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Chapter Two – The First Hotel Room

"So you met him at the mall the next day?" Bobby asked.

the pretty 12 year old said eagerly. "We met
outside The Gap, and he bought me some clothes. Then he
took me to Macy’s, and we shopped for me."

"What did you buy?"

"He bought me a real pretty new bra and some real sexy
panties," she said, happily. "Then he gave me the money
and had me buy them. Then I met him out in his car in
the parking lot, and he had me lie down in the back
seat and told me not to look up ‘cause he had a
surprise for me."

"And that surprise was a motel room?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah," she said.

Bill’s story: I met her at our designated spot outside
The Gap in the local mall. I had told her my name was
"Bill," and that I lived in the town just north of
here. Actually, my name is Hal, and I lived 60 miles
south of there. I let her buy some Gap clothes, then
took her to Macy’s. I wanted her to buy a sexy little
bra and some panties for what I had in mind. I gave her
cash in both places so that she could make the

I didn’t want any shop clerks remembering my face or
name. Then I had her lie down in the back seat of my
car, because I didn’t want her to see the name of the
motel. It was early afternoon, and I’d arranged a motel
room out near the interstate, around back. I could
sneak Stacey in and out without much notice, and I’d
already set the room up for what I had planned for my
little chicken.

"So then he took you to a motel room?" Bobby inquired.

"Yeah," Stacey said.

"But you don’t know which one?"

"Not even the room number?"

"No, just that it was out near the interstate," the
girl answered. "We just got out and moved real quick
into the room."

"And he had the video camera already set up?"

"Yeah," she replied, "and he told me to go into the
bathroom and change into the new bra and panties, then
put my clothes back on."

Reading from her police statement, Bobby then said,
"And then he started to videotape you?" he asked.

"Yeah," Stacey said.

Bill’s story: When she came out of the bathroom,
wearing the skirt and top I’d bought her at The Gap,
she looked lovely. I had already stripped down to my
briefs, had a huge hard-on bulging in the front, and
had the video camera fired up. I’d already explained to
her about reading the cue cards I had for her. This was
going to be, once edited, one great pedo video. I told
her where to stand, near the bathroom, and we began to

"Hi," the beautiful girl said, "I’m Stacey, and my
boyfriend Bill and I had really good sex yesterday. He
took my virginity, and now he wants to pee-pee in me
again. Since I don’t have my period today, we’re going
to make love. I’m only 12, but Bill’s a grown man, and
his peter feels real good inside my little pussy. And
first, I’m going to show you the new bra that Bill
bought for me."

With that, she unbuttoned the blouse I’d bought her,
pulled it aside and showed off the pretty new training
bra with the metallic-looking stars embossed on it.
"Isn’t it pretty?" she read from the cards. "Now, I’m
going to lift up my skirt and show you the new panties
Bill bought me." With that, she pulled the skirt up,
showing the new white silk panties. She was also
wearing the white ankle socks and white bucks I’d
bought her, trying to give her that school-girl look.
"Now Bill’s going to help me undress so he can fuck me
again," she read.

At that point, I enter the frame, dressed only in
briefs. I take Stacey in my arms and kiss her deeply,
obviously sticking my tongue as far into her mouth as
possible. Then I remove her blouse and skirt, leaving
her in only bra, panties and shoes. She kneels and
removes the shoes, keeping the socks on.

Then she stands up, and we kiss again, as I reach
behind her and undo the clasp on her new little bra. I
step back, and Stacey, smiling, removes the bra, lets
it fall to the floor, turns to the camera and shows her
small tits. "I’m not very big," she says, "but Bill
says he likes my titties." I put a hand on one and
begin to fondle it, while bending to suck the other one
into my mouth.

"And so you stripped for the camera?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah," Stacey replied.

"And you didn’t see anything wrong with that? A guy
takes you to a secret motel room and you just strip for
him?" Stacey looks hurt, about to cry, and Bobby
realizes he’s gone too far. "Look," he says, reaching
across the table to take her hand, "I’m just trying to
help, to get to the bottom of this, since we may never
catch this guy."

"I don’t want you to catch him," Stacey said in a
plaintive voice. "I love him. I’m going to have his

"But, Stacey, he raped you. Don’t you see that?" Bobby
pleaded, though still holding the girl’s hand and
enjoying the feeling of it more than he’d like to

"He didn’t rape me!" she shouted. "I wanted to fuck

"He used you and abused you!" Bobby can’t help but near
shout himself.

