The orlando trip – part 1

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The Orlando Trip – Part 1

I finished packing about 7 pm as I put the suitcase on the floor leaving it open because I needed to add a few last minute things in the morning. My plane left for Orlando, Fl at 7:30 in the morning. I went to my bedside table and took my favorite dildo and some ky jelly and dropped them in and just stood there, thinking. I met Mack on the internet and we have chatted for quite some time but now it was time to actually meet him. I really had mixed feelings about it but the good news was that we had decided that this trip was about one thing and that was sex.

Neither one of us wanted a relationship just to fulfill a fantasy that started several months ago when we happened into each other at a chat site. I smiled to myself and told myself to relax as I bent down and picked up my dildo and my small clitoral vibrator. I went to the mirror and looked at myself. I am a decent looking woman, I’m no beauty queen but I look ok and have never had too much trouble attracting my share of men. I turned in profile and looked at my 34c tits under my blouse. getting horney aren’t you?” I asked myself softly in the mirror as I noticed my nipples were peaking through my bra. “Well, yes, I guess I am.” I answered myself, smiling.

I slipped off my jeans, panties, blouse and bra then went to my favorite chair, sat down and hiked my knees over the armrests. I put this chair in front of a full length mirror as I looked at myself spread wide. I leaned back and squeezed my tits gently lifting them as I put my head back and closed my eyes. “What will Mack be like?” I wondered. I had been with my female lover, Monica for the last week or so and I really needed a man. Pinching and pulling on my nipples I sighed deeply.

I slid one hand down my tummy and gently began to stroke my pussy sliding my finger across my labia just deep enough to get it wet as I smoothed my juices across my pussy. I did this several times to lubricate myself then I insert three fingers inside me I moaned as I began to finger fuck myself. I began to moisten quickly as my mind drifted off into a fantasy about Mack.

I pictured him standing over me with his handsome, clean shaven face smiling down at me. I could not help but stare at his huge cock so rock hard and sticking straight up. I found the dildo and my clitoral vibrator with one hand and pressed the head of the vibrator on my labia, I cooed. I then pushed the dildo deep into me and began fucking myself gently. “Oh god, I really NEED a man.” I said to myself. A dildo is fine but in this case it just showed me how much I miss the real deal. Turning on my vibrator I opened my eyes and looked at myself in the mirror. I liked the way the dildo looked sliding in and out of me as I gently pressed the vibrator above my clit. As I brought it down slowly to find my sweet spot my legs spasmed and kicked out once as I felt a jolt of pleasure race through me.

“Oh boy, this guy has really got me worked up.” I said to myself as I pulled the vibrator away. I began to fuck myself faster as I began lowering the vibrator again and I put my head back as I envisioned Mack fucking me like this. Ramming his cock deep inside me over and over. “Oh yeah, baby, fuck me harder ..oohhh” I said to the room as I dropped the vibrator and began fucking myself with both hands. “Oh god, Maaaack!” I squealed as I felt myself cumming. “Oh yes… OH YES….oh BABY I screamed as I came. I came twice in quick succession squirting myself with my cum.

Continuing to fuck myself furiously I envisioned Mack pounding me hard and without mercy demanding another orgasm from me. “Come on Ellen, I want another one of those from you…come on baby you can do it!” I heard Mack say as he increased the speed and depths of his thrusts.

Our eyes locked for a moment and he smiled as he watched me as I came yet again. “Oh god…oh god…jesus christ….oh god.” I said as I slowed my dildo to a nice easy pace. I looked at myself in the mirror and imagined that I was looking at Mack as I smiled sweetly. I laid back and began to smear my fluids over my tummy and tits wishing that Mack was here to do it for me as I recovered.

The flight to Orlando was uneventful and as the pilots came over the intercom to announce our final decent my butterflies started and I got up and went to the lavatory, a flight attendant gave me a look but I just went in anyway. I was wearing a black leather skirt with a white clingy silk blouse, crotch less pantyhose and 4 inch black pumps and I quickly stripped. I took off my bra and panties and inserted two ben-wa balls pushing them as far in my pussy as I could. I then got some ky jelly from my purse and lubricated my butt but just enough to get the job done. I then carefully inserted 12 butt balls about the diameter of a quarter and attached by a string one at a time into my butt. After getting dressed I looked in the mirror and thought I looked a little slutty with no bra and my nipples beginning to show but there was nothing that I could do about it now.

