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Heather holds an executive position in a major investment firm, and has
to dress rather conservatively. When she's at home or in certain social
settings, she tends to dress a little more comfortably, but still not at all
provocatively. Mark used to think it was because she felt a need to
maintain an image, but after being together for a year, he knows otherwise. At times she seems restricted, inhibited, which is no surprise, since she was raised in her parents’ puritanical ways. Although he has noticed on occasion she really does enjoy knowing that men and women are looking, wanting, admiring and lusting after her…she always denies it.

Despite her conservative dress, she still attracts certain attention at
work. In fact, just yesterday she told Mark that she caught her
handsome colleague, Mike, staring at her heavy chest several times during the meeting, and trying to peek at her ass when he thought she wouldn't notice. "Why do men always think we don't know that they are looking?” she asked in a slightly irritated tone. She mentioned that she wished Mark would have concentrated more on the meeting, but Mark doubted that she really meant it…he got his confirmation later that night.

He came into the bedroom as she had just finished showering. She was
standing in front of the mirror, fixing her hair. He came up behind her,
took a breast in each hand and planted a trail of soft kisses on her
shoulders and neck. He cupped her ass and pulled her onto him, whispering in her ear, "I'll bet Mike wishes he could get his hands this sweet ass." His hands trailed back to her breasts, squeezed them tight, then pinched and rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. "Bet he'd love to suck on these, too." His arousal was growing; he could feel heat between them.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, she turned around and starting ripping at his clothes; she couldn't get them off him fast enough. She was like a
tigress about to attack.  There was no lovemaking being made this time; there were not going to be any soft kisses, soft touches, no “I love
body reflected pure animal lust. He slammed his cock into
her dripping, hot, wet pussy. It felt sooooo good…he groaned as he felt
the tightness of her pussy on his rock hard cock. In between moans and groans of pleasure he mumbled, "I'll bet Mike would die to get his cock where mine is".  A moan emerged from the back of her throat; she started slamming her body up against his. It was dirty, raw, wild sex, they were both so turned on that they both came very quickly. Panting from pure exhaustion, they collapsed on the bed and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Waking up to the sun, realizing it is Saturday, Mark smiles, reaches over to an empty pillow. He knows how Heather loves her garden, and assumes that is where she is. Mark works at a local university and has some papers to mull through, even though it is Saturday. He crawls out of bed, making his way to the kitchen for some coffee, pours himself a steaming cup, and glances out the window. He notices her right away…he also notices that she isn’t wearing a bra. She is dressed in a pair of very short shorts and a light t-shirt that is entirely too small. The fence and trees surrounding the yard make it difficult for anyone to get a good view of her, except perhaps the house on the left. Mark is sure she is fantasizing about being watched, devoured by someone’s peering eyes. Perhaps she feels safe from her own lust and desires that way, while indulging them.

After an hour or so of correcting the papers, Mark takes a well-deserved
break. He creeps up the long carpeted stairs of their two-story home,
and makes his way to the back window. Pushing the curtain aside, he sees Heather, and what perfect timing, she is in the process of pulling weeds…her body bending up and down, up and down. He feels his cock twitch; his eyes are fixated on the curve of her ass in those tight shorts. He gives his cock a slight rub through his pants, sighs, and turns to go back to work. As he turns, he catches a glimpse of something or someone next door. He stares for a second at the ground floor window next door on the left, and in the shadows he can make out a figure. Staring a moment longer, he realizes it is Jim, his 18-year old neighbor. He has positioned himself in front of the window and has a pair of binoculars strapped around his neck, directed right on Heather's tight little ass. Mark is sure Jim can see her ass cheeks peeking out from those shorts; he has the binoculars in one hand and is rubbing his cock through his jeans with the other. Jim is quite good-looking, but painfully shy, and almost certainly a virgin.

Mark looks back at Heather, she is standing now, and her back is
probably a little stiff from being bent over. She puts her hands behind her back, clasps them at the base of her spine, draws her shoulders back and pushes her stomach out a bit. This effect of movement causes her t-shirt to mold itself around her delectable breasts, making her nipples poke out like ripe red cherries. Mark glances back at Jim, he has his rock-hard cock out, and is stroking himself with one hand while the other has a firm hold of the binoculars. Mark looks back at Heather starting to head towards the door, looks again at Jim and notice the curtains are now drawn…probably masturbating like mad to the images of her ass and tits in his head.

