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This story is about when I lost my virginity.

I'd always had a good relationship with my sister. We weren't your stereotypical siblings, we never argued and we were comfortable with each other naked, we had to be, we shared a room. But I never viewed her in a sexual way.
I guess I started looking at her in a sexual manner once I started secondary school. I was one of the few people in my year that had not been exposed to sex so when my friends used to talk about wanking I was clueless and would just nod along. But it did however, get me curious. So I decided to ask what it was and was a bit shocked at the answer I received but my curiosity grew stronger.

The family holiday was approaching and we were finally told that we would be going to portugal. I really wanted to try out what my friends had told me so decided to do it before we were scheduled to leave on the following friday.

My sister was out that night which was good because then I would have plenty of time.
I had heard that smelling girls underwear was heaven so I scavenged around our dirty washing and found a pair of very sexy red lace frenchies. I was excited so I ran and jumped onto my bed and smacked the knickers to my face and began fondling my flaccid penis. My friend was right, it was heaven. The musky smell, the risk of getting caught and playing with myself really had my heart racing and a bead of sweat rolled down the side of my face.
My erection was growing and my strokes became rugged and jerky. My breathing was heavy and my legs were twitching. I closed my eyes and my sister entered my mind, her long legs leading up to her tight arse, her C cup tits bouncing as I imagined her slim fingers slowly wrap around my cock and gently glide up and down the length of my cock, I could feel a build up of tension between my legs, my whole body was shaking, I gasped and my cock erupted with three streams of thick white goo landing on my chest.

I lay there, motionless, taking in the blissful feeling of my first orgasm. Then I heard the front door. It was about 10pm so I knew it had to be my sister. My heart dropped at the thought of being caught. I pulled, the knickers away from my nose, the smell lingered, and I used them to wipe up the spunk from my chest and quickly threw them in the washing basket and pulled the cover over my naked body and tried to feign sleep.

She walked in no more than ten seconds later and called my name to see if I was awake, I didn't respond so she started removing her clothes preparing for bed.
I opened my eyes and saw her slowly pulling her top over her head, exposing her encased tits. I could feel my prick growing again but couldn't take my attention away from my sister, her smooth perfect tits. She unzipped her skirt, let it fall and stepped out of it. My heart was going crazy and my cock was fully erect and pulsing, I reached down carefully as to not get caught and wrapped my hand around it just as she unclasped her bra and set her beautiful tits free. My breathing was jagged again and the sheet was moving because of my movements underneath. She turned suddenly and looked directly at me. I froze, my eyes shut tight, I didn't dare open them in case she was still looking. After a few minutes I heard her sheets shift and had to peek; as I did I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Her legs were spread and her pussy was on display, just as soon as it was there, it was gone under the covers.

I closed my eyes and tried to drift off to sleep, but all I could see were her puffy pussy lips, it took me over an hour to get sleep that night.

The next morning I woke with my sister still on my mind. She was still on my mind. She was still asleep so I decided to take advantage of the time I had. I already had morning wood so I clamped my hand around my cock and started pumping it. It didn't take long for me to cum and I laid back, smiling to myself and closed my eyes. Then I heard her speak.

"That was a nice show to wake up to"

I opened my eyes and just stared at the ceiling.

"No need to hide it, I've seen it all before"

"What" I said, trying to sound puzzled

"Your cock, I wanna see it"

"Erm ok" I replied and slowly, tentatively pulled the covers to reveal my semi-erect prick.

"Mmm, it's pretty big, can I get in bed with you? I'm pretty cold" before I could even reply she had already stepped out of her bed revealing her shaven cunt, glistening in the early morning sun. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her and before I knew it she was lying next to me.

"Mmm much better, have you ever been with a girl in bed before?"

"No" I replied, still shocked at the events that were unfolding. She then reached down and clasped my now hard cock and began stroking it gently.

"Shh, you can't tell mum about this ok, it'll be our secret"

With that she kissed me, we had kissed before, but it felt nothing like what I was feeling now. Her tongue was swirling around my mouth as she was playing with the head of my cock, my head was spinning. I was in heaven.

She broke the kiss smiling at me sexily, kissing the length of my body with her arse pointing upwards until she reached my cock. She glided her tongue up the underside of my cock slowly, she slipped the head of my erect prick into her mouth and let her tongue go to town around my japs eye. It was incredible, the moisture and warmth that encased my cock was unbelievable.
She took my hand and placed it on her tit and I began to fondle it instinctively, rolling her nipple between my fingers, she moaned and the vibrations echoed around my cock which sent shivers down my spine.

"I'm gonna come" I said breathless.

She removed me from her mouth and said "just wait a little while longer"

She then straddled me and crawled up until my grazed her slit, she moaned and put both her hands on my chest and lowered herself onto my cock, I held it steady for her hot, wet pussy, it felt a million times better than the blowjob I had just received.

I grabbed her tits as my cock slid out of her cunt easily, her rocking was slow and I began rocking in time with her causing her to moan in pleasure. Up to that point I hadn't been fully inside of her so I grabbed her hips and forced her down so my cock was buried in her. Her face said it all, her mouth wide with no sound coming out, her eyes watering, she then looked at me and let out an animalistic growl that would have been more suited to the jungle. She began riding my cock like a woman possessed, my cock pulsing inside of her, her muscles clamping and releasing me, her tits bouncing inches from my face, her juices trickling between us, her growling; it was all too much, my balls tightened, my body tensed, her pussy clenched. All at once my body rocked with the most intense orgasm I've ever had and shot out five thick ropes of cum deep in her pussy. She wouldn't stop. She was grunting, breathless. Then the moment came, she stopped, her eyes rolled back into her head, she clenched the bedsheets, mouth open and let out the most powerful roar of pleasure I'd ever heard and collapsed on top of me…

be continued

story by: chrisDcharles

Tags: true story sex story

Author: chrisDcharles

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