"I wish he was still here," the girl says, laying her
head on her arms and starting to cry. "He was nicer to
me than anybody I’ve knowed."

Bill’s story: As I kissed Stacey and fondled her little
breasts, she, without coaching, began to rub the front
of my briefs, and, if possible, increasing my hard-on.
I wasn’t waiting any more. I knelt, pulled her little
panties down, allowed the camera to get a quick shot of
her small patch of hair and bald slit, then began to
kiss it and lick it. Sure, I wanted to make a video,
but nature was calling.

"So once he got you Bobby started.

"I wasn’t all naked," she protested, raising her head
and wiping away tears. "I still had my socks on."

Bobby paused, then said, "So what happened next?"

Bill’s story: I moved her to the bed closest to the
bathroom, then gently sat her down and laid her back,
her legs hanging over the end. "I’m going to lick you
like I did yesterday," I said, "and make you feel good
like you did yesterday at the hospital." I bent down
and kissed her again, fondling her titties again, then
dropped to my knees at the end of the bed. She
immediately spread her thin legs in welcome, and I dove
in with my tongue. The taste, if possible, was even

"Well, I got on the bed, and he started lickin’ me
again, and next thing I knowed, I was feeling just like
the day before," Stacey said.

"You mean you had another orgasm?" Bobby asked, his own
penis desiring the girl whose hand he was holding.

"Is that where you feel good all over and your mind
don’t even work?" she asked sincerely.

what it feels like, Stacey," Bobby said.

"Then that’s what I did," the pretty girl said, her
tears drying and a small smile at the thought.

Bill’s story: It took less than two minutes to have the
12 year old bucking, gasping and moaning to at least
two, maybe more, orgasms. Again, her juice ran like
sap, and I drank it like necter. I finally pulled off
sucking her clit and finger-fucking her hole, while
mauling one of her small breasts. She was breathing
heavily when I bent over her to kiss her, letting her
taste her own juices as I tongued her mouth. When I
broke off the kiss, I said, "Sweetheart, do you taste

"Yes," she said innocently. "What is it?"

the juice your wee-wee makes so my big peter
can go inside your little wee-wee," I said, using the
word by which she referred to her pussy.

"Are you going to put it in me now?" she asked. "Are
you going to rub it in my wee-wee until you pee-pee
inside me?"

"Yes, sweetheart," I said, "now daddy’s going to pee-
pee in his little />
"So then what did he do?" Bobby asked.

"He made me get up on my hands and knees, and then he
put it in me," Stacey replied.

"And did he cum in you again?" Bobby inquired.

"You mean did he pee-pee in me again?" the girl asked.

"Yes, did he pee-pee in you again?"

she said, "and this time it didn’t hurt at
all. And it made me feel good again, and I could feel
it this time when he />
Bill’s story: I got her up on her hands and knees such
that her knees were just at the edge of the bed. She
still had on only the socks, and I spread her legs as
widely as I could. I repositioned the camera so that it
showed her sweet young ass and where I was about to
enter her little cunt from behind. I haven’t described
her ass before, but it was perfectly round and
beautiful. The cheeks were full without any flab.

Making sure the camera was properly placed, I
maneuvered behind that delicious young ass and made a
deion of what was to come. "Now, sweetheart," I
began, going to fuck you from behind, what’s
known as ‘doggy style,’ because dogs do it this way.
But people used to do it this way exclusively until
several hundred years ago, and it makes daddy feel good
to do it this way."

"So you’re going to put it in from behind me and pee-
pee in me?" she asked, innocently.

"Yes, darling," I said, "so keep your legs spread." I
knew, given the state of my hard-on, that it was going
to take me less than a half dozen strokes to fill her
up, but I looked forward to seeing the camera close-ups
as I guided my stiff prick into her wet, hot little
snatch. She grunted softly as I hit her cervix, then
began to slowly move in and out of her velvet tunnel.

Sure enough, I could feel it begin in my balls almost
immediately, and I reached under her chest, grabbed a
small tit in each hand, and began to pump. In literally
ten more seconds, as I pulled on her two titties like I
wanted to milk her, she started cumming about the same
time I did. I rammed my cock against her cervix and let
loose with another exceptionally large load. She bucked
and moaned as I pumped, holding her fast against the
end of my dick by clasping those pretty little titties
like handles.

