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At our next session, Frank was at a friend's for dinner so it was just Bill, Tom and myself. We started the movie and sat on the couch to watch. November was here, and despite Tom turning up the heat, we were a bit chilly. Tom had a nice heavy quilt, so we all got under that and opened our pants and enjoyed feeling each other's hard cocks. Before long, we'd taken off our clothes and were huddled together naked under the quilt.

The movie that Bill found this week was about three guys at hunting camp. Our boys started by coming back to camp at noon, no luck with the deer that day. Before long, two of them were feeling up the third guy, and opening his pants. They both got on their knees and took turns servicing him with their mouths. The three of us were content to sit there watching the flick while stroking each other. I was in the middle and had each of their cocks in a hand. Bill, on my left, was handing my nut sack, and Tom was stroking my shaft.

I told the guys that I had a new friend at work. Tom asked jokingly, "With />
"I tell you, a gentleman never tells. But apparently, our secret club isn't so secret anymore. My friend's sister lives here, and told my friend about us. My guess is that Molly spilled the beans."

"That's likely," said Tom. "I think she participates in some of the hen cackling activities, mah jong and euchre. Who's the sister?"

"Her name is Anna, I think I've seen her around. Kinda tall, a bit cushioned, generous breasts."

Bill said, "I know exactly who you mean. I think she's hot. Maybe more so when naked?"

I continued, "My friend's name is Marsha, and Anna is her older sister. Before we got too cozy, I was upfront with Marsha about having male friends."

Tom asked, "Did that end things with her?"

I said, "Not only was she ok with it, but she asked if she could watch. She said that her sister would probably be interested too."

"Huh." Bill and Tom were quiet for a bit. Bill said, "That could get complicated. I don't think I want Molly involved here, and I know you don't, Pete. So if they're chums, word would get back to Molly."

I said that I wasn't dead set against Molly; in fact I almost took her up on her offer to spread for me. "But I don't trust her. Sorry, Bill, but that's where I'm coming from."

Bill replied. "I'm not sure how far to trust her, either. Uncomfortable situation with your wife."

We thought some more, and Tom said, "If they're willing to show us some flesh, I guess I wouldn't mind putting on a show for them. Kind of an exhibitionist thing. Do you think Frank would be ok with it?"

Bill said, "I think so but let's confirm with him."

I could feel Tom's cock getting harder, and felt a throb or two. "I think you like that idea, Tom. You're throbbing in my hand."

"Yeah, let's invite the girls. Meanwhile, could one of you gents do something to help my hard cock feel better?" I slid to my knees and spread his legs. Goody, I get to suck Tom's fat cock twice in one week. I started by licking all around his cock and on his balls, while I stroked his fat dick. Mmm, nice. Tom put one hand on my head and rubbed it seductively. Bill slid over next to Tom, and Tom reached down to play with Bill's dick.

I started touching all around Tom's package, and he moaned. Looking up, I could see that Bill had leaned in and was sucking on Tom's nipple. It was time – I pointed up Tom's rod and put my mouth on it, slowly sliding down so it was buried in me. Damn, I liked sucking his cock, it filled my mouth. Then I could feel motion as Bill stood up and stood over us, and offered his cock to Tom's face. Tom pulled Bill in, and took Bill's handsome little cock all the way into his mouth. Bill said, "Oh, perfect. Just what I need."

Meanwhile, I was getting into sucking up and down on Tom's member. We both enjoyed this for quite a while, maybe ten or fifteen minutes. And I'd slipped my hard dick in between the couch base and cushion. Not a great feeling, but it provided some friction. Bill was getting hot and heavy, he started to pant and fuck Tom's mouth. I could look up and see his balls hitting on Tom's chin as he face fucked him. Bill said, "Fuck, I'm … I'm… and started to stab harder at Tom's mouth. Maybe harder than he intended, just as he called out in pleasure, he slipped out of Tom and started to squirt all over Tom's face and neck. Bill has a little cock but big balls and lots of cum; he made a mess all over Tom – who pulled Bill back and got his mouth back on Bill's cock. Tom got to drink the last squirt or so from Bill.

All the while I was sucking Tom, harder and faster. Then Tom suddenly thrust up and unloaded in my mouth. God I was so hot, feeling that fat cock throb and dump into my mouth and throat. I needed to cum, so badly. Swallowing Tom's cum quickly, I pulled off and stood to offer my dick to whoever wanted it, saying, "Somebody, please!" Bill turned and sat, leaned forward and buried his face on my stiff cock. "Damn, blow me Bill, God I need to cum, I need to…" and then my pleasure was complete; I throbbed hard as my body unloaded its semen into Bill's mouth. Bill hummed as I filled him with my man cream.

As I was coming back down, I looked at the mess from Bill's cum on Tom's upper body, and said, "Bill, clean up your mess on Tom." We all laughed and Bill started to do just that. And I helped.

We started getting chilly again, and got back under the quilt. By now, all three of the guys in the movie were into a daisy chain, making a triangle sucking each other off. We enjoyed the show for a while, until Tom started feeling me up again. This time, he sat me back on the couch and went down on me; on his way down he said, "I'm glad we can do this guys, it's amazing." Bill agreed, and joined Tom at my crotch. They took turns playing with my balls and sucking my cock, while I reached out and stroked each of their cocks. I was watching the movie while they worked on me. The three guys took turns on each other, then two of them gave facials to the third. After that the third guy stroked himself and came on his stomach. Right after that, I came in Bill's mouth, right about the same time Tom came in my hand. I took Tom's cum in my hand and reached across to use it as lube on Bill's dick. Cum makes great lube, and it didn't take long before he added his cream to that which was in my hand and rubbed all over his throbbing cock.

After the movie was over and we had relaxed a bit, I grabbed my phone out of my pants and called Marsha. "Hi, Marsha, it's Pete. How would you and Anna like to join us next Tuesday?" … "72 Alder Way, 7 pm. Bring something you like to drink." … "And I'll be happy to show it to you again. See you then."

story by: NormJohnson

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Author: NormJohnson

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