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The Tidal Cave and The Comfort by Hipocrites />

The truth? My mom was kind of a slut. I had to grow up more to see it but she left my dad when I was young for another guy and had another girl by him. Then she had a slew of boyfriends which my older sister had caught fucking her on more than one occasion. She had moved us all out to Northern California and a year later I moved back in with my dad and only visited her in the Summer.

My sisters and I had been through a lot, my older sister and I faded a lot of heat over the years and kept the youngest sheltered from a lot. As a result we became very close and remain so. We experimented with marijuana together and though we both dated we spent a lot of time with each other, seeing movies and eating out…that kind of thing. We even got flirty more than a few times where back rubs would go a little too far and grappling matches would become inappropriate gropes. But we never went too far, that is we never consummated anything. Truthfully speaking, had she ever called my bluff; I am fairly sure I would have chickened out.

In 1973 I was back in Cali visiting Mom and my sisters. My little sister was over at a friends and my older sister, my mom, her boyfriend of the week and I all went out to a cliff side beach. Now if you've never been to a Northern California beach you won't find nice sandy stretches (with a few exceptions) but rather narrow bands of course shell pieces and rocks. The surf is silty and the water numbingly cold. If you managed to get past the breakers the water in many places is obscured by kelp. It is starkly beautiful but I prefer the warm crystalline waters of Florida, the Caribbean and Hawaii.

On this day my sister and I left Mom and her boyfriend sitting on the picnic blanket and walked up the beach and around a jutting cliff face. We found a tidal cave cut back into the rock. The entrance was probably 20-25' tall and as we went in the sand inclined toward the back until it ended at a rock ledge with moss on it. There was maybe 7' clearance back there. We got to looking at the graffiti and signs of partying and before we knew it the tide was coming in. My sister was just a tad over 5' and as we waded into the frigid water it wasn't long before her cutoffs and sweatshirt were soaked.

We held onto each other and I led us between the rock face and some out crops to keep the surf from pulling us out. It was a challenging, frigid and tense 20 minutes to get back to where the beach opened up and we were safe. Mom and her boyfriend were down in the car making out. They probably would not have noticed our absence until after dark.

We made a racket and were kind of amused at the panic displayed as they sat up straightened up and tried to act like nothing had happened. The sun was setting and my sister and I were soaked and shivering. Before we got in the car we stripped off our sweat shirts(she had a bikini top on) and then we rode home in the back seat under the blanket hugging each other. I did stiffen a bit, I remember that much but nothing ever came of it.

Now, forty two years later, I am inspired to write a “what if?” story. What if we had tarried a little longer, what if Mom and her lover had ended up fucking and didn't notice our absence until it was too late. Would we have survived? Probably, the high tide mark was at the bottom edge of that ledge in the back of the cave. It would have been miserable though, but then again, maybe not.

The Tidal Cave

We pulled onto the rocky steps of the beach laying somewhere between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. It was not a popular beach, it was kind of steep and the was dark and full of broken shell pieces. But it offered beautiful views of the water and had majestic rock formations and cliffs.

Even though it was a Saturday we were the only people on the beach. It was starting out as a cool, gray and windy day but I only had another week visiting mom before I headed back home to Dad's. We had thrown a picnic lunch in the trunk of the Beetle and had headed out. My mom had brought along her current fuck toy and my older sister and I came along.

My sister Tanya and I had always been close but we had grown closer in the last few years. As I had hit my teens and had started becoming a man, we had gotten closer and had even flirted some. You know, affectionate touching kind of stuff that would get us hot and bothered but we always managed to cool our jets before we did something improper and probably illegal.

We shelled for a while and all sat down to eat. It was hard to gauge the time because of the overcast but it was getting cooler. Tanya tugged on my sweat shirt and tossed her red hair toward the beach. We got up and started down towards the water's edge and started to explore around the cliff's face. We wormed our way around through some rocks jutting out of the sand and as we rounded the turn, the gaping entrance to a tidal cave loomed over us.

