What a deal! chapter 10

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From the last story

Suzanne looked up. "Please, let's keep it to only you two knowing who I am and fucking me."

I looked at Cindy. She answered for me. "Okay, except for Katy." She grinned and leaned toward Suzanne. "But we will use you and push you, got it!"

Suzanne looked back and forth between the two of us. "I know." Again she appeared to enjoy being ordered around. She was a dichotomy that I couldn't get a handle on.

I told her to get dressed and go home and she left. I looked over at Cindy. "We are definitely going to have to push her and Katy."

Cindy gave me a kiss. "Yes, sir, we are."

We went upstairs and went to bed and I tried to think of some things to do to push the nubile Katy and the older, but beautiful Suzanne.

Recurring Cast

Dennis, 41 years old, 5' 11", 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy's husband.
Cindy, 41 years old, 5' 4", 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis' wife.
Diane, 41 years old, 5' 7", 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy's.
Becky, 38 years old, 5' 9", 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy's friend, widow.
Jack, 42 years old, 6', 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise's husband.
Louise, 38 years old, 5' 4", 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack's wife.
Jackie, 19 years old, 5'6", 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl.
Katy, 19 years old, 5'6", 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, Jackie's friend, now Dennis' sub.
Suzanne, 36 years old, 5'5", 125 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, neighborhood acquaintance.

New Year's Eve Party

I decided that it would be fun to have a New Year's Eve Party this year. We hadn't had one in a while and I wanted to have some more fun with Katy and Suzanne. Katy had been coming over regularly and was an excellent sub. She did almost anything we told her and she loved being disciplined. Whenever she got spanked she got so turned on that she would cum within seconds of finally having her pussy touched. Suzanne we had left alone for a while, but we wanted to get her back over.

I invited some of my common sports friends, guys I played softball and basketball with, and Cindy invited a few folks from work. We also invited Diane, who had been the first woman that Cindy and I had played with outside our marriage. Overall, we were expecting about 20 people.

The guests started arriving about 7pm. All five of my friends from sports were married and came with their wives. Diane and Katy came alone. Suzanne came with her husband, Bill. Cindy had invited three single women from work and one married one. The single women had all recently gone ‘back on the market'; one from divorce and two just from breaking up with boyfriends. They didn't have dates so Cindy invited them over. The married couple cancelled at the last minute. That left us with 19 people at the party, including us, and we had planned well for the food and drink.

Everyone was enjoying themselves, eating and drinking, and nothing untoward was going on, until the drinks had been flowing and some people started to get a little tipsy. It was almost midnight and there was some heated discussion over in the far corner, but I couldn't hear it. It was between a couple of my basketball buddies and their wives. These two guys were pretty competitive so I chalked it up to them getting after each other about their favorite sports teams. Suddenly, it was midnight and we passed out champagne and every toasted the New Year and drank. I noticed that the heated discussion was becoming louder and people were started to turn that way. Suddenly, there was a lull in the music and all the talking and the wife of one of my basketball buddies, Rose Carriker, suddenly turned to one of the others and spoke loudly so that everyone could hear.

"Jean, did you know that Dennis had some exhibitionist slut over here at the last poker game and the guys got to pay to strip off her clothes?"

Jean, Randy Robinson's wife, was shocked and turned to her husband.

It suddenly got very quiet. I walked toward them as he tried to explain. "It was just a woman who had an exhibitionist side who needed to earn some money. It was milder than even going to a strip club."

Jean glared at him and then saw me approaching. She turned on me and I could see by her eyes that she was drunk as well as angry. "What the hell, Dennis? Are you running a whore house?"

"Whoa! Whoa! There was no sex, it was purely a poker game with a woman who ended up after the last hand naked. Then everyone went home." I wasn't going to even talk about the lap dance or everyone jacking off over her tits.

"Yeah? Well, fuck you!" She spun back around to her husband. "We're going home. I don't want to even associate with these />
Randy gave me a woeful look and followed his wife into the living room to retrieve their coats and leave. Everyone else was staring at me and then suddenly there was an exodus. Everyone started gathering their coats and leaving, talking amongst themselves about how perverted we were. When the exodus was over, all that remained were Cindy and I, Katy, Diane, Suzanne and Bill, and one of the single women from Cindy's office, Gloria.

