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I waited impatiently for Nicholas to begin my punishment. Thanks to the blindfold I had no clue what he had in mind. I heard something sliding across the floor towards me. It stopped and I felt something being positioned between my legs. I started shivering with anticipation. Every nerve in my body was focused on whatever was happening down there. Instead, I heard a slight swish and my ass catches on fire. I realize he has gotten his strap out and was spanking me like the bad girl I am. As I lost count of how many licks he had delivered I felt something begin to nudge at the entrance of my hungry pussy. By now I am soaking wet and begin trying to lower myself down onto whatever it is. I heard Nicholas drop the strap and flip a switch. The dildo under me slowly worms its way inside. Nicholas said “I am going to bed. Hope you learn you lesson tonight. The controls to your machine are ran into the computer and will randomly select speeds and vibration settings for you until I come turn it off.” With that said I heard him walking away and then TV coming on as he settled in for the night. The dildo inside me suddenly started going harder and faster and I could feel an orgasm coming on. Then it stopped completely. Nicholas laughed, he had been watching after all. “ Oh did I forget to mention its programmed for short bursts….Just enough to get you to the edge and leave you teetering there. Have a good night.”

Hours passes slowly and I stay on the brink of orgasm all night. Morning comes and I hear Nicholas waking up and moving around. He tells me good morning in my ear as he turns off the machine and pulls the dildo out of me. “I would take you down, but taking you like this is my reward for not touching you last night.” Nicholas walks behind me and positions himself quickly. In one fluid move he has buried himself inside my highly lubricated pussy. I gasp and push back as much as my restraints allow. As I stand there supported by the chains he grabs my hips and pounds my pussy. The sensations going through my body are rapidly building to the point of no return. He reaches around and grabs my breasts, grabbing my nipple rings and pulling. He whispers in my ear “Come for me baby, my slutty little girl.” I explode, my orgasm ripping through my body with all the heat and intensity of a megaton bomb. As I reach the crest of my magnificent orgasm I feel him growing even larger if possible as he came hard, his sperm jetting out with enough to force to send my orgasm over the top again. He reached up and unhooked my arms and then my legs, and carried me to the shower. We slowly made love again while helping each other make sure we were squeaky clean.

When our shower was finished I went to cook his breakfast while he got ready for work. I am not allowed to wear clothes around the house. I have an apron for cooking and then of course clothes for when I have to leave the house, but inside the house I couldn’t wear anything. I slipped my apron on and started the bacon and coffee. Nicholas came to the table and sat down.
“I am only working a half day today. Go to bed when I leave and I will wake you when I get home. We have an appointment this evening and you need to be well rested.” After he left I went straight to sleep dreaming of blindfolds and ball gags with a satisfied grin on my face.

I woke five or six hours later to the incessant beeping of the alarm clock. I turned it off and stretched then sat up and looked around. On our nightstand was a note tied to the stem of a single black rose. The note simply said go to the closet. I walked over to the closet and opened the door. there was another note taped to a black garment bag. I opened the note first. This one was a bit longer.

I will be back in two hours. Go get yourself ready. Everything you need is either in the bag in the closet, or the bag in the bathroom. You may not play with yourself either. The cameras are on as you well know. Hope you are ready…..

Excitement coursed through my body. Our little appointments had proved to be a source of endless pleasures. I leave the garment bag hanging and enter out master bathroom. I started the water running in the tub and added some of my favorite oils. There was a duffel bag on the sink. Inside was all the usual suspects: various cleansers for those hard to reach spots, make up bag, black lace thong, strapless black lace bra, thigh high black fishnet stockings and hot pink garter belts. I turned off the water and got in the tub.

By the time i was done with all my preparations I felt wonderful. I had manipulated my unruly hair into soft curls and left it hanging loose down my back. I went back to our closet and opened the garment bag. There was a beautiful shimmering black halter topped dress. I put it on and noticed the slits in the dress. Both sides were cut clear up to my thighs. so when I walked you got a peek of hot pink garter belts. As I slapped my heels on I heard the truck drive up outside. I walked into the living room and waited, ready for inspection.

story by: nota74

Tags: incest domination/submission fantasm bdsm authoritarian sex story

Author: nota74

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