“You wanna?” I asked and she just grinned. We made our way in a bit and had to just stand and let our eyes adjust. Once we got used to the dimness we looked around. The cave was not too deep and we could just make out the back wall. The ceiling was domed from thousands of years of storms and hard surf cutting away at the rock. The floor of the cave was sand that sloped upward until you got to about a seven or eight foot clearance and something of a ledge that had formed apart from the wall. It was covered by a pad of soft moss and the water line showed that the high mark was a bout three feet from covering it.

I clamored on top of the rocky platform and offered my hand to my sister and she pulled against me as she walked up and onto the top with me. I had to stoop but her barely five foot frame could stand upright. We studied the wall face in the dim light and slowly various graffiti carvings came into focus. Mostly initials and dates with some, remarkably, going back to the forties. There were also partially buried and ancient looking beer cans. No doubt this had been a party cave for lots of folks.

my sister punched me in the arm, “let's smoke one.” That pricked my ears and as I looked down at her she had pulled a bent joint in plastic wrap from the back pocket of her insanely tight cut offs and a Bic out of who knows where. We sat cross legged on the cool moss and the end of the hand rolled cigarette glowed as she drew in the first hit. She stifled a cough and kind of snorted as she handed me the joint. I drew a long deep hit and immediately felt the warming sensation spreading out from my lungs. We passed it back and forth until it got too small to handle and neither of us had a clip so I flicked off the ember and we wrapped it up in the plastic. We were feeling pretty good and I was a little embarrassed as I knew she could probably see my thickening cock. It didn't help that her sex was split and outlined by the tight denim of her cutoffs. Her loose fitting sweat shirt left just the slightest hint of what was a tidy little set of nicely rounded tits. I had caught her and her friends topless before and we had each other a time or two in the bathroom so I knew what they looked like; they were nice. Her copper hair sat around her shoulders framing a freckled and heart shaped face. Her small mouth would twist into a cute, crooked smile and her hazel eyes sparkled, even in the dim light of the cave. She was petite but had a sexy little shape and I mentally slapped myself to break the trance.

“Do you think Mom and Dick are fucking?” I said rudely. She gasped in mock insult and then laughed hilariously. Just as quickly she slapped her hand over her mouth as the loud echoes had surprised her. That set me off and we both had the giggles as the grass did its job. We calmed down a bit and looked around some more and started musing over the graffiti and what and who must have left it. We told each other some outlandish tales of couples past as we had done for entertainment from time to time. We were shaken back to reality by the loud echo of surf crashing on rocks. We looked at each other with our mouths gaping in mock surprise and wraggled our eye brows. We were still snickering as we turned to look toward the mouth of the cave.

Another wave surged about a third of the way up the sloping sand. Tanya said under her breath. “Well, we're gonna get wet,” I shrugged and we started down the sandy grade towards the entrance of the cave and the rising surf. I waded into the water first and my lower legs immediately started aching from the cold. I felt my sister grab my right arm with both hands and she pulled in tight to my right hip. We felt along the bottom, checking each step for steady footing. It was slow going and getting deeper with each step. Another couple of steps and I was up to my waist in the frigid dark water. The hem of my sweat shirt started wicking water and I hiked it up a little as the water ebbed and swirled in and around us. I tested another foot hold and heard a scream and felt my arm jerk back. Tanya had lost her footing and had slid under the dark water. I pulled her sputtering from the water and she clenched against me shivering. The light was fading fast.

