They call me dr. love…(2)

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I woke up the next morning with an erection chiseled from granite.The blinding light of the sun being reflected off of the snow distorted my vision. I laid there trying to figure out whether the previous night had really happened. I opened my weary eyes and looked about my room. I sat up a little and looked down at myself. I was obviously wearing the same clothes as the previous day. However, being a normal teenager, I had more than once returned home exhausted from a night of hard partying and collapsed in my bed wearing the same clothes.

I thought about it for a few moments. Did I have the greatest dream or did my dreams come true? I scrambled for my phone. I opened my inbox and saw the text from Kay. "Love you" it said. I knew I had been triumphant.

I looked into my mirror for the first time since I had lost my virginity. I looked like hell. Go figure.

"Shower time." I thought to myself.

I grabbed some lounge clothes (shorts, t shirt) and headed downstairs to the bathroom. I was totally alone in the house, as mom and dad used Saturdays for shopping.

I walked into the bathroom and again studied myself in a mirror. My brown hair, which barely met the halfway point of my forehead, was a mess. Standing just 6'0, and thanks to my participation in football as a lineman, I was at 220lbs.

I wasn't the best looking guy in school. But with my semi-athletic build and blue eyes, I felt I could hold my own.

I took off my sweater and flexed in the mirror. Even though my abs were just barely visible, I liked to imagine I had a 6 pack.

My jeans were next to go. Upon removing them, I noticed my erection had not subsided. I removed my boxers and stepped into our shower/tub combo.

The hot water quickly sent steam running over every inch of my body. Remembering my hair, it was my first target.

I lathered the shampoo on my head. I looked down to see a stream of white shampoo runoff trailing down my neck, over my chest, down my stomach, and at last running off the end of my throbbing shaft.

I decided that this wasn't just going to go away on it's own. I also had enough sense to know that Kay wouldn't be here to take care of it. I wished I could ask her to give me some relief…but how did she feel this morning? Did she regret what had happened last night? What would happen if she hated me now? But she did say she loved me…

I eased myself down and stretched my legs out. I wrapped my hand around my member and began slow strokes up and down. I tried to remember every detail of the night before.

I remembered the sweet taste of her pussy…her soft hands…the way her mouth felt like velvet…

I imagined that Kay were here with me now, straddling me, grinding her hips against mine.

My hand gripped tighter. My movements became faster. I pictured Kay and I together, letting our love flow together.

I said through my gasps.

My cock twitched and erupted onto my chest. Stream after stream covered my abdomen.

I looked down at my cock and he seemed to be smiling at me from under his neatly trimmed beard. Even though I wasn't always getting action, I still liked to keep myself neat and trimmed.

I removed my hand from my cock and used a wash cloth to clean myself off. I got out of the shower and dried off. Not being in the mood for all my clothes, I slipped my shorts on and walked upstairs.

I sat on my bed and stared at my phone. I wanted to know how Kay felt this morning. I had to get a feel for her emotions. I sent her a text.

"You awake yet, sleepy head?" it read.

"Yup" was her reply.

"How are you?" I asked.

"Good. Yourself?" she asked.

"Great. Couldn't be better" I said, hoping it didn't sound sarcastic.

"Good " she replied.

"About last night…" I said, hoping she'd fill in the blanks.

"What about it?" she asked.

"I just wanted to make sure we're still good. I don't want you to hate me or anything. No regrets, you know?" I said.

"Oh. No. No regrets. It was just what I wanted." she said.

"Good. I was scared you wouldn't want me around anymore." I said.

"I don't know what I'd do without you, Bret." she said.

Just then, I Kay pass her window. I sent her another text.

"I see you lol" I said.

She asked.

"Come to the window." I instructed.

I saw Kay coming closer and I waved to her. To my delight, Kay was wearing only a bra and a new pair of light blue boyshorts. Being her new perky self, Kay jumped up and down and began waving frantically. It made me laugh.

"Better watch that jumping. Those things could knock you out lol" the text I sent her read.

"Oh, don't you tell me what they could do, mister" she replied.

"lol, I think I have a good idea of what they can do" I joked.