As I walked back to my seat the same flight attendant looked at me and smiled as her gaze lingered on my tit’s a little too long. I smiled at her and she smiled back and winked at me. Walking back to my seat I felt myself warming and moistening as my ben-wa balls clicked together inside me.

Once inside the terminal I reached into my carry-on and pulled out the hat that I told him I would be wearing. ‘I guess I should have sent him a picture’ I thought, I mean he sent me several of his but I didn’t and it was certainly too late now. The hat I was wearing was a simple white baseball cap with my name printed across the front.

As I came trough security I was looking but saw no sign of him so I stopped to look around more carefully. As the crowd thinned I began to worry and went to sit down and wait, ‘maybe something happened and he is just late.’ I thought as I began walking toward some chairs. I was walking rather slowly and people were passing me so I did not notice as he came up from behind. I felt some hands slide quickly around my waist from and then grab my tits as he lifted me up. I yelped in surprise as he lifted me and said softly “Guess Whooo?…Hi there as he kissed the side of my neck.

As he put me down I turned and faced him for the first time. He was much better looking in person, the pictures did not due him justice. He was a really handsome guy, taller than I thought but I like that. The top of my head did not quite come to his chin as I looked up at him. I started to say hello but he bent over and kissed me deeply. He took me a little bit by surprise but the passion of his kiss caused me to moan softly as I wrapped my arms around him.

It was a long, deep passionate french kiss as I felt his hands on my butt as he lifted me again holding my face even with his. The feel of his probing tongue was magnificent as he plunged it deep into my mouth. As he released me from the kiss he put me on the ground and I just stood there eyes wide and my mouth partially open looking at him like he was some kind of a god.
he said holding out both hands.

Putting my hands in his, I tried to recover and say something clever but instead I said “Wow! You really know how to kiss a girl.” ‘Oh GOD, Ellen, honey don’t fall apart now!’ I thought embarrassed by my comment.
He just smiled and we finally said and began walking toward baggage claim. “Got any bags?” he asked.

“Just this one.” I said holding up my carry-on that he promptly took from me.

“Good lord, what have you got in here, bricks?” Mack said.

“Oh its not THAT heavy.” I said leaning into him to make my point then I continued saying “I brought some things. It was a little embarrassing going through security but what the hell.” chuckling at the end.

“Are these naughty little girl things?” he asked. I just smiled at him and he said “This could be an interesting day.” as he smiled back at me.

We chatted like long lost friends walking to the car and as we got to the parking level that he was on I asked “So what does a rich handsome lawyer drive nowadays?”

“I’m over there in the corner.” he said pointing to a van parked way over in the corner far away from any other cars.

“A van, huh.” I said playfully then continued saying “Do you think you could have parked any farther away?” poking him in the rib with my elbow.

He had his arm around my shoulders and I felt his grip tighten some as he stopped. I turned to him and he was smiling and said “Ellen, honey, I do everything for a reason. I see that you are not wearing a bra so I assume you are not wearing any panties and I told you on the computer that I would fuck you at the first opportunity so I decided to rent an />
Blushing some I said “So it’s a rental?”

He leaned over and kissed the top of my head and pulled me closer as I felt his free hand squeeze my right breast and said “Yes, it’s a little bit of rented privacy it’s even got the extended top so you can stand up in it.” he said laughing at the last part.

We walked the rest of the way to the van as he held my hand and I was already very wet and my ben-wa balls felt fantastic clicking away as we walked.

He opened the door and I stepped in the back and noticed that he had left it running and the AC was on and it was comfortably cool for July in florida. He stepped in behind me and closed the door. I could stand all the way up but Mack had to bend his head slightly as he came toward me. He kissed me again so passionately that I shivered a little, as he released me he hugged me tightly and said “Ellen, baby I am so glad to see you for real.”

Getting to one knee he pulled my skirt down and we both unbuttoned my blouse. He sat back to look at me and I stuck one foot out and put one hand on my hip and gave him my sexiest pose. He took my other hand and looked me over from head to toe and said “You are one SEXY lady!”

I stepped up to him pressing my breasts to his chest, looked up at him and said “You, sir, are a serious HUNK!” as I squeezed him with my arms.

I blushed some and then got on my knees and unhooked his belt and pants. As I pulled his pants down my eyes widened as I saw his cock for the first time (other than picture number 4).
I whispered as I uncovered all of his organ. I just stared at his cock, it />
I took it in my hand and noticed that he was about ½ fully erect so I glanced up at him and asked “May I?”

“Oh yes, baby, you certainly may!” he responded.

