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The class sat around the table, starting into space as Kate, the tutor, droned on mechanically about international relations.

Smith used this time to let his mind wonder. Wonder over to the tutor, that is. Kate was a stern, severe looking, young, blonde woman, the sort that obviously needs some meat up her bum and some warm piss in her belly.

Smith was just imagining what Kate would look like in stocks with a bald shaved head when the bell rang and the class, relieved, started filling out. He waited until it was just the two of them left , before we went over and closed the door. Before Kate could respond, he pulled out an open gag and put it over her mouth, preventing her from making enough noise for anyone to hear her. As she struggled, he then grabbed her wrists, bent her over and fastened each wrist to each of her ankles with some cuffs he had ready in his bag.

Effectively immobilised, Kate could only struggle in vain as he pulled her black skirt down, seeing her beautiful white panties, he then kneeled down and rubbed his face over then, putting his nose into her clothcovered crack and breathing in deeply a few times. Smith decided then that he needed a urinal, but, suspecting that Kate would probably still want to fight, decided to utilise what was right in front of him. Pulling down her panties, he brought out his erect cock and slowly eased it into her tight little asshole, having to push in and out a few times before his head could get past her sphincter. She could do with some anal electro torture, he thought, as he released his full bladder, feeling the warm piss leave his meat and flow up through her bowels like a sick enema.

When he had relieved himself up his politics tutors bottom, cock still in, he reached over and brought out the small butt blug he had brought, and quickly pulled his dick out and replaced it with the plugged, ensuring that Kate would retain the putrid yellow piss inside of her.

Still bent over, he turned Kate around to have a look at the stern blondes face, enjoying the smudged eyeliner due to her crying and the look of her open, exposed mouth. It looked red, and beautiful, all exposed, ready to take anything. On impulse, Smith got the biggest amount of spit he could and spat into her gagged open mouth. She reached and struggled again but could do nothing other than half glare, half beg at him with her eyes. Smith thought that part of the begging was probably due to the beginnings of a cramp starting to occur on account of Kates' yellow enema.

Looking into Kate's eyes, he said "We've got to punish you for being such a stern, strict tutor. You never really let us talk and taught very robotically. We pay a lot for you to tutor us, so I do think punishment is in order."

With that, he pushed her over so she rolled helplessly to the floor, then pulled his pants down and straddled her head, asshole straight over her mouth, in a position where he could look between his legs and see her eyes pleading up at him.

"Time for lunch, Kate" he said as his asshole opened and a large, sloppy pile of shit slowly descended from him straight onto her tounge, in her open gagged mouth. She started retching and gagging, but there was nowhere else for the shit to go. He kept shitting until the whole lower half of her face was covered, her nostrils almost completely covered and shir running down her neck getting her white collar dirty.

"You've got my piss up your bum, Kate, and shit in your mouth! You're turning out to be quite the toilet girl! And we haven't even started the torture or the sex yet! Smith exclaimed happily, as he got up, pulling the poor girl with him. He undid each cuff and tied her spread-eagle on the table, shit falling from her mouth as she stood up.

Lying on her back, he lifted up her black skirt and analysed her cunt. "Rather a nice one, probably quite warm, but ultimately, something you enjoy" he said grimly, and reached into his bag for a needle and thread. Tears came to her eyes as she realised what he planned, and he immediately sterilised the edges with a cotton dabb before starting the work of sewing the lips of her cunt shut.

"you can have this unpicked when you give me a distinction for the unit" he said, tying the ends up.

"And now for the final torture of the day. But first, blackmail!" And with that he took pictures of everything.

Next, he picked her up from the desk and made her kneel down alongside it, so her rather small breasts were resting over the top, after he had taken her shirt off, mouth still full of shit and gagged.

Her breasts were small, barely big enough for one hand to grab, but they were still great for punishment. Reaching into his trusty bag, Smith drew out a hammer and nails, and Kate became hysterical, thrashing about until he could immobilise her again. And with that, he nailed her tits to the desk, three long nails per tit, as Kate screamed so much that most of the shit fell from her mouth and scattered across the table and over her ruined tits. Then he got Kate's metal ruler from per pencil case and proceeded to whip her small fleshy mounds at their base, drawing more pleading and crying.

End of Part One

story by: Djjejdicjd

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Author: Djjejdicjd

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