Truck ride

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Truck Ride

“Get dressed my slutty little slave; we are going to the truck.”

Those were the words I awoke to in the very early morning darkness after master’s arrival. As I grabbed a quick shower I thought about the afternoon and evening just past; as he had promised before his arrival, master had indeed done just as he pleased with me. He seemed to know from the first moment exactly how to show me that I was his; how to make me feel my servitude to him deeply. He had made me meet him that afternoon at the parking area where he would be parking his truck while he was here; and as he stepped down out of the truck and I approached with my head down, had quietly said two words. “Kneel slave”. I had dropped immediately to my knees, head still down as he had not given me permission to look at him. I heard a soft chuckle and the words “very good, stand up”, and I rose back to my feet to stand before the man who had claimed me as his slave several months ago, and just now arrived to collect me.

He’d had me get into the truck, where he’d removed the collar he’d had me get myself, replacing it with one he had brought with him and the instructions that it was to be worn at all times. Since he changed the collars from behind me, I had still not seen his face, and was fighting the natural tendency to look up at him as he spoke to me, but knew that that would be punished; no matter how much I wanted to see him, he would decide if it would be permitted. He then had me lead him back to the car and as we got in, he quietly told me that I was not to look directly at him as I drove, only at the mirrors as necessary to see the traffic. I drove us home to my place, a matter of maybe two miles; and still not having seen him, parked the car and let us into the house, master going in first.

As I stepped through the door and shut and locked it, master again quietly ordered me to my knees, and I dropped gracefully down, eyes focused on the carpet, and then his boots as he stepped up in front of me. I heard his zipper and his order to open my mouth, which was immediately filled with his swelling cock as his hands twined in my hair to hold my face where he wanted it. He fucked my face for a while and then ordered me to strip, and the fun began in earnest. We fucked into the late hours of the night, and fell asleep in each others arms.

Now it was very early morning, and I was stepping out of the shower and drying off after a nap of maybe two hours, noticing bruises here and there from some of our rougher play the night before, and wondering what master had in mind for the day. As I dressed, he took a quick shower and also dressed, and we went out the door. When we arrived at the truck, I parked the car and joined master in the cab, settling into the passenger seat as he indicated. He pulled out of the parking area and headed for the highway, getting up to a decent cruising speed before telling me to strip down to my collar. As I stripped, master turned on the cab lights, illuminating the inside of the truck, and making me visible to al number of truckers traveling in the other direction. Immediately his radio began to crackle with voices, and master laughed as he ordered me to give him a blowjob as we went down the road.

He took the mike and as I undid his pants and found his cock with my lips and tongue, told anyone who could hear him that we were headed for the next truck stop up the line, and the party would be at his truck. A chorus of voices came back over the radio with assurances that they would find him, and he laughed again and pushed my mouth down over his already hard cock. As I swallowed his hardness, I heard a voice from the radio say “hey buddy, that’s some sweet ass I see over there”, and then another voice asked if the ass he just saw was going to be available at the party. Master was chuckling evilly as he again keyed the mike to assure the men that indeed his slave slut would be available, except anally, for a price. Again the voices erupted from the radio, and master repeated our destination, and then shut the radio off; and resting one hand on the back of my head, drove down the road as I slid my mouth up and down over his hard length.

As we approached the truck stop, master turned the lights off; he drove into and through the crowded front lot, and parked at the back of the truck lot amongst several other trucks. Finished with parking, master then had me finish removing his boots and jeans, his hard cock waving in my face, and finding its way back into my eager mouth. I licked and sucked as he used very short strokes to fuck the head and about three inches of his length in and out of my mouth. Then all finesse was gone as he took longer strokes and started burying more of his length down my throat. He face fucked me for a good five minutes before ordering me to turn around and bend over the passenger seat, which presented my pussy and ass to his gaze and left me totally exposed to whatever he wished to do.

His hand came down in a sharp slap, making my ass cheek instantly pink, as he got between my legs and fitted his cock head to the dripping wet lips of my pussy. going to be a very busy girl for a while”, he told me. “And you’re going to be a good slave and perform very well for everyone, aren’t you?” Again he slapped my ass sharply, followed this time by his cock entering my pussy and drilling all the way in until his balls were slapping against me. “Yes master” I screamed, “as you command.” He began to fuck me hard and fast, slamming his cock in and out of my hot pussy, reveling in the tight wet heat of it as he used me for his pleasure; knowing that I was close to cumming from the fucking he was giving me. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out, immediately moving the head to my puckered ass hole and working it in. The feeling was heavenly as master drove deeper and deeper into my ass, and I was moaning and begging him not to stop.

I never noticed the crowd of men gathering outside the truck and staring in the windshield at what we were doing, master had me so far gone in sensation that I could only feel what he was doing to me, nothing else mattered. His rock hard cock was filling me to the limit on each inward stroke, and my hungry ass was loving it. My moans and shrieks were constant now as master drove me even higher into the peaks of ecstasy, my body almost convulsing as I fought to hold back until he gave me permission to cum. I knew he enjoyed pushing me to my limits, and sometimes slightly beyond, and this was one of those times; he refusing me permission until I thought I would lose complete control of both mind and body.

He was riding me hard and fast, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer; I started to beg him to allow me to cum. For long moments I awaited his answer, the tension and need for release in my body unbearable. Then I heard the words I’d been wanting and waiting for, “cum for master”. As I screamed out the orgasms that rolled through me unmercifully, master drove into me to the hilt with a last savage thrust; and laying over me, opened the passenger door, so that everyone outside the truck could hear me clearly as I kept on cumming. I vaguely heard applause through the haze of lust that clouded my mind as master’s last few strokes took me completely over the edge into that area where I couldn’t stop, and my body took and kept control.

I felt master pull out of me and turned, knowing that he would want to shoot his load in my mouth and face, and was just in time to receive the first shot perfectly in my open mouth. As he came, I became aware of applause coming from outside the truck and noticed the men, maybe about twenty of them, gathered around the front of the truck. I said, hearing just a trace of uncertainty and fear in my own voice. He replied, worry, I’ll be here and you wont be hurt.”

Then, his voice considerably rougher, he called to the men, and told them how this party would work. My ass was his and only his, but they could fuck my mouth and or pussy for a price, and I would please them completely. The men agreed, and the party started, sometimes two men at a time would be in the truck with me, sometimes only one; but master’s prediction of me being busy was dead on for at least three hours. When they had finished with me, the men had fucked my mouth and pussy to exhaustion, and I was covered in their cum from neck to knees. Master was very pleased with me, telling me that he would reward me later for being such a good slut and doing such a good job for him. Master told me to curl up on the bunk in the sleeper and rest; he stepped out of the truck and spoke to the few guys who were still there, and shortly afterwards we left to head back home.

story by: Irishpassion

Tags: blowjob exhibitionism anal domination/submission fantasm sex story

Author: Irishpassion

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