The teacher

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(Honestly, I wrote this story a long time ago and I never got around to finishing it off properly, I don’t know if I will or not, it depends how well this story is received. Please excuse any perspective changes, I originally wrote this as a 3rd person story! And there might be one or two grammar errors, but nobody's perfect so don't be mean to me! Enjoy! P.T)

The Teacher

I took a deep breath and looked at myself the mirror. On any other school day I’d be wearing a very different set of clothes. The school code of conduct stated that all pupils should wear a uniform consisting of a white shirt or blouse and either black or grey trousers or a knee length black or grey pleated skirt. It was ok to wear a plain black sweater as well. Normally I’d have my black school trousers on with a pair of trainers and a baggy long sleeved white shirt, I’d have my long red hair tied in a ponytail which I’d shove down the back of my coat and very little make up. I never bothered with much in the way of lipstick and blusher, I don’t mean to be boastful but I do believe I’m an attractive young woman. So that would be all, it rarely took more than ten minutes for me to get dressed, make myself look somewhat appealing, and be out of the door on a school day. Today was very different though.

It was in fact the last day of school, at 3pm that afternoon I would no longer be a pupil at Hamilton Community School, there was an option for us to actually stay on for another year after today, all the people that chose to do so would be put in a single class and get the best tutors for a few days a week, but I had no intention of doing so. I would be a free woman, and I’d craved for school to end for so long but not for the usual reasons. Sure I wanted to be free, I was 18 years old and itching to see the real world but there was another reason. The last day of school would be my first, and last, chance to finally confess my love to the person that had dominated my thoughts and fantasies for the last four years; my English teacher Miss Sullivan.

Being head over heels in love with Miss Charlene Sullivan presented two problems for me, firstly there’s the fact that she’s a woman and I didn’t know for sure if she liked girls in that way, although I did, however, have a reason to think that she might be.

About a year ago I’d seen her in the parking lot behind the school with an attractive woman. I kept watching, or more accurately spying, on them and realised they were holding hands as they walked towards Charlene's car, then, just as she opened the car door they actually kissed each other on the lips! It didn’t look like a particularly long or intimate kiss from where I had been standing but it did look to me like there was quite a bit of feeling there.
After the kiss ended Charlene and the mystery woman got into the car and drove away, my imagination was rife with sordid fantasies about what they got up to afterwards. Of course I could have read the situation entirely wrong, it might have been just a close friend or anything, time had jaded my memory and it was hard remembering exactly how intimate the kiss had been. That, however, was my one and only bit of encouragement I could take into today’s attempt.
My second problem was that she is my English teacher, so even if she did like girls and I was able to seduce her nothing could come of it because it would be illegal, even though I was above the age of consent she would get into a lot of trouble and most likely lose her job.

However, after 3pm I would no longer be her pupil. I still had no idea if she would react badly or not but I had to try, if I didn’t I’d hate myself forever. Every day at school I’d listened to her beautiful voice as she called out the class register in a morning (she’s also my class’ main form tutor.) During English classes I’d watch every movement she made, when she spoke to our class or read through whatever book we were studying at the time I’d dreamily let her voice travel through me and focus on her lips, every little curvature seemed to be intensely erotic to me, often the actual words escaped me and I rarely took notice of what she was actually saying.

What really made my heart flutter was her smile; it would light up even the darkest room, many nights I had laid in my bed imagining kissing her smiling lips and running my fingers through her short blonde hair. I wanted to taste her mouth and feel her warm tongue rub against mine, I yearned to run my tongue over her beautiful lips, would she keep smiling while I did it? Would she give out a contented sigh if I kissed my way up her neck and pulled her tightly against my body, our breasts pushing together and my knee rising up between her />
A knock on the bathroom door followed by a voice brought me crashing back to earth.

“Are you gonna be much longer in there? I want to use the shower when you’ve done!”

“I won’t be long Becky,” I shouted back through the door. “I’m just finishing my hair, should be about five />
“Ok, I’ve put the kettle on!” Becky shouted back at me. “Call me when you’re done.”

Becky is my little sister, she’s only 9 months younger than me but it’s easy to tell that I’m the eldest, she’s 5 feet and 3 inches tall and I’m closer to being 5 feet and 8 inches tall, so she’s my little sister in every sense of the word. She would have to wait a little bit longer to use the bathroom though, I wanted to look as close to a supermodel as possible today, if I was to have any chance at all with Miss Sullivan I’d have to look at my very best, which was the main reason I was dressed in this new way.

As I mentioned before, Becky is my little sister, she wasn’t at school today because her year group (the one below me) had broken up the day before, and so I’d been able to borrow some of her clothes. I ditched my normal baggy long sleeved white shirt in favour of Becky’s short sleeved shirt. Of course it was smaller than my own shirt but not by a massive amount, Becky wore her clothes baggy as well. When I put it on and fastened it up the sleeves actually went right up to my shoulders with just a tiny bit of the material hanging over, it actually looked quite good. The shirt’s length was the main issue; my breasts are slightly larger than Becky’s, so it was pulled pretty tight. To help relieve the tightness I undid the top two buttons. As a result my cleavage was much more on show, I’d just about convinced myself wear the shirt like this but while I was checking it out in the mirror I realised how much my bra strap was standing out. It was like a thick ridge running across my back. I was about to discard the whole idea and put my usual shirt back on but something stopped me. This would be my only shot at this; it’s difficult to convey just how much I needed this to work. I felt like my entire life hinged on this day, I was going to tell Charlene that I loved her and I needed her to see me as a grown woman, not as a silly school kid with a crush.