She makes her way inside, her skin had a hint of color, a slight pinkish
glow from the sun. Her hair is a bit tousled from the cool breeze, and
the way she smells – a mixture of sun, sweat, and flowers – makes Mark’s cock twitch again. He begins to tell her what he just saw, at first she doesn’t believe him, shakes her head in disbelief and pretends to be upset about being spied on. She stomps off mumbling something about wanting to take a shower. A little while later, she returns, he can smell her shampoo as soon as she entered the room, her skin glowing. Suddenly, she has a entirely different attitude about the situation…she keeps asking questions about it. "Did he really have binoculars? It is only a few yards away. Were my nipples really sticking out that much? Did he really have his penis in his hand? Was he hard? Was know…BIG? I am sure you are making it up. Jim is a good-looking boy; he'd have lots of girlfriends. He might have a quick look but that's all".

"Well", Mark says, "he might be good looking but he's pretty shy, and
guys still have to make the first move, most of the time. He's probably
still a virgin. You should take pity on the poor guy having to deal with seeing you in such a sexy outfit".

Heather replies, "Don't be silly. Besides, that's his problem." Mark
thinks it was a bit unsympathetic of her, as well as hypocritical of her to
think or say that, but would never say so.

Jim is living next door on his own, his parents have moved to another
city because of business, and Jim is staying here until he finishes his
degree. He had once mentioned to Mark that he could use some help with his courses, and Mark decided to help him out…in more ways than one. First, he wants Heather to openly recognize how much she loves to tease, how she loves getting strangers turned on by her body. He wants her to free her inhibitions, honestly confront the fact that she loves fucking. Second, he wants to give Jim an experience that he would NEVER he would have loved to have gotten at that age. He called Jim that very same day and got the ball rolling, Jim would be arriving on Friday evening.

Earlier on Friday he reminded Heather that Jim was coming over after
dinner for some help. She is wearing a loose pleated skirt and a white blouse. In contrast to earlier, she is wearing a bra. He says with a laugh that perhaps she'd like to make his day and strip for him. She just says: "Oh! Don't be stupid. I am sure you made all this up. Jim is a serious student."

"Yea, but he is a young guy, being driven mad by his hormones…and
your tits." The doorbell chimes at 8:00 p.m. on the dot, Heather greets him at the door and shows him in. Mark notices Jim glancing quickly at her breasts, Mark chuckles to himself quietly. Jim and Mark take a seat at the kitchen table to go over his work, while Heather reads in the living room. After an hour and a half, they decide to take a break and Mark goes into the living room to ask Heather if she wants coffee, he bends down and whispers in
her ear: "Did you see how he was staring at your tits?"

He tells Jim to go ahead and get comfortable in the living room, while he
gets the coffee. Little did either of them know…it wasn’t coffee they
would be consuming. A few minutes later, he returns with three empty
wine glasses and a bottle of red wine. He places a wine glass in each of
their hands, pops the cork, distributes the wine equally and smiles. After some polite conversation, he asks Jim if he has a girlfriend, bluntly adding that a good orgasm would help him concentrate more on his studying.

Heather shoots a look at Mark that could kill and says "Mark, don't be so rude!". Jim blushes and says he is just a little shy, and doesn't have a steady girlfriend.

"I know what it is like", Mark says, "shy guys have it tough…you miss
out so much…and it is not good for your self-esteem when your only sex partner is your right hand, and you have to keep jacking off while staring at the neighbor’s ass and tits with binoculars". Jim freezes, he doesn't know what to do, where to look.

Heather tells Mark to stop embarrassing him. She bends down to pick up the empty bottle. As she does, Mark stands up and rips the front of her blouse open. She jumps up and lets out an scream, and tries to grasp at her exposed body, she feels her arms being bound, she hears Mark saying, "Jim, see how her big tits push against her bra, just begging to be released? See the outline of her nipples against the silky fabric? Being shy means you’re missing out on tits like that doesn't it, Jim? That's what is humiliating, isn't it?"

