened the door and in a dream like state walked over to the table, where the girls had been having fun.
'Josh, this is Rita. Rita, Josh.' Amy said, smiling, like nothing out of the ordinary was in motion.
'Nice to meet you, Josh. Will you be joining us?'
'Umm, well, I..'
'Please, we need some more fun, join in. We can take good care of you.' Amy cut me off.

Without waiting for me to stammer again, Rita jumped down, unbuttoned my pants and tore them down, along with my boxers. My raging hardon sprang out, almost hitting her in the face. Her eyes grew wide with lust and she swallowed the head of my dick. She started bobbing her head back and forth, forcing more and more of my cock into her mouth. It was too big to fit into her throat, but she made a valiant effort.

Amy moved over, kneeled next to the redhead and helped keep her hair in order while she sucked and slupred on my dick. After a few tries to plunge my dick deep, strings of saliva were dangling off of her chin and onto the floor. Amy pulled her by her hair, making my cock slip out of her soft lips and pushed her onto the table.

She then reached for my dick, grasped it and gave it a firm squeeze, before guiding it to Rita's opening. As my rod sank into her snatch, she tightened and came immidiately, soaking my pole with her pussy juices.

I pushed in, until my balls hit her ass. I began moving my hips and thrusting in and out of her. Having witnessed their previous show, I was near my own climax. I increased my pace until I could bare it no more. Amy saw it on me and pulled my cock out of the girl. She moved her hand quickly as I came on Rita's belly. Exhausted, still shaken, not knowing what had just happened, I stood there, pants down and cock limping.

Then I heard a familiar mature female voice behind me.
'Nice show, young man, you really have potential. You did good. Just like a few days ago, might I add.'
I turned around, only to see Glasser sitting in the corner with a huge grinn on her face.

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