I took him in my mouth and pushed him in deep as I moved my tongue down as I pushed him down my throat until my lips were pressed firmly against his pelvis. “OH BABY! OH YES! I didn’t know you could throat!”
I backed up and pushed him in again as I felt him stiffening quickly. I came up for air kissing and licking his cock as he was fully erect and hard now. I began to stroke him with my hand and I noticed that I could feel his pulse and it made him throb. I looked up at him in awe and I saw him smiling at me and my heart leapt as I knew that I was pleasing him.

Pushing him back in my mouth again I had to reposition because he was bigger now, MUCH bigger. I got on my hands and knees and lifted my chin because a cock this size will not make the turn in my throat so I need to give it a straighter path to get it all the way in. I take the head of his cock and push my tongue under it as I crawl forward slightly and pause momentarily as I push his cock past my gag point. I then pushed him in more rapidly and as I felt my lips press his pelvis again he said “Ellen, HOLY SHIT, GIRL! Oh my GOD that feels Is I began to move back and forth as quickly as I could for as long as I could until I needed to come up for air again.

I slowly withdrew his cock from my throat and mouth and when he was free I sat back panting just a little as I rubbed my jaw lightly and smiled at him. I looked at him and asked meekly “Will you fuck me now?”

“Oh GOD, YES! Honey, stand up and bend over!” he exclaimed.

I stood up but held out my hand to get him to pause as I reached between my legs and pulled on the string attached to my ben-wa balls and pulled them out of my now drenched pussy slowly at first to be sure I had the right string. He had an incredulous look on his face as they popped out of me one at a time. I held them up for him and they were glistening wet. I held one out for him as I took the other in my mouth tasting my pussy juice as he took the other in his mouth leaning forward he kissed me while we both still had them in our mouths.

As he released me from our kiss I reached up and grabbed the string that holds them together and pulled gently as each ball popped from our mouths. “Fuck me now, Mack, please fuck me hard, I want you I whispered as I turned around and bent over. I reached under and spread my pussy lips for him as I felt the head of his cock on my labia. I moaned loudly as he pushed his cock deep inside me and began to fuck me furiously.

I tried to push back toward him as he thrust into me but he was fucking me so hard and fast mostly I just held on for dear life but as it turned out he did it for me. I felt his hands on my hips as he gripped me tightly pulling me toward him then pushing me away in time with his thrusts. I was moaning loudly as he bent over and reached around from behind and grabbed my tits, squeezing them and pinching my nipples at the same time.

“Damnit, girl I have wanted to do this to you for months.” he growled in my ear as he let go of my tits, grabbed my thighs again and fucked me even harder and faster. Suddenly I felt a huge pleasure wave crash over me. The quickness and intensity of it surprised and shocked me as my eyes flew open wide and my entire body began to quiver. I can usually feel an orgasm building but not this time.

I shrieked in ecstasy as I felt myself cum and I squirted HARD! My fluids struck the floor and the back of the seats with a thudding sound. His cock was pounding me like a piston hard and deep. “Oh god MAAAACK!” I screamed as I came again but he just kept pumping me. I looked back at him and I saw him looking down at my pussy concentrating on what he was doing. I felt his grip tighten again as he threw me back and forth.

I closed my eyes and let him have his way with me. I LOVE it when a man takes me like this, uses me to please himself and in doing so pleases me. I relaxed my upper body and just hung by my hands on the back of the seat. My tits were flying all around because of the force of his thrusts and were beginning to tingle from the abuse, it just added to my arousal.

“Come on Ellen, baby, one more time then I’m going to take you to the hotel and fuck you for real!” he said as I looked back at him and our eyes locked for just a moment but in that moment we exchanged a look of pure lust.

As I turned my head back around I was crushed by another sudden orgasm. As my back arched in reflex I wanted to scream but only a few gasping sounds came out as I felt his cock erupt deep inside me as I came at the same time. The pleasure was so intense that I once again I squirted the floor. My legs began to shake as I found it more difficult to stand. I whimpered softly as I felt his hot semen spread through my cunt.

He paused deep inside me, we were both panting and my shaking legs were now only quivering. For a long moment we just stood there as our panting slowly subsided. As he slid his cock out of me there was a very noticeable squishing sound. “Good god, Mack!” I said softly as I felt him disengage from me. I stood as best I could and turned to face him and immediately blushed as I brought my elbows in and squished my tits with them. The look on his face was had pleased him.

