When mum left the house!!

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It only ever happened when mum left the house. Dad would call me into whichever room he happened to be in at the time of my mothers departure, and he would ask me to sit on his lap.
He has started touching me from a young age, and at 16 he would still pick me up and sit me on his big lap. I was very petite, and I remember feeling his large erection through his jeans pushing against my bum cheeks. He would ask me in his sweetest voice possible if I would take my clothes off and straddle him. It was uncomfortable and I felt ashamed. Feeling rough denim against my delicate skin down against my privates made me sore, and sometimes my dad would make me rub myself back and forth against the denim, and that hurt even worse still… I didn't understand too much about sex, but I still knew something was wrong; still knew that my dad shouldn't have been exposing me in this way, but I didn't make him stop and I didn't say anything to him because I loved him and I thought that he knew what was best for me. He also would threaten to hurt me, or hurt mum if I didn't comply!
I had just turned 17… Infact it was the night of my 17th Birthday, when mum had left the house to give one of my friends a lift home, which left dad and myself in the house alone. He had just finished washing up, when I heard that all too familiar call to me. I had decided at that point to take my clothes off before going to him this time, so I piled my dress and knickers in a heap on the floor, and padded down the hallway to the kitchen. I will never forget the look on his face when I entered the room completly naked. His face lit up and he started to clap his hands together as if to praise me.
"Good girl," he said through smiles and laughter save a lot of time darling, well done."
I tried to smile for him, and he stopped clapping, moving his hands down to his jeans, unzipping himself and shoving his hand down his pants. I stood there waiting for any sort of instruction, when he gestured with a finger that he wanted me to come closer to him. I slowly started walking forward when he stopped me with his hand at arms length, all the time with his other hand down his trousers playing with his erection. I stopped in my tracks and waited. He then went on to tell me that he wanted me to dance for him, slowly. I hadn't a clue how to dance, but I sure did try so that I could please him. Firstly I put my hands in my hair and ruffled it slightly, while moving my hips side to side. I also tried out a move that I had seen on TV a few times, which was turning around and shaking my bum at him, followed by a turn of the head and I threw in a lip bite as well for effect. He grunted whilst moving his hand faster in his trousers, and that continued until mum came home, and I was told to run upstairs and get into my pj's.
That night, while mum was fast asleep I presume, dad crept into my bedroom and climbed into bed next to me, covering us both under my duvet. This was very new to me, because I had only been used to him asking me to come to him, but now he was coming to find me. He told me that it was now time to try something new and that I needed to just be quiet and go along with it, otherwise mum would wake up and hear and then I'd be in a lot of trouble. So I stayed quiet and I went along with what he did to me that night. To start with, he kissed my cheeks, followed by my neck and then he started to lick along my jawline and dove his tounge into my mouth and traced feather kisses around my lips and chin. I didn't make a move or a single sound, becaue to tell you the truth, I was frightened and this was very new to me. Suddenly, dad told me to pull my pj bottoms down and leave them round my ankles, whilst he stroked my belly and tickled me on my pubic line. I will admit, I did giggle when he did that, which I think spured him on, and made him all the more excited. Before I knew it, he had moved his big hand down even further and was using his thumb to push down hard against my clit. He let out a sigh of what sounded like relief, as he carried on circling my tight opening before very slowly inserting half of his finger into my pussy. I whimpered at the feeling, and covered my own face while letting him finger me. Pulling his finger out, he told me to stay where I was whilst he pulled out his gigantic erection.
"I want you to wrap your sweet hand around my dick and move it up and down really, really fast. Can you do that for Daddy, darling?"
I nodded and put my hand around him, moving as he asked me to. I was only doing this for about 4 seconds, when he started to go a bit funny, and suddenly, lots of white icky stuff came out the end of his erection really, really quickly, and some of it went on my arm. I remember trying to wipe it off, but it made my fingers sticky, and I had to wait until my bath the next evening to get it all off.
Dad started coming into my bed a lot more often during me being 17 years old. Sometimes just to fall asleep next to me and tell me how much he loved me, and sometimes to get me to touch him down there.
A few months later, Dad took it to another level. I was walking into the bathroom one day, and before I closed the door behind me, he came in and locked the door behind him. Turning around, he took off his dressing gown and reveled his completly naked body. I cringed and his dick was really hard again, and it stuck up and was jolting. I really needed a pee, so I asked him to leave because I wanted to use the toilet, but he told me to just carry on with what I was doing and to pretend he wasn't there. So I did, I pulled my underwear down and sat on the toilet, pushing slightly, I let out my piss while dad got on his hands and knees infront of me, using one hand to masterbate himself while he used the other to open my legs and lap up my flowing stream of urine. I gasped and flinched a little. Dad carried on. When I had finished, he told me not to wipe myself, and to stay where I was. He pulled my trousers and knickers all the way off and threw them on the floor, and eased my legs open with his arms. I was sat open legged on the toilet, dripping wet, and Daddy was on his hands and knees infront of me, licking my pussy like a dog. Whilst licking me, he grabbed my ankles and pushed them up so that I was squatting on the toilet bowl with my feet on the seat of the toilet. Trying to hide my fears, I looked up at the wall and imagined this was not happening, when he stopped and knelt upright infront of me, wiping his mouth on his forearm, and just watched me for a while not saying anything. Finally after minutes of silence, he moved closer and aligned his dick with my pussy, making me try to squirm away, but I couldn't move anywhere. I had the wall behind me and to the side of me, and him infront of me, and I was sat there helpless on the toilet seat, and I was extremly uncomfortable as well. He made it clear to me that I must never tell anybody about this otherwise I would be in huge trouble, so I just stupidly nodded and agreed that I would never say anything. With that, he steadily pushed the head of his erection into my wet pussy, until it popped in and he moaned with his eyes closed.
"That feels so fucking good and I'm not even all of the way in yet. Yes, I knew you would be tight but not this tight, Fucking hell this is so good." My legs were growing so tired from supporting my weight squatting on the toilet like this, but I could not shift. He had be bolted to the spot with his erection inside me alone.
"I need to push my dick in further now, do you think you can take me?"
I nodded.
"Good, just breath easy sweetheart, and this won't hurt."
I closed my eyes while he pushed deeper and further inside me. I whimpered and cried as his whole length had ripped through me and was completly submerged inside. He laughed at the sheer happiness that this brought him. To see his daughter on the end of his dick, being fucked on a toilet seat just after going for a piss. Still wet, dirty and steamy. I could smell sex in the air and for the first time in my life I knew what hurt the most and it wasn't the pain. It was my dad emotionaly disturbing me to the point I wanted to be sick and tell mum. But she wasn't hear. Nobody was, only me and my dad were here right now. He continued to pound in and out of me and he kept on telling me over and over again how naughty I was being fucked in the bathroom on a toilet, and that I was a little whore and I was daddys dirty slut. He held my throat as I choked for my breath. Still ramming into me, still making funny sounds like an animal. Suddenly we heard mum calling up the stairs, but dad didn't stop. He just covered my mouth and carried on.
he whispered "Don't you think this is exciting. Mum is so close to us but she has no idea I'm fucking her girl over the dirty toilet. Be still and quiet I'm almost done."
He kept his hand covering my mouth and nose whilst fucking my pussy faster and faster, holding his breath so that he didn't make a sound, when he finaly cum, and I felt it explode inside me.
Mum never found out.


story by: Pup1992

Tags: incest humiliation fantasm sex story

Author: Pup1992

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