I was still relaxed from the dope and pretty calm, Tanya on the other hand was starting to unravel. She was normally very level headed and a methodical thinker but I guessed the brain freeze and frigid soaking was too much on top of our deteriorating circumstance. I had backed us out of the water and noticed with some trepidation that we now had to be further back in the cave to avoid the water. Tanya was shivering and I closed my arms around her. I started quietly, “it's already four or five feet where we were and we were only halfway to the entrance.” She was tremulous now with the cold digging into her marrow. Her chattering echoed off the water and cave walls. “Wh, wha, what, ohhhh, what the fuck?” she finally got out. “I think we're spending the night.” She pulled away momentarily and shot me her, “are you crazy?” face. I held her by her shoulders and looked straight at her, “Tanya, the water never gets over the top of that ledge behind us, it's already getting dark and you know we'd have to swim against the surf.” She nodded quickly and closed into me again and buried her wet head against my chest. “I'm scared,” she said in the meekest voice I had ever heard from her, “and FUCKING cold!” she shouted that last bit and tried to laugh at her self as the words reverberated around us. My sister had always been the surrogate parent in lieu of my self centered and childish mom. She was always the strong one, dealing with the bullshit that came with mom's sleeping around. But now, I felt like I had to be the strong one and truthfully, I was a little scared. I never got emotional… at all; so that twinge of fear was alien to me and I forced myself to swallow it.

“Let's go,” I took her by her upper arm and walked her over to the rock ledge. It was slow going because her legs ached and were very stiff. We finally got there and I knew she wasn't going to make it up the side of the rock, even with my help. The ledge was about chest high so I scooped up my sister and kind of lobbed her onto the edge. I clamored up and finished moving her quaking body onto the mossy mat. I'm very warm natured not to mentioned covered in thick hair, even as a teenager, and yet the chill was settling in on me too. This was going to be a miserable time.

I had formulated a plan, “let's get out of our shorts and you out of your sweat shirt.” She furrowed her brow but didn't say anything and just sat with her chin shivering. I said, “your soaked and freezing, it's getting colder. We have to get out of the wet clothes, I think we can both get under my sweat shirt…we won't be so cold that way and we'll make it.” She nodded and tried to pull the heavy, wet sweat shirt off and couldn't do it as her arms would not obey. I helped her to her feet and pulled the sopping garment over her head. Even in the fading light I could see the goose bumps and her puckering nipples through her bikini top. I knelt in front of her and opened her cutoffs and started to work the dripping denim over her hips. She steadied herself on my shoulder as finally she lifted a foot and I removed the heavy shorts from her and plopped them next to her sweat shirt. Finally I pulled her deck shoes off. Her bikini bottoms had worked their way a little low and her orange pubic hair peeked over the hem. I adjusted her as respectfully as I could but the moment wasn't lost on her as she glared at me then smiled just a bit. I had her turn away from me and dropped my own cut offs and kicked them to the side. I wasn't wearing a suit and my normally respectable dick had all but disappeared into my thick hair from the cold. “Button on a fur coat” comes to mind. I lifted off my sweat shirt and placed it over her head and she sighed as she immediately felt my body's warmth emanating from the much drier fleece. She started to turn and I stopped her.

I bit into the collar and started to tear away some fabric and finally had a sort of v-neck going. I said, “okay, it's all or nothing.” I ducked and pulled the waist from her shapely ass and wormed my way up inside of the fabric. I paused as I heard it make a slight tearing noise. But a moment later I had worked all the way up inside the sweat shirt and we looked like a two headed caterpillar. I immediately started warming as her smooth body was bound to mine by the tightly stretched garment. She pressed her ass against my crotch, maybe by accident, but she had quit shivering. She had a breathy tone, “this may actually work.”

The overcast had broken and there was a dim light on the water. It was already lapping at the base of our I briefly considered what we'd do if I had been wrong about how deep it was going to get. “Let's get as comfortable as we can,” I said and we started the awkward dance to get our bound bodies to a sitting position. I was starting to believe we were going to be okay.

