The visitors finial chapter

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The Visitors Finial Chapter

July 4th 7:00 PM
I invited 10 couples to our party, at 7:00 our guest started to arrive. The doorbell rang and the girls answered the door, nude of course. As the guest arrived over the next 20 minutes not one word was said about the girls being naked. To my surprise my ex-girlfriend Barbara enter she said her hellos to my friends, gave me a little kiss on my check. Barbara looked at the girls and just smiled, she looked at me and said, “I can see you haven’t changed at all” (Barbara is a bit if a prude).
After guests had arrived, they started asking the girls why they are naked. Amber and Ashley the told them the story about jumping the fence & me catching them in the pool. Ashley and Amber left out most of the story. We started the barbeque had a few beers, the fire works started and you could see them from our back yard. Everybody grab a chair set down watch the fire works and started eating.
The fire works were over and we continue to drink some more. Ashley and Amber were starting to feel the effects of the beer, so they told our guest the complete story. How I got home saw the video and how I walked in on them while they were fucking each other. They also told them of our agreement, of me not calling the police in exchange for them staying naked.
We all went inside and the girls asked me for the video. I gave Ashley the video she put in the machine and turn the big screen TV on. Ashley and Amber lay on the floor while everyone found a place to sit. The show started it showed the girls jumping the fence getting naked, playing in the pool and start to fuck.
As the show was getting a little hotter, I noticed the women started to take off their bikinis. What a view two girls fucking on the TV screen & now more naked women in the house. As the bikinis came off I noticed the women started to get horny, they were rubbing the cocks of their boy friends.
One by one the couples disappeared one couple Bob and his girl friend ended up outside by the pool. Barbara saw the couples disappearing, so she came over and set by me. When the video got to the part of me getting fucked by Ashley & Amber things got real quiet. Barbara (like I said she is bit of a proud, still had a t-shirt and shorts on) Barbara started rubbing my cock.
All of a sudden she walks over to Amber and Ashley got on her knee, then Barbara started sucking Ambers tits. I heard a rip Amber tore Barbara’s t-shirt off, another rip and off came her shorts. Barbara was now naked sucking Amber’s tits. Ashley started finger fucking Barbara’s pussy; she grabbed a piece of the t-shirt and tied Barbara’s hands behind her back.
Amber rolled Barbara on her back, then Amber started sucking and biting Barbara’s tits. Ashley got between Barbara legs and was sucking on her clits. Barbara was starting to thrust here hips so Ashley could get more of her clit in her mouth. Barbara was headed over the top; her body was reacting to all the attention she was getting. Barbara was now breathing very hard and shaking all over and then a soft moan came from her lips. Ashley and Amber worked on her body even faster to make her cum again. Once again she started to breath hard and yes the little moan, her second orgasm.
Bob walked into the house with a huge hard on. It was standing straight out it must have been 12 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. Barbara looked up at Bob and said I want the cock in my pussy Bob picked Barbara up and carried her outside by the pool. Bob’s girl friend toke a look at Barbara’s hands tied behind her back. She smiled and told Bob to lay her on the mat by the pool. Bob’s girl friend grabbed a can of whip cream and sprayed it all over her tits. Bob’s girl friend went right to work on sucking the whip cream of Barbara’s tits.
Barbara’s hips were trusting in the air asking for some attention. Bob’s girl friend noticed the hip action and without any hesitation she sprayed the whip cream inside of Barbara’s pussy. Bob’s girl friend buried her face in Barbara’s pussy and went to work on eating the whip cream out. Barbara was having one orgasm after another.
Bob told his girl friend I want to fuck her now, so she grabbed the can of whip cream and filled her own pussy with the cream. Then she filled Barbara’s pussy with the whip cream also, you could see the whip cream oozing out of her pussy. She grabbed Barbara’s legs and pulled them up so Bob could fuck her. Bob’s girl friend set on Barbara’s face so Barbara could eat her pussy now. Bob got on his knees lined his monster cock and with one quick shove Bob buried his cock deep in Barbara’s pussy.
