The roommate agreement – chapter 2

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Two weeks passed and, like I hoped, the incident between Eric and I had either been completely forgotten or ignored. I prayed that it was the former, but as Eric didn’t seem to be treating me any differently from before, I didn’t particularly care.

I did my best to act business as usual around him, and for the most part I succeeded. That is, unless Gavin was around. And as Vincent had moved out of the dorms and in with his new fiancée the week prior, Gavin was now around a lot.

I couldn’t face him, couldn’t even see Gavin without the feeling of guilt eating me alive. I felt an almost physical pain even being in the same room as him, so like any brave, moral person, I hid my shame, lied my ass off, and ran away every time he was around.

My only saving grace was that Gavin wasn’t actually moving in. Even though he could have easily transferred rooms and he practically lived here now anyway, I’m assuming the guys didn’t want to give up their hanky-panky time. (See On-Campus Housing Contract Code of Conduct rule number twenty-seven: “Engaging in sexual relations of any kind with the cohabitates in your dorm suit is strictly Yeah. That rule.)

Ok, so I lied. Things were weird, and though Eric didn’t seem to know why and Gavin certainly didn’t, I was definitely letting my drunken sexcapades the night of my birthday affect my relationship with both Eric and Gavin.

Julia’s voice broke me out of my thoughts and I turned to look at her.

“Did you and Eric have a fight or />
“No. Why do you ask?”

“Because you’ve practically been living here the past week or so and you only do that when you’re running form something in your dorm.”

“That was a big spider!” I exclaimed defensively. “How do you know it didn’t come back and that’s why I’m hiding here?”

Julia scoffed. “Because an eight-legged roommate doesn’t make you examine your shoes every time Eric is in the />
I couldn’t tell her. I knew I couldn’t. I had decided that I wouldn’t tell anyone. I would leave no evidence of my indiscretion.

So I told her the next best thing.

“I confessed to Eric the night of my twenty-first birthday and now I can’t look at him,” I blurted.

Julia just stared at me slack-jawed for a second before screaming “you did />
“I was drunk. He was drunk. We were sharing secrets again and it just kind of… came out.”

“You confessed to your and roommate?! What did he say?”

I said honestly. “He didn’t say />
“Then what did you do?”

“I ran and neither of us have said anything about it since.” Again, an honest answer.

Another moment of silence passed before Julia responded in true Julia form, “Damn hon. If you’re hung up on Eric of all people, you seriously need to get laid.”

“It hasn’t been that long.” Damn, I’m killing it with the honesty thing today.

“Lain, you haven’t wet your beak since school started and you had to say adios to that summer hunk you left on the beach in Miami.”

We both sighed.

“He was a stud,” I lamented dreamily.

“I know,” Julia said. “I saw the pictures you lucky bitch. I want one.”


As I lay in my bed that night, I thought of my “summer hunk,” as Julia so eloquently called him. His real name though, was Xander. No last names given. It wasn’t that kind of summer fling.

I had met Xander earlier that year while I was spending the majority of my summer vacation visiting with my grandma in Miami. He had caught my eye playing beach volleyball, as any good summer romance starts.

He must have noticed me watching because he caught up with me after the game and we got talking. Xander was a twenty-three year old business major from Tampa spending the summer housesitting for a friend.

God, he was gorgeous. Maybe only five-eight or so, but with wide shoulders and a fit body tanned to perfection from all the time we spent on the beach that summer. His brown hair was a little longer on top, a surprisingly trendy hairstyle for someone that spent little to no time doing anything more than washing it. His eye though. His eyes were my favorite part. They were round, slightly down-turned and a warm chocolate brown color that just made me melt.

Two single, twenty-somethings with plenty of spare time and an empty beach-front house to use as a hideaway? Anyone could have guessed where that was heading.

Knowing Heather had gone home for the weekend, and I had the room all to myself, I slipped my hand into my sweatpants and panties to stroke my wetting pussy as I thought back to one of my favorite memories from the summer.

Xander easily carried me, my legs wrapped around his waist, arms wrapped around his neck as we kissed. His strength wasn’t the problem though. The problem was the porch steps. Then the lock on the door. Then the door itself.

After all the problems were handled with minimal interruption of our physical contact, Xander kicked the door closed behind us before he practically slammed me against the nearest wall.

Fuck I loved when he did that. It was always such a turn on when he got a little rough.

The support of the wall allowed him a little more freedom with his hands so he could untie every string holding my bikini in place until he was finally able to toss the bits of fabric to the floor. His hands returned to squeezing my ass as he ground his growing and stiffening cock into my warm and soaking wet pussy.