I apologized for the party being ruined and the others were saying that they overreacted a little. Bill came over and jokingly said quietly, "Wish I had been here."

I smiled, knowing that he would be shocked if he knew that it was his wife doing the stripping. "Yeah, it was interesting, but there was no sex, it was just some nudity."

Cindy looked around and said rather loudly. "It's only a human body. Jesus! You would have thought we were kidnapping underage girls and putting them into prostitution! It was an adult woman who had no problem with it. I don't see what the problem is."

All I could think was ‘Thanks, honey' for the support. I was glad she came out and said that. I also glanced at Suzanne and could see that she was remaining calm about this discussion of what she had done. I walked over to the counter. "Well, let's have some alcohol then!" I poured out 7 shots of Tequila. "Drink up and let's party!" I tried to lighten the mood.

Everyone perked up, Cindy turned the music up a little and we all did a shot. I poured another round, but I could tell that everyone was pretty well lit.

After the second round of shots, Gloria spoke up. I hadn't had a chance to meet her, so I was surprised by her next comment. "Yeah, it's just a human body. Too many people are so fucking hung up about the body and nudity. I mean we all have the same equipment and everyone knows what it is. It's not like there's a big surprise waiting underneath." Everyone nodded a little and I was a little more relaxed now. But she continued. "Besides, it's the way you dress up the body that is more alluring than the body, in my opinion. A naked body is not near as attractive as one with the proper window dressing, don't you think?"

She turned to look at me and I glanced around. Everyone was waiting for my answer. "Of course."

She nodded her head and I didn't know how much of this was normal and how much was the alcohol talking. I took a minute to look her over closely. She was a short, slightly plump woman, with a nice shape. She might be a few pounds overweight, but it was nicely distributed. She was wearing a typical black cocktail dress showing a little cleavage that went to her knees. She looked right at me when she spoke again. "Damn right. I would rather see a good-looking man in a nice tennis outfit or something where his body is displayed but not totally visible. It leaves something for me to think about, right? Isn't that why men love lingerie; because of the visual stimulation and presentation of the woman's body? I mean every day I catch guys trying to see a little bra or panty shot."

There were only two men present, me and Bill, and we both nodded like bobbleheads as the women looked at us.

I had never heard Cindy talk about this woman, so I knew nothing about her. She seemed a little more daring with her talk than most of the others, but I wasn't sure where this was going.

Gloria was on a roll and continued. "For example, I was at a pool party last year and everyone was wearing bikinis. They probably revealed more than anything any of the women at this party has on under their dresses, and yet you guys would probably be more excited by getting a glimpse of a bra or panties of a woman dressed up nicely than from the same woman standing next to you in a bikini. Am I right?"

I looked at Bill and he looked back. We both shrugged our shoulders and I answered for us. "I guess that's basically true."

She grinned. "You know it is. You guys get a boner over getting a peek of lingerie quicker than a nude woman standing in front of you. It's alluring and exciting. Just admit it." Suzanne and Bill seemed a little shocked at the mention of a boner in front of everyone.

I could see a gleam in her eye and I pushed back. "Sometimes. It depends on the mood. For instance, if you were to take off your dress and stand there in just your bra and panties, I guarantee you that at first everyone will check you out, but after a while, it will just become normal and we'll on go on with whatever else we were doing."

She stared at me for a second. "Wanna bet?" Then she looked over at Cindy.

Cindy smiled. "Hey, don't put me in the middle of this. You're on your own proving this point."

Gloria looked over at Suzanne. "What about you?"

"Me? I think you have a valid point. You don't mind her trying to prove it, do you Bill?"

Bill looked at his wife a little disbelievingly. "Uh… no. I don't mind at all." A sheepish grin spread across his face.

Suzanne looked back at Gloria. "So what are you going to prove and how are you going to do it."

Gloria got a serious look on her face. "Hmmm. I'm not sure." She was thinking about it and Suzanne decided to push it along.

"I know what you are saying. It's even more obvious than that. Men are so visual that if they have some schoolgirl fantasy, then the minute some woman shows up like that, they'll pop a boner." Bill looked at his wife wide-eyed when she described men as ‘popping a boner' in front of some people they hardly knew. "In fact, I think I know how to prove this. I bet we can get one of us to walk naked thru the room and then get someone to play up the schoolgirl fantasy and when we check, the men will get harder from the schoolgirl fantasy."