I glanced at his cock and was amazed to see that he was only about half way relaxed as he grabbed me, pulled me to him and held me tight as he kissed me deeply. When he relaxed his hug he cupped my chin and said “THAT was incredible, sweetheart, simply He then kissed my forehead, bent down and handed me my skirt. As I took it I also grabbed his hand and put it to my cheek and then kissed it all the while looking him in the eye.

As we pulled out of the airport we came to a stoplight not 100 yards from where he had parked. The light turned green and Mack pulled straight across into the Hilton parking lot. I looked at him and grinned as he looked at me and smiled and trying not to laugh I said “What? Did you rent this thing by the mile or something?” Our eyes locked for just a moment and we both burst out laughing.

As we pulled in I noticed the welcome sign was welcoming a GLTB convention and I turned to Mack and said “A gay/lesbian />
“Yeah, I guess so.” he replied.

“HHmmm, this could be I said quietly.

that, babe?” he asked.

“Oh nothing, nothing at all .” I said smiling out the window.

Going up in the elevator we were quiet for a bit until I said “It doesn’t do it justice, you know.”

He looked at me quizzically and said “What doesn’t do what />
“Picture number 4.” I said calmly. He looked at me a little embarrassed and just shrugged. “I would like to study the real thing more closely, run some tests on it, to ensure that it is fully functional and to see if it should come with a warning label.”

“I suppose that is a good idea, I wouldn’t want to hurt anybody with it.” he said looking down at his crotch playing along.

As the door slid open I said flatly “Safety first, you know.”

As we stepped into the hall he took both of my hands in his, winked at me and playfully said “Ellen, the women of the world are safer because of you. You know that?”

I shrugged, smiled and said “Hey, It’s a dirty job….now what room are we in?” As we walked down the hall I felt him pinch my butt and I yelped and jumped then turned around and walked backwards in front of him and said “Hey now! You want to get frisky here in the hallway? Huh? You could do me right here.” I said playfully patting the carpet with my hand.

Quickly walking the few steps to me he said “Oh, I’m going to do you alright. Come here you little monster.” as he leaned over and scooped me up. I pretended to struggle but he just lifted me higher and I found myself draped over his shoulder as he carried me to the door. As he walked I felt him slap me on the butt a few times and as he opened the door he said “I am going to do you like you will NOT />
He took me to the bed and leaned over so that I fell off of him on my back on the bed. He immediately reached up and yanked my skirt off then he grabbed both of my ankles and dragged me across the bed so that my butt was right on the edge of the bed. “Take off your blouse.“ he said as more of a command.

When I had it unbuttoned he said “Throw it over there.” again in that commanding tone of voice. So I threw it across the room. He spread my legs wide as I put my elbows in front of the back of my knees to keep my legs spread wide and back. He practically dove into my pussy.

I felt him lick me as he pressed his face into my drenched cunt pushing his tongue as far in me as he could then he began to stroke me with his nose. As he did his nose crossed over my clit I cooed. He then began to lick my from the bottom of my labia to the top as he used a finger to play with my clit. I felt that tingly familiar tingly feeling as I put my hands on his head pulling him to me. “Oh Mack, oh yes..yes..yes.. GOOOODDD!” I screamed as he did the perfect thing for me, moving his tongue to my clit swishing it from side to side.

I began to undulate my pelvis as my orgasm grew but he stayed with me as I felt him begin to finger fuck me. I put my hands over my head as I arched my back as my orgasm crested screaming as I squirted back across myself because of my position.

As my butt came back down to the bed I felt his cock ram into me deep and hard. I yelled saying one syllable per thrust with my eyes closed. He was really pounding me hard and fast as he now had position and leverage. I opened my eyes and we looked at each other for an instant then I saw a white dot as my eyes flew open wide and my body was instantly flooded with wave after wave of pure orgasmic pleasure.

The one dot turned into hundreds as I felt myself squirt Mack hard in his belly. I tried to scream but nothing came out as I felt another orgasm right on top of me. Mack was watching me as I came and said something about wanting every drop I had but I really did not hear him in my throws of ecstasy.

My eyes were wide open as was my mouth as my head fell to one side. There was a full length mirror on the closet door and I found myself staring at myself and watching Mack pound me. I felt my entire vulva contract which caused my pussy to spit some of my juices around his cock as I came time after time. This man had driven me to a sexual high that few men had done before />
The white dots changed to colored dots. I did not know that my pussy was capable of giving me this much pleasure as my legs began to shake uncontrollably. I felt like I had jumped off of a crevasse and I was falling in a dark cavern of incredibly intense feminine bliss.