I had to make this extra effort, just this once, so I took the shirt off, discarded my bra, and then put the shirt back on. I undid a few buttons at the top and bottom so it looked a little more natural, the shirt parted at the bottom and showed off my navel, the hemline didn’t even make it to the waistband of my skirt. Yes, today was the first time I’d actually wear a school skirt, and I’d be pushing the rules to the limit. My own, and still brand new, pleated skirt came down to my knees as the code of conduct demanded and that’s what I was wearing. However, underneath the skirt I was also wearing Becky’s skirt. I planned to wear the skirt to school and at some point during the day I’d sneakily take it off and put it in my school bag.

When I saw myself in Becky's little skirt I almost went straight to the drawer for some trousers but, once again, I knew it would only be this once and I had to look perfect. This one was different to mine; it was grey but didn’t have any pleats so it was essentially a mini skirt. The hemline was about an inch or two below my buttocks and it clung tightly to my thighs, I have to admit though, it made me feel very sexy, I have pretty long legs and this skirt showed off almost every inch of them and every little movement I made caused it to ride up a little higher, I’d have to stay in my sensible skirt right up until the last minute, as soon as we were alone in the classroom I’d make the switch under the table.

I had some knee socks as well, I’d seen some girls at school wearing these kinds of socks with short skirts before and the effect they had on me was quite profound. A rumour went around that girls wearing those short skirts were given detentions for breaking the uniform code. I didn’t allow myself to dwell on what other people would think about me though. If things went as planned the only person who would see me in this outfit would be Miss Sullivan herself.
Before getting dressed I’d gone in the shower and shaved my arms, legs and pubic hair. I didn’t do it because I expected to be having sex with her, it was more to bolster my confidence and make me feel just a little more attractive. I brushed my hair down so it fell naturally around my shoulders and down my back. Finally, to finish the transformation I used some nice lipstick; it was liquid pink and made my lips look moist.

I looked at myself in the one more time mirror and took another deep breath, this was it. I was so nervous that I could see myself trembling in the mirror and a question kept ringing in my brain. What if she says no? What if she says no? What if…? I tried to ignore the incessant chanting in my head and pulled my jacket on and fastened it over my shirt (if my parents had seen the way my tits were out on show they wouldn’t have let me leave!) I turned away from the mirror and left the bathroom. I had just enough time to drink the hot coffee my sister had made for me, then, with my heart in my mouth and my stomach in a knot, I got up and said bye to everyone.

“Have a good day,” Mum shouted after me as I opened the door.

“I sure hope so,” I whispered to myself as I grabbed my school bag and hung it on my shoulder.

What if…?
* * * * * * * * * * *
Every step I took on the way to school made me ever more nervous, it was quite windy outside and my hair was being blown all over the place, eventually I smoothed it down and tucked it into my jacket. The wind served as a constant reminder of why I never liked wearing skirts, the hemline of my sensible pleated skirt was being lifted and blown, it was like God was being pervy and using the wind to see up my skirt. I rounded the corner at the end of the street and suddenly became short of breath as my school came into view. It began to dawn on me that things were getting real, I was wearing the standard school uniform on top but underneath I was dressed like a whore. Could I really do this? Was it worth it? I slowed my pace and for the hundredth time that day I considered forgetting the whole thing.

“Amy? Hey Amy!”

I turned around and saw one of my friends approaching me. There are quite a few routes to get to the school but they all sort of converge on a single street, like many different streams flowing into the same river.

“Wait up!” she called. It was Kylie, we’d been friends since the first day of school, we always say next to each other when we were in the same lessons and we were often chastised by many teachers for messing around and giggling in the back of the class. You could say we were just the stereotypical schoolgirls. I forced a smile as I waited for her; it actually made me feel a little better knowing that I wouldn’t have to walk there on my own. So my mind was finally made up, for now at least, I’d just go with the flow and see what happens.

“I wasn’t sure it was you at first,” Kylie said as she drew level with me. think I've ever seen you in a skirt before.”

“I know, but my normal trousers weren’t ready so I just threw this on,” I lied. I couldn’t tell her the truth of course.

We linked arms and chatted as we walked to school for the last time, I can’t have been very good company because my mind was dead set on the day ahead and what might happen. I’d see Miss Sullivan in the morning for registration and again at 2pm for our final ‘round up’ with her. It was meant to be a sort of last minute advice session or something. Then, at 3pm, the final bell would go and we’d leave for the last time, that’s when I would make my move on her.
We arrived in the classroom just before 9am and took our seats near the middle of the class, there were 3 rows of 5 tables and, looking forward from the teacher’s big desk, we were on the right hand side and three tables up, I sat on the outside of the table and Kylie sat on the side closest to the wall. The reason I’d chosen this position was so I’d get an unobstructed view of the teacher and, more importantly, from her position she could see above and below the table, this meant she’d easily see my legs and my shirt without having to move. I knew this because a few days ago I’d sat in her chair and looked around to see where I’d best be able to show off my cleavage and my legs at the same time. I’d put a lot of thought into this whole set up, I just hoped it would be enough. As I sat down I pulled the hem of my skirt up and stretched my legs out under the table. That’s when the door opened and Miss Charlene Sullivan breezed into the room.

She’s around 5 feet and 11 inches tall although I guess about 3 inches of her height was down to her shoes which had pretty thick soles and heels. She was wearing a beautiful silky red shirt which showed off a bit of her chest but, of course, it wasn’t showing any of her cleavage. Her breasts seemed quite small in that shirt but, as I’d never seen them in the flesh, I couldn’t be totally sure on that. She also wore a long black skirt with a hemline that danced around her ankles as she walked; at first I was quite disappointed as I’d hoped to see her legs.