Gloria liked that idea and took a big hit of her very strong drink before answering. "That's perfect. We have two men, both married. Who's going to check to determine their />
Suzanne was quick to answer. "It shouldn't be their wives. It has to be an impartial judge. I think it should be Diane."

Everyone turned to look at Diane. She grinned. "Sure, I'd love to be the impartial judge."

Suzanne turned back to Gloria. "Well, how do we determine who is going to do what for the women?"

Gloria looked around. "We should draw cards or something for the woman who will walk nude thru the room, but I definitely think Katy should be the schoolgirl. She's already young and has that look." Everyone turned to look at her and Katy just smiled and blushed.

I reached over to one of the drawers in the nearby hutch and pulled out a deck of cards. "Here's a deck, how are you going to do it?"

Gloria took the deck. "Okay. I'll shuffle. We draw and high card strolls thru the room naked, taking their time. It has to be about 10 seconds. Then Diane will check the uh… junk. We will wait a short amount of time to ensure the men are back to normal and then Katy will come in dressed as a schoolgirl. Diane will check again and then we'll see who was more />
I was waiting for this. "Okay, you and Suzanne are saying we will be more excited by the schoolgirl than the nude woman. Who agrees with them?" Only Katy raised her hand. "Okay, so you three think it will be the schoolgirl and Bill, Cindy, Diane, and I believe it will be the nude woman. So what's the bet?"

Gloria and Suzanne looked at each other until Gloria spoke. "Hmmm. I don't know. Any ideas, Suzanne?"

Suzanne looked at her. "Not really."

Cindy finally spoke up about this. "I have an idea. If you win, since you say it is presentation, the men will dress mostly like you stated, in this case just their boxers, and Diane and I will undress to our panties and bra for the rest of the party. If, however, it's the nude woman like we say it is, then you three will go naked for the rest of the party. That matches the bet."

Ah, my wife. I knew I loved that woman. I also knew that everyone was drunk, so that helped.

Gloria looked at Suzanne and Katy. Katy shrugged her shoulders. Suzanne looked around and finally turned to Gloria. "Okay, I'm in."

Gloria turned to the rest of the room. "It's a bet." Bill and I, the two guinea pigs just smiled.

Gloria shuffled the cards and all the women drew them. They turned them over. Suzanne had a King and was high. Wow! She was going to go strolling thru the room naked! I saw Bill's eyes go wide at that and she gave him a sheepish smile. I could hear her tell Bill that it was fine and to just relax.

Suzanne walked toward the kitchen. "Everyone stay here. I'll be back thru in a minute."

I turned to Bill. "You okay with this?"

He looked at me and then the ground, shrugged his shoulders, and grinned. "Yeah, I guess."

Everyone stood there for a short time and then Suzanne walked in. She strolled in completely normally, naked except for her nice heels. She walked right thru the middle of everyone all the way across the room and stopped. I glanced at Bill and he was gaping. As she walked, she made sure she strutted and her tits bounced nicely. Since they had been enlarged, they sat up high, but they were so well done that it left you staring and wondering about it. She made sure to wiggle her hips, and her ass looked fantastic. I glanced at my wife and she saw me and winked. Suzanne turned around and walked to the middle of the room. I thought she was going to continue all the way thru, but she stopped, turned away from Bill and me, and bent over to pick up a drink on the coffee table. She bent straight from the waist, her legs slightly spread, and her beautiful pussy and ass were on display for us. Bill was staring and then took a glance at me. I smiled at him and he looked away. Suzanne stood up and took a long drink, making sure to spill just a little. It dripped off her chin onto her tits and she slowly took her left hand, wiped up the drink, and licked her fingers. I had a boner for sure now.

As she strutted out of the room, Cindy looked at Diane. "Better check now."

Diane walked straight up to me and put her hand on my crotch, grabbing at the bulge there. "Definitely hard as a rock here." She walked over to Bill and he swallowed hard as she reached out. He was tenting his pants pretty well and she smiled as she grabbed his dick. "This one is really hard, too. Going to be difficult to beat that."