Jim's eyes are glued to her chest, his mouth hanging wide open. At
first she is so surprised she freezes, but then she struggles and shouts, "Stop it! Let me go! You can't do this to me!"

He spins her around to face him, reaches behind and unhooks her bra,
pulls it off and stares at her swaying breasts. They look at each other, he sees both rage and fear in her bright blue eyes…and something
lust perhaps? Mark suddenly presses his lips to hers
and kisses her, she tries to pull away or escape, but he holds on and spins her around to face Jim, gripping her firmly by her waist. This causes her breasts to shake a bit, full, ripe tits, which in turn drives Jim crazy. "Look at those tits, Jim, they'll be as full and warm in your hands as you have imagined. They'll feel like big warm bread rolls in your hand. Aren't they everything you dreamed of, as you stared through your binoculars and rubbed your cock?" Jim, mesmerized by the sight before him, lets out a tiny whimper of incredible desire.

"Imagine what they would feel like, taste like. See how her nipples are
swelling, getting hard. She is excited by this, Jim.” Jim is frozen, his
eyes glued to her breasts, and his cock quite obviously straining in his
pants. Mark whispers in Heather's ear, "Look at his cock. It is hard for
you, baby". With one hand around her waist, he caresses her breasts
with the other, "Jim, wouldn't you like to do this?" Jim takes his eyes of her breasts for a second and looks at Mark. "It’s okay, Jim, she wants you to…and so do I, please touch her".

Heather still struggles but not as hard as before; Jim is still not sure
what to do. Mark spins her around again to face him and lifts up her
skirt: "Look at that ass, Jim. Do you want to help me take her panties off? Do you want to feel that ass you have been staring at through your window for so long? Look at the delicious curve of her ass, imagine it is your hand grabbing, squeezing, and slapping her ass cheeks." He spins her around again to face Jim. "Come over and feel her tits, her nipples, suck on them, grab her ass, lick her pussy, put a finger inside it, feel her arousal, feel the hot delicious texture of her pussy, do everything you've always wanted to do. Do it because I told you to."

Jim can't stand it anymore, slowly walks towards her, but hesitates. She feels humiliated in a way, but still aroused. Her pussy is dripping wet, she wants him to enjoy the pleasure she knows her body can give him. He reaches out and gently touches her breast, squeezes gently as she moans. He bends down, sucking greedily on a nipple then the other…she is lost now, no longer fighting Mark.

"They are as good as you imagined, aren't they Jim? Now let's turn her
around and get a good look and feel of her ass." He spins her around,
bends her in half, and pushes her down toward the couch. They both grab her panties and pull them down around her ankles, then completely off. Jim takes the panties and brings them to his face, inhales them, tastes them. Mark instructs her to stay in that position, totally exposed to Jim, that way he can get a good view of the sight before him – her perfect ass, her dripping pussy.

Heather feels awkward and embarrassed in that position, then she feels
someone’s soft hands assaulting her, she tries to jerk away. The
mystery hands grab her ass firmly…she realizes it was Jim’s hands; she loves it and is lost in a wave of lust.   His hands move to her pussy; his inexperience shows, because he doesn't know how to really treat a clit, but his excitement is so is his cock.  Mark has positioned himself in front of Heather and Jim.  Mark is rubbing himself through his pants. He is so hard he could hardly stand it; he wants more than just bashful touching.

He suggests they take things to the next level.  Heather helps the
situation; she starts by removing her skirt.  Jim and Mark follow her
lead and start removing their clothing as well. Jim pauses for a second,
saying he has something to confess. His cheeks are flushed, he lowers his head and admits that he had masturbated to the thought of Heather’s body just minutes before coming over.  Heather smiles a devilish grin – she loves the thought of him stroking himself while he is thinking of her. Mark tells him not to be embarrassed, that it will make him last that much longer, that he’ll be able to fuck her hot pussy even longer.  Heather blushes, but she knowsher pussy is lovely.