She has the most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen, I’d once seen her in a short gym skirt and I’d almost cum in my panties, I’d watched every move she’d made that day, every gust of wind or movement that even slightly raised the hemline was like a personal gift from God to me and it had made my pussy weep. It looked like today she’d gone conservative but then as she turned to face the class I saw that the skirt had quite a long slit up the right hand side, I got a brief flash of her exquisite thigh and my pussy immediately responded, please God let this be the day when everything goes right. I repeated the sordid prayer several times in my head as I watched her read out the names of each pupil, when it got to my name she turned to me and smiled that epic smile I loved so much.

“Amy Cotter,” Miss Sullivan called just as she turned to me with that smile.

I responded. As I looked at her I noticed her eyes ever-so slightly look down, I was certain she’d looked at my legs! Just knowing that she’d seen me was enough to make my head spin again. Almost immediately after she’d read the last name on her list the bell went and everyone stood up and made their way out of the room.

I felt the hem of my skirt fall back around my knees as I slowly stood and made my way out, I glanced in her direction and almost drowned my panties. She was sat with her legs crossed and the slit on the skirt had fallen away to the sides of her legs, so I could see her bare legs right up to the tops of her thighs. Her head was turned away so I lingered there for a moment, enjoying the sight of her bare skin. It seemed that no one else had noticed because they were all heading straight for the door without a second glance. Oh how I yearned, ached, to reach out and feel her silky skin, to run my hand over her knee first, then stroke my way up and over her thigh before reaching between her legs and under what remained of her skirt. I never want to move from here, I wanted to stay and look at her, please just let this moment pass a little bit slower. Eventually she turned towards me; she saw me standing there and smiled at me.

“You look nice today Amy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a skirt,” she said looking down at the hemline of my skirt.

“Oh, ummm, thank you, Miss,” I replied with a goofy smile. “I guess I just felt like a change today, as it’s the last day.”

“Oh, I see,” she said. “Well, if I had a figure and a pair of legs like you I’d want to show them off too.” I must have gone bright red; I desperately wanted to tell her how good her legs were and how beautiful she was but the words wouldn’t come.

better get off,” (no shit) “Or you’ll miss your lesson,” she said. I nodded and smiled at her then I almost ran out the door! Oh my God she noticed me and she thinks my figure and legs are nice!

With this little confidence boost in the bag I hurried after Kylie.

“See you all later,” Miss Sullivan called after us.

‘What /> * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The rest of the day passed in a sort of blurry dream, I couldn’t focus on anything and I certainly couldn’t confide in anyone. Kylie knew I was into girls but I think she thought it was some kind of teen phase, I knew better. I still liked guys but the thought of a man putting himself inside me was a real turn off, whenever I saw a porn movie or even when I heard people describing it to me it always seemed to be a little too invasive, most of my fantasies were centred around you-know-who.

At lunchtime I’d sat in the large dining room with Kylie as usual, it was a pretty big room full of noise, tables and heat from the kitchen. I wasn’t eating anything, the sheer thought of swallowing something made me feel nauseous. It was like I was waiting for a massive examination or a hugely important job interview, all I could think about was how things were going to pan out and how I’d even begin to cope. It was this train of thought that got me thinking about the best case scenario, what if it all went well? What if, after the bell rang and the classroom was empty, I’d stand up with my tiny skirt and my newly discovered cleavage and stride towards her. She would open her mouth to speak and that’s when I’d strike.

The second her lips parted I could push my tongue in between them; I’d taste the inside of her mouth, drawing her own tongue into my mouth so I could close my lips around it, sucking it. (I’d seen it a porn movie a few days ago and it had appealed to me very much.) Then maybe I’d tear open her shirt and slip my hand inside her bra, cupping her breast as I continue my assault on her beautiful lips. By now she’d be totally up for it, (not likely but fuck it, it was my fantasy after all.) She could reach around my waist and pull my little sister’s skirt up before sliding her hands down the back of my underwear to cup my buttocks. Then, she’d take hold of the waistband of my panties and roughly pull them apart, tearing the soaking wet garment away from my damp skin, now she could pull me closer and guide my head down towards her breasts. I’d kiss all around her pert pink nipple first, and then guide the tip of my tongue around it, making her shiver and squirm, then I’d give her what she wanted, my lips would part then close down, sucking the little pink bud into my warm mouth. While I ever so slowly tease her nipple with my tongue I’d take hold of her other breast and gently give it a squeeze lest it would feel left out as I continued to arouse its twin.

Finally, her hand would glide over my clean shaven, and now fully exposed, pussy. Her fingers would lightly brush against my slit first, and then she’d gently stroke up and down, with each stroke she’d push a little harder and part my wet lips a little wider, and then, at long last, I’d feel Miss Sullivan’s finger on my clitoris and…..oh fuck!!!

I snapped back to reality and the beautiful imagery dissolved into the noisy dining room, which seemed much hotter than before. I don’t know how long I’d been lost in the fantasy but now I really could feel fingers on my pussy, unfortunately they were my own. Somehow, probably while my mouth was full of my teacher’s tits, I’d allowed my hand to slip under the table and into the waistband of my skirt, my sister’s skirt and finally my panties. The first thing to do was obvious, I quickly scanned around the room to see if anyone had noticed what I was doing, Kylie had her head turned away from me and was talking to some guy on the table next to ours. For a couple of seconds my head was on a swivel, I must’ve looked like some kind of nervous and horny owl! I was relieved to see nothing that indicated I’d been watched and breathed a sigh of relief. Now there were a couple of other things to do.