I smiled at Bill. "You got that right! Wow! Suzanne is sexy as hell, Bill."

He looked away briefly and then around the room. "Yeah, I know."

Katy disappeared and Suzanne reappeared wearing just a robe. Her husband looked pointedly at her. "Well, no point getting dressed if we lose and I have to get undressed again, right?" Bill looked around at everyone else.

Diane walked over to the stairs where Katy had disappeared to get ready. "Take your time Katy. We have to let the men relax for a few minutes."

I got me and Bill another drink. I leaned over to him and said quietly. "Bill, I don't know how we can lose at this game."

He smiled, but was a little hesitant. "I guess."

"Are you upset with Suzanne?"

"No, I guess not. I was shocked that she did that. But it was very exciting to see her exposed like that and watch everyone checking her out."

"Well, she is a beautiful woman."

"Yeah, but she's never done anything like that. We've never done anything like this at all."

"Well, there's a first time for />
We were interrupted by Katy. "Here I come."

Katy walked down the stairs and was a schoolgirl wet dream waiting to happen. She had put her hair in pigtails and thickened her makeup. She had found a tootsie pop and was loudly slurping on it. She had on a plaid skirt and white blouse. The blouse was unbuttoned to below her breasts, displaying the nice young flesh. The skirt had been rolled up around the waistband until it reached only a couple of inches below her crotch. She bounced down the stairs and into the room, accentuating the fact that she was braless. The skirt managed to stay down until she got to the middle of the room and then she twirled around quickly so that the skirt flew up. It revealed that she was wearing a thong underneath. I looked over at Bill and he appeared to be drooling. Suzanne was watching him closely and then she glanced at me. I winked at her.

Diane came over to me and reached down to my crotch. My dick was as hard as it was before. She smiled. "No difference here. Fully hard before, fully hard now." She walked over to Bill and winked as Suzanne as she passed her. She reached down and grabbed his "Fully hard before, fully hard now. I think we have a tie. I can't tell the />
Cindy was ready for this and maybe had planned it out with Diane because the words were no sooner out of Diane's mouth than she spoke. "A tie? Well, that means both sides lose. We bet that we would be right, but we weren't. I guess that means we both have to comply." She started to take off her dress. Everyone else just looked at each other.

I decided to follow her lead. "She's right." I started undressing and Cindy was down to her panties and bra immediately. The bra was a push up, putting her little B-cups on display, and the panties were barely more than a thong, showing her nice tight ass and a bit of a camel toe since she was completely shaved. I was down to my boxers in no time. I looked over at Diane and she had slipped off her dress and was down to her underwear as well. On her, her bra looked way too small to contain the nice tits she had. Her panties were of the boy short style and half her cheeks hung out while also showing the hint of pubic hair in front. Katy was next to undress and she took off the blouse and skirt, leaving her in the thong. She looked at everyone, smiled and blushed a little, and then removed the thong. She was completely shaved.

Katy looked at Gloria, Bill, and Suzanne. "Well?"

Suzanne shrugged off the robe and stood there naked. Bill looked shocked at everything going on. She turned to him. "C'mon, Bill. It's just a body. We all have them."

Bill swallowed hard and took off his shirt. He was working on his pants when Cindy spoke to Gloria. "C'mon, Gloria. You got this started. Strip it off!"

Gloria smiled and then unzipped and dropped her dress. She was wearing nothing underneath! She had nothing on under her dress this entire time. Maybe there was more to her than meets the eye, figuratively speaking. I was going to have to find out more about her.

Finally, Bill was down to his boxers and Suzanne turned to the group. "Anyone else need another drink? I think I need a double." She walked over to the counter where all the alcohol was and poured two drinks, both scotch on the rocks. She walked back over to Bill and handed him a drink. She clinked her glass against his. "Happy New Year baby!"

Bill repeated her congratulations quietly and then they both took large drinks. Katy and Gloria were over getting some wine and I just watched.

I turned to Cindy and whispered in her ear to get the party really started. She knew exactly what to do.

