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It’s Friday night, his 45th birthday and Rick Mason has had a shitty day. He was supposed to be working at a construction site tonight where he could have his girlfriend over and they could fuck in his truck all night. Here he was stuck walking patrols in a big office building. His girlfriend was pissed at him and wouldn’t come see him here.

Kathy Olsen has been at the club dancing when she realized there was some paper work that has to be on her boss's desk before Monday morning. She has been working as a temp for this office manager for a week now and she can’t afford to lose her first real job out of high school. When she gets to the building she use her pass key to get inside and she notices the front desk is unattended, there is normally a security officer there all the time. She gets on the elevator and goes up to the sixth floor where her little cubicle is at. She gets up there and notices how dark it is when no one else is in the building.

Kathy goes down to the end of the hall and go into her office area and turns on her desk lamp noting that the clock says 1:25 am. She thinks to herself “Maybe I should have gone home with Trish and got some sleep before I came here. I’m still wearing my slutty club outfit.” Her and her 19 year old roommate Trish had decided to be teases tonight when they got dressed. She wore a short leather skirt around her 24 inch waist with black hose and garter belt, tight crop shirt that barely covered her 32b cup tits with a mesh top over it. All she ended up doing is make herself horny without getting lucky. Trish left with that big black guy she was dancing with.

Kathy starts working on gathering up all the supplies she will need to finish the job. As she comes back from the supply room she comes around the corner she runs into the night security officer. She bounces off him and the wall and falls to the floor landing on her butt. All the supplies scatter all around her.
Rick looks down at you and says “Who are you and why are you stealing supplies?”

As Kathy struggles to get her feet under her and get up she tells him “I’m not stealing anything, I work here.”

“Oh really, I’ve been here all night and I don’t remember signing you in to the building. And why are you dressed like a hooker?”

Kathy looks at him, shocked that he would say something like that and slap him across the face and say “I’m not a hooker!”

Rick gets a wild look in his eyes and says “You shouldn’t have done that, now I’m going to have to treat you like a suspect because you assaulted me. Turn around and put your hands on the wall!”

“Why, I haven’t done />
“Well for starters I don’t know who you are and it looks like your stealing stuff. It’s my job to stop this kind of thing. So now I’m going to have to search you and make sure not carrying something else. Now get your ass up against the wall!”

Kathy starts to get scared as to what is going to happen when he spins her around and pushes her against the wall.

“Get your hands up there and spread your legs!” She does as he tells her while she tries to explain what she’s doing there. He doesn’t listen to what she is saying so she just stops talking. She assumes ‘the position’ like she has seen on TV. Kathy feels him move behind her, his breath against her neck. She feels his hands grasp her wrists, slowly dragging them down her arms. Then he starts to slowly run his hands down her sides. She tenses as he moves his hands slowly down to the bottom of her shirt, which has risen to just under her bare breasts.

“I bet you don’t even have anything on under this hooker outfit do you?” as he runs his hand up under her shirt and grabs her breasts.

She starts to protest but realizes how turned on she is right at that moment. She can feel the dampness in her pussy and how her nipples strain for his touch, all that comes out of her barely parted lips is a soft whisper, “Please don’t stop.”

He starts to pull at her nipples while she feels his lips at her neck just below her ear. She feels him press himself against her body, his hard 8” dick against her ass. He continues to pinch and pull at her left breast as his right hand drifts across her bare belly to her skirt. In her heated state she starts to rub her ass against his throbbing dick.

He moans into your ear “I knew you were a dirty girl as soon as I saw those red panties when you hit the floor.”

He starts to rub her pussy thru her skirt and she moans louder. He reaches to the side and finds the snap and zipper on her skirt and just that quick her skirt and panties are lying on the floor. Kathy feels him reach between them to get at his own zipper, all the awhile he paws at her naked breast and lightly bites her neck.
Rick finally gets his pants down and she feels his dick pressing between her thighs rubbing against the outer lips of her pussy. Kathy slides her hands down the wall bending at the waist. She starts to rub her pussy along his dick, soaking it with her juices. He pulls away placing both hands on her hips as he tries to slip his dick into her.

Kathy reaches between her legs and guides him into her wet pussy. He rams his full length it to her and she screams out “Oh my god”.

“Oh fuck you’re wet as hell!” He starts to pound at her pussy and she push back just as hard. He starts to slow down to a steady pace as he feels her start to cum.

Kathy starts to scream out “Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Don’t stop!”

He slows to a stop and Kathy looks over her shoulder to see why. At that moment she feels him pull out of her pussy and try to put it into her ass. His dick is so wet from her pussy he starts to slide in to her ass before she can stop him.

You feel the sharp pain at first and scream “Oh fuck. It hurts!”

“Shut up and take it!” He continues to force his way up her ass then he finally stops as she gets chance to get used to the feel of his dick stretching out her ass. He starts to pull back and it feels like he is pulling her inside out. He starts to slide in and out and Kathy starts to cum again before he’s even started going fast. Each time Kathy cums her ass clenches down on his dick making it feel like sliding thru a fist each stroke.
Rick starts to grunt in effort. His dick swells in her ass as he cums. She feels the cum start to run down the back of her legs as he pulls out of her ass and stumbles to a chair. Kathy melts to the floor as her orgasm lessens. She crawls across the floor and grabs Rick’s dick and sucks it into her mouth.

“Oh shit! Be careful. That’s real sensitive right now”

Kathy starts to gently suck on his dick bringing it back to life. She wraps her little hand around his swelling dick and strokes him to full hardness. She pulls off her top and starts to crawl up his body, her firm, young tits dragging across his swollen member. She straddles his lap and begs him “Please fuck me again.”

“You aint gotta beg, girl.”

She rises up and his dick pops right into place. Kathy slowly lowers her dripping wet pussy on to his throbbing dick. Rick grabs her tits and pulls her down so he can suck on her rock hard nipples. She throws her head back and her eyes roll back in her head like a sleeping doll.

“Oh, my god. Suck my nipples. Bite them. Yes!”

Kathy starts to grind her clit against his pelvis driving herself over the edge. Rick reaches down and grabs her hips lifting her up and starts thrusting up into her.

“Dam baby you are one hot fuck! I’m about to cum again!”

“Oh yeah! Cum for me! Cum deep in my wet pussy!”

Rick grunts loudly as he fills her full of his sticky cum. Kathy screams out in ecstasy. She rolls off his lp and sprawls out on the floor.

“Dam I’m glad I came back here />
He grabs Kleenex from her desk and cleans himself up and pulls up his pants. He starts to walk away and looks down at her and says “Next time you’re gonna be here late let me know ahead of time” and walks down the hall.

Kathy watches him walk down the hall and thinks to herself “Well now I got a story to tell Trish for a change!”


story by: dad4daughter

Tags: job/place-of-work fantasy anal bdsm authoritarian ass to mouth sex story

Author: dad4daughter

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