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The ultimate would be to take you somewhere somewhat unique — either
the New Otani hotel in LA — or maybe the Mission Inn in suburban
Riverside. The room would be elegant — not overdone, but very
very nice. The Inn is all sort of upscale
parlor — nice, comfortable, and so elegant. Every room is
different and unique, just like the view of the hotel's exterior
changes with every step. This hotel is one-of-a-kind — built in
7 stages — and a total blend of styles. Inside it is full of
courtyards and cubbyholes where we can have quiet, intimate chats
without being disturbed.

It would be a Friday night when we met. We would go to the
hotel, check in, and go up to the room. The Do Not Disturb sign
will go immediately onto the door. Room service has already been
here ahead of us — a cold bottle of good champagne is waiting,
along with that platter of fresh fruit and whipped cream. We have
the entire weekend, so there is no reason to hurry. We can take
our time relaxing, and letting those first meeting jitters clear
the air. After some small talk, and maybe nibbling on the fruit,
I suggest that you might wish to take a shower — refresh yourself
and chase the stress of the week away.

We don't know each other that well yet, so you go into the
bathroom, remove those clothes and begin to shower. You are
getting quite involved in this shower, thinking all the time about
what will happen next — what are you going to say, do, etc. All
of a sudden, this little round midget appears next to you, and
offers to wash your back. You are shocked — I mean I didn't even
ask first before joining you, and you were not sure I had the balls
to be so forward……

The shower is large enough to accommodate both of us easily, and
has a wide bench across the back end, as well as a hand held
attachment. You let me start to wash your back before you turn
around and begin to wash me, all over, with tons of lather and a
big washcloth. You comment on the way my tits stand up to greet
you and be cleansed. I love the way that cock of yours is rising
and getting hard, responding to my caresses. You gently push me to
the bench, and sit me down. It doesn't take much effort for you
to get me to part my legs, and you begin to explore and wash me —
gently at first, then more playfully. I love the twinkle in your
eyes as you take the hand held shower and rinse me off —
concentrating the spray on the clit, and noticing the pleasure in
my eyes as you do so. You replace the spray with your hand,
exploring, rubbing, caressing as you go. The need to continue
this elsewhere is strong, so you suggest we go dry off…….

Gladly, as this gives me the chance to dry you off by licking and
sucking all the excess water from your hard cock and balls….. as
well as dry your back. You pay special attention to my tits —
fondling, sucking, licking, and nipping as you dry me off……
You lead me back into the bedroom, and annouce that you are hungry.
I pour both of us some champagne, take a strawberry, dip it in the
whipped cream, and tenderly feed it to you. With that twinkle in
your eye again, you tell me that you are going to make a sundae —
and get me to lie down, close my eyes, and wait for your

The first thing I feel is the cold champagne on my tits, followed
by cool whipped cream. You top it all off with a cherry, tell me I
can open my eyes, and that you are going to dig in. "Go right
ahead", I purr, as you begin eating the whipped /> mixture off of me…. By this time, you have figured out that I
love to be played with — everywhere. As you lick the cream from
my tits, I arch my back to feed you more….. Take the whole tit if
you can — it is pretty big….. I love it so when you suck on
me…. and you can tell……

You take a handful of whipped cream, and slather it all over my hot
pussy, eyes sparkling, because you know this means you will just
have to eat this up, too. I open my legs wide to give you better
access, and you go to work — licking, sucking, exploring
everywhere with your fingers and mouth…. I offer you no
resistance, even though you are so huge… You are just where I
want you to be and need you to be — you are surprised at just how
wet and ready I am — and how easily you can slide your whole hand
in. Your explorations become more urgent, and have picked up a
rhythm of their own. Soon, you can tell by my deep moans of
pleasure that you have brought me to my first climax of the
weekend. You hold and caress me until the shuddering stops, and
then tell me it's your turn…..

We trade places — you lying on your back, with me between your
legs. Now is my favorite time….. I gently reach out and hold
onto that hard throbbing cock. After I take a long drink of
champagne, I immediately take as much of your hot cock into my cold
mouth as I can….. The shivers of pleasure run through you. I
first get to know my territory, licking and sucking all the way up
and down the shaft, paying special attention to the engorged head.
Then, I start these little butterfly flickers — all over,
especially at that little ridge of flesh that joins the head to the
shaft. I love to watch the entire cock jump everytime I flick my
tongue across that ridge…… You taste sooo good, and feel
marvelous in my mouth…

I feel you relaxing under my care, and then I begin the long slow
strokes that will eventually lead to your release, all the time,
licking and sucking. My strokes become stronger and faster —
faster and stronger, until you reach down, grab me by the hair
(gently), and say, in a deep husky voice. I can tell you
are on the edge of coming, but you are reluctant to do so the first
time in my mouth… You gently push me onto my back spread my legs,
and with one calculated thrust, you are suddenly in me, filling me
completely. I moan with the deep pleasure of having you in me.
Your need to come is urgent, and it does not take long before I
feel that deep, warm sensation of being filled with your juices.
You stay in me until the throbbing stops before pulling out, and
laying down next to me. You start to put your arms around me, but
I startle you by pulling away. You moan out loud as you realize
that I pulled away to begin to clean your formerly hard cock with
my lips and tongue — gently, respectfully… Before you know it,
you are hard again, and hungry…..

This could go on the entire weekend — there are plenty of places
to explore and ways to do so — maybe I brought along some toys —
maybe you did —- It just remains to be seen. Our first
encounter could have been explosive, but has ended up being just
very warm and deeply satisfying. Your emotional and physical
needs will be attended to all weekend, and you know it…. (and
yes, dear, the thought of this whole meeting with you has made me
very very wet!!!)

story by: Silky Delight

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: Silky Delight

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