Cindy turned to the middle of the room to make her announcement. "I don't know about the rest of you, but if they are naked, then I will be, too. I'm too hot to stand here in this." She lowered her bra and her beautiful tits popped into view and her nipples were hard and excited. She put her hands in her panties and pushed them down, showing her nice little landing strip and lips peeking out beneath. She picked them up and put them with the rest of her clothes.

Now Diane was the only woman not naked and when Cindy turned to her she just shrugged and took off her bra and panties. "Might as well join the crowd."

Cindy then turned to me and looked down at my tented boxers. "Honey, you look uncomfortable like that. Let me help." She moved behind me and yanked my boxers to the floor. My dick caught in the waistband and then slapped up against my stomach, hard and bouncing in the open. I looked around the room. Suzanne was staring, Bill was looking shocked, Katy and Diane were looking amused, and Gloria was licking her lips.

Suzanne, with a drink in her hand, shocked Bill with her next announcement. "Cindy, would you help Bill out of his as well?"

Cindy smiled and Bill turned his head to stare at his wife and say something. "Sure thing, Suzanne." Cindy moved behind Bill before he could finish even asking Suzanne if she was sure this is what she wanted to do and yanked on his boxers. His dick was hard as a rock and did the same slap and bounce as mine. It was slightly smaller than mine, maybe just under 6 inches. Now everyone was naked.

Suzanne looked down at his dick and then up at everyone else. "Now, that's more relaxing. Who else wants another drink?" She had finished her scotch already and walked toward the bar. Cindy followed.

Bill was only standing a couple of feet from me and talked low enough for only me to hear. "Fuck. Are we really standing naked with boners in front of five naked women?"

I turned to him. "Ain't it great?"

Suzanne came back with the drink and then took Bill by the hand and led him to the couch. "Let's sit and relax now." She sat in the middle and Bill sat on her right.

The rest of us all sat down. I sat on the couch to Suzanne's left, Gloria sat in the recliner and Cindy pushed Diane and Katy to the loveseat. Cindy was left without anywhere to sit in the den, so she went and sat on the arm of the couch next to Bill, her bare ass almost touching his shoulder. I could tell that she was working on getting him to loosen up. I knew what we had with Diane and Katy, but Gloria was another unknown. Since she had initiated the bet and came to the party completely without undergarments, I figured she was probably good for anything.

Cindy was closest to Katy and Diane and started discussing something completely innocuous with them. I leaned forward and looked past Suzanne at Bill. He was staring at the three of them and I could see him looking at Cindy as she was within a foot of him. His dick was standing straight up. Suzanne saw all this and turned to me and grinned. Bill and I were both still hard and I knew that I wanted some relief soon.

Cindy turned toward the three of us on the couch. She put her hand on Bill's arm, like she was just making conversation. "Bill, I hope you don't think this kind of thing happens here all the time, because it doesn't. This is the most interesting party I think we've ever had." She then looked directly at his dick and then over at mine. "Geez! I guess you guys really can't control those things, huh?"

Bill glanced quickly at his wife. "Uh, well, it's kind of hard with all these naked women around."

Cindy reached down and grabbed Bill's dick, causing him to jump. "I'd say it's more than ‘kind' of hard."

He looked briefly at his wife again. Suzanne smiled. "Honey, I think the woman is offering to help with your problem."

Bill's eyes went wide. He turned toward Cindy and she smiled and nodded. He turned back to his wife. I…."

Suzanne put her finger up to his lips. "Shhh. Just enjoy it, baby." She reached over and grabbed my dick. "I have one over here that I can attend to."

While Bill was staring at his wife and watching her grab my dick, Cindy started stroking him. Bill closed his eyes and moaned. Cindy hopped off the arm of the couch and knelt between his legs. We all watched as she leaned over and put her mouth over the head. Bill's eyes popped open. "Fuck!" He looked at Suzanne. She winked and got up and crawled between my legs. Gloria was now sitting forward watching intently and Diane was rubbing her big tits and playing with the nipples. Katy was actually rubbing her pussy, her legs spread wide enough to get her hand between them.

Bill stared at Cindy as she looked up at him and then he watched closely as Suzanne, while staring back at her husband, leaned over and put her mouth over my dick and sucked. "Oh, shit! Suzanne! Fuck!" Bill put his head back and groaned. I watched as Cindy worked her magic and Suzanne went to work on my dick. She was good, too, but I had already had sex a couple of times earlier today, so I was ready to last awhile. Bill was not.