My hand was still down there and very wet, I slowly withdrew it while trying not to touch the now ultra-sensitive lips of my pussy. I grazed them with my fingernail and nearly squealed out loud; instead I just closed my thighs together and tensed up until the over-the-top reflex action gave way. My school bag was at my feet and if had a few clothes in there as well as my school books and pencil case. I’d brought a pair of my normal trousers, some spare panties and a sweater in case something happened and I needed to look respectable in a hurry, it also contained the pair of white knee socks I’d tried on that morning. I leant down and unzipped my bag and dried my hand on the sweater, I know it wasn’t very ‘lady like’ but it was the best I could do. In recent masturbation sessions I’d actually started tasting myself, again it was something I’d seen on the internet where a girl is finger fucked by another girl and then she licks her partner’s fingers afterwards. It seemed a bit at the time but I was curious so I figured what the hell? It wasn’t the taste that got me more turned on though; it was the thought of where the juice had come from. Anyway, as I couldn’t exactly lick my hand clean here I did the next best thing and dried it off.

It was while I was leaning down that I noticed my breasts, I’d left a couple of buttons open because of how warm it was but now, after my little my nipples were straining against the thin shirt and poking through, not only that but at some point during my fantasy I must have touched my breasts or pulled on my shirt because now they were almost spilling out of the top of my shirt! It was a lot more cleavage than I was comfortable showing in public, so I quickly tucked them back into the shirt and buttoned it up to the top while slightly wishing I’d worn that bra after all. Now all I needed to do was remove my wet underwear and put on the spare panties that were in my bag, I couldn’t risk walking to the bathroom like this so it had to be done there and then.
I pulled the sweater out and slyly used the sleeve on my thighs, then, after a quick scan of my surroundings I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and pulled, slightly raising my buttocks off the seat, I did it quickly and wrapped them up in the sweater after I’d used the other sleeve to wipe myself. I was doing really well, I put the sweater in my bag and started clawing around inside to retrieve my spares.

That’s when the bell rang and everyone stood up.


“Are you coming Amy?” Kylie asked just as I was about to pull them out.

“Uh, yeah I’m coming,” Despite my predicament I couldn’t help smiling at the irony of that statement. Now that she was looking at me I couldn’t pull them out and put them on so instead I shoved them back in and zipped up my bag. I stood up and smoothed my skirt down; I’d have to find a moment during the next hour to get changed anyway because after that it would be time for the final reckoning, so to speak.

That opportunity never came because the next class was in an open room with no tables so there was no way I could discreetly pull my replacement panties on. To make matters worse we were all sat in a semi-circle with me on the end so pretty much everyone could see me. I could hardly sit still; I felt like everyone knew I was naked beneath my skirt and I constantly smoothed my dress down and tightly crossed my legs. Even though I was terrified that someone might see up my skirt I couldn’t help feeling slightly empowered in a strange way. I felt so sexy!

My knee length skirt was the regulation length and I wasn’t the only girl wearing one but, somehow, I felt so different. My long red hair was settled around my face, I had cute lipstick on and my breasts and legs were much more on show than they had ever been before today. I wanted to explore this feeling a bit more but it would have to wait, it was hard enough trying not to think about Miss Sullivan in case I phased out and came all over the floor without also thinking about the new thrill of exhibitionism I’d suddenly felt. So I tried to focus on whatever the fuck the teacher was droning on about and watched the clock tick around until, at last, it got to 1.55pm and the bell rang. In five minutes I’d be sitting down in Miss Sullivan’s classroom for the last time and, about an hour from now, I’d know whether all of this had been worth it.

Again those two little words that had been haunting me for the last few weeks entered my mind.

What If…?
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
As we made our way out of the classroom I told Kylie that I’d meet her in the next class because I needed to go to the ladies bathroom. I was stiff with tension but I’d come so far, I couldn’t wimp out now. I put on my replacement panties, I’d considered leaving them off and flashing my crack from under the table at her but I decided that it would be too extreme. After all there was a fair chance that this could all come to nothing and I didn’t want her to think I was a slut or something. No, this had to be subtle, I’d most likely give her an eyeful of my panties from time to time during the whether I intended to or not considering the skirt I’d be wearing. I pulled on the knee socks until they were about an inch or so over my knees, the effect would be more profound when I’d swapped skirts because now only a tiny amount of flesh was visible between the top of the socks and the hem of the skirt. I pulled the waistband of my skirt up slightly so a tiny bit of thigh was on show, I did consider just swapping skirts and arriving in the classroom with Becky's skirt on but, again, I felt that would be too much too soon.

I checked out my reflection in the large bathroom mirror and made some final adjustments, stroked my hair back so it was nice and straight, it reached to about the middle of my shoulder blades when I straightened it like this. I arranged my fringe so it nicely framed my face, then I quickly touched up my lipstick (I’d brought a spare, of course) until my lips got to the same colour and moisture as this morning. There was only 2 minutes left for me to get up to the English block for the final lesson of the day, I looked at myself in the mirror once more.

“This is it,” I told my reflection. I picked up my bag and slung it over my shoulder, took a deep breath, then strode out of the bathroom and made my way to the classroom.

On the way there I’d seen one or two people with raised eyebrows as I briskly walked past, it was nice being checked out and I wondered why I’d been so conservative with my appearance in the past, again that confidence I’d discovered earlier surged through me and lasted right until I got to the door of the room. The last few people were entering the room and just as I stepped through the door and saw her standing at the front of my class I suddenly became that pathetic little girl with a crush on her teacher.