The Comfort

We sat facing the front of the cave, my legs outstretched and hers crossed in front of her as she sat back into me. I remember being grateful that the moss wasn't housing any critters. Now that she wasn't freezing to death the anxiety had started to set in. It didn't help when something splashed in the now quiet water close to our nest. She jerked back into me and I felt her bikini clad ass crush my soft cock that had emerged from hiding as it had warmed. I clenched my teeth. I had my arms interlocked around her waist and she had hers on top of them. Her nails dug into my wrists when she startled but she quickly relaxed and started stroking my arms in apology. I leaned in a little and kissed her on her cheek and then her neck. She squirmed a little and I whispered into her ear, “try and sleep Tanya.” She nodded her head against me and settled back into my nakedness and started to drift off.

I couldn't sleep, there was nothing to lean my back against and my ass hurt from sitting on the rock with my weight and the pressure of Tanya's sleeping form pressing into my lap. I also felt the need to stay alert. The mouth of the cave was outlined against the glistening water and the faint glow of moonlight now. I noted that only about seven feet of the entrance was above the rocking sheet of water. It had to be over ten or twelve feet deep there. Every once in a while I'd catch a glimpse of a swirl or eddy as some unseen creature got close to the surface. I'd keep those observations to myself. Tanya was blissfully unaware of these things and was completely asleep now. One of her smooth legs had unfurled and was now laying along the inside of my right leg. I had to shift at one point because I had grown hard with the close feminine contact and was sporting a full blown erection. At least my dick was in a relatively comfortable angle; pointing up between us and pressed against my abdomen.

I started to lean forward hoping to relieve the ache in my back and shift the weight a little forward on my thighs. I moved slowly hoping to not disturb Tanya's slumber. She shifted in my arms and mumbled something and twisted at her waist a little so her cheek was now resting against my shoulder. Her right arm was trapped between us but her left arm had moved around and her forearm laid along side my hip; her hand was softly holding my right cheek. I still had my arms around her, holding her close and started to absentmindedly rub up and down her back and side. I'd occasionally rub her bikini clad hip and the back of her thigh. Her closeness and warmth stirred feelings a brother shouldn't have for his sister.

My sister had been asleep for a few hours and was turned and contoured so that her warmth spread all over my front and my hard on was aching. I slid my right hand along her back, crossed her thighs and ran it out along her right leg that she had straightened out. She stirred and I felt her hand squeeze my right cheek and she let out a sort of, I rolled my hand inside of her right leg and drew up the inside of her thigh. Emboldened, I cupped her bikini clad vulva and pressed the gusset into her slit a little. She moaned quietly and pulled tighter against me. She turned her face up slightly and kissed me on the neck. I wasn't sure if she was even the slightest bit aware or if I was playing into some erotic dream she was having. She shifted again and straightened up so that her back was against me, her head leaned back and she loosely straightened both of her legs. I could swear I felt her press the cloth covered crack of her ass around my throbbing erection. I wrapped my arms around hers and squeezed her a little tighter and she turned her head and nestled into the hair on my upper chest.

I started gently rubbing the outer sides of her thighs and would occasionally slide my hands between them and rub and squeeze the smooth flesh softly. She rolled her head back and arched her neck slightly as the side of my hand creased her sex on the way to her abdomen. My right hand rubbed along her arm, up to her shoulder. I paused and squeezed gently kneading the muscle and then let my hand slide down past her clavicle and I cupped her right tit softly and strummed across the nipple, still shielded by her top. She sighed and then very softly (though it echoed in our water and rock shelter) she asked, “you want to know what I think?” It startled me but then I realized she had probably been awake for a bit, that?” “I think my little brother is going too far with his sister.” I stroked her left arm with my left hand and let my right hand slide down, across her soft tummy and come to rest pressing on her sex. She gasped quietly.