I planned on giving as good as I got, so I grabbed onto the hair at the back of his neck and pulled until his neck was better exposed to me. Then I bit down on the little spot where his neck met his shoulders. It wasn’t enough to break skin, but I knew he’d feel it. He growled and I released him, quickly following the bite with a long lick from my teeth marks to the sensitive spot just under his ear.

Spurred on by my more aggressive move, Xander spun around and tossed me on the couch before he dove after me.

When his face landed close to my dripping pussy and throbbing clit, I expected him to dive right in as he often did. Slow and teasing wasn’t really Xander’s style, so I was genuinely a little shocked when he didn’t shove his tongue as far up my pussy as it would go and follow that up with a suck on my clit. Aggressive and enthusiastic was very Xander.

This time was different though. I shivered from the sensation as the softest touch of his lips made contact with the inside of my thigh and began to travel north. He threw in the occasional brush of his tongue or soft breath of pressure from a kiss, but it was mostly just his lips tracing a lazy path up my leg. The unexpected softness drove me insane.

Alone in my dorm room, I ran my fingers up my leg as I touched myself. I lightly glided my fingers up first one leg, then the other in an attempt to mimic the feeling of his lips. My touch wasn’t nearly as light and it really wasn’t the same when you were doing it to yourself.

He allowed his lips to get pretty close, but neither approach towards my center resulted in actual contact.

Fed up with his teasing and needing the contact desperately, I began to reach for my clit myself when his big hand stopped me.

you dare,” he admonished me. “Do I have to remind you of our />
A little breathless from my panting, but still knowing what he wanted to hear, I gasped out “nobody but you pleasures me unless you give permission and nobody but me pleasures you without my />
“Very good my little Laine.” He breathed the words over my slit making we squirm. we />
I could only whimper at this point, so I thrust my hips up towards his mouth in answer.

“I’m already holding down both of your hands. If I need any more hands to keep you still, I might just need to find some rope or tape.”

I stopped moving then.

“Good girl,” he cooed.

He watched me for a second more before he released me and used his hands to spread my pussy lips open wide.

Cool air touched warm and rarely exposed flesh, but that sensation didn’t last long before Xander bent and gave my cunt a nice, long, slow lick from asshole to clit. He settled there lightly tracing his tongue around and around the sensitive nub while two of his fingers stroked in and out of my pussy to the same slow pace.

It felt amazing, but it wasn’t enough to actually get me off. Every time I even got close, he backed off until I came back down. It was driving me a little crazy. That was the only explanation I had for when I finally snapped.

I reached down and grabbed a fist full of his hair in each hand before giving it a hard yank and dragging Xander up my body until his face was even with mine.

“Fuck me,” I demanded.

He chuckled. “Demanding little thing,” he teased.

“Cut the sarcasm, stop the teasing, and just fuck me />
He seemed to think about it for an agonizing amount of time before pushing up off of me. “Get the condom,” he commanded.

I reached over to our stash of condoms on the table and began to rip open the packet while he stripped off his swim trunks. I rolled the condom over his length marveling again at his impressive girth.

Xander’s cock was easily thicker than my wrist and I moaned remembering how amazing it felt to be stretched out to accommodate every delicious inch of his size.

Xander practically shoved me back down on the couch. “I love the sexy little sounds you make,” he growled. “I love every sound you make. Shall I make you scream now, little one?”

I let out a little whimper in answer as I watched him lazily stroke his cock.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Then he descended on me.

Holding himself up above me with one hand, he used the other to line himself up at my entrance before slowly pushing into me.

God, the stretch felt as amazing as it always did.

I splayed the four fingers I had stuffed up my cunt in another desperate attempt to replicate the spectacular things Xander did to my body. Again, it was a poor substitute, but the memory of him alone still meant my fingers pulled strings of my wetness from my sex every time I withdrew them.

Xander and I both moaned in pleasure once he was seated all the way inside of me

“Honey! I’m home!” He sang.

I laughed at his ridicules antics. For some reason, I loved Xander’s strange habit to go from totally serious to adorably goofy at the strangest moments. Case and point: After slamming me against a wall then shoving his dick into me, but before actually fucking me.

he sighed. “I love hearing my favorite sound in the world while doing my favorite thing in the world in my favorite place in the world.”

“I didn’t know you liked Miami so much.”

“I wasn’t talking about the city,” he corrected while finally pulling out of me a bit. “I was talking about here.” Then he pushed back into me.

Together we set up a steady rhythm. After that, we didn't talk so much anymore.

Xander readjusted himself sitting up and grabbing my ass so he could continue to power into me while my upper half still rested back on the couch. We lost our rhythm for a beat until I wrapped my legs around his waist and used my feet to help piston him into me.