"Oh, fuck, I'm going to cum!" Bill announced it and stared down at Cindy, not sure if she was going to swallow.

Cindy pulled back and jacked his dick. "Katy!" She just yelled her name and Katy hopped up and came over to kneel next to Cindy. Cindy moved aside enough to let Katy in there. Bill moaned and his first shot spurted into the air and landed on his stomach before Katy could get there. Suzanne stopped to watch and then Katy covered his dick and sucked out and swallowed the rest of his cum as he thrust up into her hot little mouth. When he stopped he looked down at the two of them. He then looked apprehensively over at Suzanne as she was not blowing me and was still watching. She smiled at him and he relaxed. Cindy pointed to the first shot of cum that was laying on Bill's stomach. "Katy, vacuum that up."

"Yes, Mistress." Katy leaned over and slurped up the cum from his stomach. Everyone else heard the Mistress and I could see them grinning and wondering what exactly her relationship was to us.

Cindy watched Katy do that and then looked over at Suzanne. "We'll make sure he recovers quickly." She turned back to Katy. "Katy, stay here and pay attention to Bill and get him hard again. With only two guys we are a little short of cocks."

Suzanne stood up and leaned over to kiss Bill. She gave him a hot kiss and then stood back up. "That was fucking hot, honey! I could tell you really filled her mouth with cum."

Bill stared at his wife as she talked dirty to him. I think she was trying to goad his recovery.

Suzanne put her hand between her legs. "I'm so wet and horny. I gotta fuck now!" She turned around facing away from me and straddled my legs. She bent over, reached back between her legs, grabbed my dick, and lined it up with her pussy. "Honey, I'm going to fuck Dennis now." It wasn't a question or a request. It was just a statement of fact. Bill stared, but said nothing as Suzanne slowly lowered herself on my dick. She was really fucking wet and hot. I slid in so easily she was sitting flat on my lap in seconds. She just sat there, relishing the feeling, and then turned to Katy and Bill. "Fuck! That feels good." She turned back toward me. "Fuck me!" I obliged.

I grabbed Suzanne by the hips and started lifting her and thrusting with my hips to work up a rhythm as she assisted by raising and lowering herself. I saw Cindy get up and grab Gloria by the hand and have her stand up. She led her over and sat her between Bill and me on the couch. She called Diane over and the two of them knelt in front of Gloria. Cindy took Gloria's left leg and put it up over Suzanne's right leg while she was fucking me. She took Gloria's right leg and put it over Bill's left. She looked up at me and smiled. Gloria was a voluptuous woman and had great tits. I took one hand off Suzanne and put it on Gloria's nearest tit. She moaned as I rubbed her nipple and I saw Cindy lean in and lick her pussy. I leaned forward a little and watched as Bill stared at the sight in front of him and Katy was licking and sucking on his balls. His dick was not hard yet, but it was starting to show signs of recovery.

Suddenly Suzanne had decided that he was not recovering quickly or just wanted to tease him, but she decided to narrate the action. "Look, Bill. I'm fucking a strange man that we barely know. Mmmmm." He stared as she bounced up and down on my dick. "And you have a sexy 19 year old girl licking and sucking on your balls and dick. Meanwhile, between us, a woman with nice large tits is being eaten out by two other women. I know you like big tits and seeing women have sex with each other. We had my tits enlarged a little because you like big tits so much. I bet when you get hard, she'll let you fuck her tits. I know you like to fuck tits. You try to fuck mine all the time." Bill moaned as he was almost fully hard and Katy buried his dick in her mouth. Gloria just smiled and held on to Cindy and Diane as they took turns licking her pussy. "C'mon. Get that dick hard and fuck this lady's tits."

Gloria turned to Bill to add her two cents. "Yeah, Bill. Get that dick hard. I want you to fuck my tits while these sluts eat my pussy. C'mon baby." She reached over and ran her hand up under his balls while Katy sucked his dick.

"Fuck!" Bill's head rolled back. "I'm hard now."

Gloria looked down at Cindy and Diane. "Get up you sluts. You can work on me some more once I'm in position to get They moved and Gloria got up and lay on the floor. Suzanne and I slowed down so that we could watch. Gloria lay down on the floor and called to Bill. "C'mon, Bill. Get that dick over here and give me some cum. Fuck my tits, baby."

