Tom's summer adventures – part 2


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Tom's summer adventures – part 2

After about an hour Tom's parents come home from work. They are both extremely excited about tonight. They ask Tom what he will do tonight and he replies Andy will come over for a sleepover. Alright, honey, but don't stay up for too long, they say. We won't, don't you two worry about that, says Tom.

Then they all have lunch together. His parents tell Tom that they are going to the seaside the very next day for about 5 days and as they think he is old and responsible enough, he can stay home alone. Tom accepts the news with joy and after dinner he goes straight to his room, turns on the computer and connects to MSN. Immediately he clicks on Andy's icon that is suggesting that he is online:

T: Hey, Andy! How did your dentist checkup go? Did he pull any of your teeth out?

A: Hey!!! LOL, no he didn't, it went pretty good, actually. It didn't hurt me at all! Hey, can't wait to come to your place tonight!

T: Cool. I've got big news! My parents are going to the seaside tomorrow for the next 5 days and they've let me to stay home!! You wanna spend more than just this night?

A: Wow that's great, dude! We can have the house all to ourselves! Sure, I think my mum won't have anything against it. She'll probably be pleased to get rid of me for a day or two, LOL!

T: Great! See you at seven, then!

After this chat Tom goes to lock the door of his room and sits again in front of the computer. He is horny now so he decides to check another site he likes very much – a site with pictures and videos of sagger boys. He likes to watch them because they are so cute and hot with their underwear showing; that is the waistbands of their underwear. He especially likes when they sag in their basketball shorts, because then also the shape of their dicks is visible. Tom also likes to sag in his own boxers. Right now he is wearing some plaid blue ones under his shorts. He likes to imagine what is hidden inside the boxers of those sagger boys whom he sees on the pics or in the videos.

Right now he is watching some cute boy who is probably about 14, 15. The waistband of his black boxers is clearly visible and he is leaning against a wall. Tom also sees that there are some hairs below his navel and lead into his boxers. Tom has read on the internet that this is called the "happy trail". He is imagining what this guy looks like down there and his arousal is clearly visible in his boxers.

He puts his hand inside them and pulls the skin up and down, with each stroke exposing and concealing his cock head. He likes the feeling of his skin all the way down, when his head is totally revealed. His pace is faster and he starts to moan …

Suddenly there is a knock on his door. Honey, we're going now, OK? It's already half past six and we mustn't be late. Have fun with Andy! Bye! shouts his mum. Bye, mum! You two have fun as well replies Tom quickly and gets back to his business. His hand is now sliding almost in a blur and Tom is moaning quite loud, as he knows his parents are gone. Soon he sees Andy in his fantasy and he orgasms very quickly after that.

Then he checks his mail and turns of the computer. He sees that it's already 5 minutes to seven and he gets very excited. Shortly the bell rings. Tom runs to the door and opens it. Andy stands there; he is in a very good mood which probably means he can stay more than just this night.

T: Hey, dude! How long can you stay?
A: Hey! For as long as I want! That's so cool. My mum was more than OK with it, and as I predicted, she said she will finally have time for herself.
T: Glad to hear it. Come in! What do you wanna do first?
A: LOL, a glass of coke would be nice! It's so hot outside!
T: Sure let's go to the kitchen.

After they take care of their thirst they go to Tom's room. They play some games on the computer and have great time until it gets quite late. At 10:30 they hear a car on the driveway.

T: It's my parents. Hmm, they are home earlier then I thought they would be. Probably because they want to get a good night sleep and be rested for tomorrow.
A: I suppose so.

After a few minutes there is a knock on the door. Come in, says Tom. Toms mum opens the door and greets both boys. Hey, Tom, Andy, how are you? Everything been all right? It sure has been. We've been playing games on the computer. OK. I and dad are going to bed now because we will set off at 6 in the morning because we hope we could thus avoid traffic jams. So, Andy, are you going to stay for more days? Yes, as a matter of fact I am, Miss Herbert. OK, you two, behave and try not to set the house on fire or something like that, OK? And most of all have fun. OK, mum, we will. Have fun at the seaside. Yes, Miss Herbert, I wish you would spend great holidays! Thanks, Andy. Good night! Night, mum. Night, Miss Herbert.

After Tom's parents go to bed, both boys play games for a while and then realize it really is quite late and that they are very sleepy.

A: Tom, I'm so sleepy, why don't we go to bed?
T: That's a very good idea. Yeah, let's go. If you want you can sleep in my bed, and I on the floor. You know, because you are a guest.
A: Oh, that's alright, Tom. My sleeping bag is fine with me.
T: OK, as you wish.

I wonder how he sleeps, thinks Tom to himself. I hope just in his underwear like myself. Tom pulls off his shorts and T-shirt until he stands there only in his plaid blue boxers. Andy follows him by doing the same. Tom sighs gently as he sees that Andy is also wearing boxers. White boxer-briefs, in fact! There is a small bulge where his cock is, which causes Tom to get that tingly feeling in his balls and he knows he will get a hard on very soon. That's why he hurries to bed and covers himself. Andy crams himself into his sleeping bag and says good night. Tom replies and realizes he has a full blown hard on. He gently touches it through his boxers and pinches the head.

But he is too sleepy to continue his little game of jerking off and sleepiness overcomes him. Andy also falls asleep very soon. Both boys don't know yet that the next day will be a turning point in their young lives and that something very special will happen between them …

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