“You want to know what I think?” I asked, mocking her tone of voice. that?” It was now the same banter game we always played when things were getting hot. This time it would be different, “I think that this little brother is not so little now because of his big sister.” I nudged the crack of her ass and the small of her back to punctuate the statement. “You want to know what else?” I whispered in her ear as I pulled her tightly into me. “What else?” she rasped. “This little brother thinks he has an incredibly hot sister…and he's not done yet.” With that I raised my left hand to her face and turned her face toward me and tilted her chin up. I leaned my head down and pressed my lips into her soft, cute little mouth. She didn't resist but initially kept her lips closed. Then suddenly they parted slightly and I tasted the tip of her tongue. It was a long and gentle but intimate kiss. I pulled back and could feel her tits rise and fall with her deep breaths and I could just make out her eyes, wider than usual.

“We she sighed but both hands were on my thighs at her side and she squeezed. “I know,” I answered but I took the back of her head in my left hand and pressed my mouth into hers as we started a deep, wet kiss that left both of our hearts racing. I turned loose of the back of her head and slid my left hand around to her top and rolled the cup off of her right tit. My right hand slid across her sex, up her tummy and then down where I slipped my fingers inside of her waist band. She squealed into my mouth but never broke our kiss and as her legs clamped closed and then relaxed again, I knew we were going to do this.

“I love you so much Tanya,” I said as I came up for air. Then I returned to our torrid kissing My left hand had worked both cups of her top under the sloping curves of her small tits and I had started to knead the pliable flesh while pulling on the rubbery nipples. Tanya sucked in through her teeth and grabbed my left hand, she whispered. I became gentler, going from one breast to the other. I'd strum and gently pinch her rubbery nipples while stroking and squeezing the breasts that supported them. The middle finger of my right hand had been sliding up and down her slit while squeezing her vulva in around it; she was leaking now. My aching cock was leaking too, smearing slimy trails around the small of her back as we twisted and rubbed together. She reached down and grabbed my right wrist to pull my hand up until just the tip of my middle finger rested on her clit. she hissed and I started a circular and side to side flicking of the wet nubbin. Her hips were wildly gyrating as she leaned back and kissed and then bit my neck. Her hips lifted up and her legs rolled together and she started panting and moaning. The sounds of her wet pussy mixed with her cries and moans bounced off the walls of the cave and sounded like three women cumming at once. I rolled my finger into her tight cunt and smooth liquid cascaded out around my finger and poured down under her. I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting and she crushed her tits into my left hand as she jerked and shook.

She finally eased off of her climax and leaned back into me, rubbing my muscular thighs and panting. I kept lightly stroking her sensitive nipples eliciting little gasps from her. My hand was still at her sex with the middle finger slowly stroking in and out of her juicy cunt. I'd press in on her swollen clit and she'd jerk and whimper. She took one of my wrists in each of her hands and pulled my hands to her hips. She turned her head towards mine and lifted up for another, softer but no less sensual, kiss and she pulled back a glint of light reflecting off of her lower lip. Her eyes studied mine and she never looked more beautiful or sexier than she did right then. Ironic since all I could see of her was her face and a little neck. But I could feel the rest of her and my mind's eye filled in the rest.

Tanya had been looking into my eyes for a few minutes as her breathing slowed. I could barely make out the quick movements of her own glassy eyes darting from one feature to another as if considering something. “I love you too,” she whispered and pressed into my thighs with her hands as she lifted her pelvis up and freed my straining cock. I understood what she was trying to do and helped hold her up by her hips. I felt one hand leave my right thigh and try to wrap its fingers around my stiffness. I sucked in air as I felt her bend it to where the tip pressed into the crease formed by the gusset of her panties that was wedged into her sex. I groaned as I felt the fabric rake across my sensitive head, being pulled out of the way and the very tip of my cock head wedged into the opening of her tight and dripping vagina. I clamped my hands on her hips and held her up. Her juicy cunt kissed the eye of my dick and I thought I was going to hose her down right then.