Katy moved and Bill stood up and crawled over the top of Gloria. He laid his dick between her breasts, which had spread out due to her lying down. She lifted them and created the cavern for him to fuck. Meanwhile Cindy and Diane got down and pushed Gloria's legs open to eat her pussy some more. Suzanne was bouncing on me and started moaning so Katy came over and sat in front of us.

Katy looked up at us and then bent over to lick from my balls up over them, across where I was entering Suzanne, and then finally up across Suzanne's pussy to her clit. When she reached Suzanne's clit, Suzanne put her left hand on Katy's head and held her there. She arched her back, slammed herself down on my dick and started trembling. She was cumming hard! Katy sucked and sucked on Suzanne's clit and Suzanne was frozen there trembling for a long time. Finally, she groaned and let out a big exhale as she collapsed forward a little, my dick still buried in her twat. I held onto her as she seemed suddenly exhausted.

Suzanne finally leaned back against me. "I'm drunk and exhausted. Let me lay on the couch."

Katy moved back and I helped her stand. I stood up and Suzanne lay down on the couch on her side facing the action on the floor. She watched as her husband fucked Gloria's tits, but I wasn't done with her and I needed to cum. I wanted to push their limits some more.

I pushed Suzanne's top leg up and lifted it in the air, splitting her legs. I kneeled, put my right knee up on the couch, and put my left foot on the floor. I scooted up until I could stick my dick back in her pussy. She settled herself into position and let me reenter her. I started thrusting hard, making her entire body bounce back and forth. I saw that she was still watching Bill. "You like watching your husband fuck another woman's tits?" She looked up at me and gave a little nod. "You like me fucking you while he watches? Huh? Do you want to cum all over my dick again while he watches? You like fucking me, don't you? Go ahead, tell Bill that."

Suzanne looked briefly at me but without much hesitation, did just that. "I love him fucking me, Bill."

Bill stared at her, but didn't stop thrusting his dick between Gloria's tits. I could see Cindy and Diane still taking turns working on Gloria's pussy, licking and sucking on it, causing her to moan.

"Your pussy is so nice, Suzanne. I think you need to bring this pussy over here more often for me to give it a good fuck. I love fucking that nice hot cunt of yours." Suzanne looked up at me. "What do you think, Bill? I think your wife should come over here more often and give me some of that delicious pussy."

Bill looked at me and then Suzanne. "Yes, I think that would be good."

Suzanne's eyes went wide at that. She looked up at me.

"Did you hear that Suzanne? Your husband said you can come over here and let me fuck you. I think you need to say thank you to him and me."

I could see that Suzanne was not happy with the way this was going, but she did it anyway. "Thank you, Bill. And thank you, Dennis, for fucking me so well."

"You're welcome. I'll put a schedule together for you to come over here and get fucked."

She stared up and me and then looked over at Bill. He was oblivious to the last part because he was moaning and getting ready for his second cum. Suddenly Gloria yelled. "I'm cumming, you bitches are making me cum!" And she shuddered and shook and Bill tried to keep his dick between her tits as she did so. Cindy and Diane finally relented and I looked behind me to find where Katy had gone. She was in the recliner, leaning back, and had three fingers buried in her pussy, fucking herself to an orgasm. Then Bill groaned and pulled his dick out from between Gloria's tits and started cumming all over them. I knew I was going to cum soon, as well. I started thrusting into Suzanne hard, punctuating each thrust with a little grunt and she started letting out little ‘Oh's with each one.

Finally, Bill stopped cumming and Katy immediately leapt up from her position and went to work cleaning up all the cum. She first went to Bill and sucked his dick clean and then she started on Gloria. Cindy and Diane were just watching now as Bill clambered off Gloria and Katy cleaned her. Gloria was murmuring to Katy as she did so, enjoying the attention.