In the new position, his cock was entering me in just the right angle to apply a little extra pressure to that special place inside me and I started to cry out for him to pound me harder. Faster.

He obliged, once again leaning over me so he could get the leverage to do just that. His drool-worthy muscles allowed him to keep himself propped up and balanced with only one arm while the other was free to explore my body. I was a little entranced by the way the muscles in his sweat-damp arm flexed as he fucked me.

He dragged his nails up my thighs and higher to score my hips. The little red scratch marks I knew he left only added to the collection of marks he had left on my body during our time together. Hickeys covered my breasts and upper thighs. Even my ass had at least one. Scratch marks also littered my butt, back, and sides, though Xander insisted on replenishing them more often since the lighter scratching that we both preferred faded much faster than hickeys. All of my marks were easy to hide with clothing, though I didn’t mind sowing them off when my Gran wasn’t around.

The small amount of pain he inflicted only made my orgasms more intense and the overall sex that much more fun and this time was no exception.

I had become so lost in the memory that I didn’t realize I was digging my nails into the soft flesh of my inner thighs until I was using the small pain to bring myself over the edge.

I bit back my little moan as I brought myself to another climax, but i was definitely unsatisfied with the single minor orgasm I was able to bring myself to with only my hand.

Xander too was not without his “badges of honor” as he liked to call them. Scratch marks of his own crisscrossed across his back and a hickey marked his collarbone. The scratch marks were not intentionally left by me for his pleasure, not that he didn’t thoroughly enjoy getting them.

I was so close to coming, I could feel the tingling heat nearing its boiling point. I clutches him to me in anticipation of my impending release

Xander read my obvious signs and began to thrust into me ever hander and fasted than before. For his grand finale, he wedged his free hand between out tightly pressed bodies and managed to wriggle in until he reached my clit.

He applied just a bit of pressure, but it was like he hit the ignition button that sent me soaring. My climax was unleashed and it ripped through me with a blinding force. I bit down on Xander’s shoulder as I clawed at his poor, abused back needing something to keep me from flying away.

right baby. Come for me. I love the way your pussy grabs my dick when you climax. It feel so god damn good,” Xander growled out.

I clenched my pussy muscles even tighter as he continued to pump into me.

“Fuck yeah. Squeeze my cock. I’m so close.”

With one last thrust, Xander slammed his dick as deep into me as it would go before throwing his head back and yelling out his release.

The movement must have disturbed our precarious placement on the couch though because one second I’m wholly focused on the feeling of Xander’s dick pulsing inside of me and the next thing I know, my back is leaving the couch and we roll until we land on the floor, me on top of Xander, him still inside of me. We hit the floor with a thud, and after a beat of silence we burst out laughing.

A loud banging noise came from the door to my room. Eric calls “You decent?”

It’s all I could say as I scrambled out of my bed and pulled on my sweat pants. “Yeah. Give me a sec!” I called out.

I stumbled to my door and tripped over… something in my rush to answer before Eric felt he had waited long enough and just let himself in.

I went to reach for my door handle before I realized that my right hand was still covered in my juices. Damn it!

Probably disheveled, apparently still covered in my own juices, and no double smelling of sweat and sex, I decided that I shouldn’t answer my door in that state. Instead I called “I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll come out when I’m done.”

Sounding confused, probably because I sounded out of breath and just plain panicked, Eric called “Just a heads up, the new guy is back. I thought you would want to meet him.”

That’s right! Eric’s new roommate was moved in today. Earlier in the week, the university housing office had informed us that our new roommate, some freshman guy opting for a room transfer after with his current roommates, would be moving in sometime this weekend. Apparently that time had been earlier today when I came back after class and found unopened moving boxes stacked in the already rather small living area, but no new roomie.

“I’ll be out in a minute or two. Thanks.”

I didn’t wait for a response before I walked off to get myself cleaned up.

After a quick sponge bath and a change of clothes, I walked into the living are few minutes later to the sound of male laughter. The male laughter was enough to tell me that three men were in the room at the end of the hall, and the new guy must have been cute because Gavin was using his flirty laugh.

I say as I walk up to the new guy who was sitting on the couch with his back to me. “I’m Delaine. It’s nice to meet you.”

I was so busy not paying attention to Gavin sitting on Eric’s lap in the corner of the room, I didn’t realize the mess I’d walked into until a deep, familiar voice crooned “why hello there little one.”

It took me a second to place the voice, but when i did, utter shock flooded me.


Xander… whatever his last name was, was sitting on my couch, in my dorm, at my school, in Washington. That was about as far from Miami as you could get while staying in the continental United States. What was he doing here?

Whatever the answer was, I needed a plan.