I panted, “this…are you sure?” Without saying a word she strained against my holding her up and the head wedged her tight lips apart and stretched her opening until it popped in. “Oh God,” she grunted, “I didn't know…I mean…” She didn't finish and instead had returned her hand to my tense leg and relieved me of my burden. I let go of her hips and just sat with my hands at my side reveling in the sensation of her hot sex sucking at the head of my cock. She gyrated her hips and added more pressure and about the first third of my hard on forced its way into her painfully tight vagina. I knew she had been sexually active but she was as tight as any girl I had ever known. She lifted up and I felt a shock with every ridge and bump of her muscular pussy as it distorted and pulled on my sensitive cock head. She lowered back onto me with a loud groan as half of me stretched and pulled her sex open. she complained and then cooed. She froze and took time to adjust to the fullness and stretching.

My head was spinning and I grunted as she pulled up and almost off and made a Herculean effort to take me all in. She cried out and then breathed in a couple of sobbing gasps as her weight crushed her cervix onto the head of my raging hardness. I could feel the coolness on the remaining bit of my dick and balls as her fluids drained over them both only then to be kissed by the cool and damp night air.

Tanya just sat bone still. She was panting and groaning while her weight settled more onto my rigid shaft. It almost hurt the way it bent inside of her when she pressed her weight down. Her unyielding cervix was flattened against the entrance to her womb as she pressed onto me harder and harder. I leaned forward and started kissing on her neck, back and shoulders, biting slightly and causing her to lurch while impaled on my cock.

“Jesus Tanya!” was all I could say. My hands left my side and my left arm wrapped around her chest. My left hand closed on her sensitive right tit and nipple and my right arm draped across her abdomen; my right hand started worrying her swollen clit as I tried to force myself the rest of the way into her. Tanya's head flew back, “Oh Fuck! God you're too much!” Her complaints aside she continued the downward pressure and she started gyrating her hips. My sister was slick with sweat and I could feel her tremble as she continued her attempt to take me entirely inside of her. I sucked on the nape of her neck and rocked my hips up as I pressed down on her pubic bone. I grunted and she sobbed out as my balls finally pressed into her labia. I could feel the bulge of her womb against my right forearm as it shifted within her abdomen. I pulled off of her neck and shoulder, leaving it bruised where I had been sucking on it. I leaned my head along side of hers and whispered, “I wanted this for so long, I want to stay like this forever.” She jerked her face toward mine and kissed the side of my mouth as she started lifting and falling onto my cock. The short, deep strokes pummeled her cervix and I could feel the momentary bulging of her tummy each time she dropped herself back onto my member. I kept strumming her clit as I pressed onto her pubic bone with each thrust into her and she was firing squeals, whimpers and groans with every crash into her womb's entrance.

Maybe it was the cold, maybe the stress but I had held out longer than my usual; at least for my first orgasm. The work I was doing on her clit and the ravishment of her incredibly tight cunt took its toll. She dropped onto me with all of her weight and crushed her face into my shoulder as she sobbed and cried through another orgasm. The spasms of her muscular vagina was too much for me and I felt my balls start to roil. That familiar and nearly painful sensation of a massive cum grew; spreading from the head of my dick and my abdomen clenched tight. I tried to pull my sister off before it was too late and she just bore down as my ejaculation built pressure against her cervix and finally exploded, scalding the inside of her cunt and flooding the entrance to her womb. She screamed with her head thrown back and I groaned long and loud as my head spun. The surges waned with a couple of final pumps of my thick cum into her. Some had made its way past the tight seal where her labia stretched painfully around the base of my twitching erection. I could feel the cooling as the rivulets traveled out and down my swollen balls to pool on the moss beneath us.

I fell back and she fell with me, laying on top of me. My cock had pulled out and Tanya rolled over, twisting inside of our cocoon until we were facing each other. Her marvelous tits were crushed against my chest and she slithered down working about a third of my semi hard cock back into her dripping and convulsing cunt. I stroked her hair and kissed her wet face, “I'm so sorry I came in you,” I offered. Tanya just said, “shhhh, it's okay. I'm protected.” With that she started flexing her cunt muscles causing them to suck on my softening cock. I could feel an occasional wad of my cum roll out of her and down around my shaft where it would fall into my thick pubic hair.