Then, suddenly, Suzanne let out a big moan and came. I looked over at Bill. "Bill, I'm going to fill your wife up with my cum. I'm going to spurt and spurt and fill this tight little cunt with all my spunk. Watch how she loves taking my cum… watch this… ugh… ugh… oh, fuck… oh, yeah… FUCK!" I came hard and kept thrusting and spurting until I was ready to collapse. I felt like I had left a gallon of cum in her. I saw that she and Bill were staring at each other and when I pulled out, Bill looked down and watched as I held her leg up and slowly pulled my dick out. As I pulled it out, her completely soaked crotch was visible to everyone. My dick came out, trailing a thick mixture of our cum. It ran all over her lower thigh. I finished pulling out and then stood up. I think Katy was going to move in, but I went straight to Suzanne's face and lowered my dick to her. "Clean up our mess, my pretty little slut."

Suzanne didn't hesitate, but sucked my cock all the way in and licked it clean. When she was done, I stood to the side and I could see Bill looking at her. I wondered exactly what sort of relationship they had when it came to sex. She had indicated that they were not having sex that often and I didn't know how he was going to react to my declarations, but he had acquiesced pretty easily and went along with what I wanted.

"Well, I think I'm done for the night. I think it's time for bed. We are all drunk and tired."

Cindy stood up. "That's for sure."

Everybody started getting dressed and as soon as Bill was dressed and Suzanne was still in the other room I took him to the front door. "Bill, why don't you go home and leave Suzanne here. I think she needs to learn to eat pussy so that she's properly prepared, okay?"

He hesitated. />
I interrupted him. "Don't worry. I'll bring her home tomorrow and you can fuck her after she tells you about how she ate pussy and fucked some more. I know that will excite you. When she comes out, just tell her that she's staying here and that you'll see her tomorrow, okay?"

He stared at me, but I could see that he was going to fold. I could tell immediately that he would consent to anything.

I turned as Suzanne came out of the kitchen. Bill walked up to her and gave her a hug and then a kiss. I could see that she was surprised.

"Honey, you are going to stay here tonight. I want you to come home tomorrow and tell me about what went on here, okay?"

Suzanne stared at him. "What are you talking about, Bill?"

He lowered his head a little, a bit of color showing in his face at his shame in doing this. "Just stay here and come home tomorrow when you are done." He turned to leave. Suzanne just stood there like a statue.

He was out the door before she moved again and then she turned to me, angry. "Damn you! You pushed him too hard and with his self-esteem so low, he would have agreed to anything. I don't want to stay here with you."

I smiled at her. "Look, Suzanne, you know that we own you." I could see Gloria's eyes go wide. "We can do whatever we want with you, right?" Suzanne looked at the ground when I said that and nodded, tears coming to her eyes. "I can also tell by the interaction that Bill will submit to a strong will. I'm surprised you haven't already done that. I tell you what. Run out and catch up with him, tell him you love him, and go home for tonight and be the loving wife. Tomorrow, when he's watching football, you can come back over here and we'll talk about where this is going. Deal?"

She looked around the room and blushed when she saw Gloria watching. "Okay, deal." She lifted her head up and rushed out the door. She was met by Bill, who was coming back in. "Oh, Bill! I was just going out to go home with you."

Bill's eyes brightened at that and he smiled and hugged her. "I think Gloria has me blocked in. Can you come move your car?" He released Suzanne and they went out together, holding hands.

Gloria went to her purse and got her keys. She turned to us before she went outside. "I'm not leaving. This place is a blast! Cindy, if I had known you guys were like this, I would have gotten involved with you guys a long time ago." She rushed out to move her car.

I looked at the others. "Cindy, why don't you, Diane, and Gloria take the master bedroom and I'll sleep with Katy in her room." We had designated one of the guest rooms as room'.

Cindy smiled. "I don't think so. I think Gloria wants to sleep with you. She's had me and Diane play with her, but I think you and Katy should sleep with her in the master bedroom and I'll sleep with Diane."

"Okay. That makes sense. But I doubt that there will be any sex tonight. Everyone looks exhausted… and drunk."

Gloria came back in and Cindy told her that she was going to sleep with me and Katy. Gloria smiled. "Good! I was hoping to get to know those two better."

I looked at the clock. It was now 3am. "Okay, let's shut this place down."

We closed up the house and all traipsed upstairs. I think we were all asleep within 10 minutes of climbing into bed.

<i> to be

story by: Deadeye_76

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Author: Deadeye_76

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