As I walked towards the specially designated table I’d picked earlier I noticed Miss Sullivan turn her gaze towards me, then away again, then she looked for a second time, I turned to her and weakly smiled. She looked at me and was clearly surprised, obviously she’d seen me this morning in my jacket and skirt but now my jacket was open and fully displaying the cleavage that was hidden earlier, also my skirt had gotten a little bit shorter from when I’d pulled up the waistband and, finally, I was now sporting a pair of white knee socks and, in turn, showing off a little bit of thigh.

Her eyebrows rose slightly and then she hit me with her smile, it felt like being shot in the chest when she smiled at me, I wondered if she approved of my new dress sense. Surely if she’d been disgusted by it she wouldn’t have smiled so warmly, for the first time I had some real and genuine hope, she’d looked me up and down and smiled, that must have meant something! I spun around and sat at the table next to Kylie and watched Miss Sullivan walk to the front of the room and begin speaking, once again I paid more attention to the clock than anything else.

I’d been waiting for an opportunity to take off the skirt and stuff it in my bag for about half an hour, it had been a pretty informal chatting session where we talked about what we’d do after school and what options were open to us. I’d been hoping that there would either be a quiet time where everyone was concentrating on something or that there would be some kind of other distraction and that chance finally came a few minutes later. There was a large TV in the corner and there was a short 10 minute film for us to watch, it was one of those boring educational things where some guy goes on about college and university and so on. It was quite a bright day so the lights were turned off and some of the curtains were closed, this would be as good a chance as any, the only problem would be Kylie, even with the lights off and the TV on she would easily see what I was doing.

That’s when I got another piece of luck; we were friends with the two girls who were sitting at the table behind us and one of them, Carla, tapped Kylie on the back and they started talking to each other. I waited until she had her back to me then slipped my thumbs into the waistband of my sensible skirt; I had to do this quickly. I raised myself very slightly off my seat and gently tugged the waistband down, in one swift motion I guided it down my legs, over my knees and let it fall to my ankles. After a quick scan of the room to make sure I hadn’t been seen I lowered myself back on to my seat, suddenly feeling the texture of the moulded plastic on my thighs, I leant down and took the skirt off the floor and shoved in in my bag. After I sat up straight I looked down at my legs and, oh my God, I’d forgotten just how short this thing was!

Because I was sat down the skirt had ridden up to the point where it barely covered my underwear, I adjusted it until it covered as much as possible but that meant lowering the waistband down to the point where it was right on my hips, just a little bit higher than my panties! Now, at least, the skirt was covering my rear but I could still feel the cold plastic chair on my upper thighs, I pulled the knee socks up as far as they would go but they only just reached a little bit higher that they were at to begin with. As I continued adjusting myself I noticed that the TV had fallen silent and Miss Sullivan was heading towards the light switch.

Now I’d passed the point of no return, there was no way I could put my other skirt back on in the time it took the lights to come on and certainly no chance to pull out the trousers or the sweater, so I just crossed my legs and budged my chair further beneath the table, when the teacher sat down at her desk she’d have a clear view of my new look, now that I was all in and fully committed I would try to stick as close to my plan/fantasy as possible. The lights flickered back to life and the first thing I noticed was the clock. 2.45pm.

Miss Sullivan muttered something about the video to the class and a few people laughed, most likely it was a reference to the boring cunt on the video we’d just watched. She moved towards her chair and asked the class if anyone had any questions or concerns about life after school. One or two hands went up and Miss Sullivan patiently answered the questions, at this point I was stretching my legs so far under the table I’d probably trip someone up but it seemed that this piece of planning would not go my way. 2.50pm.

Finally, she sat down and crossed her legs, unfortunately the parting in her skirt revealed nothing to me. They were all still talking but to be honest all I could hear was the sound of my own heart beating. It thumped inside my chest so hard that I began to worry it might push my tits out of my shirt, happily that didn’t happen. What did happen was what I’d been waiting for, she briefly looked in my direction and I saw her eyes lower, my legs began tingling in a funny way as if they knew they were being looked at. She looked for a couple of seconds then turned away; there was no smile this time. 2.55pm.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. 2.58pm.

“Anyway, I wish you all the best of luck in the future whatever you decide to do with it, it’s been a pleasure to see you all grow up, and an even bigger pleasure to see the back of you,” said Miss Sullivan to a chorus of laughs from everyone in the class. Well, almost everyone, I had other things on my mind, and those same two words circled in my head like some kind of insect in my mind. ‘What if?’

3.00. The bell rang.

From this moment onwards I was no longer a student at this school and Miss Sullivan was no longer my teacher. Now we were just two women, Amy Cotter and Charlene Sullivan. As people stood up and began saying their goodbyes to their classmates I pretended to be messing about with my bag, Kylie kissed me on my cheek and I told her I’d call her later. Maybe I’d have something very juicy to tell her about, or something very depressing. She left and said a quick goodbye to Miss….to Charlene and disappeared through the door followed by the girls who had been sat behind us earlier. The room was clearing quite slowly so I continued to pretend I was rummaging in my bag, I was hoping that no one else would stay for too long. After a few moments I peeked over the table and saw just two more former students making their way out. They shouted a final goodbye as the door swung shut. Now it was just me and Charlene.

“Everything ok there Amy,” she asked.

“Yeah, fine, I just uh, thought I’d lost something,” I lied. “But it’s ok, I’m about sorted.”

“I noticed that you were dressed a little differently today, if this had been a regular school day I’d have been obliged to give you a warning.” She was smiling as she spoke so I knew she was just playing around. “Why the sudden change in />
“I don’t know,” I lied again. “It’s a nice day and I was tired of always wearing the same outfit.”

“Ah, I see.”