I felt Mack’s hand on my cheeks as he turned my head so he could see my face. I saw him smile as he said “DAMN GIRL!” as he kept pounding me. My eyes were very wide and my mouth was also wide open as I was cumming almost constantly now. I have no idea how long he fucked me like this, none what so ever.

He had been holding his torso up with one hand and held my face with this other hand and I watched as he lowered himself closer to me. When my bouncing tits began to brush his chest he paused for just a moment and I felt him begin to slow. He was panting and sweating some from his efforts as he let himself slowly rest on top of me as he finally slowed his thrusts to a nice easy pace.

He pushed up with both arms and raised himself as he lifted my legs up, out and back. I had recovered some and was also panting and I felt a sheen of sweat on my forehead. I could see that we was about to cum so I again put my arms in front of my knees and pushed myself as wide as I could. I wanted his cum DEEP in me. His cock was plunging into me almost straight down, “Oh yeah baby, excellent!” he said as he pushed up and in as far as he could go.

I grunted as I felt him pressing the back membrane of my pussy as I put my hands on his hips and looked him in the eye.

Our eyes locked as I felt him shudder as he growled in a low pitch This was followed immediately with a short but high pitched scream from me as I felt his semen explode into me. My scream started before his ended and lasted just a little longer. The feeling was so intense my head flew backward but I immediately looked him in the eye again. It was almost a jerk back and forward again. Looking him in the eye again wanting more.

he grunted.

I screamed jerking my head.

he grunted.

I screamed jerking my head.

he said as he finished.

When he came in the last long gush I did not scream or jerk my head. My eyes widened again as I felt his white hot semen gush into me. What I said started as almost a whisper but quickly grew in volume and was very high pitched at the end … GOOODD! DAAHH!”

The only sound in the room was our panting as neither one of us moved for a long moment. When he started to dismount me I reached behind him under is arms and across his back and squeezed pulling myself tightly against him as I wrapped my legs around him and squeezed.

He rolled on his side with me still attached and began to stroke my head as we just lay there in silence still coupled. As our breathing became more normal I felt him kiss the top of my head and he said softly “Ellen, sweetheart, are you ok? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

I released him and rolled on my back, my legs were spread some and my hands were just above my head and I said don’t know what to say fuck me, Batman!” He chuckled and moved his hand to my tummy letting it drop with a wet sound. I put my hand on top of his and moved it around some. I was soaked, the bed was soaked, there was my cum dripping down the wall, on the drapes and of course all over us.

I got up and went to the kitchen for some water as I was desperately thirsty. After dinking my second glass I heard the shower start. While Mack showered I tried to clean up some but it was a good thing there was another bed in the room. When Mack finished I showered and noticed that he watched me the entire time which just made me a little flustered and I dropped my brush. As I bent over to pick it up Mack said “Baby, you do know you have a string hanging out of you’re butt, right?”

“Oh, I forgot all about those things.” I said remembering my butt balls.

Stepping over to me he said “What the hell have you got in you now?”

“Butt balls.” I replied.

“Butt Balls? Really.” He said as I felt him pull on the string.

I bent over the counter as I felt one plop out of me and Mack said “Ellen, you are truly one of a kind….a sexy kind though.” as I felt another ball plop out.

I put my hand on my butt intending to stop him as I said “Hey, wait a minute, I’ve got an idea.” but he just kept pulling, plop, plop so I continued saying “There is a gay/lesbian convention in this hotel right?”

“Yes there is.” he replied raising an eyebrow.

“I remember you told me once that you wanted a threesome with two girls so tonight why don’t we go down to the bar and see if we can pick up another pussy? Uhg.” I said. As another ball plopped out.

“Excellent idea, sweetie but what does that have to do with these balls in your butt?” he asked.

“Well I was…ugh plop…going to…ugh plop…leave them in and …ugh, ugh….plop plop ..get her to pull …ugh plop… them out ….ugh plop.” I said as I enjoyed the feeling of my sphincter expanding and then closing repeatedly.

“Good lord, Ellen, that’s a lot of balls.” he said holding up the string.

I quickly took the balls from him and smiled as I began to wash them in the sink.

During the afternoon we developed a plan. Since I was much more experienced at picking up lesbian women it was decided that I would take the lead. I just had to be careful to pick a bi-sexual woman. I took quite a bit of time getting myself ready with just the right look soft, sensuous with just a little tart thrown in. I wore my red sequined cocktail dress with all of the trimmings except panties. I was to pick her up and bring her back to the room.

But that is another story 😉

story by: Ellen340

Tags: fiction consensual sex male/female sex story

Author: Ellen340

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