"Want a better look?" she asked.

"Hell yes" I said.

With that, Kay turned to see that her door was closed and moved to the window. She ran her hands over her breasts and made faces at me. Just joking, I motioned for her to remove her bra. To my delight, Kay agreed.

Her breasts fell with a bounce to them. She moved her hands over her chest and gave each nipple a little pinch. I rubbed my cock through the thin fabric of my shorts. Even though I had just cum a half hour before, Kay had a way of getting my attention.

I sent her another text.

"You have no idea what this is doing to me…" it read.

"Why don't you show me " she replied.

That was all the motivation I needed. I stood up and turned sideways so Kay could see the obvious problem in my shorts.

Kay continued rubbing herself and I couldn't take it anymore. I removed my shorts and flung them onto my bed. With cock in hand, I leaned against the side of my window.

Not wanting to alienate me, Kay hooked her blue panties on each side with her thumbs and slowly moved them down. There it was. My first pussy. The same pussy I had been pounding just 12 hours ago.

Kay ran her finger down the length of her slit and slid a finger in and out as a tease. I yanked my shaft in synch with her own motions.

Kay proceeded to turn around and press her ass and slit against the window. Brianna, the younger of the two, definitely had the nicer ass of the two (Which, as I stated earlier, I'd come to find out the next year), but Kay still put most to shame.

I allowed my eyes to close and imagined myself in Kays room. I pictured myself being the window she was pressed against. My cock ramming her from behind.

I felt my balls begin to tug…I knew what was about to happen. Keeping my fantasy in mind, I blew. Streams of creamy white splattered against my window. I leaned against my wall, catching my breath. I grabbed my phone and called Kay. I asked her if she wanted to go get something to eat. She said she'd get changed and meet me at my truck.

I sat alone for about 10 minutes. Finally, Kays door opened and out she came wearing a black sweater and a pair of her famously tight blue jeans.

She hopped in and we embraced in a long, passionate kiss.

"Well hello" I said.

"Hey" she smiled.

The trip to the diner was relatively uneventful. We talked about normal stuff; people, school, etc. Our meal turned into an hour battle under the table as our feet tangled.

We finished our meal and walked back out into the crisp winter air. We got back in the truck and I drove to the gas station. I asked Kay if there was anything I could get her, but she assured me she was fine.

I walked in the station and headed for the one place I never had a reason to go to before; the condom section. I stared at the shelf, ignorant of exactly I was looking for. I finally just picked up a blue box containing 3 and said something about being ribbed.

Totally embarassed, I walked to the cashier to make my purchase. I shoved the box in my jacket pocket and walked out. I got in the truck and realized that I forgot to buy something else to conceal my reason for the stop. I explained to Kay that they didn't have the kind of tea I had wanted.

Neither of us wanted to go straight home, so we decided to explore the town we had lived in our entire lives.

"I just want you to know that last night was great, Bret." She said. I blushed and half of me didn't want to believe her. I couldn't have lasted 45 minutes…but it was my first time. And besides…what did she have to compare me to? That jerk that got to her first?

"Well…you why they call me Dr. Love." I joked.

"I'm so horny." Kay said, ending our playful banter.

"How do you think I feel?" I asked.

"…and of course my dad is home." she said.

"And my parents could come back at any time." I pointed out.

"God. Why don't we just do it here?" She asked. This surprised me, as I assumed by "here" she meant driving down main street.

"Not HERE, here" she said, "I mean in the truck."

I thought this was a fabulous idea. I quickly agreed.

Now in such a small town, you'd think it'd be easier to find a secluded spot. No such luck.

Luckily, from my years of hunting, I knew several hidden spots in the country where we'd be free to do whatever we pleased.

We headed out of town and turned onto some less-travelled roads. I finally made it to my turn off. With the snow on the ground, I knew it'd be wise to pop the truck into 4 wheel drive.

We crunched through the snow and made our way around the corner into a big clearing, totally hidden by row after row of pine trees.

"Nice." she said.