If she thought that my other skirt was a little bit too revealing I wondered how she’d react when I got the courage to stand up. She had been sat on the edge of the table while we were talking but now she stood up and walked away from me towards her desk. This was it.
I got to my feet and smoothed the skirt down as best I could and walked unsteadily towards her, she still had her back to me.
“I’ll miss you,” I said rather more pathetically than intended.

“I’ll miss you and everyone else too,” she replied in her soft voice. She had begun to turn around towards me again. I stepped closer so that when she turned around I’d be about a foot away from her.

When she turned to face me I saw her flinch a bit, I’d obviously startled her.

“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to frighten you,” my voice was a shaky as the rest of me; I trembled as if the temperature had dropped several degrees.
“It’s ok,” Charlene replied. “I just didn’t expect you to be there.” I could see she was a bit bemused by my behaviour. It seemed to grow when she noticed what I was now wearing, when I’d made her jump she’d stepped back and now she had a good full frontal view of me. She opened her mouth to say something, in my fantasy I’d kissed her at this point but I just wasn’t brave enough, instead I just put my arms around her waist and laid my head on her shoulder,
“I’ll really miss you,” I said softly. I was surprised and delighted when I felt her arms around me, even more so because her hands were touching my bare back between my skirt and shirt.

“Hey, it’s ok her lips were so close to be that I felt her breath on my cheek. I was so close! “I didn’t realise how short that skirt is,” she said in a lighter tone. “I guess you really have grown in />
“Yea, I guess that’s it, but I wanted to look nice for the last day,” I almost told her the truth, that I’d dresses this way in an attempt to look appealing to her, but I stopped myself.

“Well it suits you,” she said. It’s difficult to explain exactly what those words meant to me, I got a massive surge of confidence that went through me like a tidal wave. I’d dressed to impress and it had worked, she thought I looked good wearing such revealing clothes which must mean she thinks I have a nice body. That brief surge made my mind up, I knew what I had to do.

I loosened my grip around her waist and lifted my head up off her shoulder; I moved very slowly and didn’t say a word. As I moved back I felt her hands fall away from me but she couldn’t step back because of the desk behind her. As I moved my head away I purposely grazed my cheek against hers, very slowly I moved back, enjoying the feeling of her skin on mine until I got to the required position. I turned a little to the side so we were facing each other; we were so close that our noses were almost touching. I didn’t dare to look into her eyes, instead I lowered my gaze to her lips, it was pretty difficult to be sure but for a moment I thought I saw her smile.

My mind was screaming at me, ‘do it Amy, do it now!’

I closed the gap between us so my nose rubbed against hers, her lips were so close to mine, and every part of my body was shaking. Please don’t reject me, please don’t. Our lips were literally millimetres away and finally, after all this time I’d do it. I moved forward just enough so my lips would brush against hers at first and then, with a little prayer I took a leap of faith and pressed them firmly against her, gently planting a sweet kiss on her beautiful lips. Now, at this point I’d give pretty much anything, I’d do anything just to feel her kiss me back.

I could’ve literally jumped for joy when I felt her lips respond to my touch. For what seemed like an eternity everything melted away, there was no classroom, no school, no silly uniforms and no sound, it was like the world had gone dark and fallen silent and the only thing in the world that had any substance was this one kiss. Our lips pressed together a little harder but even though from the outside it might look like an innocent peck on the lips, to me it was the single most sensual feeling I’d ever had.

I put my arms around her neck and gently ran my fingers through her hair, still our lips were locked together, it was like we were each waiting for the other person to move it forward, however, Charlene must have just realised what was happening and, more to the point, where it was happening so she moved her head back and broke the kiss.

“Amy I…we can’t do this,” she whispered. I could’ve crumbled to the floor with />
was all I could say. I felt her hand on my cheek as she guided me away from her. I still didn’t look right at her, this time it was pure embarrassment that stopped me from facing her directly. I could feel her eyes on me, like hot lasers focusing on my head.
I kept my eyes lowered, despite everything I was enjoying the way she gently held my cheek and stroked my hair, I wasn’t sure what was going on at the moment and I didn’t have a clue what might happen next, I just wanted to stay here but, eventually she took her hand away from my cheek and stopped stroking my hair.
Surprisingly I felt a bit of relief, I’d been thinking about this for so long, putting myself under this pressure and now it was over. How could I have been so blind, just because I’d seen her kiss a woman once I’d assumed that she just had to be a lesbian! And what was I thinking by wearing all this stuff? That if I
flashed a bit of thigh she’d come running? I must be the most arrogant, />
She whispered, pulling me out of the self-loathing episode. “Amy, look at me.”

I />
“It’s ok,” she said softly. She moved away the hair that hung over my face and tucked it behind my ears, then brought a finger to my chin and slowly tilted it upwards, we were still stood really close together so when we were face to face again we couldn’t have been more than a few inches apart. My eyes were still lowered, avoiding her gaze, instead I looked at those beautiful lips that I had ever-so slightly tasted a moment ago

sorry,” I whispered. “I just…just had to try, I love you />
“Amy, I’m your teacher,” she said softly.

“No, no you’re not. Not />
she paused for a moment. “Is this why you’re dressed so differently today?”

I admitted, still feeling incredibly foolish. “I thought that you might…like girls. I saw you once, kissing another woman, so I thought that if I looked nice
you might…and now that I’m not a student My voice trailed off, I was babbling and what was left of my dignity was bleeding away.