“Excuse me?” I guess I was going with denial and avoidance. It seemed to be my specialty these days anyway. “Look, whatever your name is. I know we’re gonna be living together and all, but I don’t know you well enough to feel comfortable letting you call me pet names. I’m not your 'little one.' You can call me Delaine or Laine.”

Xander blinked a few times, but he must have decided to play along because, after a smirk that clearly stated that he wasn’t buying my bs, he held out his hand and said “Xander Larson.”

I thought about taking it. I really did, but instead I just turned around and went back to my room.


I should have locked my door that night. Heather and I usually locked our bedroom door every night. It was habit. I should have known he would have come to me. Maybe I even wanted him to. I would never admit that though. Not even to myself.

Regardless of what I wanted though, come he did because at some ungodly hour of the night I woke up screaming around the hand clamped over my mouth.

“Why are you screaming little one?” He asked in a whisper. “I thought you liked when I got rough with you.”

I yanked his hand off my mouth and scrambled off the bed and away from where he stood next to where I was sleeping. “I told you not to call me that. I don’t let strangers call me stupid pet names.”

what you said, but you and I both know that we aren't strangers. We know each other way too well for that.”

Since he didn’t bother to turn the light on when he came stalking into my room while I slept, it was dark, but enough light came in through the blinds that I could see the cocky smile I had seen too many times in the past, in my memories, and in my fantasies.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. The Only Xander I know is a twenty-three year old business major who lives in Florida. He’s not some baby fresh-meat who would lie to a girl just to get into her pants.” I spat the last sentence at him in disgust.

He held up his hands in an attempt to placate my obvious anger. “I didn’t lie to you. I was living in Florida. I was housesitting for a friend, and I am a business major… Now.”

Xander Larson! You told me you were twenty-three. That’s a lie unless you’re gonna whip out a drivers license and prove to me that you are in fact a twenty-three year old college freshman!” If I didn’t have to worry about Eric asleep in the other room, I would have screamed every word at him.

wrong with starting college at he asked defensively.

“Nothing. If you’re actually twenty-three. I have a feeling that that’s not the case though. Is it? How old are you really? Seventeen? />
He flinched at the accusation, but the action only confirmed my suspicions. “Eighteen, and I was eighteen when we met, but does that really matter?”

He quickly crossed the small distance I had put between us and caressed my face with his hands. It might have felt nice if I wasn’t so god damn pissed. He lied to me for nearly two months. He made me into a fool so he could get some ass then strutted back into my life like he had the right to just pick up where he had left off.

“It would have mattered less if you had told me the truth when we met. I don’t give a crap that you’re eighteen, but apparently you do. I give a crap that you lied to me.” I was gonna cry. I could feel the hot sting of tears as they gathered behind my eyes threatening to make the whole situation worse.

“Laine, no. I can make this better.” Then he kissed me. If you could call it that. It was more like he crushed his face to mine where our mouths met, and it didn’t last long before I shoved him off of me and slapped his face. Hard.

I needed to send a message. He and his advances were not welcome. He would not be restarting anything between us. I was gonna make sure of that.

My tears pushed past my eyes and escaped down my cheeks as I screamed at him to get out. This time though, I didn’t bother with lowering my voice. I was done, and maybe screaming it at him would help him get the message.


Xander Larson trudged back to his room defeated. She had kicked him out. Laine, his little Laine, had pushed him away, slapped his face, and kicked him out.

It was one lie. One little lie he told a girl he thought he would spend one night with and never see again. It might have been a mistake on his part, but she was the one who was gonna let that little white lie poison every second they had spent together that summer. Every amazing second.

He wasn’t gonna let her. Laine would forgive him and she would be his again. He would make sure of that.

When Xander opened the door to his new room and tiptoed in, he was greeted with a punch to the gut.

He doubled over from the impact and clutched his stomach in pain. “What the fuck was that for?!” he coughed out to his new roommate.

Aaron. Eric. Whatever he name was, towered over Xander. He stood there silently for a few seconds before finally backing off.

“If you go in that room one more time without an express invitation from one of the girls, if you touch Delaine, if you even look at her wrong, I’ll report what you just did to University Housing and get you expelled. Maybe I’ll even report you to the police and get you arrested for harassment and assault. That is, if I don’t decide to just beat the fuck out of you myself and call it good. Maybe I’ll do all three.”

Xander just stared at the tall man in shock. “What? How did you />
“Laine is under the impression that she can be quiet when she wants to be. She’s wrong. Though I suspect she wasn’t exactly trying for the bit when she hit you and kicked you out of her room. Now go to bed before I decide to reinforce my threat by putting you to sleep myself.”

Chapter 3 coming soon. 

story by: SexKat

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Author: SexKat

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