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"Oh, man it's hot," commented April, while she and her best friend Wendy walked home from Jefferson High School. "You got that right, babe," responded Wendy, "am I glad this is the last week of school, it's just too darn hot to be sitting in some stupid class room!" The two eighteen year olds continued jabbering teenage girl talk until they arrived at Wendy's house, where upon they stopped at the frig to grab a couple of glasses of cold lemonade. Up in her bed room, Wendy flicked on the air conditioner and the two girls sat down on the floor, listened to CD's, and watched MTV on the television. "Look at that," Wendy said, while pointing to the TV screen, that girl has the same bikini that I just bought for this summer!" asked April, "let's see it!" "Okay," Wendy replied, while opening her dres?ser drawer and pulling out her new electric blue suit. "See," said Wendy, "same color and "Yeah, it is the same, have you tired it on," asked April? "At the store, over my panties," Wendy replied. "Well I think now's as good a time as any to try it on to see how it looks like on you," responded April! "Good idea," Wendy answered back, "let's do it!!!" Wendy shucked off her jeans and panties with one shove, and seconds later off came her tee shirt and bra, which left her standing there naked as a jay bird! "Hey, babe, I don't know if you've noticed, but that little tiny bottom will never cover that bush," laughed April!!! Wendy stuck her tongue out at her friend and retorted, "Well that's rich, coming from someone who has a forest growing on her pussy!!!" "Me," April said in a voice full of mock indignation, "I'm bare and smooth as a baby's bottom!!!" "You're twice as hairy as me," Wendy shot back, "take off your pants and I'll prove it to you!!!" "You're on," April responded quickly, while she scampered to her feet and stripped off her clothing! "See," said Wendy, while pointing at April's hairy snatch, "at least twice as hairy as me!!!" "What," said a shocked April, "just look at that mess growing between your legs, you could lose a small army in there!!!" Both girls stood staring defiantly at each other when April came up with a solution, "Let's each try on your bikini bottom and see who has the most hair showing, that should settle it!!!" "You're on," April answered, "you go first!!"

Wendy slipped both feet through the leg holes and pulled the skimpy piece of cloth up and over her crotch, and much to April's delight, tufts of brown hair sprung out along the elastic seem running next to her vagina!!! "Aha," April shouted, "you've got hair sticking out everywhere, no way do I have that much!!!" "Okay," Wendy retorted, while pulling off the suit bottom, "your turn!!!" April grabbed the bright blue suit and fairly hopped into ?it, tugging it up and over her hairy mound. "Well, well, well," Wendy crowed, "will you look at that fur sticking out all over, no way do I have that much!!!" Both girls verbally jousted back and forth for a few moments, until they both agreed to call it a tie. It was April who then came up with the next idea, "Since we can't wear our suits with all this hair, let's trim each others />
"You can do me first,"April offered, as she lay back down on the bed with her legs spread wide and her hairy pussy exposed and ready to go, "just be careful with those scissors!!!" Wendy menacingly snapped the blades several inches over April's cunt and said in mock evilness, "Don't work, I haven't cut off anyone's clit in over a week!!!" April laughed, but then replied half seriously, "Just be careful, and don't take off too much!" Wendy plopped down between her friends legs, and with great care began snipping the hair along side her pussy lips. "Geesh, April, you really are hairy, I can barely see your slit," Wendy said quietly, while she continued her trim job. After about five minutes, April asked, "How's it coming???" "Pretty good," answered Wendy, "take a look," and then handed April a mirror so she could get a good look at her crotch! "Wow," April commented, "you took off quite a bit, but I think you should make it a little shorter, don't you!?!" "Yeah, I think so," Wendy replied, while running her hand through April's now shortened bush, "I think it could stand a little more!" As her hand moved through April's bush, Wendy's finger encountered a hard protruding member in the thick sea of hair! "My gosh, April, "your clit is hard as a rock!!!" April shuddered a little and answered softly, "You just wait until I do you, see how you feel when someone's fingers and pawing all over your cunt!" It was then that Wendy noticed that her friend's nipples were now as erect as her clitoris! Never having touched another girl's crotch, Wendy was still fascinated by t?he reaction April had to her touch, and with a little curiosity, she took her index finger and flicked it over April's exposed clit. Much to her surprise, April gasped and spread her legs wider, which caused her slit to bulge open and drip with her sex juice!!!" Neither girl said a word, but from April's reaction, it wasn't too hard for Wendy to figure out that her friend wanted more, so with with more boldness, Wendy stuck her fingers into April's pussy and began probing around, which caused her pussy to drench Wendy's hand and spasm around her fingers! "Oh, my," April moaned, "you such have a wonderful touch, do my clit some more, please!!!" Wendy's own cunt was now dripping itself, and in a fit of passion, she did what just a few hours earlier would have been unimaginable, she climbed on top of April and ground her pussy and tits into her friends! As the two girls slid around to get their clits to make contact with each other, their eyes locked, and an instant later, the two teenagers were deep Frenching each other and groaning loudly into each others mouth!!!

The feelings coursing through their two bodies were incredible!!! While neither of them had ever had any experience with another female, it was plain that both of them had deep seated love for a body of the same sex!!! "My god," April wheezed, "I'm going to cum harder than I ever have in my entire life!!!" As their clits slid over each other, Wendy felt her orgasm building in the pit of her stomach, while her lush breasts crushing hard against April's 34C's, propelled her even faster towards her cum!!! I-I-I'm cumming," stammered April, as her friend ground her clit against her own, "me too," Wendy panted, and the two girl's pussies both erupted in earth shaking climaxes!!!

When it was all over, Wendy rolled off April and both girls just lay quietly trying to sort out in their minds what had just transpired! April was the first to speak and she said, "Like I said, you're a lot hairier than me!!?!" Wendy gave her friend a playful punch in the shoulder and replied, "Ya know, April, I think you're right!!!"


story by: Stephanie Sarg

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: Stephanie Sarg

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