With that, I raised the middle consel and allowed Kay to move closer. We kissed passionately for a few moments and Kay removed her black sweater. I took off my jacket and threw it in the back seat. Taking this break from kissing, I leaned my seat all the way back.

When I turned back to Kay, she had also removed her jeans, revealing her light blue boyshorts. Kay moved over and straddled me. We kissed again and I subconsciously started bucking my hips into her.

Kay began to grind her groin into mine and leaned down to kiss me. I ran my hands up her back and, after some failed attempts, removed her bra. Her breasts bounced out and were inches from my face. I seized this opportunity to raise my head and engulf her nipple. I felt it become hard in my mouth as my tongue ran across it.

Somewhere between my sucking and flicking, Kay had undone my belt, button and zipper. Her hands scrambled and sprang my cock from its prison. With both hands, she encircled my shaft, tugging slowly.

Releasing my deathgrip of her nipple, I ran my hands up and down her sides. I was ready to fuck.

Due to our inconvenient quarters, I decided to just move her panties to one side. Taking away the last barrier from my prize, I began to line up.

"Wait." she said. I froze, terrified. What had I done wrong?

"Better get those condoms out." she smirked.

"How'd you know?" I asked.

She smiled and reached into the backseat, fumbling around for the jacket pocket. She reached in, grabbed the box, opened it up, pulled one out, ripped it open and slid it down my shaft.

Now, fully prepared to go, I lined myself up once more. I ran my cock along her gorgeous slit. From my position, Kay was in total control. She eased herself down and let out a small moan of pleasure. I was back in Heaven.

Kay rocked herself back and forth a few times and began to swivel around on me. I ran my hands from her back to her ass. I inserted each of my hands into her panties underneath her legs. Using my ability, I helped lift Kay up and down my slick pole.

Kay brought her hands to the front and dug her nails into my t shirt covered chest. With each ram, my hands clasped tighter and tighter onto her ass.

Kay brought herself down to lay on top of me. I had a strange sense of De Ja Vu as she started kissing my neck and moving her hips up and down ever so slightly. From here, I hugged her big and began pumping myself in and out of her. God, how I loved this girl.

Kay sat up and leaned back. I reached up and took both of her breasts into my hands. I squeezed hard as Kays breathing increased.

Suddenly, as if going into convulsions, Kays body began to rock and she let out a long moan. She collapsed on my chest. I felt a strange mixture of pride and disppointment. I had brought her to an orgasm, but I was still not relieved.

"How was that?" Kay asked with a slight giggle.

I'm not done." I said.

"Oh. Well come on." she said.

Kay slipped off of me and moved to the passenger side. She finally removed the blue panties that had been obstructing my full pleasure. As she went to climb back on, I stopped her and instructed her to try to get on all fours for me. It was a tight and awkward fit, but we made it work.

Kay, with her ass and slit just inches from me, was ready to do whatever was required to please me. Letting my horniness get the best of me, I removed the condom.

I moved closer and my cock inserted with no problem thanks to her juices. I gave her ass a firm slap and started pumping myself in and out. Just as I had wanted to do earlier, I was fucking her from behind.

Although I had won the battle of not cumming too quickly with her earlier, ultimately, with the feeling of my naked cock assualting her pussy, I would soon lose this war.

The familiar tug hit in my balls. After a few more dangerous pumps, I removed my cock and set it in the smooth crack of her ass. Stream after stream coated her back. She looked beautiful as her back glistened in the sunlight.

I sat down and regained my composure. I reached in my dash and grabbed some napkins which I used to clean my love slave off. Kay sat up and started to get dressed. I began to fiddle with my own pants and once Kay got her sweater over her head securely, we were off.

Our trip home was highlighted by our intimate hand holding.

We pulled in my drive and Kay leaned over and gave me a long, hard kiss.

She exited and started to her house. I looked down into her seat and saw the light blue panties. I rolled my window down.

"Kay! You missing something?" I asked, waving them around.

"Whoops. Looks like now you have a reason to come over later." she smiled and disappeared through her doorway.

I looked at the panties and smiled to myself. Doesn't this girl know I already have a reason to come over?

story by: thegame07

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Author: thegame07

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