The secretary-part 1 the interview

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I wait patiently in the seat by your office door to be ushered in for the interview, wearing a tight black skirt, stockings and a white blouse.
I’m really nervous, this is my first ever job interview, I hope I get it.
You open the door and smile at me and take me into your office and offer me a seat by your desk.
I sit down and my skirt rides up slightly, it seems to catch your eye but I’m probably just being silly.
“So Katie, we’ve reviewed your CV and I feel like it may be lacking some of the vital skills you will require at this job”
“Oh, like what Sir? I am a very quick learner I promise”
“Oh really? Well you’ll just have to prove that.
“stand up.”
I slowly stood up, confused, what could he possibly be teaching me about being a secretary?
“turn around.”
I turned, getting slightly scared now.
“Now life your skirt up and show me that ass I’m going to have to be looking at for the next 6 months.”
I looked back at you, shocked at your request, but your eyes just look so serious, so demanding, how could I refuse…
I lift my skirt up and show my stocking tops and my panties, I’m wearing a black lace thong to match the black stockings.
You move out of your chair and come up and stand behind me.
“Now little girl, I’m going to teach you some things about obedience, keep your skirt up and go bend over the couch over there.”
You pointed to the sofa across the room and I went over and bent over the arm rest.
You came up behind me with something in your hand, but I didn’t get a good look at what it was.
Then you run your fingers over my ass and I flinch. *CRACK*
You whip me so hard on my ass with a ruler from your desk and I scream, its such a shock.
“Do not flinch away from me girl or you will be severely punished, for that you will get 10 hits, and you must be silent otherwise I will repeat them. After every one say ‘thank you Sir, may I have another’ am I understood girl?"
“Y..yes Sir..” I stuttered
I brace myself for the next hits as you raise the ruler again and bring it down, *CRACK*
“Thank you Sir, may I have /> *CRACK*
“Thank you Sir, may I have /> *CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK*
“Good girl, not even a whimper, I have a feeling you’ve done this before.”
I flush with embarrassment, I can’t be that /> “For the last three I’m going to take your panties down.”
“Yes Sir”
You slowly peel my panties down to my ankles and then feel between my legs.
“mmmm, so wet girl, you’re enjoying this humiliation aren’t you? Maybe I’ll just have to up my game with your punishments in the future.”
You stroke my pussy and spread the wetness everywhere, then bring your fingers around to my face.
“Taste /> I eagerly lick your hands clean.
“Filthy little cum slut, can’t get enough of her own taste. Hmm, maybe later I’ll let you lick it off my cock.”
“Thank you Sir, thats so kind of you”
I go silent, I’m scared. You’re so forceful but at the same time it makes me so wet..
“Now, those last 3 hits, I think I’m going to make them as painful as I can for you.”
The ruler came down so hard it left a welt, I could feel it, it shocked me so much I let out an audible whimper.
“excuse me slut, but did I say you were allowed to make noise? Actually, I specifically remember telling you not to make a noise. That one doesn’t count then, 3 left. “
“Thank you Sir, may I have another one?"
“You may bitch”
That one definitely left a welt, it hurt so much.
“Thank you Sir, may I have /> You rested your hand on my ass as you pulled back with the ruler for the final hit and came down hard right across the other two welts.
Tears sprang to my eyes and I bit my lip to keep the noise in.
“Thank you Sir..” I sobbed.
You let go off my ass, straightened up and went and sat back at your desk, you ushered me to sit back on my chair.
“Do not pull your panties and skirt back”
“Yes Sir”
As I sat down I winced at the pain, you just laughed at me and I bowed my head waiting for you to speak.
“Well done girl, you take punishment well, thats a useful skill to have in my office. Anything you do wrong will warrant that treatment, and will get progressively worse the more mistakes you make. I will be forced to increase the severity of the punishment according to the size of the mistake.
Am I clear?”
“Yes Sir, I’ll be good.”
“You fucking better be.”
I sat there, head bowed, as you stared at me intently and I wondered if this meant I had got the job or if I had to do more to prove myself.
“Look at me Katie.”
I look up into your eyes and want to look away, they’re so intense, its scary.
“You did very well and I’m very impressed, I would like to offer you the job as my /> “Really? Oh thank you so much Sir! I promise I’ll be the best secretary you ever had!”
see about that won’t we girl?”
“Yes Sir”
“Now, I believe we said something earlier about you tasting yourself on my cock. Well, I do need to try my new toy, oh I mean secretary, out.
"Get on your knees now slut.”
I sink to my knees by your desk.
“Crawl over to me slut and rest your head on my leg.”
I do as I’m told.
“Hmm, I think we need to get you a collar and leash, what do you think about that pet?”
“You can do whatever you want to me Sir, it is not my place to decide my fate.”
“Good girl, you do learn fast.”
“Now, stand up and strip for me, do it slowly, as slutty as you can.”
I stand up shakily and begin to remove my blouse, I start to shake my hips a bit but I feel so awkward, this is horrible, I hate dancing, its just embarrassing.
be shy girl, make me want you. I don’t care how embarrassed you are, thats the point.”
I turn around and bend over to remove my skirt and slide my panties off at the same time, completely displaying myself to you.
“Mmmmhh, thats pretty, such a pretty view. Stay like this.”
I hear the clicks of a camera going off behind me.
“Bend over my desk slut, and spread your legs like a good little whore.”
I love feeling so degraded, its amazing. I do what you say and stick my ass out for you. You smack it and call me a whore.
I then hear you unzip your fly and pull your cock out, but I can’t see it.
Then you rub it up against my pussy and make it wet and then suddenly I’m pushed flat against the desk as you ram it in with so much force it goes all the way in to the hilt and I’m pushed forwards and moan in pain.
You start fucking me hard and fast banging me against the desk, and you grab a fistful of my hair and pull my head up, then lean over my body and whisper in my ear,
“You. Are. Mine.”
“You are my little fucktoy and I’m going to do exactly what I want with you from now on, you will be my pet.”
“Yes Sir, please.”
“Call me Master.”
“Yes Master”
“Beg for my cum bitch.”
“Oh please Master, cum in me, make me your little cum slut please Master, I need it, all of it.”
Suddenly you pull out and leave me feeling empty. You turn me around and push me down on my knees.
“Open your mouth” you rasp.
You shove your cock into my throat and start pumping in and out, saliva drips out my mouth as I gag and try to breath. Then suddenly you pull out a cum all over my face and in my mouth, I swallow as much as you allow me to taste, eager for it.
Once you’re finished you smear it on my face.
“Good girl, don’t you dare wipe that off, you will wear that with pride.”
“Yes Master."
“Now, go put your clothes back on so you don’t look like such a filthy slut and get the fuck out of my office, you start on Monday.”
“Yes Sir, thank you Sir."
I quickly pull my clothes on, although they look very disheveled and walk out of your office, the lady at reception looks at my with disgust and I realise I still have your cum on my face, I’m embarrassed, but at the same time I feel proud.
So proud that you want me to be your fucktoy, and so proud that I will serve you in whatever way you wish, Master.

story by: Katie136

Tags: cum swallowing domination/submission fantasm discipline bdsm sex story

Author: Katie136

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