My sister's undulations were breathing new life into my cock. “I've seen it before,” she breathed out in what was more sigh than statement, “but not hard and I really had no idea.” She kind of chuckled and then wormed her way a little lower onto my growing erection. “I think you ruined me,” she half laughed and started rocking her sex on the upper half of my fully recovered hard on. I reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands and mauled her cheeks forcing a moan from her as I inserted the tip of my index finger into her tight ass. She lifted slightly on her knees and rocked her pelvis, fucking most of my thick cock into her sloppy and still tight cunt. It was easier for her, though I did hear her suck sharp breaths through her teeth when she'd hit some previously bruised area of her sex. She would pull off until just the head remained inside and then lay a deep, tongue wrestling kiss into my mouth. It was a slow and lazy fuck but eventually I was getting nearer and her pussy was pouring its own juices out, basting my balls. I grabbed a handful of hair and crushed her lips to mine as I shoved into her and started to unload. She moaned into my mouth as I bathed her battered cunt with another thick load of my sperm laden cum. She virtually collapsed on me and quickly went to sleep with my dick still in her. I lifted up enough to tug the hem of the sweat shirt below her ass and laid my own head back.

It felt like only minutes before I felt her shift and I opened my eyes. She lifted her head and smiled as she gave me an affectionate kiss on the lips. We smiled at each other then I realized, I could see her smiling. I lifted my head and there was a dim but growing light outside. I looked at the floor of the cave and though there was still water lapping up inside of the entrance, I could tell that the tide had receded quite a bit. I started with a loud whisper, “the tide…let's get out of here.”

I unwound myself from our cocoon and picked up our cutoffs and her sweat shirt. They were all pretty damp still but not sopping. I slipped off of the rock that had kept us safe last night and Tanya moaned as she worked herself to the edge, stiff and sore. I stepped up and placed my hands at her rib cage and she placed hers on my shoulders. She leaned forward and I lifted her off of the ledge and let her slide to her feet. She looked beat but that didn't stop her from lifting up on sore legs and kissing me again.

As we got dressed among the echoes of our complaints from the cold wet clothes chilling us once more; I could just make out the faint sound of a helicopter. We looked at each other and grinned, we knew they were looking for us.


As we made our way into the frigid water (waist deep to me, chest deep to her) an orange and white Sikorsky that was flying South along the coast line evidently spotted us and turned in. As they passed overhead we waved and they started to orbit. We were both relieved when a Zodiac sped around the out crops of rocks and a crew of Coast Guardsmen pulled us in and wrapped blankets around us. We landed on the beach very near to where we had started our explorations.

Mom and her dick of the week hadn't noticed we were missing until well after dark meaning there might have been a couple of hours of search time AFTER we were trapped. She was standing with the cops and firefighters looking all bereft. We were checked out by Coast Guard medics and they found out we were still hypothermic and dehydrated which landed us in the hospital until that afternoon.

Neither my sister or I spoke to our mom for a week or more despite her begging our forgiveness. When we got home and took our respective HOT showers, all we wanted to do was go to bed. A little after 10, my sister came into my room wearing her characteristic oversized t-shirt. She laid next to me on the bed. As we faced each other we talked quietly about all that had happened. She told me that she thought I was very brave and that some girl would be lucky to marry me. I reciprocated and then we spoke of our love for each other.

She stood and pulled back the covers and I scooted over. I would be joining the Army that fall and as my sexy and petite sister slipped between the sheets I knew, we'd never fuck again.

story by: Hypocrites

Tags: fiction consensual sex incest teen male / female sex story

Author: Hypocrites

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Worlds hottest house party

The First Time Doesn’t Have to Be the Last

Vacation without hubby

A First Time for Everything

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