It was quiet for a moment, Charlene's left hand was resting on my shoulder while her other hand cupped my cheek. She was silent. I had said everything, it was all out. I guessed that she was either simply processing everything I’d said, or she was waiting for me to pull myself together and leave.
It was so quiet, I didn’t want to move my head because she might stop touching my cheek, instead I just opened my eyes wider and looked up, I could only see her lips from this position which, as it turned out, was enough for me to get excited. She was smiling! Not a sympathetic ‘oh dear what a shame’ smile or an awkward ‘how the fuck do I get rid of her’ smile. It was a smile that gave me hope.

“Oh Amy, what am I going to do with you?” She continued. Still smiling, she turned her head in the direction of the classroom door then back to me, and then
she put a finger under my chin and gently raised it until we were face to face again. I wondered what the hell was going on; nothing made much sense until…

“Listen, to me Amy.” Charlene abandoned the soft tone and used her voice. It worked because I immediately looked up at her. “No matter what, you
have to promise me, and I mean really promise me that you will never breathe a word of this to anyone.”

(‘HOLY FUCK!!!’)

She was waiting for an answer.

“Yes, Miss,” (shit!) “I mean, no, no I I sounded ridiculous and felt like a pathetic schoolgirl with a silly crush. Just to be sure she’d got the message I shook my head from side to side.

said Charlene, more to herself than me. good.”

My chin still rested on her finger and I was looking up at her. She turned to look at the door a final time, and then turned back to face me. She paused for a moment and just stared at me, I met her gaze for a moment, then the hand that had been under my chin circled round to the back of my head and, with all the tenderness in the world, pulled me towards her, the space between us was quickly closed and, for the second time today, our lips met each other.

Even when my lips were closing in on Charlene's I half expected things to go wrong but, happily, it seemed like smooth sailing for now. Her lips lightly touched mine with just a tiny amount pressure at first, as if we were introducing them to each other, but then our kisses got a little harder. I suddenly felt deeply erotic, especially when I felt the tip of her tongue trace the outline of my lips and then, with a deftness that almost made me cry out, she worked her
way between my lips and, for the first time in my life, I felt a woman’s tongue on mine.

Charlene was speeding things up now; her tongue danced around mine inside my mouth while she ran her fingers through my long hair. My inexperience began to show itself because I wasn’t certain what to do with my hands, so I just copied what she was doing to me. Our kiss was becoming a little more passionate now; Charlene withdrew her tongue from my mouth and gently kissed her way down my chin before planting her wet lips on my neck. As soon as she did I made an involuntary noise.

Charlene seemed to take encouragement from my vocalised approval and kissed me some more, instead of little light pecks she sucked and smooched her way over my soft skin, making her way back up my neck, she stopped off to gently pull my earlobe between her teeth before dragging her lips along my jawbone and final back to my mouth. It was the most erotic and sensual experience of my life up to that point, my beautiful, and former, teacher savouring my

While we kissed, I felt Charlene's hand softly touch my breast through the thin shirt, it wasn’t long before I felt my nipples pushing against the fabric, and no doubt she could feel them as the palm of her hand brushed over them, I actually flinched in surprise when she did. I’d never had another person touch me like this and I was unprepared for the bolt of pleasure that shot through me with each new sensation.

“Is it ok for me to touch you like this?” She asked.

“Yes, yes of course. I didn’t mean to flinch, it’s all just…new to me,” the second I said those words I regretted it! I’d never felt quite as embarrassed and inexperienced as I had done then! I didn’t have much time to dwell on it though.

“Good, don’t worry,” she said with a smile. She moved back a little and looked down at my shirt; my nipples were starting to ache as they pushed against it.
She trailed a path with her finger down my throat and chest and down in-between my breast. My breathing became shallow again as Charlene undid the buttons of my shirt one by one until it fell apart. The relief from the constant straining was wonderful but nowhere near as pleasurable as feeling Charlene's warm hand take hold of my left breast.

I gasped quite loudly when she ever-so-gently squeezed my virgin breasts, so much so that she immediately covered my mouth with her own. She continued to caress me as our lips met again; I’d never been so turned on in my life, my hands ran through her beautiful blonde hair and down her back over the silky material of her shirt, I wanted to touch her in the same way she was touching me but I guessed there would be time for that later, for now I enjoyed being the very centre of this beautiful woman’s attention.

Her hand left my breast and moved lower, down over my bare stomach and then to the waistband of my little skirt.

“Is it ok for me to touch you here?” Charlene asked as her forefinger slipped inside the waistband of my underwear.

I said with the breath I had left in my lungs. “Touch me anywhere.” I did realise how slutty that might have sounded to her but at this point I was too far gone to care. My body was literally pulsing with energy; the pleasure had built up inside me like water builds up against a dam. I was aching for it to be released and it seemed that Charlene knew exactly how to release it.

As soon as I’d given her the Charlene slipped her hand under the waistband of my skirt. I felt her fingers through the thin material of my increasingly damp panties. She delicately ran her finger around the material before finally slipping beneath and, at last, I felt her touching my pussy.

my voice came without my consent. When I’d watched porn movies in the past I’d assumed the women were faking the vocals, I knew that women don’t scream in that way at all but now I knew that, given the right motivation, my body would do whatever it liked, including making noises. I could see Charlene smiling as her finger ran up and down my wet slit, she seemed to love the response she was getting from me. She looked so beautiful, so very….

I squeezed my eyes closed as I felt Charlene’s finger delicately slip inside me, she didn’t force it, just dipped her finger inside me. My head lolled back and rested on her shoulder as Charlene expertly used her fingers to explore my centre, she stroked my wet slit up and down and back again.
Suddenly, Charlene's fingers were gone and she was hastily pulling my skirt back down to cover me up. Then I felt her rapidly buttoning up my school shirt
wrong? Did I do something?” I asked with clear panic was clear in my voice.