The whip cream in Barbara’s pussy shot out every ware, Bob started slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. Barbara went to work on Bob’s girl friend pussy licking and sucking the whip cream out. Bob’s girl friend was on her way to her first orgasm. She rose a little off Barbara’s face and flooded Barbara’s mouth with her love juices. It filled Barbara’s mouth, Barbara swallowed as much and as fast as she could.
Bob was fucking her harder and faster slamming his cock in and out of Barbara’s pussy. I heard the little moan coming from Barbara’s mouth. She had her orgasm, Bob yelled out I am coming. Barbara said, cum in me I am not on birth control”. Bob pulled out real fast stood up, pointed his cock at his girl friends mouth. Bob started shooting his cum into his girl friends mouth, squirt after squirt it shot out. Some ended up on Barbara’s tits and on his girl friends face. There was cum all over Barbara tits.
Bob’s girl friend got of Barbara’s face and started to lick Bob’s cum off Barbara’s tits. When Barbara’s tits were clean the girls started licking Bob’s cum off each other face. Bob untied Barbara’s hands she got up and toke Bob’s cock in her mouth sucked every drop of his cum out of his cock, licked the whip cream from his balls.
While Amber, Ashley and I were watching the show Bob put on for us. Of course my cock was hard and I felt Ashley tying my balls up again. Ashley had me lay on my back as Amber was sucking my cock Ashley was biting my nipples. Amber started finger-fucking Ashley while she was sucking my cock. I could here Ashley starting to moan and the sound of her being finger-fucked. I was ready to cum also.
But my balls were tied up and that keep me from coming, Ashley heard my breathing and said I want your cock in my pussy. Amber moved out of the way as Ashley lowered her wet pussy on my cock my cock slid in with ease. Ashley was riding me as hard as she could; my cock was hitting the back of her pussy. I felt the familiar feeling as Ashley’s womb opening up, but this time her pussy muscles started sucking my cock in deeper. My balls were ready to burst; Ashley saw the look on my face. Ashley raised up a little untied my balls, slid back down on my cock. As soon as I felt the tip of my cock at the entrance to her womb her pussy muscles started sucking on my cock again. It didn’t take long before I was filling her womb with cum, squirt after squirt it filled her pussy up.
Amber said now its my turn, my cock was still hard. Amber tied my balls up so I could shot a big load of seamen in her. Amber got on her knees and I started fucking her doggie style. In this position I could get in even deeper. In know time at all I was pushing the tip of my cock in her womb. I felt Ashley’s mouth on my balls she started sucking and biting my balls.
Amber was moaning and asking me to fill her pussy with my seamen. Ashley continued to work on my balls; Ashley felt my balls filling up with seamen she sucked and bit them even harder. Ashley untied my balls and bit hard on my balls. The feeling was unbelievable my balls were hurting ready to explode. I felt the tip of my cock now inside of Amber’s womb, I could no longer wait. I told Ashley to stop sucking my balls, as soon as she let my balls slid out of her mouth. I slammed my cock into Amber’s pussy as deep as I could. Squirt after squirt I filled her womb, I just left my cock in her pussy until each drop of my seamen was in her.
My cock flopped out of Amber’s pussy you could see my seamen ooze out of her pussy. I looked down at my balls they were a deep purple with teeth marks on them. I could see a little blood on my balls and I asked Amber if she had started her period, she just laughed and said not so far. It would most likely be 8 or 9 moths before it begins again.
The blood was from my balls Ashley bit a little too hard. I asked Amber what she meant about her period. All she said is with all the seamen they both had in their pussy most likely they both would get pregnant. Not once did I ask about birth control during our fuck fest, I thought the girls were on birth control.
I asked them what they wanted to do if they were pregnant; they just smiled and said I guess you will be a father. Everybody went home including Ashley and Amber; the house was a mess so I started cleaning it up.
Six weeks later there was a knock on my door. Amber and Ashley put their arms around me and said congratulation Amber and Ashley moved in with me. Ashley had a little girl that looks just like her Amber had a little boy that looks like the both of us.

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