Mark says in a strong sit on the coffee table. Jim
and I will sit on the couch and watch you. I want you to show us how hot your pussy is, how wet and tight you are".  Heather sits down and gets
comfortable. She scoots up to the edge and spreads her legs wide open.  “See that gorgeous pink flesh, Jim…see how wet it is. Rub your clit for us, Heather, show us how you please yourself. Tell Jim how much you want to suck his cock".

She props one leg up on the table, takes her hand and starts to touch
her right breast. The other hand is moving down her chest, down her tummy, to her pussy. She sinks a finger into herself; her head slams back as she moans. Her finger is gathering her arousal; she brings the finger up to rub her sensitive clit. She is breathing heavily now – her body gives a little shiver of pleasure…

"See the way her tits jiggle, Jim. Tell him you want to suck his cock,
Heather", he repeats.She opens her mouth and, in between moans, says, "I want you, Tell him what you want! Tell him you want to suck his cock!" He knows she is embarrassed to say it, but he also knows that is what she wants.
“I want to suck and lick and fuck that gorgeous cock of yours till you
cum in my get it Jim", he says.

Jim doesn't need to be asked twice. He stands beside her at the coffee
table and she slowly licks up the underside of his shaft. Jim moans in
ecstasy, almost whimpers. She then puts her lips to his cock, and slowly teases him, wrapping her lips around his cock. She starts to move her lips back and forth pressing her lips together at his head. Jim moans, obvious pleasure in his voice. She looks up at his face; she loves it. She loves being in control of him. The intensity of his pleasure is reflected on his face, exciting her lust to new heights.

Mark can no longer wait. He tells them to both stop, "Get on your hands and knees, Heather, and spread your legs. Jim, kneel in front of her and
get your cock back in her mouth." He comes around behind her and slips his cock into those soft yielding lips of delight, feels the wetness, feels the warmth of her pussy welcoming his cock. She groans as she feels him enter her and resumes sucking Jim. The walls of her pussy cling tightly to Mark's thick cock; she hears his moans and sighs, mingling with Jim's and her own…the sounds of sexual pleasure are all around her.

Mark pounds her hard a few times, then slows down and says "Lick his
cock, lick the head, and lick his balls. How is she Jim? Is she a good
is so aroused he can only whimper a barely audible "Oh God, ya!" Mark resumes with some more hard strokes, wanting to really feel the tightness of her pussy as she tries to hold on to him. "Ohhh, Jesus, Jim, her pussy is so warm, wet and tight. Do you want some of it? Do you want to trade places?"

At this point Jim only knows that he wants to keep this feeling in his
cock forever, doesn't want it ever to stop. Mark pulls out and comes around the front and gently pushes Jim away towards her ass. Jim rushes around, gets back on his knees and enters her forcefully. The wetness of her pussy makes a soft, squishy sound as his cock enters her. Jim groans, "Oh, Jesus, oh fuck…it so
fucking good!" He looks down and revels in the
sight of his cock going in and out of her pussy, the visual pleasure mingling intensely with the physical sensations in his cock.  Mark grabs her head and pushes his cock into her mouth…the rhythm begins again.

Jim is banging away non-stop, she can feel that trigger in her clit
winding up to set off the explosion in her pussy. Then it comes…wave after wave after wave…she moans and groans and lets out "Oohhs and aaahhhs," her rapid breathing and almost crying groans turn both men on even more. The vibrations of her mouth around his cock as she cums  feel incredible to Markbut she has to pull away for a second to let out the sounds of her orgasm.

Jim feels as though his cock is being squeezed in a vice of liquid heat.
"Fuck! What a pussy!!!" he blurts out in a strangled voice; his sounds
of orgasm mingle with hers: "AH! AH! AH!" in rapid staccato fire.

Mark grabs her head, shoves his cock back in and shouts "Suck, baby,
suck it! Stroke my balls while you suck! AH! AH! AH! Ohhh, Jesus !!!!!! Oh fuck! Oh />
They collapse in a sweaty heap together, breathing so heavily…When
they have all recovered a little, Mark says to Jim: "Well, that's better
than binoculars and your right hand, isn't it? And this is just the

story by: Baiser

Tags: fiction blowjob first time threesome reluctance sex story

Author: Baiser

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