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This iin not about my sis and I. I watched my sis grow up and we alwals were close.We wrestled and played with each other.When she was 12,she started growing breast,first her nipples grew ,sticking out.Her breastdeveloped to the size of small oranges.Her pubic mound starting to swell out and I wanted her.But she was my sis.When she was 14,her breast were the size of mediun oranges and her mound was more pronounced,She didn't have any hair,so I could see her slit.We ralely wore clothes at home so I saw her nude all the time.Once I saw her peeing,it was so hot,I wanted to fuck her…but she was my sis.At my school there was a new girl I liked.She was 15,a body real nice.Her lite brown hair was in a pony tail,and when she smiled I almost came in my pants.Her breast,tho small stuck up nice and firm.Her nipples always showed thru her top.Her cute butt was nice and round and firm.Legs nice and long.One day I saw her and she was squirming holding her legs together.It looked like she had to pee…bad.She asked to go to the bathroom and got up .I saw her clinch her pussy and left.I followed her and she cried.The girls room was closed for cleaning.She looked to the boys room and went in.Our stalls have no doors and she lifted her skirt,a small wet spot in her panties.She pulled them down and started to pee.I ran out hard and strong.She looked up to see me watching her pee.She tried to stop it but couldn't.She peed harder and I took my dick out and told her to suck it.She sucked me as she finished peeing.I felt her wey pussy and she swollowed all my cum.I put my finger in her wet pussy and she pushed up to me.She had a orgasm and I took her panties and covered her hairless pusy.After scjool I took her home and we went to my room.I took all her clothes off and sucked her tits.Her nipples got hard and I went downto her pussy.Sucked till her clit grew and I took it in my mouth.I sucked till she came,then I put my dick in her pussy.She was tight.I shoved it in her ,the feling was great.I tore her cherry and she screamed.My sis came runing in to se what was happening.She saw me fucking her and hand went to her pussy and she rubbed it.She watched as I fucked her.She started to moan and her pussy griped me and she came.She was so tight I could hardly move.I pumped a few times,then filled her full of cum.I cumed so much it ran out betwenn my cock..When I pulled out,some of her virgin blood came out also.Sis said,"Why did u fuck her and not me?" "Your sis,and she isn't" "You had beter fuck me or I will tell dad u fucked her in our house".His doick was still hard and he stared at her wet pussy,cum drippinmg out.She took it and kised it,licking her cum and blood off it.She put it in her mouth and sucked it.Sara watched as she saw her take it all in an d her pussy started to cum again.I put my fingers in her and fucked her.I put a tit in my mouth and filled my siss mouth full of cum.She swollowed all of it and I then sucked her wet pussy.Her clity was nice and hard and long.I sucked till she came,then took my dick and rubbed it in her juice.I pushed in her tight hole,hitting her cherry.She pushed down on me and it went thru,it was deep in her.Her pussy was so tight I could hardly move.She started moving on me ,griping me as she fucked me.She screamed and her cum coated my dick and I begin to pump in her.I swelled up and filled her full of cum,filling her cervix full.Spurt after spurt filled her.She squezzed the last out of me and hekld mre in her.Sasra was sucking on siss tits and came again."I wanted u to fuck me since I started puberty and now I have u in me.I want it all the time,u can fuck both of us"She started to fuck me again and soon had more cum in her.Sara pulled it out and sucked it in her mouth.A few drops of cum went in her mouth.I have to go home,she gave me her panties to kep.We now fuck often,after her pussy was not as sore.I fuck sis with a condom so she won't get pg,but Sars won't let me use them in her.She missed her period and is now caring our baby..

story by: Jen

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Author: Jen

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