“Shhh its ok Amy, stand up and sort your uniform out, have you still got the other skirt you was wearing earlier?” She asked, I could sense panic in her own voice too.

“Umm yea, in my bag,” I said.

“Good, go and put it on quickly, it’s almost 3.15 and there’s meant to be people coming up to this room for a meeting!”

“Oh, shit,” All at once I was relieved that I’d done nothing wrong, and scared shitless that we were going to be caught.

Charlene replied. I realized that she must have been using her other hand on herself judging by the state of her skirt. I rushed over to retrieve my bag from the table and pulled out the skirt but it was too late. There was a knock on the door and the handle began turning! I shoved the skirt back in the bag and quickly sat down on the chair I’d been using earlier, when I felt the cold plastic on my upper thighs again I knew my skirt had ridden up too far but there was no time. My tits were practically out save for two buttons and my skirt was essentially just a thick belt for now. I tried to adjust myself in that split second as best I could; Charlene was already sorted out and beautiful again.

That’s when two other teachers stepped into the room, one was an overweight man in his forties wearing a brown suit and the other teacher was a woman in her fifties in very thick glasses, a green jumper and a pair of brown trousers. Essentially, Mr and Mrs had interrupted the most sensual moment in my life.

“Oh, Miss Rutherford, I’m sorry I’d forgotten all about our chat, I was just having a one-on-one discussion with Amy here,” Charlene had slipped back into teacher mode quickly.

“I’m sorry Miss Sullivan; I didn’t mean to take up your time.” I said in the cutest voice I could manage. I turned towards the two intruders, “would you like me to leave?”

“Oh, no honey that’s ok,” the woman said. “We can leave this until tomorrow, it’s nothing vital.” I suddenly felt very guilty for my original assessment of her. see you tomorrow, />
“Ok, that’s fine,” Charlene answered. “Amy and I will finish up here soon anyway but we can do the meeting tomorrow.” As the two people turned around to leave, Charlene briefly glanced at me and gave me a little wink; I almost came in my panties!

Charlene closed the door behind them and waited for a moment, and then she turned to me and burst out laughing!

“That was close,” said Charlene between giggles. “Amy, we can’t do this, not here but…if you like you could come home with me />
“Finish what we started?” I asked hopefully. It was a strange moment, we both knew what we were referring to, that we wanted to have sex, but neither of us seemed able to actually say it.

she replied awkwardly. I wondered if it was starting to really sink in for her, that she was going to take home a girl who, only twenty minutes ago, was her legal pupil! It seemed like the more she thought about it, the more she was put off by the idea.

“Are you sure it’s ok?” I asked, dreading the answer.

is, I don’t live too far away, do you want to come with me now? Or do you want to come later; it’s only on Spearland Road (about a 20 minute walk from my house.) It’s up to you because I assume you’ll be expected back at home?” I really wanted to go with her but if I went home first I could get changed and freshen up, then tell my parents I was going to a friend’s house.

“I guess I should go home first I hesitated.

“What is it?” She asked.

“I’m just a little worried that you your mind later,” I admitted.

“Oh, don’t be silly,” she said with a warm smile. I wondered if she had thought the same thing of me. “Get your things together and I’ll drop you off.”
Charlene took hold of my hands and pulled me to my feet; we shared a quick kiss then got ready to leave. I took off the mini skirt and put the longer one on then zipped up my bag and got my coat on. Charlene grabbed her bag and threw her coat on.

go quickly, before the other teachers go to their cars,” she said with an urgent tone.

We didn’t say much during the walk through the school on the way to the car park; we walked briskly and didn’t see anyone on the way. We quickly arrived and Charlene hurriedly unlocked the car and slid in, unlocking the passenger side door for me once inside. No sooner had I closed the door behind me and locked the seat belt in, we were moving out onto the street. I’d already told her where I lived and it was a short car journey.
We didn’t talk about the coming night, or make any plans; much like in the classroom earlier we seemed to avoid saying anything too revealing.

“Drop me off here,” I told her when we pulled on to my street. “I live a little further up but I don’t think my parents should see us, I’m not ashamed of you but I don’t want them ringing up school or />
good thinking,” she said as she brought the car to a halt. There was no-one around so I guessed most people were home by now. “Listen Amy, you’ve got my number, if you don’t feel comfortable about anything give me a call.”

I said. “If you change your mind or />
“Amy, I won’t do that, besides nothing has to happen. We can just hang out and watch TV or something,” Charlene said earnestly. I know that I did want something to happen but, strangely, knowing that there was still an option took a lot of pressure on me.

“Ok, ok then,” I said. “So, I guess I’ll see you later Miss… mean, Charlene.” I couldn’t believe I’d slipped up again but Charlene seemed to find it funny.

“Yea, see you then,” she said.

Charlene quickly scanned the street and then leant towards me, still with that wonderful smile on her lips, she reached out to me and cupped my cheek in her hand and guided me towards her. Then, right there in the car, Charlene slipped her tongue between my lips and covered my mouth with her own. We smooched as our tongues danced with each other in my mouth and then in hers, then all too soon she began to slowly withdraw, her lips were on my tongue and as she moved back they dragged along it.

Charlene gave me one final peck on the lips and ran her fingers through my hair.

“I’ll see you tonight />
The End

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(I will try to find time for a follow up, I have a couple of surprises in mind but….If I do a follow up story I think it will be best to switch to a 3rd person perspective,that way I can tease you more by telling you what both of them did at home! What do you think? Let me know on here or message me)

story by: Paige Turner

Tags: fiction school erotica job/place-of-work lesbian female/female sex story written by women

Author: Paige Turner

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