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In 1947 a train ride from New York to L.A. took 4 days. Millie planned on using the time enjoying the scenery and the new mystery novel she’d purchased in the train station before leaving. Millie loved the surprises of a good mystery. On the first night she was ready to settle down with a martini and chapter one of ‘The Man who came from Nowhere’ when she realized she’d left her glasses in her cabin. As Millie walked from the bar car back to her cabin she could swear she felt a presence following her, but each time she looked back there was no one there. Finally she reached her cabin door, as she opened it the presence she felt before was now right behind her forcing her inside. A man’s hand covered her mouth and his gravel voice whispered, be afraid, I’m not here to hurt you, Millie.” How did he know her name? She tried to turn toward him, but he wouldn’t allow it, “No, no, not yet.” Keeping his hand over her mouth he removed his tie with the other hand and told her to blindfold herself with it, enjoying the mystery and the excitement running through her body, she did as she was told. Knowing she wouldn’t speak, he removed his hand from her mouth and slowly unzipped her dress again speaking in that low gravel whisper, “I won’t tell you my real name, Millie, but you can call me Johnny.” She smiled; it was her favorite man’s name. How did he know? He gently pushed the dress from her shoulders and it fell to the floor. She stood in the center of her cabin, blindfolded, wearing only her slip, bra and stockings, not knowing who her visitor was or what he looked like and still she never felt so free, “OK, Johnny.” At first he remained behind her, pulling her close, his hands at her waist and kissing her neck and shoulders. “I’ve watched you for a very long time, Millie.” His hands moving up her body, “I know you love martinis, good food and most of all a great mystery.” She moaned her response, How did he know all those things? “You know what I want.” What does it matter? She’d never felt this good, this excited, electric. “You know what I need, Johnny.” Her hands reached around to caress his rear, it tightened at her touch and he pushed his now hard member into her derriere, slowly grinding through his trousers and now softly biting her neck as he went. Millie’s heart was racing, breathing quickened and her fingers tightened on his rump with every bite of her neck. Johnny stroked her shoulders and dropped the straps of her full slip and it fell to the floor. “I love your touch, Johnny, it’s so tender and loving.” Millie whispered. a lady, Millie, and should be treated that way” Johnny turned her around to face him and softly kissed her on the lips. Another light kiss, then another, Millie wanted more, she was ready to explode, Johnny sensed it and kissed her deeper, exploring her mouth with his tongue, her chest heaved with his kiss. She pulled him closer and he to her. Johnny reached around her back and with one hand had expertly unhooked her bra. Millie, still blindfolded, fumbled with Johnny’s shirt buttons and then ran her hands up and down his hairy chest, playing with each nipple, first flicking them with her nails and then pinching and sucking and licking each one. “I love how you taste, Johnny.” “Then get on your knees and taste the best part, Millie.” Johnny said with a smile in his voice. Millie had never had a man in her mouth before, but the thought of it was almost more arousing than she could imagine. As if her life depended on it Millie freed Johnny’s now swollen and throbbing cock from his pants and took it into her mouth. She was surprised at how much cock she could take down her throat. Johnny had to be at least 8 inches long and Millie could feel 7 of it pulsating in her throat. Johnny took a deep breath, grabbed her head and let out a guttural moan. For a novice Millie sucked Johnny’s cock like a pro. Gripping just right with her lips and tongue, not biting, stroking and slurping, sliding Johnny’s pulsating dick almost all the way out of her willing mouth, only to suck back those 7 luscious inches into her throat. Johnny had had enough of her mouth he wanted Millie’s sex. He grabbed her under her arms and picked her up from the floor. “Get you panties off, Millie!” He ordered as her walked towards the wall, again she did as she was told. Propping her up against the wall Johnny plunged his 8 inches deep inside her willing and wet mound. Millie wrapped her legs around his back, leaned back against the wall and got ready for the ride. Johnny threw chivalry to the wind and pounded his raging hard-on inside Millie’s dripping cunt. Slamming! Banging!! Ramming!!! Pounding!!!! Harder with every stroke, Millie’s body slamming against the wall, her muscles tightening around Johnny’s cock, her body stiffening, “Oh, Yesss!” She cried as the first wave of orgasm shuddered through her entire body! She held Johnny tighter, “Yes, my darling, fuck me, please don’t stop, I’m yours, Johnny!” Her words filled him with power and passion, Johnny grinned and wildly pounded her drenched cunt. She half screamed and he slammed again and again. She moaned with another orgasm and tears rolled down her cheeks. “MY God, Johnny, you’re a master lover! Fuck me, Master, fuck me!” Hearing that drove Johnny over the line. He exploded deep inside her kissing her deeply. Just then there was a knock at the door, “Excuse me, Miss, it’s the porter. I heard some noise, is everything all right? “Yes, yes, I’m fine, thank you.” Millie sighed. Everything was perfect.

story by: majskirtchaser

Tags: fiction domination/submission sex story

Author: majskirtchaser

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