"So, after he raped you again, what did you do? What
did you feel?" Bobby asked.

"It felt real good," Stacey said, smiling. "Then we
pulled down the covers and laid in the bed."

"Then what?"

"He showed me how to clean him," Stacey said.

Bill’s story: When I finished pumping her young pussy
full of baby juice, I waited a few moments, my dick
jammed as far in as I could get it, hoping to give the
sperm time to work. Finally, I pulled out, and cum and
pussy juice began leaking out immediately. I wanted a
shot of this, so I ordered her to lay on her back,
raise her legs in the air and hold it.

Then I moved the camera to take a shot of her fucked,
leaking little cunt. Then I made her stand up and took
more shots of my cum leaking down the insides of her
thin thighs. Then I finally turned off the camera,
pulled down the covers, placed her into the bed and lay
beside her, caressing her tiny breasts, telling her I
loved her. But I knew there were two more things I
wanted on my video. So I showed her the first.

"What do you mean, how to clean him?" Bobby asked.

"You know," she said confidently, "like after the man
pee-pees in the girl, she’s supposed to put him in her
mouth and clean his peter."

Bill’s story: I restarted the camera and told Stacey
that after a man makes her feel good with his mouth and
his peter, she owes it to him to clean his peter with
her mouth. She bought it. Next thing I know, she’s
started to lick my cock. But I tell her, no, you have
to take it into your mouth and suck on it. Very
inexpertly, she slowly takes my cock into her mouth and
begins to sort of lick it. I tell her to use her hand
on the bottom, to rub it, and to suck hard on it, while
licking it with her tongue. She does her best, and soon
it’s hard as a rock again, the last of my cum having
gone down her throat, though she doesn’t realize it.

"How shameless," Bobby exclaims, though all the while
imaginng the pretty 12 year old doing the same for him.
"Then what did he make you do?"

"Well, then he just pee-peed in me in another way," she
said, />
Bill’s story: It didn’t take long, her sucking my cock,
me stroking her bottom and one of those fine little
breasts, before I was hard as a rock again and ready to
rape my little darling some more. I readjusted the
camera for a side-view of the bed, then laid little
Stacey on her back, blonde head on the pillows, and
said, "Now I’m going to lie on top of you and put my
peter back in your wee-wee."

"Are you going to pee-pee in me again?" she asked, her
blue eyes searching mine. "Yes, my love," I said, "and
this time, I want you to take one of your hands, move
around my backside, and stick it in my asshole while I
fuck you. It will make me pee-pee faster." She didn’t
exactly understand that, but I demonstrated how I
wanted her to finger my asshole. She slipped a finger
into my poop shoot as I slipped my shlong into her
cunt, and as I began to fuck her hole, she began to
finger-fuck my ass. I stayed up on my elbows to look at
her, keep my weight off her body, and to fondle those
fine breasts as I pumped my dick in and out of her 12
year old pussy.

I kissed her repeatedly, and soon, I could feel my
balls tighten. In a surprisingly short time, I pumped
another load into her amazingly tight little cunt,
sticking it as far down as I could reach. I collapsed
on top of her fine little body for a moment, causing
her to gasp from my weight. She removed her finger from
my ass, but seemed to not know what to do after that.
Finally, I rolled off her, pulling my deflating prick
from her wet hole. She immediately went down and began
sucking and licking my prick, as she had been taught.
Good little student.

I then went down and licked her pussy one more time,
tasting my cum and hers before giving her another
orgasm by sucking her clit once more. After that, I
shut off the camera and took her into the shower. We
bathed each other, me stroking her small breasts and
her slit with the soap, she washing my cock and balls
gently while I kissed her. Then she dressed back into
the clothes she had worn originally, while I bagged up
the new duds for tomorrow’s session. We repeated the
transportation process, her lying down in the back seat
until I told her to get up. By then, we were in her
neighborhood, and I pulled into strip mall in walking
distance of her house.

After looking around, I kissed her gently, fondling
those fine little breasts, then sent her home, agreeing
to meet at the mall next day. She went walking away, me
admiring her fine little ass, then I went looking for
another hotel room.

"So you just let him rape you, then said nothing to
your mother?" Bobby asked.

"It was fun," Stacey said, "and my wee-wee wasn’t even
all that sore next day."


story by: Sweetleaf

Tags: fiction young first time hardcore rape teen sex story

Author: Sweetleaf

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